Prowling 3

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2012 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: The next adventure for Vanessa in the 'prowling' series.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   MaleDom   Gang Bang   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

The text message was a surprise and it was succinct. She rarely used that feature of her phone and was taken aback, when it chimed to indicate that she had a text message.

She went to that part of the phone's applications and read, with a certain shortness of breath that the message caused:

"Tonight! Master Dave".

"Ohhh," she allowed herself to just settle back and think about it for a few moments.

Vanessa's life with Dave, since meeting him, giving in to him, and especially since living with him, had been a wonder and an excitement. In moments of relaxation that she allowed herself, her mind often enough swung back to the initial 'prowling' evening that she'd had, when she happened upon 'Dave's Den' and met her own Master David there. The difficulties of that night, the thrills of that night, and all the times from then on, when she was with her Dave invaded her senses again.

She shook her head to clear it, knowing that he'd probably let her know what he had in mind for her, for them this night. But she was tingling at the possibility, the closeness of it, the sureness of it. He was going to take her out that night.

Her slut persona, Nessa, was all smiles and anticipation:

"Got to get cleaned up before we go on home. Got to be ready for him for my Massa Dave!" she found herself drawling, lapsing into the patois that was part and parcel of Nessa with her.

"Earth to Vanessa," Gail's voice interrupted her reverie. (She was only happy that she hadn't followed her initial instinct to begin playing with herself, when she'd gotten the text.)

"Sorry," Vanessa answered. "Gathering wool."

"Well, it's been a hard day and ending our month and all; if anyone deserves to be gathering wool; it's you," Gail said.

"Thanks, boss!" Vanessa said with a short laugh.

"Don't you get sassy with me, missy," Gail said with mock anger, "You'll get spanked!"

The small joke was a simple and usual part of their patter with one another but it hit Vanessa like a bomb. She got a jolt from the very idea and only with concentration was able to not show that the thought turned her on.

Then the next text came, as Gail got the material she'd come to Vanessa for and left her office.

"Texting on the job, Boss?" Gail asked gaily.

"It's from David," Vanessa said. "Plans for tonight, I think." (She didn't want to indicate further anything about the message.)

"Good for you," Gail said, going to her own office.

She went to the phone then to read the text:

"They need a back room waitress at 'Dave's Den' tonight. I told them that you'd come and help them out."

It sent a jolt through her system. Inwardly, Nessa was happy and singing and dancing a bit about the possibility. For her part, Vanessa simply smiled and allowed herself to give in to the thoughts and images that invaded her mind and psyche at the thought of waitressing at 'Dave's Den' that night, especially her in the back room among the red necks, and, sometimes, college students.

Vanessa's fantasies about such scenes were always lurking just below the surface. At most times, especially when at work, she struggled against them and refused to give in to them but there were times that she was simply ready ... like the time when she returned to Master Dave's house to apologize for mouthing off to him, and simply take what punishment--delicious punishment at that--that he had for her.

The fantasies were resurgent now, and she only barely stopped her hand's descent toward the hem of her skirt. She needed to keep this under control for now. She had, she realized, another hour and a half of work, before she could clean up and go home to him, and their evening out.

At the end of the month, her normal Friday schedule was to work until almost 6 PM or so and then clean up and go home. It was the busiest time for them and she needed to make sure that everything for the end of the month closing was in place.

Vanessa sighed and pushed Nessa back into the depth of her mind. She looked down at the phone and had one last thought, before going back to work. She sent a text back to Dave:

"Thank you, Massa Dave! Dis gal am goan' to be the best help possible! You tell me what to wear!" Your Nessa.

His reply came back: "Yes, I will, beautiful Vanessa!"

She had a thought and sent him one more note:

"Shall I clean up here before I come home?"

His answer came back quickly: "No, don't do that; I think that I'll clean you up myself tonight."

Her answer was a brief but heartfelt: "Oh, yes, Massa Dave! My man! My Magus! My Master!"

