Don't Knock It Till You've Tried It

by DeYaKen

Copyright© 2012 by DeYaKen

Erotica Sex Story: Ginger Morgan has to get a contract renewed and works out what she has to do to keep it

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

Ginger Morgan trawled through her emails looking for something she knew wasn't there. She looked again at the spreadsheet showing new and renewed contracts. No matter how many times she looked at it, she couldn't see the contract she was expecting.

Four years earlier it had been the contract for the Marshall Hotel chain that had swung her promotion to regional sales manager. It really was quite an achievement. Not only did Marshall buy the software, but they took the full support package and staff training. These add-ons had significantly improved the profit margin on the deal and brought her to the notice of the senior management. Ginger had seen to it that Marshall's licence was renewed on a yearly basis—she knew exactly how to get what she wanted from their IT manager, Mr Robertson. Whenever she visited she would take him out to dinner then a club. She would flirt outrageously and make him feel that he was just one step away from her bed. From that point on he was putty in her hands.

You couldn't blame old Robinson for being so easily influenced—Ginger was quite some woman. When men looked at her they usually started by focussing on her ample chest before moving up to meet the gaze from her clear blue-grey eyes, which sparkled as she smiled. Many would imagine what she could do with her generous mouth before they took in her trim waist and the curve of her hips. Ginger loved to be the main focus of attention and she dressed to make the most of what she had. At five foot seven she had no need for high heels, but she loved the way four inch heels made her ass tight and gave her that bubble butt men liked so much. She'd worked hard to get her body in shape, so why shouldn't she use it. The fact that she knew men found her attractive gave her confidence, and that was what had made her so successful. However, old Robertson had made it quite clear it wasn't her confidence he was interested in. He wanted what she seemed to be offering but never delivered. Ginger would do almost anything to land a big contract—anything, that is, except cheat on her husband. She looked once more at the computer screen, then made the inevitable phone call.

It was almost a throw away line as she headed for the shower. "Dave, do you think you could take a couple of days off work, so we could have a weekend in Naples?"

She stepped into the shower and waited. She loved that sensation, when the water first struck her nipples. She lifted her breasts a little so the force of the water hit her areola, giving her that twinge between her legs before walking fully into the spray. It was less than thirty seconds before she felt his presence. She felt it pushing at the top of her ass crack before she felt his hands come around to her breasts.

"Baby, if we're going to Italy I can take a couple of weeks off."

She playfully slapped his arm. "Naples, Florida. You silly man."

"Hmm," Dave said, nuzzling her neck and moving one hand down to her pussy. "So you're asking me if I'd rather go to work or lie on a beach with you. That's a tough one."

Ginger pushed his hands away and turned around to look at him. "Well, if it's that hard to choose you won't be wanting any fun in bed tonight."

Dave then reached down, and with one ass cheek in each hand he lifted her off her feet. "And what makes you think I'm going to wait until we get to bed?"

She threw her arms around his neck and clamped her legs around his waist. She kissed him with a passion that indicated she knew what was cumming. Dave's cock had been pushing into her slit, but now as he lifted her it rubbed against her pussy. With her back against the wall, Dave pushed forward until she was completely impaled on his cock. As he moved in and out of her, the base of Dave's cock made contact with her clitoris. In no time at all Ginger was gasping for breath as the the water poured down on them. She felt herself tensing as she pulled Dave closer to her, forcing her nails into his back and pressing her breasts into his chest. In and out he went as Ginger went higher and higher. Then suddenly her insides were melting. She felt her cervix performing acrobatics as it milked Dave's cock for all the sperm it could get. She threw her head back and water sprayed into her open mouth. As they came down, they stood and held each other before washing each other off. Ginger took particular care of the part she loved most.

As they lay together on the bed Dave idly played with her nipples. He gradually got more information from Ginger. "So, why now? I mean, I'd love to spend a weekend with you down in Naples, but what's the hurry?"

"I need you down there with me, Dave—I've gone a bit too far with the flirting and I need you to keep me safe."

"Oh, Ginger, Ginger, when are you going to learn? That body of yours is a weapon of mass seduction—you have to be careful how you use it. Who have you got all wound up now?"

"It's a client. He's a dear, really, and I've been leading him on a bit. It was so important for me to land the contract I let him believe he had a chance. Now I'm worried he might try to take what he thinks was offered. If you're there with me it'll be completely clear that I'm yours and only yours."

