What Happens Here...

by Speakeasy

Copyright© 2012 by Speakeasy

Sex Story: You and a chat friend meet in Las Vegas

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   White Male   White Female   Hispanic Female   2nd POV   .

You can't believe that you've managed to get a weekend away to Las Vegas. Your chat room bud is waiting to see you for the first time and you're excited and a bit scared at the same time.

You arrive at the airport and there he is waiting for you. He'll take you to the hotel and from there you'll decide what to do. If you want to go on your own, the option is there, and it'll still be a good time. If you decide to spend some quality time with him, there's that option as well, although he also has the right to bail out.

He is fairly tall, very blond, and his smile is captivating. When he says, "Hello Cutie," you almost lose it right there. His voice is magic.

You stammer, "Hi!" Is it possible that you are doing this?

"Let me get that." He grabs your luggage. He doesn't know that your brand new lingerie is in there. When you think of his carrying your new teddy that you - now - fully intend to show him, you get a bit of a warming of your lower extremities. You smile.

"I have a great room," he says with a huge grin. "I sometimes work for Caesars Palace and they've given me one of the high roller suites this trip. I can't believe it! There isn't usually one available"

You are still coy. "Sounds interesting," you say.

He walks you to his car [a new jag!] and opens the door for you. As you start to get in, he says, "How 'bout a tiny hello kiss?" Without giving you time to answer, he pulls you to him and kisses you gently. Nothing overtly sexual in it, but it tingles very nicely.

The drive to Caesars is uneventful with pleasant talk about the trip from Austin. He has reserved a room for you that you can decide to use or not. You arrive at the hotel and the valet takes your luggage. He hands the valet his keys and you walk in to the reception desk through a lively casino with the clanging of slots and the yells of happy gamblers.

You check in and get your room key. David walks over to the valet and gives him a tip. "Just drop her bags in the room," he says. The valet nods.

He turns to you and says, "You gotta see MY room!"

You laugh and follow him to the elevator. "OK!"

As you go up in the elevator, he puts his arm around your waist and says, "I've wanted to meet you since the first time you wrote me about my stories." You feel your nipples rising to the occasion, and mumble something about you wanted to meet him, too.

You exit the elevator and walk down the hall to his room. He opens the door and you frankly can't believe it. It's two stories tall, with window walls. There is a small staircase up to what must be the bedroom. Beside the window is a baby grand piano. There is a bar, fully stocked with a dining table beside it. A huge sofa and several chairs face the wall of glass that overlooks the entire strip. Whoa, he wasn't kidding. He takes you up to the bedroom and it's also amazing. A king size round bed with a sheer drape around it in the center of the room. There is a huge jacuzzi tub in the room in the center of the dressing area. Closets for days. There is a make-up, dressing area by the tub. This room was made for fun. For people who can afford to have fun.

"OK, let's go have dinner, you must be starving."

Yes, you're hungry, and you say so, but what he doesn't know is that your hunger isn't necessarily for dinner.

You go to the restaurant and are greeted by two people dressed as Caesar and Cleopatra! This bodes well. You are seated at a booth and the waiter asks for your drink order, while you both laugh at the strangeness of seeing someone dressed as the real Ceo, bringing a huge display of veggies on ice. As you munch, you talk. David is sitting close to you, and you smell his clean soap fresh body mixed with what must be pheromones. Whoa. A Bloody Mary for him, and a lovely Chardonnay for you arrives just as he is finished telling how beautiful you are.

By this time, you've decided to give up all ideas of spending the night alone.

The waiter then brings out a huge platter of meats. Steak, fish, lamb, chicken and some things you've never even seen before. "What'll you have for dinner," he says. You choose the steak. A no brainer. He does the same.

You spend the meal laughing, joking, and sharing bites of any particularly delicious tidbit that comes our way. Then desert. You are both so full you can barely walk.

"I have tickets to the Cirque Du Soleile show tonight. Wanna go? You answer in the affirmative with a huge smile on your face. "Then let's go to your room and you can get cleaned up. I'll meet you in the lobby."

"Can't I get cleaned up in your room?"

"You know if you do that, we'll never get to the show." His grin is huge now.

"Maybe we can pretend to be adults and still get to the show?"

"OK" He then tells the waiter to call the front desk and have someone bring your luggage to his room. The waiter disappears. "We have time for another drink, while our luggage is being moved."

When you get to the room, the luggage is waiting upstairs in the bedroom.

"I really want to see this show, so I'll go downstairs and wait for you. I got cleaned up earlier. Don't think for a minute, though, that I won't be imagining you in here getting dressed for our evening out."