She smiled broadly as she sent the message to him, allowing one last image of her serving those red necks or students in that bar tonight. But she knew, as she savored the image, that he'd be there and that was a kind of protection that she really valued.

"Time!" Gail's voice rang out, as she looked into Vanessa's office.

"Thanks, sweetie!" Vanessa said.

"Home or clean up?" Gail asked.

"It's gonna be home tonight!" Vanessa replied and Gail said 'good night' for the weekend.

Dave was waiting for her, when she got home. She pulled her car into their large garage and he was standing in the doorway to the kitchen. He was smiling and had a glass of white wine for her.

"Oh, aren't you the best ever!" she said.

"How's my beautiful Vanessa?" he asked.

"Excited," she said, as she sipped the wine.

"Well, let's get our girl cleaned up," he said.

He walked ahead of her into the family room that was down a few steps on a different level from the kitchen, dining room and living room.

She followed him and simply waited for him to tell her what he wanted.

This is what Vanessa liked. She'd pursued her life long passion, almost obsession for serving, especially serving white men, or 'white cocks' as she sometimes admitted to herself, and often enough the results were dangerous, with Vanessa having 'escaped' from bad situations that she'd wandered into with her frequent search for dominance. It was only since meeting Dave, her 'Massa Dave' that she realized that she could pursue the same exciting passions but within the safety of his oversight. It made a huge difference for her. It was, as he'd said to her, 'the way they played'.

That took different kinds of faces at different times. She was the almost naked poker host frequently, with winners also winning favors from her; she was the entertainment at his friends' houses at times but all of it served her outrageously wanton persona 'Nessa'. She liked it and the way that he took care of her in all those situations, and tonight felt like a play night.

She stood with the wine glass in her hand and waited for whatever he wanted.

"Shower?" she said in a soft voice.

"Of course," he said, "Clothes over there." (He pointed to a chair as he he said it.)

Vanessa complied immediately, taking her clothes off slowly and putting them on the chair he'd indicated. She got down to a pair of pink panties and looked at him with a question on her face.

"All of it!" he said softly, and she smiled and took the panties off, naked now for him.

"Hug, please? Massa Dave? Hug from this dirty girl?" she said, her arms out, as he came to her.

"Of course," he said, enfolding her in his arms for the hug.

"Now come to the patio!" he said next.

On the patio they had an outside shower that had both hot and cold water. It could be used to rinse off after the pool. It was where he periodically had her take her after work showers.

She stood there waiting for him, as he adjusted the shower for heat. Then he motioned for her to walk out onto the back lawn a little.

She did as she was told, watching him pick up the hose now.

"First this!" he said, beginning to spray her with cold water from the hose.

She was jumping around and flailing her arms and squealing with the cold water and giggling at the same time.

"Eeeeeeeeeee!" she yelled as he continued to spray her, making her turn around so that he could get all sides of her.

Then he turned off the hose and motioned for her to come under the lovely hot water shower. He was ready for her, as she got to him, and had his own clothes off to shower with her.

They embraced under the warm water.

"You are so much fun!" she said licking his lips. "May we start our night with something special? Something special for Massa Dave?"

"And what might that be?" he asked. "What would a high powered and successful black woman like you consider special?"

"Goan show you!" she drawled, "Show ma Massa Dave! Show what dis gal's mouf is fo!"

He laughed at the way she spoke to him, as she slid to her knees and kissed the tip of his erection.

"Kin I have him?" she drawled next.

"You going to be a good girl tonight? Do as your told?" he asked.

"Yes, Massa!" she said fervently, kissing his erection again, "Dis gal is goan be da best tonight! You goan see!"

"Then, yes, you may," he said, and with a look of joy on her face, Vanessa, now wallowing in and enjoying being 'Nessa' knelt and began to give Dave, her 'Massa Dave' a blow job. It was the beginning of the evening.

