Jr Wants to Be a Mother Fucker

by maryjane

Copyright© 2012 by maryjane

Incest Sex Story: Alternate Title was MOM WAS A COCK TEASE. You get the idea. JR succeeds. Thanks to one of my readers for the suggestion.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Incest   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   .

The alternate title that I thought about for this story was MOM WAS A COCK TEASE.


That's me, Linda McGuire. I'm the Mom that you're reading about. My husband's name is Kenneth McGuire. My son has the same name, but no one calls him that. He's known as JR, just the initials, which of course is short for Junior.

There was no moon out as I led Ken out of the family room and onto the patio. I led him by his still flaccid cock, barely sticking out from his robe. We had a lot of privacy on that patio, surrounded as it was by thickly grown high hedges. Ken took a quick glance over his shoulder to make sure that JR was not watching us from his bedroom window overlooking the patio. I don't know what he thought he could see in that darkened room. I on the other hand would have bet money that JR was in fact looking down on us, holding on to his own naked pecker, whacking away. That thought gave me a nice warm feeling. Shit, the kid is fifteen already; what do you expect?

They tell me that Linda in Spanish means something like pretty, I don't know precisely what. My mother must have had big balls to name me that, not knowing what I was going to grow up looking like. But I made an honest woman out of her, turning out to be – as my Daddy told me on my fifteenth birthday, when his birthday gift to me was his hard cock – a fine piece of ass. Adios, cherry. He fucked me damn near every night after that. Just about the only times we didn't was when I had my period. Silly Daddy; that's the time it's the most fun. Anyway, that's when he taught me to suck.

I enjoyed it so much that I became a pretty loose girl in school, being quite generous with my mouth and cunt. But I never finished high school. I dropped out and went to work as a waitress in a Sports Bar. I told the manager that I was eighteen but he claimed that he didn't believe me. After I swallowed a load of his cum, he didn't care anymore.

The uniforms were all black, with a loose blouse partly covering tight shorts. Lots of guys used to grab my ass as I took their orders or delivered their drinks. I didn't mind; it made for great tips. We all shared our tips, but since I brought in much more than the other girls, they never knew how much I shorted them. I fucked some of the customers, but I was getting more mature and choosier. Besides that, I was still living at home and used Daddy to get me off. Mom? She was always too drunk to notice – or care.

And then one day Kenny walked into the bar and wound up sitting at one of my tables. Drum roll, please! Though ten years my senior, he was strikingly handsome, wealthy (inherited) beyond imagination and as I learned a few hours later, hung like a stallion. His 'job' consisted of depositing rent checks and other stressful things like that.

Kenny was a fantastic lover, everything a girl could want. He had no hesitation in going down on me, before and after he filled me with his creamy sauce. My period never deterred him from anything. When I blew him, he readily accepted me snowballing his cum back into his mouth. He always made me cum first and was usually good for two cums himself, occasionally three.

After a month, I moved into his spacious home. This made my Daddy a little unhappy. He bitched, but I told him to fuck Mom whenever she might be sober. Kenny never complained about how much I spent on clothing. I became pregnant with JR pretty quickly and had to quit my waitressing, though we really didn't need the money anyway. We got married before the baby was born. I covered my pregnant belly with a virginal white gown.

Despite my earlier years, I was absolutely faithful to Kenny. OK, well, I'm not counting those once in a while times when Daddy's blue balls made me feel sorry for him. Kenny too was faithful – or was he?

That was the night this story began. We were naked and I was horny. Kenny was 'tired'. I'd never heard him say that before. My hand reached out and grasped his cock. It was soft. Oh shit!


Of course I was watching from my window. Whenever I heard the sliding door to the patio open with a squeak, that late in the evening, there was no doubt about what was about to happen. And I wanted to watch. As always, I immediately snapped off the light next to my bed and tiptoed to the window.

That particular evening, I'd been sitting up in bed, lamp light on, looking at the nudie magazine while I stroked my cock. When I finished, it would be my fourth cum of the day, slightly above average. There was never any problem getting those skin magazines. I'm not talking about the big name magazines that show pictures of naked women; I'm talking about the greasy ones that are full of actual fucking shots, cocks in every girl opening, cum shots on their faces, all that stuff. The storekeepers knew me and knew my family money. They wanted to stay on our good side.

Whenever my parents went outside in the evening, the motion detectors turned on the spotlights that shone into the hot tub. The first time it happened, now I'm talking about after I learned that cocks were for more than peeing, it blew my mind. I had already been in bed, fast asleep, so there were no lights in my room to warn my parents that I was awake. So when the outside lights shown in my window and awakened me, I had to look, having no idea what was going on outside.

