Skydive Sky Clad

by LiteroCat

Copyright© 2012 by LiteroCat

Erotica Sex Story: Adventure day with public sex before, during and after skydive. Sharing wife, cousin and sis-in-law with other jumpers.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Wife Watching   Cousins   Group Sex   Polygamy/Polyamory   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Public Sex   Nudism   .

"Honey, let's do something exciting next weekend. Something risky, adrenalin-gushing fun and NOT a vid game."

"Oh, you mean like a beach snooze risking maximum skin cancer by catching some rays naked? How about we drive around topless - you and the car?" I didn't think she'd go for that, but I had to ask. "You'll have to drive so, while you pretend not to notice, I can watch your cute little titties bounce along with all the gawkers. I know you love exposing yourself. Just let ME call attention to you so you can enjoy your helpless, faultless fantasy."

"Only if that means you're naked too and let your dick rebound freely while I watch. We'll make a helluva sight at stop lights! Actually, I was thinking of something more physically risky. Maybe rock climbing ... even naked if you like. I hear there's already a club for them."

"Nah. Too much effort and sweat. How about I take you sky diving? You can wear your tiny bikini and risk losing it. Is that risky enough for you? The air up there is very cool and there's lots of sunshine for your vitamin D concerns. Let's get your sister, Joe and your cousin to come too." Immediately, a devious plan spawned in my perverse mind. "None of them has jumped before, but I can teach the class in case it's too small for the other jump masters to deal with. You haven't jumped in a long while and I bet you've been looking for an excuse to scream for a few thousand feet!"

"I don't scream. That was YOU last time! That actually sounds like fun. We can make a day of it with a picnic lunch on the grounds nearby too. Let's call Lois and talk her into it. I bet she'll take it as another lesson in her emancipation." Perfect! Lois will convince Joe if we can convince her. Nineteen year old cousin Amanda, who was still living with us, will go along too since she's like Sue and can't ignore a dare. Hmmm, two men and three girls, some lucky jump master is in for a fun time too.

After very little persuasion, Amanda was willing and excited about jumping in a tiny bikini, though I didn't tell her, or anyone, about my nude gambit yet. Amanda had been living with us about a year and had proven to be an eager, ardent and giving erotic student. Lois took some more convincing. She had just survived all-out exposure in Wendy's [see Emancipation story] despite full exposure being the penalty Joe and Sue had earned. Though I'd helped her get over much of her germ phobia, that was still very selective and a hard-earned, hesitant trust that applied exclusively to me and THEN to her husband and sister. Her emancipation from the yoke of her germ masters had begun once we shared that first, intensely erotic, educational and daring weekend.

I dared the girls to skydive in their smallest bikinis, but warned and teased that they could likely come off in flight. Sue and Amanda looked at each other silently and excitedly. Lois just laughed off the challenge as a joke. She correctly deduced that landing with so much skin showing was dangerous. A typical tandem ass-landing would risk cheeky and thigh abrasions and would be 'Ohhh so germy in the dirt'. I had to promise to bring Lysol for the gear and personally bathe her in a gallon of hand sanitizer afterwards. She hesitated. I added that Amanda, her sister and husband could help me scrub her naked, beautiful body as she stood akimbo with others watching. Flattery will get you everywhere. She giggled and agreed.

I explained, "First timers at the local strip get a free training class for tandem jumps, but anyone may take a refresher anytime. We obviously want jumpers to be as safe as possible." I may have made a mistake when I told them prematurely that "the airstrip charges ½ price for nude jumps all year, and offers one free jump on NDD." Lois asked how I knew that and if I'd ever jumped naked. "When I was more active, I worked at this airstrip and did several jumps naked. Always behind a woman, of course. Guy novices, oddly enough, preferred a female master behind them. With winds over one hundred mph, it's likely that your bikinis will be blown off, so you may want to consider jumping naked and save half the fee. I'll even talk them into at least one free photographer to film us for posterity. You know, you don't even need a parachute to skydive." I gave them a minute to ponder that before adding, "You only need a parachute to skydive twice."

"Very funny! If we don't jump nude, do we have to wear those ugly jump suits? Do we really fall at a hundred mph?"