He selected her clothes specially for her work stint that night at 'Dave's Den'. She wore radical heels, 4 inches, and a very brief pleated white mini. He had her arrange the waist band of the mini so that it was pulled up high at her waist. It left the hem of the skirt only about 4 or 5 inches from her butt cheeks.

She giggled, when she saw the effect and twirled around, showing him, in the process, her soft, nylon beige, bikini panties. The panties were thin enough to show both her ass cheeks, the cleft of her ass and her pussy hair in front.

"You like?" she asked.

"Nessa'll be a hit tonight!" he said.

"Yes, yes, we'll play," she said putting her arms around his neck. "And Nessa will be a hit!"

She kissed him and said: "I love the way you take care of me, the way that you let me trot my badness out and around and the way that you protect me in the process!"

He stroked her face: "You are so exciting, Vanessa my love," he said and kissed her again.

Then it was a soft beige, nylon fabric bra. It held in her breasts but let the nipples declare lives of their own, as they stood at attention.

The over blouse was silky and buttoned down the front. It was severe but effective with the rest of what she was wearing. It showed her cleavage and a bit of beige bra, when she bent over.

"Lovely!" he declared and they were ready to go.

She was greeted warmly by the bar tender. Whit, of 'Dave's Den'.

"Vanessa," he said, hugging her, "I appreciate you being able to help me out by waiting in the back room tonight."

"Hey, look at the beauty!" a voice came from the doorway and she turned to see that Ford was standing there. She stiffened a bit.

But Dave intervened: "Vanessa, say 'hi' to Ford! He's changed his ways! At least that's what he tells me."

She smiled; she knew that if it was Master Dave's request, then she'd do it. She simply swallowed anything that had happened before between her and Ford and gave him a hug and a kiss on his cheek.

"Lookin' good, girl!" he said, as she moved away from him, his hand remaining for a few seconds on her ass cheek.

She gave a sound like 'eeep' as the hand slid down and was taken away. She looked at her Dave, who was smiling at her. She knew he was pleased.

Then a few more of the guys, that had participated in her initial, wild 'prowling' night appeared. Each one also got a hug and kiss from her, though none of them were as forward with her as Ford had been.

The sat in the back room and she served them, bringing them a pitcher of beer and some snacks from the bar. As she was setting the pitcher down on the table, she felt Dave's hand run up under her skirt and pat her panty covered ass. Then there was another hand, she knew it was Ford's and he patted her ass also.

She giggled and walked away.

Things were getting busy in the bar and just then a party of college guys came into the back room. And sat at a round table across from Dave, Ford and his friends.

There were five of them. One was being fairly loud. It seemed that his name was 'Lane', what the others called him. One of the other guys at the table told him to keep it down but he ignored the request. He was the biggest guy at the table by far.

"Did you see the tits and ass on the black bitch?" Lane asked.

The others were kind of embarrassed but Lane didn't seem to care.

"Hey, honey," he said, as Vanessa stood by the table to take their order.

They ordered a pitcher of beer. She told them that she'd have to see their id.

"Now, honey," Lane said, "Don't be that way!"

"It's the policy," she said, "Cards or no drinks."

"Bitch!" Lane said through his teeth. Then he seemed to brighten and got out his id. The ids of the kids at the table were fine. As they ordered then, Lane put his arm around Vanessa's waist. She smiled at him and moved his hand to the table.

He laughed.

She cast a covert glance quickly at Master Dave, who was watching, and he nodded his head, giving a silent 'yes'.

Vanessa was now excited. She knew that Master Dave was watching and liked to see her acting out. She didn't move next time, when she brought the pitcher of beer to the table, despite the fact that Lane had his hand on first her hip and then her ass itself.

She smiled at him and said softly and pleasantly: "Please don't handle the merchandise."

"But that's what the merchandise is for. Blackie!" he replied.

She sucked in a quick breath but out of the corner of her eye saw Master Dave shaking his head 'no', for 'no fuss'.

"Hey, man," one of the other guys at the table said to Lane.

