The Substitute Soul-mate

by harry lime

Copyright© 2012 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Mark is obsessed with Dee but soon settles for her look-alike best friend Margo. It seems that Margo has a bit of the same problem and Mark has to take as much as he gives.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   CrossDressing   Fiction   FemaleDom   Spanking   Humiliation   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Obsessions are a funny thing.

People, who are obsessed beyond the bounds of all logic, seldom are aware that they are a prisoner of their own twisted desires. In fact, in most cases, when confronted with the reality of their unhealthy emotions, obsessed individuals shrug it off as jealousy or bias or some other motivation, except, just telling the truth.

In my case, the object of my obsession was a beautiful young 25 year old brunette whose nymphomania for all things sexual led her into a lifestyle of promiscuous sex and exchanging sexual favors for cash and presents. Her exquisite beauty formed her personality from an early age and shortly after her 16th birthday in high school, she began to do blow jobs for as little as 5 dollars a pop, because she enjoyed being in control of men's cocks and making them shoot off their loads whenever she wanted.

By the time she was 18, Dee was out of the house and living by herself. Of course, the house she was living in belonged to a guy she met on an escort date that was doing a year and a day upstate for writing too many bounced checks. He turned out to be an easy date because all he wanted was a hand job and to shoot his business in her face. That didn't bother Dee in the least little bit because she had this attitude that made her hate herself so much she felt she deserved to have guys cum shooting right onto her pretty young face. She made a lousy escort girl because she really didn't like guys messing with her nipples and anything too close to her little brown eye caused her to stalk off in sheer indignation.

Dee could get away with most of that shit because she was an exceptionally hot piece of ass. Her perfect body was matched by her classically shaped facial features. Even now at the age of 25 she would easily qualify for super-model status. I met Dee right after she got out of the local jail for some trumped up charges of running a business without a license. The fact that the business was providing escort girls for one-hour "dates" kind of biased the local authorities against her.

I spotted her sitting in a waffle house at 3AM in the morning looking forlorn and sad-eyed all by herself. If you have ever been in a waffle house at 3AM in the morning you would know it was highly unlikely to find such a beautiful girl sitting alone.

"Mind if I join you? We seem to be the only customers at the moment."

She brightened up a bit and pushed the opposite chair out with her 6 inch heels.

"Too late for partying and too early for work. What are you, a cop or a newspaper boy?"

I laughed and shook my head.

"No, I'm just here for a conference and got the munchies in my hotel room. Who can beat a waffle house at 3AM?"

We started swapping jokes and exaggerations while I packed away a waffle and a double order of bacon.

All Dee had was a cup of black coffee refilled at least 3 times. I could see how she kept her trim figure and shapely curves. When I suggested a "night cap" from my Jim Beam bottle in my room, she gave me an appraising look and paid her bill. I liked the fact she didn't let me pay for it.

After a quick shot and a giggling look at something called, "Missy learns how to swallow" we both wound up on top of the bed in a 69 position that seemed to prove we were both givers and not takers.

Dee fell asleep in my arms and when I woke up in the morning, my hard wood found her female slit like a homing pigeon circling ever closer to the home coop. I loved listening to her little sighs of contentment as I softly plumbed her wet vagina. Just when I was on the edge of releasing my load, she grabbed my arm and begged me to "go a little longer, I'm almost there". Being a gentleman, I stroked her pussy for several more minutes until she was starting to quiver with her orgasm. As soon as I was certain she was well over the edge, I slammed her pussy hard and let my creamy cum flood her pretty little pussy.

We got to know each other a lot better after that little interlude. I was amazed that a young girl so attractive was in the "game" and lived on the edge of danger 24/7. Dee confided in me that her short stint in the hoosegow made her a lot more humble about the facts of life and the reality of being stunningly attractive to both males and females. Some of the stories she told me about her experiences in the jail were filled with kinky adventures and her adjustment to a more submissive nature in order to fit into the incarcerated lifestyle. I noticed that she seemed to be a lot more flirty and coy whenever an attractive female was in the picture.

When Dee let on she was searching for a new place as long as it was not in a mobile home park, I suggested she get an inexpensive unit in a 4 unit complex that was private and secluded. It was a lot more insulated from the noise in the city. Her furniture was rudimentary and she added to it with inexpensive items from a discount store. After I helped her move in, she told me she was going to take in one of the escort girls who often would go out on bachelor parties with her. They would split the rent and it seemed like a real good idea.

Her "best friend's" name was Margo and when I first saw her, I had to do a double-take because she looked like Dee's identical twin. After I got to know Margo better, I realized she was so into Dee that she never stopped trying to look more like her and act just like her with her every movement and pattern of speech. I could not tell the difference in their voices on the telephone or even from another room of the house. Sometimes when Dee was out on a "date", Margo and I would wait at home for her to return and I learned every little facet of Dee's existence from Margo's lips.

I learned that her skittishness about her breasts was due to an over enthusiastic party-goer who chewed her nipples more than nibbling at them when she was strapped in some type of kinky swing upside down in front of 5 other young college guys all too drunk to intervene.

Apparently, it took several weeks for them to heal properly. Adding insult to injury, she had to pay her own medical bills and lost all that income over the time they took to heal.

I have to admit, Margo and I did get into doing "stuff" in the periods that Dee was too busy for either of us. I loved when she would put her head down in the pillow and her ass up high and whisper in that distinctive "Dee" voice,

"Make me do it, Mark, shove it up your Dee's pretty pussy."

Margo would even move her hips just the way Dee did whenever she was getting it doggy-style. In fact, it was even more exciting with Margo because she was not hung up at all about ass play. Her first real boyfriend was a cop who was really only interested in banging her beautiful ass since his pregnant wife was a strictly non-anal schoolteacher type.

When Margo told me to not clean myself down there after slipping it to Dee before she departed on an assignment, I knew she wanted suck Dee's juices off my cock and swallow them along with my creamy load. It was easy to put 2 and 2 together to conclude Dee and Margo were sleeping in the same bed whenever I was not staying overnight.

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