The Invitation

by Paris Waterman

Copyright© 2012 by Paris Waterman

Erotica Sex Story: Couple on vacation receive an invitation to join another couple. On the way over they see their hosts enacting what they thought might happen, only they haven't waited for their company to arrive, or have they?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   True Story   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   .

Phil and Nance returned to their suite at the Reefer's Hotel & Resort in Jamaica after spending the afternoon at the beach. While Nancy showered, Phil made them a couple of fruit and rum flavored drinks. He was looking for the can of mixed nuts they'd bought the day before in town when he spied the note.

Dearest Nancy & Phil:

We have yet to meet, but we have admired the two of you since

You arrived here at the Reefer's. Rest assured we are trustworthy

And want to get acquainted. Why not come over to our Villa, it's

#276, say about 7 tonight? We promise you fun and enjoyment.

Dick and Jane

He showed the note to Nancy as she came out of the shower, wiping her hair as rivulets of water still clung to her nipples.

"Wow!" she said after reading it. You thinking what I'm thinking, Phil?"

"Sounds like an invitation to swap partners, you ask me."

"It could also be totally innocent. I mean, they might be an eighty year old couple," Nancy laughed.

"I doubt it," Phil replied.

"You don't want to go?" Nancy said quietly.

"It's not that," he replied. "We don't know who they are, and we don't know just what they expect of us."

Nancy giggled, "If they've seen you in that g-string you wore to the pool yesterday, then I know they don't want to spend the evening talking."

"Hey, I thought I came off pretty good in my hekini," Phil laughed.

"Oh, you did, baby. I couldn't keep my eyes off it, I mean you."

"Yeah, except to keep an eye on every female at the pool to let them know they'd better not come onto your territory."

Nancy waited until Phil finished taking his shower before broaching the note again.

"I think we should go. If it's not to our liking, we can stay a decent interval and then leave. We can make up a code word so we'll know what the other is thinking."

Phil nodded acceptance. "What word shall we use?" he said.

"How about 'baseball?'" Nancy asked. "You like the game. Mention baseball if you think we should make an excuse then leave."

"Okay, I'll use the code word, you think up some excuse, you're good at that sort of thing."

"I'm good at some other things too, sweetie-pie," Nancy chirped as she gave his dangling dick a friendly squeeze.

"I'm up for fun and games, Nance," Phil laughed, "are you?"

"I think we should hold off for now. I mean, what if Dick and Jane are super hot?'

With some reluctance, Phil agreed with his partner and they took a short nap before dressing and wandering over to the mystery villa.

Nancy wore a lightweight cotton shift, shunning a bra and opting for the skimpiest thong she owned. Phil donned a pair of drawstring pants and a sleeveless black T that clung to his well sculpted torso.

The young couple was impressed with Villa #276. It was almost three times the size of their own, with white stucco walls rising up to a red tiled roof, that spoke of airy and restrained elegance. A lush hedge of iridescent bougainvillea separated the beach from the back yard, and as they walked toward their destination. The hedge was quite thick, but occasionally there were slight breaks that allowed a view into the yard. Upon hearing some muffled laughter emanating from beyond the foliage, they stopped and peeked through one of the gaps. What they saw were not a couple of decrepit octogenarians rolling around in wheel chairs.

Between the villa and Nancy and Phil was a big swimming pool, and between the pool and the hedge was some overstuffed sectional-style furniture covered with white vinyl. But that was not what caught their attention. It was the man and woman using the furniture as a stage for the performance they were unknowingly giving the spying couple.

This had to be Jane, and she was totally nude. She was stretched out face down on the top edge of the couch. Her rear was directly over the back end; her right foot was tucked in under her, hooked onto the arm of the couch. Her left leg extended down to the grass next to the couch. Her hands reached out in front of her head, displaying her well-tanned and muscular back and flanks.

Phil's penis grew erect on seeing one breast swelling out along the back of the couch, pushed outward by the sort of straddling position that her breasts made on the couch. Her jet-black hair was long and glossy, and hung down toward the ground completely obscuring her face. Overall, she was obviously tall, trim, strong, and totally exposed. Her stance left her ass cheeks spread and her cunt was open to the couple's view.

"Phil," Nancy whispered. "Do you believe this?"

In response, Phil pulled his girlfriend tight against him, being careful not to make any noise.

"What are you doing?" Nancy squeaked, doing her best to remain quiet too.

"She's naked," he whispered.

"I can see that," Nancy laughed quietly then reached behind her to cup his testicles. "Oh my, you are hard, aren't you?"

"Don't make me cum, Nance," he said and she knew he meant it and stopped playing with him, but kept him in her hand, liking the comfort it provided.

They both checked out Jane's nude body.

"Look, see how wet she is!" Nancy said in a voice suddenly husky with lust.

Phil didn't answer at first, bur sent his hand under Nancy's dress in search of her pussy.

"Phil!" she gasped, you better not!"

Before he could answer her, a naked man strolled into view and knelt down next to Jane but closer to the pool, putting Jane between himself and the spying couple behind the hedge.

"What's he doing?" Nancy whispered.

"I'm not sure ... it looks ... yeah, he's hooking up a garden hose."

"Whatever for?" Nancy said aloud.

Phil made no reply, preferring to wait and see.

It didn't take long before it made sense. Dick, if that's who it was, had connected the hose to a spigot that was part of the nearby Jacuzzi.

"Jesus, Nance, wait until you see what..."

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