"Stuff it, man," Lane growled at him. "She loves it; don't you, Blackie?"

Vanessa only smiled at him, seething inside at the way the kid was acting but also aware that it was turning her on. It moved her momentarily back to the bad old days, when she'd be at the mercy of such guys, who'd do what they wanted with her. The ever present vision of her running for her life through the woods totally naked one time streaked across her mind, as she moved to walk away, feeling Lane's hand lingering on her ass.

"Hey, honey," Lane said, "To show that there's no hard feelings here, raise you'r skirt and I'll put this tip in your panties."

Again, Master Dave was nodding 'yes' at his table.

Vanessa smiled at the group of kids, especially at Lane. She turned her back and raised her skirt, showing her ass and her beige panties.

Lane slapped her ass and laughed, as he put the five dollar bill back into his shirt pocket.

"Stupid bitch!" he said laughing to the others, who were still embarrassed.

She simply walked away and swished her hips at them, giving them a show in the process.

They settled down for just a bit and only a bit later did they order another pitcher. The scene was much the same, with Lane's hand on Vanessa's ass. But she knew that something was coming. She knew it from the look on his face.

"Tell you what, honey," he said, "I really will give you the tip this time but you have to fetch it."

As he spoke, he moved his chair back and unzipped his jeans. He put the folded five dollar bill in the zipper at the base of the zipper, immediately above the swell of his cock and balls.

"Now, Blackie," he said, "If you fetch that with your teeth, you get to keep it."

Vanessa didn't know if Master Dave would intervene then or not. He nodded 'yes' again and she bent over, knowing that she was showing her panty covered ass, in the process, to those at Master Dave's table.

Just as she was about to get the five dollar bill in her teeth, Lane clamped a hand on the back of her head and pushed her face into his crotch. He laughed.

"That's where Blackie's face belongs!" he said to his friends.

Vanessa acted on her own then. She found his cock with her mouth, as he cooed to her to do 'her job' and she bit his cock.

Lane shrieked and slapped Vanessa, sending her to the floor and was up and towering over her in a second.

But just as he moved, Ford had moved also. Ford was much bigger than Lane and grabbed him by the scruff of the neck.

"Hey, man, you're hurting me!" Lane said.

"No, no, friend," Ford said, twisting the kid around. "That doesn't hurt, this does!"

He kneed Lane in the balls and sent him to the floor in a heap.

Ford pointed at two of the other kids at the table and said: "You two, take his clothes off; strip him naked now, or it's your turn in the barrel."

They acted out of fear of the big man, who was so angry, and shortly, with Lane still having trouble from the knee in the balls, had Lane stripped naked.

Two of the others, who'd been at the table with Master Dave and Ford now held Lane's arms behind his back.

"Don't know what you intended to do with that little dick, boy!" Ford said pleasantly.

Lane was pale now.

"Let me go!" he said.

Ford tapped his chin and said: "One more word, one fucking word and it will be beating time! Don't doubt my word, boy."

He walked out of the back room to the bar and came back in a few minutes.

"You know, smart ass," Ford said, "We get kids in here like you a time or two. The waitress, our friend, is good humored but no one treats her this way. So, we have a proven local remedy.

Ford had in his hand a kind of hand applier. With Lane looking on wide eyed, Ford took off the lid and began to coat Lane's cock and balls with the 'Deep Heat' rub.

Lane cried out immediately.

But Ford wasn't done. Next it was down Lane's ass crack and then in his arms pits.

By then tears were running down Lane's face.

Ford grabbed Lane's cheeks in his hand and squeezed his cheeks saying:

"Okay, college boy, here's the thing. We're going to throw your ass out of here. You're home boys can pick you up later but we're going to insist that they spend another hour or so with us. If we catch your ass anywhere near this place, the next time we'll cut your pecker off and make you eat it! Do you understand?"

Lane shook his head 'yes'.

"Now, say your sorry to Vanessa for what you did!" Ford said.

Lane apologized, as he'd been told and the other two guys took him out.