You watch him walk downstairs smiling at how much you want him, and relishing the wait. You put your clothes in the dresser and clean up. You decide to wear his favorite kind of lingerie ... thigh high stockings and your new VS teddy. You also decide that panties will not be needed tonight. That wanton thought gets you very excited. You stand in front of the full length mirror before you put on your dress. You look really hot. He's gonna flip when he sees you. (That thought stays in your mind for the rest of the evening.) As you finish putting on your face, you hear him playing the piano downstairs. Is this a dream?

You go down to meet him and he's playing a gentle jazz tune. You sit down beside him on the piano bench and put your arm around him. He keeps playing as he kisses you. Tingles spread out from your lips. He stops playing and continues the kiss. He then pulls back and says, "At this rate, we'll never get there."

You have to agree. Both of you laugh as you walk out of the room.

The show is amazing. Now you know why the Cirque has the incredible reputation it does. As the show goes on, he holds your hand and looks into your eyes from time to time. You know this is going to be one evening you'll never want to forget. You are laughing, and in awe as the show ends.

You walk lazily back to Caesars taking in the sights and sounds of a whole lot of people let loose in a huge adult playground. You enter the room and the view is almost more than you can take. All the lights of Las Vegas are in full view. You stand and look at the window and he comes up behind and puts his arms around you, cupping your breasts in his hands. You say, "beautiful, isn't it?"

He say, "Yes." Obviously meaning something else entirely. He kisses your neck. "I believe that I owe you a bunch of kisses."

"Pay up buddy, or I'll report you to the chat room police."

You both laugh as you turn around and kiss him deeply. Needfully. Wantonly. He responds in kind and leads you to the bedroom.

"Can't get reported now, can I? It wouldn't look good on my record."

He leads you into the room where he turns to take you in his arms. "I believe you can predict where these kisses will land. Let's see if you're right." He kisses your neck. Right so far. You are slowly enveloped in a sexual fog that you hope will never lift. Your dress drops to the floor. He stands back just a bit and looks at you. "God, you're lovely." He then notices your lack of panties. "You little devil," he says as he kisses his way down your body, removing unnecessary clothing as he goes and tasting and caressing every patch of exposed skin.

As he reaches your pussy, he tastes the labia gently and lovingly. You are going to explode. He then gently attacks your clitoris. Slowly, deliberately, he brings you to the edge of orgasm and then tastes the inside of your thighs and then your tummy, bringing tingles to places that normally don't tingle. Then back to your clit. You feel a huge orgasm coming on. Your cunt feels full. Your back starts to tingle. You are holding his head with a death grip because your legs are shaking too hard to hold you up. Your head rears back in anticipation. You don't know if you're breathing or not. His hands are holding your ass to give you some leverage, and then it happens. From your toes. A standing screaming orgasm that takes over your entire body. He stays with you until the very end, then lets you slide down against him.

Somehow his clothes have disappeared. He lowers you onto his cock which has been waiting for your approaching pussy, and he enters easily. You are still coming down from your orgasm and to have him inside you stretches out the amazing feelings you are experiencing. He doesn't move, but holds you close to him as you bathe in the afterglow, wrapping your legs behind his back. His mouth is covering yours as he holds you gently against him.

"Did I kiss all the right spots?"

"I think you missed right here," you say as you touch your elbow. He raises your arms and gently kisses and licks your elbow. Who knew it would be a turn-on? "And here." You indicate your breasts. Taking the initiative, you begin to rock back and forth, feeling his cock slide easily inside you. He kisses his way down your arms and then kisses and suckles your breasts. You can feel him sliding slowly in and out. His need is obviously increasing. He stands, lifting you with him and carries you to the bed.

You lay back as he closes the drapes around the bed, putting you both in a lovely, private cocoon. He comes to you and kisses you as he lays above you and enters. Slowly at first, then increasingly rapidly he pumps in and out of your pussy, sliding in deeply and then backing off, then faster and faster until he is pounding you to another orgasm. You can feel his cock expanding and then it happens. He starts to make serious grunting noises and then screams as he explodes inside you.

You are needful now (again?!?), and he can tell, so he starts to run his hands up and down your body, paying special attention to your nipples before he moves to your clitoris. "Got another one in there?

"I don't know."

"Let's find out." He gently puts two fingers inside you and nudges your G-spot. It's alive! Slowly, deliberately the inside of your pussy is being stimulated beyond what you are used to. His fingers start to increase in speed and power now and you can feel your whole body starting to respond.