"Yes, for full price you get to rent a stylish jump suit. Or is that another reason to jump naked? Here are typical costs: ground school $220; chute packing/training $50; lift to 13000' $30; tandem jump $250; gear rent $45 per jump or $90 per day. For naked first timers, the $600 cost is cut to $270, or for YOU, just the $30 lift fee per jump with me as your tandem master. I'll get two other jump masters to jump free if we jump naked. Video is usually $130 extra. From 13000', we'll freefall for 60 seconds since we're not using a static line, open the chute at around 5000' to give us about seven scenic minutes on canopy."

"Speed depends on a few things. We use a bigger chute for tandem jumps, but the extra weight balances its size. In solo jumps, you control your freefall speed with your body position. It's hard to get below a hundred in a standard suit, but if you curl into a ball you'll go 125+ mph and if you dive head first you can reach 200 mph in a long fall. There is a great older movie about skydiving that you might like, called Gypsy Moths, I think. The jump from the edge of space set a record SUPERSONIC speed in Aug 1960. Look up Joe Kittenger on YOUtube etc. Someone died in 1966 trying to beat that record, yet an Australian is trying to beat it this year. We won't be going anywhere near that high or fast, so no worries."

"Wow! Just $30? But jumping naked has extra problems too, right? Especially for females and for junk getting inside us."

"Well, yes. Imagine standing on the back seat of a car with the top down, naked. Accelerate thru 60, 80, 100, 130mph and feel the force of the wind blowing your skin and body parts around. THAT's what jumping naked is like - with the fun feeling of falling from 13,000 feet. Tits implode, well cave in anyway. They flounce spastically, as do dicks. Your cheeks fill and billow, skin looks like it's trying to peel off bones and your vulva flaps, splits and fills with hurricane winds. You need goggles so tiny things, even high speed bird shit, don't blind you. Hard dicks survive whiplash better, but can still hurt. $30 is the fee for the plane. Friends are letting me use the facility on a weekday and I'm donating my time for you. My friends also get some obvious fringe benefits they don't usually get. Typically, females are NOT allowed to jump naked because they whistle all the way down! That's why I like to bury my dick in a warm pussy or ass or even just an ass crack that's being shoved against me. Yeah, that's why. Yes, I'm kidding about the whistling. Nice image though!"

Though still terrified about the height and the further step in her public emancipation, Lois talked Joe into jumping. Joe wasn't concerned about his wife lending me her pussy yet again, but the thought of a stranger he still hadn't met sliding his dick into her made him hesitate. The chance to see and feel voluptuous Amanda naked and maybe press his bare dick against her sumptuous ass was the extra incentive he needed to risk his limbs. I guess he forgot that since he was not a jump master, his dick would be pushing air, not ass. He said he hoped to fondle her on the ground between jumps.

The big day finally arrived. Joe and Lois came up mid week and displaced Amanda so we four shared a bed and each other for two days. Joe got an eyeful of Amanda since we all continued our nudist home tradition. Amanda took every opportunity to tease him by swinging her huge tits past his face and bending in front of him. She thrilled at his obvious, hard reaction. The girls packed a big picnic basket and we left right after breakfast that Friday.

When we were on the final, dirt road, approach to the strip, I suggested the girls change into their bikinis in the car while we were still moving with the top down. Though we'd all been naked for two days, stripping openly on the road was amusing. Especially since the girls took their time completely stripping, THEN unpacking the suits, THEN, while six beautiful, distracting tits rebounded randomly, unfurling the bikinis and finally, slowly and deliberately cantilevering their gaping legs into the suits. A quick peek into the back seat let me see that Lois and Amanda were already swelling and dewy while Joe was about to rip thru his sports shorts. Since he wasn't changing, Lois invited Amanda to squeeze his cock with her. Oddly, it didn't shrink so Lois pulled it out thru the leg and held Amanda's hand on his balls while she licked him. What a tease she'd become!

A car raced toward us on that dirt road and I saw it was two of the jump masters we had lined up for the day. Finally indulging freely in her exhibitionist fantasies, Sue giddily pealed off her bottoms, stood on the front seat, peeled off her top and daringly waved her clothes at the other car. To our surprise, it braked hard and so did I until we stopped side by side. Ron was driving and, while openly staring at Sue's landing strip, told us that Linda was dizzy and he was driving her home so neither of them would be jumping with us today. Sue had teased them before with brief flashes, but this was the first time she stood naked for them to gawk at. "Love the outfit, Sue. I'm going to miss jumping with you perverts!"