Dave and Ginger arrived on Thursday evening and checked into the hotel. Their love-making that night was a bit stinted. All Ginger could think about was her appointment with Mr Robertson the following day. Try as he might, Dave couldn't get her mind off it. On the Friday morning she barely touched her breakfast, she was so nervous. As she dressed for the meeting she kept asking Dave if she looked okay for a business meeting.

"Babe, you've done this hundreds of times—you don't need me to tell you how to dress for a business meeting."

"I know, but normally I quite enjoy looking sexy at meetings. I just don't want to look too sexy for this one."

"Well, you're fighting a losing battle there. You'd look sexy wearing a garbage sack, so just accept it and deal with the situation if it comes up. He's not likely to jump you right there in the office, and if we go out tonight I'll be with you."

"I know you're right, but he is such a dear—I don't want to give him ideas."

"From what you told me, you already have."

She settled on a charcoal grey pants suit with a white cotton blouse, and black shoes with a three inch heel. She thought it said "serious business woman". Dave looked at the way the thin material flowed over her beautiful round ass and knew that, to him, it said "thong or no panties"—anything else would show a line. He loved the way the tailored jacket came in at the waist and flared out over her hips. The blouse, though not tight, was gathered beneath the bust, emphasising the curve of her bosom, and with the top three buttons undone there was a glimpse of cleavage. The cotton was just thin enough for him to make out the outline of her lacy white bra. To Dave the outfit screamed "red-hot mama trying to look serious".

Naples was an unusual place for the head office of a major hotel chain. It had been the site of Marshall's first hotel and the business just grew up around it. With modern communications no one saw any reason to move. At first everything was run from the hotel, but as the business grew a new building was necessary, and now Marshall's occupied most of a ten-storey building. Ginger made her way into reception.

"Ginger Morgan to see Mr Robertson."

The receptionist looked up the number and called the IT office, then looked at Ginger. "Please take a seat—someone will be down for you shortly."

She waited for old Robertson to come down to meet her. She noticed the woman as she stepped out of the elevator and strode purposefully towards the reception desk. She was about five feet eight inches tall. Her long dark hair danced on her shoulders as she walked. She wore a white flared pants suit which highlighted her long legs and pert butt. Beneath her white jacket she wore a red blouse which struggled to contain her magnificent bosom. She had high cheeks, Angelina lips and large brown eyes. After a brief word with the receptionist she turned to Ginger and extended her hand.

"Ms Morgan, I'm Christina Anders. Mr Robertson sends his apologies—he's been called away on business. He's asked me to see you."

"Oh shit," she thought.

When they reached the office, Christina asked one of her staff to get coffee for them before asking Ginger to sit down.

"Now, Ms Morgan, I presume the reason you're here is because we've not yet renewed our licence with your company."

"Please call me Ginger," she said, trying to decide how to play this new situation. "Do you mind if I take my jacket off? I'm not accustomed to the heat here."

"Please do," she replied. "If I'm to call you Ginger then you must call me Christina. Now, let me explain. In the current economic climate we've been forced to look at all our costs. Software licences represent a large portion of my department's budget. We've been looking at everything and asking do we need it and can we get it cheaper elsewhere."

Ginger watched Christina as she spoke. She had the air of someone who is used to getting what she wants and she was a very attractive woman. Dave would really go for a woman like her—even she felt a sort of attraction. She decided to play things completely straight, strictly business. As they enjoyed their coffee, Ginger took her counterpart through the latest upgraded software. She pointed out the improvements and although not the cheapest system it had significant advantages over the competitors.

As she got into her pitch Ginger became more and more confident. By the time she started outlining the way the new, cloud-based system wouldn't require anything more than an internet server in each hotel, she was sure she had it sewn up. She got up and walked around to Christina's side of the desk.

"May I use your computer to demonstrate?" As she leaned forward to take the mouse she found herself looking down the older woman's blouse. She undoubtedly had a magnificent pair of breasts, and if Ginger wasn't mistaken she had undone a couple of buttons since the meeting had started. She could feel it—there was definitely a frisson between the two women. Ginger knew she wasn't gay and had never even thought of herself as bi, but there was definitely something about this woman.

Having called up the website and entered a username and password, Ginger continued with her presentation.

"I've taken the liberty of creating a dummy site with data we had from the set-up of your old system." She felt a hand lightly caressing her ass as she leant forward to the computer. "You see, we can do everything you could do before, but now you have no server to maintain. Everything is hosted on our two mirrored data centres in Boston and New York." She felt tingling as the stroking of her ass continued.

"This building could burn to the ground tomorrow, but all the data you require to keep operating would be safe and sound and could be accessed with a simple laptop."