OMG! I saw them just as they dropped their robes. Nothing underneath! Holy shit! Dad was facing toward the sliding door. All I saw was his cock. To my young eyes, it was a fucking monster. But I'd seen lots of cocks by then, in locker rooms at school, and they did nothing for me. My sex drive was for girls only, and even then I deliberately looked away from a naked cock because I didn't want to be thought of as one of 'them'. By the time of this story though, I was more open-minded. I didn't care what two guys did with each other, so long as I wasn't one of those guys.

But then my eyes moved to Mom. And so did my cock, rising toward the window. But I have to set the record straight.

I've always known that Mom was pretty, because it was easy to compare her with all the other women who visited the house, who walked around the mall or the school. She looked more like a woman on television. And I'd heard enough friends and strangers make murmuring noises when they saw her, accompanying those noises with words like, 'she's hot' or 'I'd love to do her' or 'bang her'. Without even knowing the meaning of those words, I could tell that they were complimentary about her looks.

But even as I understood her beauty, still, she was my 'Mom' and instinctively I knew that Moms are not supposed to be sexual objects, at least not for their sons. On the other hand, boys my age usually enjoy some visual stimulation when we jerk off. Sure, I can do it blindfold, or in the dark in bed, but I get over the top more quickly and enjoyably when my eyes assist me.

That's why we use those magazines. And that's also why I loved to watch Mom and Dad do what they do in the hot tub. She takes him in her mouth every time, she spreads her legs and opens her cunt for him, and oh Jeez, she bends over and lets him stick it up her ass. And after he's finished in her ass, she takes his cock in her mouth and cleans him off. Wow! When they take their time, I can get myself off twice. Thank you, eyes.

And let's not forget my nose. Whenever I'm home alone, I'll go into Mom's hamper and grab out a pair of panties waiting to be laundered. Oh man, do they smell sexy from her cunt aroma. Some of them are plain old sexless stuff, while others are the stuff you see in Victoria's, like silk lace or low cut bikinis. Every once in a while one of those bikini panties are even damp, after she's been to visit Grandpa, and that gets me really hot.

I sniff Mom's panties while I'm jerking off but I try to avoid getting my cum on them. I usually catch it in my hand and lick it dry. Tastes OK. I don't think that she knows what I do with her panties. I hope not. I mean, seeing what she does with Dad, she seems pretty cool with anything, but still, I'd be very, very embarrassed.


I reached behind Ken and yanked off his robe.

"Sit on the edge, Ken. I'm gonna give you the blow job of your life."

"I'm too tired, Linda. I'm not even hard." He groaned but he complied.

"Your cock is always hard, Ken. Now just relax and enjoy it."

He was still soft as I took his cock in hand and leaned forward. But as soon as I got within a couple of inches from his meat, I smelled cunt. It came as no surprise. I had suspected it the moment that he claimed to be too tired. He's never tired; he can fuck like a bunny. Actually I had had an inkling much earlier. He had too many late night meetings for a man whose main business activity was opening envelopes and taking out rent checks. Without evidence though, there was nothing I could say or do. But now I had it. Stupid Ken had neglected to wash the smell of cunt off his cock before he came home.

But I'd already decided not to make an issue of it immediately. I'd wait a little while to be sure that he couldn't get it up. Not that it would convince me that he wasn't fucking around. As to that, I had no doubt.

At the same time, I had no doubt that JR was watching us from his window above the hot tub. Why I wanted him to see this, I didn't know. I opened my mouth and took Kenny's cock between my lips. It was still soft, like melting ice cream but without the ice cream taste. The taste was that of cunt, a sensation with which I was quite familiar and one that I would have enjoyed under other circumstances.

But my knowledge of the taste of a woman went back many years, and the third person in those long ago threesomes had never been my own husband. Still I labored on, sucking away, never giving Ken a clue that I knew where his dick had been, in general anyway, not knowing the owner of the vagina in which he had cheated.

I replaced my mouth with my hand, lifting his cock and masturbating it while my mouth engulfed his hairy balls. I gummed the little guys but it did no good. In a last desperate attempt to get him hard, I slid, no, make that shoved, my middle finger up his ass. At the same time, I moved my head away from his cock so that JR could see what I was doing to his father. Nothing! I began to wonder how many times he had cum before he got home.

"Fuck it, Kenny. I give up. I hope that at least you can eat me."

With that, I stood up and pulled him off of the side step and replaced his ass with my own. I leaned back, pushing my tits up and out. Enjoy yourself, JR, I thought. At the same time, my legs opened up like a ten dollar whore.