Sue dressed again as we drove to the shack and canopied tables. Amanda asked what the big "Skydive Sky Clad" sign meant. I briefly explained that it was a Wiccan tradition that when they performed most ceremonies honoring mother Earth, they stripped naked and did them clad only in sky clothing - i.e. naked.

Rob was already coaching the day's mix of jumpers. Some were topless or in crop shirts that would surely ride up or off. He warned that the shirt whipping in the fierce wind might bruise soft skin or nipples so they should either coverup or remove the shirt. Noticing a bare and flat chested woman, he called her to the front. "These breasts won't be tossed about, but nipples will be hard and tall due to the cold. Watch..." Before she could object, he licked one and sucked the other nipple for a few seconds. She rolled her eyes up and sighed. "The coolness has already erected her nipples as the cold heights will, and the winds will whip them around. The stretching will likely feel good and won't injure them. Thanks for volunteering."

We stayed and watched him demonstrate how to pack a chute before I led them to the hut to watch the mandatory short video. Rob confirmed that just he and I were the masters for the morning, but Rick might be back later. The safety video raised several questions, as intended. Since none of my friends would be jumping solo, there was no need yet for the full ground school. I would answer basic questions in the tandem class. We went to the training room for the class and I covered what the gear was and how to get into the harness.

"Men, BEFORE you tighten the leg straps, reach into your shorts, gather up your male parts and PULL them all straight up the middle. NOW tighten the leg straps. You DON'T want your junk caught under a strap when the chute opens! Ladies, you too should be sure your labia are not caught under the straps." That suggestion is a setup for a close-up, intimate exam shortly.

"All of you move the chest strap below or above your pecs and make it tight. Ladies, push your boobs between the shoulder and free of the chest straps or your tits will be hurt when the chute SNAPS open. Now hook into the practice chutes hanging from the rafters." I went over the common 'challenges' they might encounter just in case I didn't have control of the chute for any reason. "These chutes have a two-stage release. Pulling until the sharp jump in resistance releases the drogue chute that helps stabilize our fall. Pulling the same 'rip cord' releases the main chute. Sometimes the drogue is called a pilot chute. There is a minor distinction, but you don't need to worry about it."

"You must look up and check that the main chute has deployed properly then decide what to do if it didn't. These sport chutes are rectangular and have air chambers that fill to inflate the chute to a 'rigid' wing shape. That gives us much more control than the old canopy chutes did. Sometimes the lines tangle and twist." I went over how to kick their way out of that issue. "The SLIDER, between sets of lines, may jam, or the chute may only come out half way."

After reviewing how to resolve those problems, I asked, "What do we do if we can't free and deploy the chute properly?" Someone knew about the reserve chute. "Yes. We have to 'cut away' the main and pull the other D-ring to release the reserve chute. They used to be much smaller so we used to come down faster. Today they are about the same size as the main so the descent is still slow. Expect a hard snap when the chute opens."

I reviewed how to turn and control our speed and finally how to flare. "When you pull the control lines, especially when you flare, you distort the wing dynamics so you have to be aware how much you apply. Generally, you don't pull the control lines lower than your nipples or you can make the wing 'stall'. You will have the altimeter clipped to your harness so we can both see it. Keep an eye on it, but enjoy the view and the thrill." Joe asked how we stop safely.

"JUST before we touch down, I'll apply maximum flare which stops the wing from flying and should let us land gently on our feet. As we approach the ground, you'll have your feet up until I touch down. ONLY if we are still too fast will I ask you to pull your legs out and up to your hips so we can land on our asses. You are just along for a smooth, fun ride so I'll control all of that unless something happens to me. OK, unhook yourselves and let's go outside to the fall range."

"Though you shouldn't need to know this until you jump solo, we have to teach it to everyone. Climb up on those four-foot high platforms and practice rough or fast landings. Leap away from the platform, tuck and roll over a shoulder. Once I'm satisfied with this, you're done with the ground intro." Amanda's and Lois' big tits kept flying out of their tops, but no one complained. By the time Rob came back from his second jump, they were all qualified. I wrote out their tandem certificates and presented the novices with their jump logs.

jumping nude final exams

"There are two extra steps when jumping nude and you should be ready in case you decide to do it today. All four of you, get on the padded supports in the hut, face down and hips on the padding." The supports were sturdy cat trees about forty inches high with a platform of just 12x18". Rob and I circled and scrutinized them on the supports. We didn't bother to tell them that the jump master typically jumps in a full suit even if the tandem jumper is naked. If nothing else, they keep the gravel from ripping up our legs and becoming coarse suppositories when we do an ass-first landing.

