The Toy Shop

by blondehoney5670

Copyright© 2012 by blondehoney5670

True Sex Story: Learning to have fun with toys

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Slut Wife   Group Sex   Sex Toys   Public Sex   Workplace   .

Roxy hated having to get out of bed and get ready for work. It was cold and snowing outside and all she wanted to do was stay in bed with a warm cup of cocoa. She would much rather be watching a good porn with her new vibrator she nicknamed Bruno. Bruno was one of the newest models out and was guaranteed to have the power like no other. She longed to have a big dick pounding away inside her tight pussy, however she had no man in her life, so Bruno would have to do for now. She had just purchased it at the sex shop she worked at last night and planned on starting her day by trying it out, but Lana had called and said she wasn't feeling well and asked Roxy to come in early and run the store by herself.

Roxy arrived at work a little while later with Bruno in her purse. She always had a saying, "a dick is like American Express, you never should leave home without it." She liked to go into the back room and satisfy her own needs during the slow times at work. She also had a fantasy of getting caught by someone that would take her and screw the shit out of her over and over again. Roxy had a huge imagination just no one to share it with.

The day was dragging by with out a single customer, probably due to the nasty weather. Roxy was growing more and more impatient waiting to use Bruno and decided to give herself a treat. So she took a little break, figuring that no body would come in the store anyway, she took Bruno and slipped into one of the 25 cent movie booths. She put a few dollars in quarters into the slot and sat back to enjoy a few moments alone with Bruno.

She started watching a sex scene on the screen as she lifted up her skirt and slipped her panties off. She took her sheer flimsy top off and slowly began rubbing her nipples while closing her eyes and dreaming of being the girl on the screen getting her brains screwed out. Her pussy started to throb and was becoming very wet. She slid her fingers down where she met her eager clit. By now it was throbbing so severe it ached and stood erect. She slid two fingers inside of her tight wet pussy and began to finger fuck herself. She let out a moan and continued to invade her wet hole faster and with increased intensity. She went into her own fantasy world and completely forgot where she was at. Suddenly the door to the booth opened and startled Roxy, there stood a man and a woman.

The woman replied, "I am sorry, we are looking for some that works here."

Roxy was embarrassed and turned on at the same time. She had always dreamed of a threesome with another man and woman. Roxy remained speechless as the woman noticed Bruno and asked if that was the new vibrator she recently heard about.

Roxy said yes and she was about to try it out. She invited the woman to join in if she wanted to give Bruno a test run. The woman instantly lit up and before she could answer her husband yelled, "You bet we will." They decided to move to the break room where there was a couch and entertainment system. They picked out porn and popped it in the DVD player. The husband made himself comfortable on a chair while Roxy lay down on the couch. The woman slowly slipped out of her clothing as Roxy lent a helping hand. Roxy started kissing every exposed part of her slender sexy body. As hard hand slid down between the woman's legs she could feel her shaven pussy was dripping wet. This sent a wave of excitement through her body. The woman lightly moaned and reached for Roxy's breast, cupping both her 44dd in her hands and gently sucking her nipples.

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