"Get me off, Kenny. Make me cum."

Now my poor husband had another problem. He didn't have to be hard to go down on me and do a decent job. He'd done that often enough. But at that point, he was so fucked out by the woman who had left her scent on his cock that he didn't have the mental energy or ambition to take care of his faithful wife.

I'll say this for him though; he tried. He pushed his face between my legs and began to lick up and down my slit. He slurped audibly as he tried to suck down all the lubrication I poured out. But he wasn't smart enough to concentrate on my clit.

I raised my voice. "Damn you, Kenny, fuck me, make me cum."

He looked back at our son's window. "Ssh Linda, you'll wake up JR."

"I don't give a fuck who hears me. Make me cum."

He pulled back from my love canal and remained silently on his knees. He was mentally wiped out.

Still loud, "What's her name, Kenny?"

He gave me such an innocent look. "What's whose name, Linda?"

"Fuck you, Kenneth McGuire. What's the name of the cunt that you were fucking tonight before you got home?"

He was silent, which was tantamount to a confession.

"I'm going to bed. You'd better sleep at some hotel tonight." I grabbed my robe and went in through the sliding doors, water dripping off of me with each step.


The mind of a sex-crazed and sex-starved (I'll explain that in a minute) horny fifteen year old boy is a weird thing. Looking back, I know that I should have been concerned that my father had been cheating on my mother by fucking some other woman. I should have been distressed that she threw him out of the house, whether for the night or forever I couldn't guess. I should have been sad that for some period of time I would be without a father at home, to play ball with me, to take me to the ballpark, to sit and bullshit and have a beer (occasionally) with me. I should have been confused, because in my eyes Mom was the most beautiful woman alive.

But all I could think about was how hard my cock was while I watched Mom's naked body as she walked away from the hot tub, those sweet firm tits, that blonde thatch covering her cunt, the shaking ass that I sometimes had seen being invaded by my father's cock. And all I could do after she'd passed out of my vision was to keep imagining her nudity as I stroked and stroked and stroked until my cum shot out into my hand.

About that sex-starved line I used. Yes, I admit that I was a virgin, never having had my cock buried inside wet vagina or even mouth. But I did like girls, took them to the movies or church socials. I fooled around with them as much as they'd let me. A number of them let me squeeze their tits, feeling them up if you will, outside and inside the sweater or blouse. Two of them allowed me to get my hands under the bra – bare tit.

One of them, Amy, made me crazy. In the movies, in the dark, when I had my hand on bare skin, tweaking her nipples, she slid a hand under my waist band and grabbed my cock. While she stroked my meat, my head was bent down under her blouse, sucking her nipples in turn. She had me so hot that I forgot where we were.

My cock was getting closer and closer to shooting off and I was having so much fun sucking away. I knew that I should have been holding back, as a minimum to get a tissue in place or if I got lucky, to get her mouth in place. Sucking me off, that is. But I just let her play with my tool until all of a sudden I felt the cum explode out of my cock.

When the first spurt shot out, she tried to free her hand but it was trapped inside my shorts inside my jeans. The whole load emptied out of my balls onto her hand before she was able to get it out of my shorts.

"Lick it off your hand," I said, me the self-selected connoisseur of the taste on newly discharged semen.

"Yuck," she said, getting up and rushing off to the Ladies Room. When she returned, she was silent and sat on her seat leaning away from me. The walk home was wordless and when we got to her home, she ran up the stairs to the porch. I've called her twice a week for two months and she's never called me back. JR, I said to myself, you're an idiot.

But back to Mom. For quite some time, Mom had been the vehicle to appeal to my masturbatory urges. They were her freshly used panties that I sniffed. They were her bras that I fondled in her undies drawer. It was her naked body that I watched from the darkness of my bedroom, those lovely curves, that shiny wet pussy. It was her vibrator that I sometimes sucked on when I was feeling kinky.

Yet through all this, Mom was just a surrogate, a sexy representative of the female of the species. She could just as well have been a plastic mannequin in a storefront window, a picture of a bra model in an advertisement in the Sunday papers, a girl walking into my classroom after I was seated, an ugly old nun with just the barest hint of tit pressing against her prim blouse. And of course one of those big busted models in a girlie magazine, the ones under my bed with dried cum sticking the pages together.