She could feel the moisture between her legs increasing. The caressing stopped and Ginger turned to face Christina. The two women gazed into each others eyes, and suddenly Ginger's words started to desert her.

"In short, what we offer you ... is ... complete ... disaster ... recovery."

Ginger stepped back and nervously made her way back to her seat.

Christina took up the dialogue.

"You know, Ginger, when you made this appointment I did a bit of checking with my colleagues. Most told me you were a bimbo, a shameless flirt who used her sex appeal to get what she wanted." Ginger's face started to redden. "Then I spoke to Mr Robertson, a man I admire and whose opinion I respect. He told me you were indeed a very attractive young woman, but you were also damn good at what you do. I'd say Mr Robertson was right on both counts."

"What about the contract for the upgrade?"

"Well I can't give you a 'yes' or 'no' right now, but what I can say is that today you've given me some very convincing arguments to take to the senior management. So, privately, I'd say you have nothing to worry about."

Ginger heaved a silent sigh of relief, got up and offered her hand. "Thank you very much for your time, Christina. I don't know if I told you, but my husband and I have decided to take a weekend break here and I wonder if you and your husband would like to join us for dinner tonight?"

Christina shook the hand that was offered. "That's a very kind invitation, but I'm afraid my husband is out of town at the moment."

"Why don't you come on your own? I'm sure Dave, my husband, will do his best to make sure you don't feel left out."

"Well, thank you, Ginger, that would be really nice. I take it you're staying at Marshall's, so shall I meet you there, say seven thirty tonight?"

When Ginger got back to the hotel, she found Dave out by the pool. She told him most of what happened that day. Dave listened to it all with a smile on his face.

"No shit. You delivered your sexy sales pitch to a woman?"

"No, I delivered a straight-down-the-line sales pitch to her and she went for it. In fact she told me I was very good at my job."

"Honey, that's not all you're good at," he said as he pulled her down onto his lap and kissed her. "Aw, now look what I've done—I've made your pants all wet. We'll just have to take them off." He tugged at the waist band but she just kept slapping his hands away.

"We're going out to dinner tonight. I haven't got time for the pool. I'll need to get my hair done then make myself look beautiful."

"Come on, Babe, you always look beautiful. Is it really worth all that effort just to impress some dumb old broad?"

"You call her that again after you meet her." Ginger rebuked him. "Anyway, I'm not alone in this—I promised you'd make sure she didn't feel left out."

"Oh, now what did you do that for? What am I going to find to say to her?"

"I'm sure you'll think of something. Now, I'm going to make a start on getting ready for tonight."

That night they waited in the foyer of the hotel. Dave wore a grey lounge suit while Ginger had chosen a pale blue dress with a skirt just long enough to be decent and was split to mid thigh. Her hair was up, and as Dave looked her up and down he thought she looked hot but elegant. He couldn't resist running his hands over her butt, giving Ginger a gentle reminder of what had happened earlier. A cab pulled up and a woman got out and walked through the doors towards them. Dave just looked at her, thinking, 'Oh no, is this the woman I've got to keep happy all night?' She was in her mid-fifties, short, overweight and so unused to wearing high heels that she walked with her knees bent all the time. He watched in dread as she approached them, then snapped out of it as Ginger nudged him.

"Look—there she is."

Dave looked past the older woman to see who was coming in the door. Christina seemed to glide across the floor towards them, if you can glide and sway your hips at the same time. Like Ginger, she'd opted for a close-fitting cocktail dress. Hers was in a shimmering silver fabric which seemed to be shaded just below her breasts, giving the impression they were even bigger. Dave's mouth dropped open as she approached. Her skirt stopped about four inches above the knee and was also split up the side, high enough for Dave to know that if she wasn't wearing a thong, then she wasn't wearing anything.

Ginger put her elbow in his ribs. "Close your mouth or you'll catch flies. Why don't you concentrate on what you're going to say to the old broad?"

Ginger stepped forward to welcome Christina and made the introductions. Dave offered Christina his hand. She took it and pulled herself close enough for him to feel her impressive breasts on his chest. She kissed him on both cheeks and told him how pleased she was to meet him. Ginger suggested they walk the few hundred yards to the restaurant, so they set off at a leisurely pace.

"Christina, I just love your dress. Where did you get it?"

"Oh, I had it made. It's modelled on the one Kate Winslett wore to the Oscars a while back. God, I love that woman. It's great to have a movie star whose proud enough to say, 'Hey, look everybody, I've got tits.'"