You think you are yelling, "Don't stop," but the words seem to come from somewhere else. You shake from head to toe. Then another one hits you. This time without clitoral stimulation so it seems to actually be an explosion inside your vagina. There is an extraordinary amount of wonderful slick liquid coming out of you and you scream louder now. "Yes. Yes. Yes. Fuck me! Fuck me!" Those are words you've never screamed before, but somehow they seemed just right to both of you. He holds you as you slowly come down and turns you to spooning position.

"Don't make too much of this," he says, as he enters you from behind. "I know I can't come again, but I want to be this close. It's all your fault for making me hard again but I'm too tired to have another go at it!"

"Be my guest," you say as you cuddle closer. "I have to take responsibility for my actions even if it means I have to make this level of sacrifice." You fall into a dreamless sleep with him inside you.

When you wake, you can smell coffee. He is nowhere to be seen.

You put on the robe provided by the hotel and glide down the stairs; you feel like the star of a 1950's movie. He is waiting there with a huge room service breakfast for two on the dining table. You walk up behind him and kiss him on the neck. "Good morning, my love."

"Good morning."



"Comin' up!" He pours from the hot water carafe and offers you a choice of teas. You choose one and drop the bag into your cup.

There is an envelope on the cover of your plate. You open it, looking at him slyly. It's a certificate for a full day at the hotel spa. "I promised this to you a long time ago, and I wouldn't want the chat room police to get the wrong idea," he says.

You walk over and kiss him on the cheek. "Oh My God, thank you!"

"My pleasure."

"No, this is your pleasure," as you kneel in front of him and open his shorts. He just smiles as you take him in your mouth. He is still tasty from last night; you can detect your own as well as his sexy flavors.

"By God," he says. "You're right!" After a few minutes of this, you can stand no more. You drop your robe and sit in his lap putting his now engorged cock inside you. He reaches around and fondles your nipples and your clitoris as you ride him to another glorious climax.

After, you just stay where you are as his cock slowly shrinks to it's normal size. It's a Kodak moment. "I'll bet the coffee's cold," he says.

"Suffer, Buddy, it was worth it."

He agrees with a big smile. "Speaking of worth it. You'd better finish breakfast - including that cold tea - and get your beautiful luscious butt to the spa. They're waiting for you. Lunch is included. I'll be here pining away for you. And I'll probably be thinking of some devilish torture for your clitoris later."

You eat quickly and decide to shower because of your particularly interesting musky odor. He jumps into the shower with you to help you wash. It's an activity in which he is singularly accomplished, leaving you wanting to stay almost as much as to go to the spa. Then, it's in a sweatsuit to the spa. While there, you plan to think of a few devilish things yourself.

"Wait, before you go, come here for just a minute"

You walk over to him. He kisses you deeply. "I have something for you. Close your eyes."

You close your eyes and he pulls down your sweatpants to below your knees. You open your eyes. "What are you doing?"

"Shhhh. Close your eyes." You do. He reaches inside your panties and rubs your clitoris with something vey slick, spreading it across your labia... "This is just to make sure you're thinking of me today."

"Oh no, not the... " Your eyes open.

"Yup. Vigel. You'll be glad later."

"What about now? I'm gonna go crazy."

"Your point?" His smile is infectious.

"You are an evil, evil man," you moan.

"Yes. And glad to be of service. Have a great time today. I've arranged special entertainment."

Nervously, you kiss him and walk to the spa. Special entertainment?

In the elevator to the spa, you start to feel the effects of the vigel. Just some slight warming. Nice.

"Hi, my name is Juventúd. I'll be your spa guide today." She was about 30, beautiful sharp hispanic features, almond eyes as big as saucers, long, straight, thick jet black hair, and a brilliant smile. She's small, about five feet tall and 100 pounds dripping wet.

"Spa guide?"

"It's my job to make sure you get everything you need here today."

"So, if I want a facial, I just tell you?"

"Yes, but I get you the right kind of facial and make sure the right person is doing it. I'll be with you all day. So, you want a facial?"

"I sure do!"

"Great, follow me." We also have massage, body wraps, waxing, manicures, pedicures. hair styling ... we can do a complete makeover and it's all paid for."

You interrupt. "I want it all!"

A big smile crosses her face. "Then you shall have it! Start with a facial?"

"Yes." Juventúd takes you to your private dressing room. A two person hot tub in the corner, dressing area with a padded bench, a door to a shower and john. "Just put on this robe," she says, handing you a light wrap with a sash, "you won't need any other clothes for the rest of the day. Here ... some spa shoes." I'll be back in a minute.

