Sperm Donation Deluxe

by Lars Sunshine

Copyright© 2012 by Lars Sunshine

Erotica Sex Story: Here in our clinic, we greatly emphasize that the process of donating the sperm happens in a way that maximizes the quality of the sperm. The more sexually aroused the donor is at the time of donation, the higher sperm quality. And that is why the donor brings his partner, so she can help contributing to his arousal during donation.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Doctor/Nurse   Public Sex   Nudism   .

Standing in front of the door, Miles and Sandra are checking the door plate. "Spermalizer Clinic" it says. So here they are, at the right place. Miles rings the doorbell, and when the unlocking buzz appears, he opens the door. From the door they walk up a small stair case and through another door. They enter a room, that looks like a mixture of an office and a waiting room. It has a high ceiling and large windows. The bright walls make the room seem pleasant and inviting. Over by the windows, an elderly woman sits by her desk, typing on the computer. She looks at them as they enter and send them a smile.

"Welcome! How are you?" she says. "Are you the couple with an appointment now?"

"Yeah, I am Miles, and I have an appointment here at half past ten," Miles says after clearing his throat. "I also brought Sandra, my fiancée."

"Excellent," the woman replies. "It takes a couple more minutes before I am ready, so please take a seat while you wait. Oh, and by the way, I am Kristin."

In the far corner of the room there is a sofa and a couple of armchairs set around a small coffee table. Miles and Sandra walk over and sit down in the sofa next to each other. A couple of magazines are scattered on the coffee table, all of them having tasteful images of naked women on the cover. A large painting on the wall shows a woman lying naked on her bed with one hand cupping a breast and the other hand between her legs.

Miles takes a closer look at Kristin. She has long, gray hair put up in a pony tail, glasses with a golden frame and golden earrings. She is wearing a white doctors coat. She seems to have fairly small breasts.

Sandra picks up one of the magazines from the coffee table and browses through it slowly. Miles looks over her shoulder. Inside the magazine the pictures show women having sex. There is a series of pictures showing two women sitting together and masturbating on a fallen wooden trunk in the forest. And another series showing a naked woman sitting at the edge of a swimming pool masturbating with a vibrator. Miles lets his fingers play briefly with Sandra's hair and she turns and looks at him, smiling.

"That's some naughty pictures!" she whispers.

Sandra puts her hand on Miles' leg, moving it slowly towards his lap, sliding it over the bulge that fills out his thin linen pants. Miles' cock has grown halfway hard and he loves the feeling of her hand pressing against it.

Suddenly they can hear Kristin getting up from her chair, and Sandra quickly moves her hand away from Miles' lap and puts the magazine back on the table. Kristin walks over to them and sits down opposite Miles and Sandra in one of the armchairs.

"Allow me to welcome you once again to our fertility clinic, 'Spermalizer'", she says. "You have probably already read on our website, how we do things here at the clinic. But since you are here for the first time, I will start by giving you an introduction to our work and thinking."

"Most importantly, you should understand, that for us, sex is a totally natural thing, and something that should never be repressed. Of course, this is the reason behind having erotic pictures on the walls and pornographic magazines on the table."

Kirsten now starts unbuttoning her coat. Fascinated, Miles gazes at her body being more and more revealed as her fingers open her coat. Her breasts, naked under the coat, are indeed quite small. And soon her naked pussy is also revealed, covered with sparse gray hair.

"Being naked, being aroused, and sexual activities are the entire purpose of our clinic. So therefore I will now discard this coat," she continues, standing up, and completing her undressing. She sits down in the chair, now fully naked, and with her legs slightly apart.

"I noticed that you, Sandra, moved your hand away from Miles' lap when I walked over to you. If you did that because of shyness, I would like to see you to put the hand back, so I can see that you will try not to be shy anymore."

Miles turns and looks at Sandra, who, just like himself, are staring fascinated at Kristin undressing herself.

"Uh, yeah, of course," says Sandra, after having to clear her throat before she can say anything. She looks at Miles and puts her hand back on the bulge in his pants. It clearly hasn't got any smaller. She presses down on the cock and can feel how the pressure releases the cock so it straightens out more freely inside the pants. Miles sighs.

"Good to see!" says Kristin with a smile. "Good to see. Well ... so you, Miles, you are here to donate your sperm, right?"

"Yeah," says Miles.