And suddenly Mom became Mom, the actual person I visualized as my right hand performed it's soliloquy in the privacy of my bedroom or bath. When I pleasured myself over an open magazine, I was imagining that it was my mother, Linda McGuire, whose naked breasts or pussy was about to be lubricated by my creamy gift to womanhood. Whenever Mom walked into the kitchen all dressed up for a bridge game at the Club, my eyes felt as if they could see right through her clothing, gazing at her distended nipples and soaking loins. I no longer craved to fuck some unnamed cunt; I craved the touch, the wetness of my one and only mother.

No matter what she wore, my eyes undressed her. If she showed any cleavage, my lips wanted to suck on those beautiful mammaries. If she wore a bikini in the pool or the hot tub, my teeth wanted to pluck out her cunt hairs strand by strand. If her back was to me, my cock wanted to plow the asshole that she had so willingly given to my father. I became adept at looking through keyholes and the cracks of slightly open doors. If I heard her using her vibrator at night, my hand on my cock raced her to the quickest orgasm.

I took a deep breath, silently but angrily berating myself for having believed that my good fortune in watching my parents nakedly coupling by the hot tub would last forever. For that stupid dream, I had never bothered to take either snapshots or movies of their exciting writhing.

My cock twitched for attention. It was early, but I knew that once I got myself off, I'd be totally uninterested in sex for at least fifteen minutes and, depending what else I was doing, maybe for hours. So before giving my fuck meat the loving care that it needed, I decided that once more I'd pick up the phone and call Amy.

I couldn't believe it when she answered the phone with a cheery "Hi, JR".


I closed my eyes, dreamily remembering the good old days – and nights – those times when Kenny was next to me, on top of me, inside me, thrusting and spurting and telling me how much he loved me. What had I done wrong? Where had I failed him?

What does she have that I don't? Looks? Excuse me, but I kind of doubt that. Brains? I don't think so. Money? He has all he'll ever need. Sex? Fuck no!! I used to take him in every opening he could find, and did so willingly. I did everything in bed that he ever dreamed of, and I did it in other locations also. I did threesomes and foursomes to make him happy. I put on shows with other women only because he asked me to do so. I did for him damn near every category on this SOL website.

And all the while I was faithful to him. Sure, I admitted before that I sometimes took care of my Daddy, but that was more like a duty fuck for a needy parent. And besides, I always made sure to get rid of any of Daddy's fluids – cum and piss – before Kenny came home, so he never knew.

That no good fucking bastard. Now all I have is my Silver Bullet vibrator to get me off. And that vibrator has no tongue or lips to suck my clit.

Kenny and I belong to a very upscale country club, though I've made it clear to him that I don't want to see him around there, either alone or with a date. But I still go there, to play bridge or to have lunch or dinner with some of my friends. Once in a while, JR goes with me for dinner.

My female sensors tell me, without a doubt, that there are any number of men at the club, some of them even married, who would be glad to wine me, dine me and get me supine – defined in one dictionary as lying on the back and with the face upward. And I'm sure that many of them, if not all, would be delighted to go down on me in return for the usual female favors.

But, Daddy aside, that's just not me. If I felt that I needed a man for my sexual release, it certainly wouldn't be at the Club. I don't need the reputation, having every man wondering if he can join the parade and having every woman friend of mind checking me out of the corner of her eye to make sure that I'm not tampering with her husband. Truth to tell, my reputation would be cleaner if I just did some reciprocal carpet munching with one of the women.

Of course, for orgasms on demand, I didn't need the Club. My lawyer, my accountant, my insurance agent, three different doctors, the pool man, the fifteen year old kid who mows the lawn, and sundry others were always available to satisfy my mechanical needs without causing any gossip. And none of them needed the inducement of me walking around the house in a bikini bathing suit.

My lawyer and my OB-GYN had already made their offers, but I guess that that's normal for people in those professions. Ditto for the pool man. The kid who mows the lawn would no doubt love to do the honors, but he's been too shy to make a move on me.

Then I thought about Daddy. Surely he would always be there for me when I needed him, just as I'm there for him. In fact, instead of me submitting to a duty fuck for him, he might be considered to be doing it for me. What the hell, incest was no big deal for me. We've done plenty of father-daughter, and I've done enough brother and sister with Kenny and his siblings. All I've missed out on was mother-son with JR. Why was that, I wondered. Why not, I wondered. Yes, why not?

It was time for me to polish up my seduction techniques.


That ubiquitous invention, caller ID, which had kept Amy from answering my calls for so long, had suddenly become my friend. I hadn't thought the call through but I had enough sense to begin with an apology.

"Amy, I'm sorry about what happened the last time I saw you."

She laughed gently. "Well, it was kind of a surprise and I guess I should have expected it. But it's been a couple of months. Apology accepted."

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