You change into the robe. It's soft and sensual against your breasts, covering you to half way down your thighs. The shoes are very soft and you feel very comfortable. The Vigel is starting to do its work, and the slight breeze between your legs makes you tingle. Is it possible to feel more sensuous? Being this open and almost naked is putting very naughty thoughts in your mind. Wouldn't it be nice to have David come in here and fuck you right now? Of course, that thought alone increases your desire to have it happen. Better get back to the facial.

Juventúd knocks on the door. "Ready?"

"Oh yes." She then opens the door and beckons you to follow.

You walk down a hall to another door. She leads you in and directs you to lay down on the table. It's covered with a cream colored felt sheet and very comfortable. You adjust your robe to protect a modesty you're not sure you still have. Your clit is throbbing. "You have beautiful legs," she says as she covers you with another sheet.

"Thanks, " you say.

"Would you like me to give you a leg and arm massage while you get your facial?"

"You can do that?"

"All in the service, and it's very relaxing?"

"Yes, then ... YES!"

She calls in another young woman to get your facial started. Her name is Candy; she's about 25 years old with a gentle touch and no need to talk. As she starts the hydrator to get your skin soft, Juventúd begins to rub your feet. Oh GAWD. She's amazing. There are two women serving you and making you happy. This is heaven. You feel like the real Cleopatra.

As your face hydrates, Juventúd starts to massage higher on your calf. Your whole body is perking up. Her hands are magic. "We'll get you a wax later." Oh, no - is she reacting to your hairy legs? No matter, it feels really good. She moves up the other calf now, getting rid of pain you didn't even know you had. You are pretty sure she's felt hairy legs before, anyway.

"A wax sounds good," you say, not really knowing why, but it's a service that you can get, so why not?

Candy returns and starts doing those wonderful things to your skin. As she does, Juventúd moves a bit higher - above the knee. Your clit is really tingling right now from the Vigel, and her hands feel wonderful. You moan, "ohhhh..."

Juventúd laughs. "This is just the start, Jennifer. You're gonna go back to your room very happy." She obviously thought you were groaning from the muscle massage. Let her believe it, just let it happen again!

"OK," says Candy. "Now a mask." Then she slowly places a wonderful glycol solution over your face and neck. Your neck hasn't felt like that since David kissed it this morning. Some cucumber slices over your eyes finish the next stage. "I'll be back in about twenty minutes. Just relax." You can't see, of course, or move because of the cuke slices, but it feels good and the massage is terrific.

Juventúd is working on your other calf right now, your face is tingling and your clitoris is standing at full attention from this morning's Vigel, the promise in David's eyes, and the minor accidental touchings earlier by Juventúd. You're not sure you can stand it. Your arms are folded over your abdomen and you find yourself moving them gently back and forth, brushing the bottoms of your breasts. You stop, thinking that Juventúd must be watching. Her hands are rubbing almost up to your pussy, now. You are positive that you are leaking all over the sheet. "Everybody loves this." She sounds almost seductive now, "you seem to love it more than most."

You laugh. "God, if you knew how wonderful this weekend has been, you wouldn't even ask."

She laughs as she brushes your pubic hair - possibly by accident. "I can guess."

The next time she brushes your hair, you react strongly. Your labia are engorged from the Vigel and the slight attention you're getting in that area is driving you crazier than if it had seemed on purpose.

You wonder if she can see your pussy. You know it's wet and engorged. You want her to see it, and you don't want her to see it. You are conflicted, but very happy. "Just relax," she says. "You're beautiful."

You laugh at that remark since you can only imagine how attractive you must be with slime all over your face and two cucumbers on your eyes. "You gotta be kidding."

"Well, your eyes do look a bit like Little Orphan Annie!" You both laugh. But your legs are fantastic," she says as she massages your upper calves, "and your breasts are amazing."

"Rub away, Sweetie. I'm indulging this weekend."

Her hands then move higher under the sheet. You want to tell her to stop, but the words won't come out of your mouth. Her gentle touch on your engorged labia is just what you need at the moment.

"Wow," she says, "you are turned on." You can't answer. your throat is too tight and it's all you can do to keep breathing. Her hand then cups your vagina. You can feel that there is a lot of leaking down there, and her hand slips easily across your pussy. You can't help yourself; you lift your hips to get her to touch you harder. Your breathing is rapid. So is hers. You are a combination of scared, exited, thrilled, turned on and a little angry that she's taking these liberties. At the same time, you love it. In the dark, feeling aroused by thinking of David and his damned (but wonderful) Vigel and these obviously practiced fingers now playing gently across your clit. "Is this OK?" You want to say no, but the words stick in your throat.