We deftly unhooked and removed the three bikini tops despite the girls' surprise and sat in front of each. Lois was suddenly anxious about Rob and the others and their un-vetted germs. Starting with Lois, and after squirting sanitizer on our hands, Rob and I clamped onto her nipples and shook her tits by pulling them. She looked to me, the sanitizer, then her sister and finally relaxed a bit as she watched her beautiful tits being openly manipulated. The coolness of the sanitizer made her nipples pop so we avoided licking them with our fearsome germs! Joe happily watched us molest his conflicted wife. After hefting, squeezing and enjoying her sizeable tits, we moved on to my wife.

Sue's tiny tits hung in a hollowed triangular shape with little mass behind her perfect nipples. Despite squeezing and hefting what tits she had, her nipples and aureolas stayed soft. Pinching the nipples caused them to slowly twist and rise as her halos tightened. Rob and I smirked at each other. I leaned in and Rob quickly followed to lick and bite the firm nipples as they grew into their perfect, dense, tall silo shape. Sue smiled at the stimulation. After imbibing her musky nipples and their heady aroma, we tossed the hollow tit flesh about and agreed she was safe to jump topless too. Lois finally appreciated what those extra fringe benefits for Rob were.

Amanda's BIG tits were a thrill. Her DD cups hung heavily with a sagging bulge shifted behind her huge aureolas and modest nipples. This was not her most fetching profile. Her flesh was heavy and dense. We licked and bit her nipples for a long moment before sucking them. I knew her nipples didn't get very tall despite twisting and torturing them. After a moment, they did exude a clear film that tasted divine. Her musk said she was already aroused. "I don't know how much the cold and wind will pleasure you and I am concerned with all this mass being tossed and stretching your flesh. They might even blacken both eyes! This is your warning, but the choice is yours."

We looked at Joe's chest and agreed he was OK to go with no testing. We stood and stripped off our shorts. My stiff dick deliberately slapped Amanda in the face and she giggled. Rob was in front of Lois and she blocked her face from his hard, thick, germy glans. Sue giggled and then tugged it twice. As we moved behind them, Rob said "Now we'll check how much risk your genitalia will face." Lois gulped loudly. He untied Sue's bottom and tossed it away as I did the same to Amanda. Acknowledging Lois' OCD, he moved to Joe and pulled his shorts off while I untied and tossed Lois' suit. She moaned at being intimately exposed to a stranger who would be so close to her bare genitals.

Rob volunteered, "Lois, when you check my recent health certificate on the wall you'll see I'm clean. I don't want you to worry in case we jump together or you 'convince' me to get inside you bareback. It's hidden behind the map of the site." I hope she understood his humor.

Some of the other jumpers had come to watch the unnecessary examination of four naked novices by two naked masters. They called the others in. All the men and some women were groping and pulling on six tits after I asked them to respect Lois' fears and warned that hers were not to be licked and could only be touched after using the hand sanitizer. Some were behind them and scrutinizing three stiff dicks and three beautiful, swelling pussies. I asked our ladies to spread wide and had to jostle others away to examine Amanda and Lois. Their labia would not be a dive problem - surprise?! Rob took a long, close look at Sue's thick, fleshy, wet labia and pulled on her lips. She groaned. When they opened for him, even I smelled her arousal.

One of the other men, Matt, closely checked out the displayed pussies, even dared to reach out and spread each with his uninvited, sterilized fingers, and agreed they were beautiful and tempting, but insisted his girlfriend's was just as nice. I was more than a little annoyed at his gauche intrusion. He called her over and, beaming with pride and lust, ordered her to show us her pussy. She glared at him and froze so he bruskly yanked her shorts and panty off and turned her around. He had her step out of her clothes and bent her over for us.

It was my turn to dig into his girl, so I bent and spread her cheeks. He kicked her feet apart and held her lower cheeks open for me. Her spotless asshole was bleached and her lovely labia waxed. As I spread them with my thumbs, they thickened and moistened almost immediately. Her scent was strong, musky and intoxicating. If not for safe sex concerns, I would have greedily licked and fucked that tempting twat.

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