"Perfect! And we have already received a sperm sample from you, which we have analyzed. And as we also wrote to you, your semen is of a very high quality. Very potent, I must say!"

"And here in our clinic, we also greatly emphasize that the process of donating the sperm happens in a way that maximizes the quality of the sperm. We have conducted several scientific studies, showing evidence that the more sexually aroused the donor is at the time of donation, the higher sperm quality. And that is why we invented this method where the donor brings his partner, so she can help contributing to his arousal during donation.

Kristin is touching herself while she talks, mostly around her breasts, but also down over her belly and between her public hair now and again.

"But what about you, Sandra? How do you feel about Miles donating his sperm to impregnate other women?"

"Well, I do think it was my idea, actually," she says. "We have two small kids already, and I have had my tubes tied, because I do not wish to have more children. And then I had the thought that it was a shame letting Miles' semen go to waste, with lots of couples having trouble getting pregnant by themselves."

Sandra has been rubbing her hand continuously over Miles' cock, and Miles is enjoying it fully. As Kristin acts like nothing would be more natural, he doesn't feel embarrassed at all about being visibly aroused.

"Awesome!" says Kristin. "Okay. Let me now explain our procedure. It is very important that you follow the procedure exactly as I explain it, as this is a requirement to meet our high quality standards. I am sure you can understand, that the good payment we can offer you, only is possible because we can guarantee our clients this high level of quality."

Miles and Sandra are nodding their confirmation.

"Well. First we need to be entirely clean, so first we will take a shower. If you shower together you can enjoy the benefit of touching each other while showering. After the shower you will sit in two very comfortable armchairs positioned opposite each other. Sitting there you will then masturbate for each other. It is important that you take your time here, so Miles will become very aroused. It is also important that you time your orgasms to happen at the same time. I will be there with you and I will be ready to collect the sperm when Miles ejaculates.

"Does that mean that I am not allowed to touch Miles after the shower?" asks Sandra.

"That's right. While you are masturbating in front of each other, only Miles' may have contact with his cock. For reasons of hygiene. You can touch him everywhere else, if you like."

"Okay," says Sandra.

"I also need to ask you, Miles, about your two latest orgasms. When did you have them?"

"My latest orgasm was last night with Sandra," says Miles. "And the one before that is almost a week ago. Isn't that how we were supposed to do it?"

"That's exactly right. After a full week, lots of sperm have been produced, and your ejaculation last night have ensured that your testicles now contain purely fresh sperm, and still a large amount. Perfect!"

"Well, if you don't have any more questions, let us begin with the shower"

o o o o o

Kristin walks over to a door and opens it, with Miles and Sandra following along. Behind the door, there is another big room, still very bright, with matted windows preventing others from looking in. This room is noticeably warmer than the waiting room. In the middle of the room there are two large and comfortable looking leather arm chairs faced against each other. Several paintings on the walls depict aroused men and women.

"You can leave your clothes here," Kristin says and refer them to a small shelf.

Miles pulls his t-shirt over his head and then pulls his pants and briefs off in one movement. His half-hard cock bounces out of its trapped state and Miles is surprised that he doesn't feel embarrassed by stripping naked in front of Kristin. Meanwhile Sandra has pulled her dress over her head, unbuttoned her bra, and stepped out of her panties.

"Ready!" says Miles.

"Well, then the bathroom is over here," says Kristin and leads them towards the back wall where a small door is open. Kristin walks in and turns on the light with Miles and Sandra following her. In here there is a somewhat large bathroom with four showers.

"You can find soap in these dispensers on the wall, so please go ahead!"

"Come on," says Sandra and leads Miles by the hand. "We can put soap on each other."

Miles turns the nob and warm water immediately starts pouring out of the shower head. He nudges Sandra to step under the water and meanwhile dispenses a hand full of soap. Sandra steps away from the falling water, and Miles spread out the soap all over her wet naked body. He quickly works up a lather and enjoys gliding his hands over Sandra's delicate body. He stays with her large breasts for a while, kneading them with his hands. He almost jumps as he feels Sandra's hands on his cock. It has grown hard and throbbing from him feeling her all over.

"I like watching your hand on his cock, Sandra," says Kristin. "Why don't you tell each other how you feel and what you are thinking while you are feeling each other?"

"I think about your balls being filled with your delicious sperm," says Sandra, giggling while taking his heavy balls in both her hands, lifting them up. "And that you will soon be shooting all of it out for us."

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