Dave started to laugh. He was surprised, but pleased, to hear a woman talk like that—it was so refreshing.

Christina noticed his laughter. "What's the matter, Dave? Don't you think a woman should be proud of what she has?"

"Hell, yes. Give me a woman who looks like a real woman, like my Ginger. I'm not interested in bean poles."

They all laughed and Ginger put her arm around Dave's waist as they reached the restaurant. Christina sat opposite Dave as they all engaged in meaningless small talk. It was after the first course that Dave felt Christina's foot stroking his leg. By the time the coffee was served, even Ginger could see that Dave had his legs apart and Christina was rubbing his cock with her foot. She got a little annoyed, and when Christina went to the restroom she told Dave off for allowing it.

"Hang on, Ginger, you told me to look after her. I could hardly say to her, 'Hey, lady, get your foot off my cock. Anyway, I saw the looks you two were giving each other."

"I'm sure I don't know what you mean, Dave."

"Come off it, Ginger. She's exactly the sort of woman you said you found attractive." Dave laughed as he spoke to her. "When you saw her foot in my crotch, the look wasn't anger—it was jealousy. The question is, who were you jealous of—her or me?"

Ginger reached over and gripped his hardening cock through his pants. "Well, just remember this is mine."

When Christina returned, they moved into the bar area where there was a band. The incident in the afternoon had made Ginger question whether Christina might be gay, but her actions in the restaurant indicated that wasn't the case. Dave asked Ginger to dance, but she insisted he ask their guest first. Christina immediately accepted and followed Dave out onto the dance floor. Ginger watched as she put her head on Dave's shoulder, pushed her tits into his chest and ground her pussy against him. Once or twice she thought she saw Dave's hand on her butt but was never completely sure. When they returned Ginger took Dave back out to the dance floor. She had decided to remind him what he had at home. Like Christina, she ground her pussy against him. She pushed harder against him as his hands caressed her butt.

"Dave, I'm not wearing any panties."

"I know."

"How could you know—you were in the shower when I got dressed."

"I can feel it. I'll tell you something else I know. Neither is she."

"I thought she was going to pull her skirt aside and fuck you right here on the dance floor."

"Don't worry, Babe, I'll keep my pants zipped up—at least till we get up to our room."

The drinks flowed and the two women kept Dave almost constantly on the dance floor. With two beautiful women who kept grinding their pussies into his groin he had been hard for nearly two hours. By midnight they called it a day and walked back to the hotel. Ginger and Dave had expected to bid farewell to their guest in the foyer. However, Christina had other ideas.

"Could I come up and use the bathroom in your room? I don't like using restrooms in the foyer—anyone and everyone uses them."

They rode up in the elevator and Dave had a beautiful woman on each arm. Once in the room, Christina went into the bathroom.

Ginger hugged Dave very tightly. "Thank you for being so good with her—I'll see you're well rewarded," she said with a sexy grin.

Christina came out of the bathroom and noticed the two of them locked in their passionate embrace. "Don't let me interrupt anything."

As Ginger split from Dave and went into the bathroom herself, Christina walked over to him. "That looked like a whole lot of fun," she said as her hand found Dave's semi-hard cock. She was squeezing it through his pants as she fastened her lips to his. When their lips parted she squeezed his cock once more.

"Now why don't you give me a look at this big boy you've been teasing me with all night?"

"Me, teasing you? Both you and Ginger have been grinding your pussies against me all night. If anyone's been teased tonight, I'd say it was me."

"So we got you all frustrated, did we? Well, let me do something about that right now."

Christina dropped to her knees and started unzipping Dave's pants. Dave tried to stop her.

"You know, Ginger said you'd make sure I didn't feel left out. Right now, Dave, I'm feeling very left out." She pulled the zip down, pushed her hand into his pants and pulled out Dave's rapidly hardening cock. "Oh, wow. Surely Ginger wasn't going to keep this big boy all to herself?"

Ginger emerged from the bathroom to find Christina on her knees in front of her husband with her hand on his erect dick. Her feelings were a mixture of outrage and lust. "What the hell are you doing?"

Dave looked particularly uncomfortable with the situation. "I'm sorry, Babe, I told her it was yours alone, but she won't take no for an answer."

Christina looked up at her. "Oh, come on, honey, quit gawping and give me a hand with this thing."

Ginger looked at them and started to feel the effects of the evening. The dancing and sexy conversation with Dave had already got her aroused. The alcohol had removed what was left of her inhibitions. Dave looked apprehensive as she walked towards him. She kissed him on the lips.

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