Nosey Neighbor Ned

by LiteroCat

Copyright© 2012 by LiteroCat

Erotica Sex Story: Neighbor's intrusion on nude couple early morning leads to fingering the wife as husband watches. Nude husband gets some.... too.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Swinging   White Couple   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Nudism   .

It was early and already warm last Sunday, about 7 A.M ... We were still laying comfortably, naked in bed when a loud, intruding, commanding and relentless pounding on the door agitated me. As I got up questioning, "Who the hell is waking us? This better be urgent or... " I hastily grabbed the closest robe which turned out to be Sue's short, translucent green one. It barely fit across my shoulders and ended above my dick unless I leaned forward. Holding it mostly closed, I angrily rushed to the door half hoping it was some random woman I could shock with my swinging dick. The lurid, exhibitionistic thought made it rise firmly.

Unfortunately, our nosey, exuberant, amateur photographer neighbor Ned burst in, dodged around me and raved, "I have to see Sue right now. Very important for... " Ned and his wife Bea were always around when we were outside. We saw them often, but had only a casual relationship. We had them over for brunch a week earlier and I saw him constantly eyeing Sue, trying to look inside her bikini and staring at her frequent camel toe. She seemed pleased with the attention, even when he managed to crush her tits to his chest in a doorway. He moved her out of the way by shifting her hips ... and letting his guiding hands slide to her ass cheeks. Sue enjoyed the tease. With his wife near and maybe watching too, Ned wasn't likely to go much further.

I pushed the front door nearly closed and, clutching the billowing robe, ran behind Ned to our bedroom. He stopped just inside the room and stared at Sue who was now face down. The sheet was unevenly pulled up nearly to her waist, with the left side of her bare left cheek exposed to him, her arms straight at her sides which blocked her side boob exposure. She must have pulled the sheet up when she heard Ned coming and decided to give him a sexy peek at her ass. She feigned sleep.

"Ned, we sleep naked and you shouldn't be in here." His eyes never left her exposed flesh while he told me she had already agreed to pose nude for him and he had to change the date. It had to be early this morning or not for weeks. He said he was sorry to spoil it, but it was a surprise for me so she didn't tell me. He inched toward her 'sleeping' form. Could she have really planned a surprise for me? I suppose. I couldn't ask her so I left it up to her how far she'd let this go. He inched closer to the bed.

"This is perfect. I wanted to see her muscles relaxed, unposed, so sleeping is perfect. They say the sleeping mind is about as suggestible as the hypnotized one. Let's find out." Wearing nothing but tented short sports shorts and a Tee, he was unlikely to disturb her noisily or signal his closeness. He feathered her bare back, down her spine, past her waist and onto the upper curve of her shapely little ass. He whispered, "You want to move both arms above your head." He had moved to the far side of the bed and she had turned her head toward me and cracked open an eye. Flashing just her eyebrows at me in a sort of shrug and surrender to him, she racheted her arms past her head.

Ned gently tugged the sheet lower and lower exposing private, tender ass crack. Her legs were still apart when the sheet exposed all of her curvaceous cheeks. I know I should have stopped him, but she was aware and capable and complained whenever I was 'so protective'. Besides, the impromptu exposure was getting me hot too. With one knee bent and her gluts relaxed to maintain the illusion of sleep, gravity gently spread her ass apart and exposed her rear hole to both of us. I wasn't sure what to do now that my wife was showing us her pink, puckered anus since I KNEW she was awake and aware of her exposed hole. My dick stiffened again, pointed directly at her and lifted her robe. I didn't try to cover it.

Ned slowly moved the sheet off the end of the bed leaving her beautiful body bared from head to toes. As he moved between me and her, he got an eyeful of what I was already enjoying - her slightly bearded clam. It was already swelling and partially hiding her exposed, sculptured inner lips. The lustful labia made my heart race. I knew he saw my wife's bared box when his already tented shorts pushed out farther. We both sighed and licked our lips at once. I leaned forward to cover my stiff rod.

"Isn't that a beautiful sight? Looks like I did interrupt something since her lips are swollen and wet. And so are you." He nodded at my short, split robe and the stiff dick that clung to the hem. When I looked where he pointed, my cock surged, broke free of its bonds and pushed the robe apart. It was wet, and too late to hide it. Yet, I tried. Covering it only made it look more obscene.