You remember the Las Vegas slogan, "What happens here, stays here."

Someone is whispering, "Yeh..." It's your voice, but it seems to be coming from somewhere else.

You feel the sheet lifting from your lower half. You are totally tense and nervous, but she says, "please let me do this. I want to." Her hands spread your legs. "We have the room to ourselves for twenty minutes."

You don't answer; you can't answer as you feel her laying between your legs, her soft skin brushing against your thighs. Your clit is begging for attention and she is determined to give it to you. The first touch of her tongue is electric. The second is more so. As she expertly guides you to an orgasm, you let yourself drift away. You are in her hands and her job is to please you. You are getting more pleased as time goes on. Her small fingers enter you, and tease your insides while her mouth does amazing things to your clit and labia, which are so engorged, they feel hard to you. You can feel her breath against your cunt as she continues and you feel the inevitable congestion in your stomach. It hits you like a huge wave, as she carries you through wave after wave of incredible spasms thoughout your body.

You lay there. Breathing hard. Somehow you've managed to keep the cucumber slices where they were. She holds your pussy in her hand. It's comforting. "You're beautiful" She says. You can hear what seems to be her licking her fingers.

"Thank you," is all that you can say. You mean it. You doze off as she starts to massage your arms. You don't hear Candy come in to gently, lift the cucumbers from your eyes and apply the final scrub. You don't know how you're going to survive a day of pampering like this. For some reason - oh yeh, the Vigel - you are still warm and excited in your nether regions.

Juventúd helps you up and leads you to another room. "Waxing next," she says. You are lead into another room where Jane is waiting to get rid of whatever hair is bothering you. Juventúd says, "I suggest the full treatment."

You feel all warm and squishy and feel like whatever she says, you want, You say, "OK."

Juventúd says to Jane, "start with the eyebrows and work down."

You aren't paying any attention because you are so relaxed. You weren't aware that you had given permission to remove ALL hair from the neck down. As she gets to your bikini area, Jane says, "just relax, this will only sting for a minute." You feel some extra adhesive at your labia, but are too relaxed to care about a little sloppines when suddenly rriipp. Half your pubic hair disappears. "Oh! Ow!"

"Don't worry, Honey, we're half done." She gives a yank and suddenly you have no pubic hair. You are shocked enough that you don't say anything at all - maybe because you want them to think you do this every day of the week and besides, it's definitely too late. "Turn over now, let me get the rest." You turn over. The rest? Another yank and the hair around your ass is gone, too.

The hair removal brings even more blood to your already engorged clit. Just how much of this can you stand?

Nex, you are lead to a body wrap room. Juventúd has suggested the "Roman Rosemary Revelation," whatever that is, so you just agree. Mary, an older woman, is the wrap lady and puts you in a cocoon that feels wonderful and smells like you're being readied to accompany leg of lamb on the menu tonight. You fall asleep under its spell and dream of sex. Surprise.

An hour later, Juventúd shows up and - as Mary unwraps you, - says, "it's time for lunch." You and she go back to your dressing room and there waiting is a tray of small sandwiches and drinks. "Hop into the hot tub. I'll serve you." Can it get any better than this. You drop your robe - no sense in false modesty now - and get into the tub. Juventúd rolls the food cart over by the tub and gets in with you. As her clothes hit the floor, she says, "don't worry, it's very private." You weren't worried about private. There's a woman in the hot tub with you! She hands you a sandwich. "Tea?"

"Yes, please. An iced tea sounds perfect." You and she taste bits of food and soon you are no longer hungry, but for some reason, you absolutely need a nap. Juventúd senses this and offers to get you to your next appointment. Massage. You manage to get out and dry off. "I don't know how much of this luxury I can stand," you laugh.

Juventúd says, "you seem to have a pretty high luxury tolerance threshold. Next a massage, then a manicure and a pedicure and you can go back to your room and take a nap after all this hard work." You laugh hard at this, but you can't wait for the massage. "First I've booked you with Tammy. She's strong and will work out any kinks that are left."

Tammy is the best massage therapist you have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She knew just what needed to be done and how to do it. You hope she didn't notice the small puddle you left on the sheets. With the Vigel and Juventúd and the sensitivity caused by the rather severe bikini wax and with everything feeling so amazing, you stay engorged. All you think of is getting back to fuck Davids eyes out. That, of course, caused even more leakage.

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