When he was gone, Ford turned to the others:

"Guys, we don't want that kind of fussing at our place here. Hear"

They nodded, and Ford said: "Okay, next round is on me!"

Before he sat down, Vanessa grabbed him and hugged him, saying: "Thank you, honey!"

He smiled and said: "You're welcome!"

The college kids then took it upon themselves to apologize to Dave, Ford and to Vanessa for what Lane had done.

Dave said that there were no hard feelings and invited them to join him and his group at his table.

"Your friend is fine," Dave said to them. "They let him clean up, once they got him outside. He'll be okay. We just don't like strangers coming in here and hassling our women that way."

"Your women?" one of the kids asked innocently.

Dave smiled. "Yes, exactly."

Just then Vanessa was going to the window between the back room and the bar to order another pitcher of beer for them.

"Shake that ass, woman!" Dave said to her.

All eyes were on her and she looked over her shoulder, grinned broadly at what he said and, holding the pitcher in one hand, hitched up her skirt with the other so that all could see her panty covered ass, as she swung her hips back and forth in a seductive manner.

"Wow!" one of the kids said.

"Exactly," Dave replied.

She came back then with the beer, putting it on the table. She was standing between two of the college kids.

"Oh, don't get me wrong," Dave said, "Our Vanessa likes to be handled; don't you, love?"

"Yes, sir!" Vanessa said, realizing where he was probably going with this and getting excited about the possibilities.

"Sir?" one of the other kids asked.

"Yeah," another chimed in with, "What's that all about?"

Dave smiled and said: "Vanessa's mine!"

They gaped at him.

"Honey," Dave said, "Don't you want to give Ford here a very special thank you?"

"Yes, sir," she said, "I really do."

All eyes were on her then but before she could do anything, Dave held up his hand and went on: "Why don't you show our young friends here what a true treat you really are?"

"Yes, sir," she said.

"Nessa," Dave said then.

She nodded and said: "Blouse and skirt?"

"Both," he said, his table companions were all grinning, especially Ford; the kids were just beginning to get a notion of what was going on. They were simply wide eyed, and watched as the gorgeous, coffee colored waitress, much to their surprise, began to unbutton her blouse, with its pleasing plunging neckline and take it off.

She smiled at them all, as she took her blouse off but she sent an air kiss to Master David.

She put the blouse carefully on a chair, showing them her large, sloping breasts, their nipples hard and pressing against the fabric of her lacy bra.

"Skirt now, like a good girl!" Dave said then.

"Skirt, yes, Master Dave!" she replied.

"Can't fuckin' believe it," one kid said and Dave chided him:

"Hey, there are ladies present! Language!"

He apologized and stared with the others at Vanessa, who was in the process of gently stepping out of her skirt.

She was a dazzling sight now in her panties and bra. She put the skirt on the chair with the others.

"Honey," Dave said, "Go to the window and tell Whit that we're closed back here for a while."

"Yes, sir!" she said and she swung her hips in a wildly gyrating fashion, as she walked across the room to the window between the bar and the back room.

"Whit," she said softly, "Dave says that we're closed here for a while."

"Yes, love," he answered, "Made the last call here and it's clearing out."

She smiled into the window then and blew the bartender a kiss, and came back to where all eyes were on her.

Now it was only Dave and Ford with the four college kids left in the back room.

Dave went the to jukebox then and put on some music.

"Dance with the boys," Dave said.

"Yes, Massa," Nessa said, sinking into the scene and becoming her alternate, adoring self.

She wiggled her hands to the four college kids, who didn't hesitate to get up and begin to dance with the siren in front of them.

They never took their eyes off of her for a second, watching her tits bounce from the movement to the music, and the nipples press hard against the lacy fabric.

They got even wider eyed, when she swept a hand behind her and unhooked the bra neatly, letting it slide down her arms and off, and giving it to Dave, who was waiting for it.