He sat next to Sue's bent knee and before I could stop him, he brushed the robe open and held up my cock. I froze; he stared. He squeezed my dick and slid the foreskin back. "How pretty and how wet." His tongue snaked out and licked my glans. "Umm, I don't smell or taste her on you, just your sweet Cowper's. So... " he lapped his tongue around my shaft then licked his lips. I tried to back away, but he gripped my balls and pulled me to him. As he pulled my robe off, he sucked my glans into his mouth, fondled my balls and very skillfully lapped and flicked around my cock.

Sue smirked as she watched Ned easily swallow my rigid dick. Seconds after he started humming Hail to the Chief on my stiffness, I fired shot after shot directly down his throat. No woman had ever had such skill or control over my ejaculate. "Mmm, so tasty. How could you not know I was bi? Now back to your lovely mate." As he turned, his excessively long phallus pushed his shorts aside and leapt from his leg. His foreskin was stretched to its limit on the knobby shaft. I had no interest in touching it, but I could see the benefits a horny woman would see. Sue had pulled a pillow under her head and then waited for Ned to face her then lifted and twist her chest.

The totally obvious move showed not just sexy side boob, but all of her tiny left tit and nipple. Its position kept us from appreciating it fully. I grabbed my phone-cam from the dresser behind me and began discretely taking lurid images. "You want to raise your knee higher." he whispered. She stretched it higher, opening her pussy wider, and he stroked across the side of her nipple, over her hip and all the way to her groin. He feathered her vulva with the back of his fingers, and pushed her damp, swollen lips apart. She gasped and our dicks throbbed.

By then it was clear Ned knew she was faking sleep. He slipped a finger inside her large lips and caressed her intricate, glistening inner lips. As he stood and removed his sports shorts, leaving him the only semi-clothed person in the house, he whispered "Raise your hips off the bed and spread wider."

I noticed this was an order, not a suggestion. Would she comply? She clenched her thighs, her ass, then slowly pulled her other knee up. As her hips rose, her pussy and eyes opened and she silently grinned at me and the huge, foreign dick bouncing near her hip. She winked slowly at me and spread her knees wider, wantonly exposing and offering her steamy sex to this near stranger. He knelt on the bed between her legs, knowing he had my tacit permission, and hers, to molest my wife. While staring into the gaping, fattened lips, he pulled off his shirt.

In one photo, I angled to include her face, tempting tits which were floating over the sheet, her pulchritudinous pussy, his raptured stare into the depths of my wife's sultry loins, his tongue, extended to it in anticipation of its sweetness and his huge, knobby cock ready to invade her sensual snatch. What a picture! Sue shifted her hips back and forth, making her gash slide open each time and exude a heady aroma. That proved too much for either of us to resist. "You better eat her now and fuck her silly or move out of the way and I'll show you how it's done." I blathered breathlessly.

He pushed his nose against her gaping slit and licked from her pubes to her asshole. I caught that picture too. "You better fill her mouth with this," he grabbed my steely shaft, squeezed, jerked and pulled it toward her face, "since I'm going to be back here a while." But I stayed a little longer to get more pictures and he kept jerking my cock. When he rolled all her lips wide open with his thumbs, he stared almost reverently into Sue's bright red fleshy depths -click- and breathed in her musky sweetness before slipping two fingers deep into her. She gasped, then purred. "I wish my wife looked, felt, smelled and tasted this great. Who knew such a treasure was hiding behind her tight jeans?! And this sweet, tight, little asshole... " He licked and sucked his fingers dry before pushing them back into her soggy snatch. I was mesmerized and aroused by watching him casually finger fuck my compliant wife.

Between her tits, Sue was closely watching and fascinated by, his huge cock as it lurched and bobbed untouched. When he rubbed her juices over his glans, she knew he was about to hump her. She finally spoke, telling me to quickly grab a condom. His face dropped a second, then he realized she was giving him permission to invade her temple, but not bareback. While he wrestled with the condom, Sue pulled my dick to her mouth and sucked it noisily, probably to show Ned she could. I pinched and twisted her nipple harder and harder until she moaned in pleasure.

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