Big Girls Need More Loving

by harry lime

Copyright© 2012 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: It is difficult to be a 6 foot 6 inch female in a world of average 5 foot 8 inch males. But the real problem was that her size requires a minimum 12 inch cock to satisfy her completely. The 5 or 6 inch ones just didn't get the job done. So her project was to find a nice group of 12 inch cocks to fill her pussy the right way.

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Right off the bat I want to make it perfectly clear I don't need any of those "tall jokes". Just because I am a female and slightly over 6 foot 6 inches doesn't make me a freak of nature. I weight a very lean 158 pounds on my long frame and my ass and boobs are actually not smallish. It is just that they look a little small on my extra tall body. I have to admit my feet are quite large and it is difficult to hide that fact with the revealing shoes that all females favor these days.

My mom is only 5 foot 2 inches and she told me my birth father was a very tall boy from somewhere in California. Unfortunately, he left for a job in Australia and never returned home about the time that I was only about 3 years old. My stepfather is only a couple of inches taller than my mom so people tend to look at them and look at me like I was some kind of alien invader trying to pass for a normal human being.

I was really fortunate to have a metabolism that converted the huge amounts of food I ate each day into pure energy. I was a very successful long-distance runner and excelled at swimming because of my extra-long arms and legs.

I had to have my bras custom fitted because chest was out of proportion to my breast size but it was an advantage to me when I was swimming or running. My ass was actually petite in perspective to the rest of my body and from the rear, when I had my hair cut short; it was difficult to distinguish if I was a boy or a girl. All of that was quite manageable if it were not for the fact that my female equipment was super-sized requiring man sized jockey shorts instead of female panties.

My doctor told me that my vagina was perfectly normal except for the fact that the distance from my vaginal entrance to my cervix was almost 4 inches deeper than an average sized woman. It would mean that in order to experience vaginal satisfaction and orgasm in that area, I would need a cock at least 12 inches long. He also told me that cocks of that magnitude would be found in only about one percent of the male population. It didn't take a mental genius to figure out I would only be able to get off with only 1 out of a 100 males interested in sticking their cocks in my pussy. The odds were definitely not in my favor.

When I was on the swim team in college, I experimented with most of the male swimmers and I could not find a single 12 inch cock in the total complement of 38 male swimmers. I had a lot of fun and I know they did as well but it was pretty much frustrating in the long run.

I thought of advertising for extra-long cocks, but it just did not seem ladylike or very sporting to bypass the random nature of normal relationships.

Then, I hit on the ideal solution. I would simply offer my services to the local massage parlor at reduced rates in order to cull out the inadequate cocks from my list of prospective copulation partners. After about six months of interesting sessions, I was able to discover 9 candidates from a pool of over 450 assorted cocks of all sizes, shapes and colors. Because I was a very attractive female despite my disconcerting height, all 9 of the males gave me the particulars of their addresses and home and work numbers. 7 of the 9 candidates were still single, but fortunately both of the married males were just as keen as the bachelors to get busy experimenting with my orgasm deprived pussy. In order to cement our future relationships, I sucked each of the 12 inch cock males with my skilled mouth draining them of their creamy loads of cum.

All nine of the subjects were eager to pursue the project as soon as possible.

At 22 years of age, I had jerked off a couple of hundred cocks, sucked at least 75 and had even been ass-fucked by a gentleman who had mistaken me for a tall boy and shoved his cock up my rear-end in a darkened train halted by an electrical fault in one of those silly Italian tunnels. I could have easily stopped him, but actually his cock was nice and thick and I liked the way it was stretching my tight puckered rim. It was really quite funny with the Italian gentleman because I had to stoop down a bit for him to cram his cock up my cringing brown eye. He was so insistent that I just did not have the meanness of spirit to let him know I was not the tall young boy he thought he was buggering in the dark. I remember when he pulled out of my dripping bottom; he told me my skin was softer than a young girl's. I didn't turn around but just whispered my thanks for his kind attention in the deepest voice I could muster.

My poor neglected pussy had been subjected to about a half dozen unsatisfying student lovers and most of the male swim team with frustrating inadequacy.

Now that I was fortified with 9 possible candidates to "bottom out" inside my cavernous pussy, I was looking forward to a summer of memorable fuck sessions every weekend.

My first partner from the massage school 12 inchers was one of the married men. He was married to a female judge who insisted he give it to her with her judicial robes draped over her magnificent bottom. They had no children because she had no time for them. Peter confided in me that she always complained about the size of his cock telling him he should not push it "all the way inside".

The very first time Peter shoved his beautiful cock inside my vagina, I had the most wonderful orgasm. I told him not to worry about condoms because I really did want to have a baby while I was still young and nubile. The splash of his cum up against my battered cervix was absolutely glorious. We did it two more times that night and each time was better than the last. I was in seventh heaven because all I could think was that I might have this wonderful experience with 8 more candidates in the next 8 weeks.

The second 12 incher was a sort of dodgy character from somewhere "up north" who was extremely proud of his impressive cock. He had this habit of waving it about like it was a conquering army taking captured territory. He insisted that I suck him first even though I wanted to get right down to business. In all honesty, sucking 12 inch cocks is not very easy. I spent most of the time gagging and having my hair pulled like I was in the middle of a cat-fight with a bunch of girls. After a long boring spell on my knees, Roger finally pushed me down on the bed and told me to "open up". I was only too happy to oblige.

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