She danced closer to them now and had one of them on each side of her and one in front and one in back. The one in front reached out for a nipple and one of the ones on the side captured the other nipple. The other two were busy playing with her ass cheeks and her pussy through the fabric of her panties.

"Nessa, panties!" Dave said.

"Yes, Massa Dave," she drawled.

"Massa Dave?" one of the kids dancing with her repeated in wonder, as she swept her panties down and off.

The song ended and Nessa saw Dave nod his head. She went to her knees and said:

"Now dis gal gits her reeeward! Now she do!"

The kids were mesmerized but she knew what she wanted and, one after another, she freed their erections from their shorts and began to suck on them, one at a time. While she worked on the first cock in her mouth, she also jerked and played with two more.

Nor did the scene last very long. They were excited; they'd been totally overwhelmed by what was happening, and they came easily.

"Can we fuck her?" one asked Dave.

He shook his head: "No, that's for me tonight; it's blow jobs for you guys. Give her a hug and off you go."

They didn't even consider not doing what Dave told them. Nessa was still kneeling and wiping cum off of her china and feeding it into her mouth. She got up then and gave each a hug, cooing to them: "My boys, my guys, my lovers!"

Just before they got out the door, Dave said to them: "We've taken care of your friend, cleaned him off and got him home. Tell him not to come around here any more if he's not going to be polite. And you four remember that this can be a very dangerous place to come drinking, and not mind your manners. You were lucky tonight. It won't be that way all the time."

They nodded, as they left.

There was still music playing but Dave wasn't quite finished. He turned to Nessa and said: "Ford; thank him!"

She got down on her hands and knees, with a feral look on her face, and crawled across the dance floor to where Ford was waiting for her and grinning.

"Got sompun fo me, Ford? Got sompun?"

He laughed and said softly: "Cock sucker!"

"Yeah," she drawled, "I be dat jes now fo dis Ford; my Massa Dave he said it and I goan do dis thank you stuff, and you see, you jes see, I goan be dis cock sucker now fo dis Ford."

She'd arrived at where he was sitting then. He'd turned in his chair so that he was facing her and she retrieved his erection from his pants.

Ford grabbed her by the head and said: "Black cock sucker! One of these days Dave is going to say 'okay' and we're going to give you a hot time, girl!"

She looked up at him and then over at Dave, who winked at her; she blew him an air kiss and said softly, humming as though it were a song: "Hot time! Hot time! Hot time gal, dat's me! Hot time! Hot time! Hot time Nessa dat's me!"

She was licking at the head of his cock, while she sang this song, and crooned a while. She plunged her head down onto the cock and he grabbed her by the back of her hair and, holding onto the side of her head, moved her head up and then down, taking away all control from her and, in fact, fucked her mouth.

She leaned back on her heels, when he was done. There were tears on her cheeks and she just whispered: "Hot time!"

Ford nodded; shook hands with Dave and left. Then Dave went to her and gathered her up, fitting her into his lap with her head on his shoulder.

"Sure do take care of dis gal o yours, Massa Dave!" she said, kissing his cheek, "Sure do!"

"Home, beautiful Vanessa," he said, "Clean up."

"Den my Massa Dave gib me nice things?" she asked.

"Nice things!" he affirmed, as they left.

She went to take a shower, as soon as they were home, after he told her that he'd wait for her in the library.

She came there soon afterwards. He turned, as the door opened and she entered. She wore only a pair of bedroom mule like sandals that were heels.

"Here's the goddess!" he said, smiling.

She went across the room to him and took the glass of wine that he held out to her and took a drink. She had a mournful look on her face, as she put the wine glass on the glass desk top and went to put her arms around him.

"Oh, David, David," she said in a complaining, mournful kind of voice. "Why do you put up with me?"

He stroked her face and spoke to her in a soft voice: "My Vanessa, my beauty! It was only Nessa's play time that's all. That's all."

"You're so good to me, and I go out and eventually get every cock in the room in my slutty mouth, and still you're warm and loving and taking care of me," she said in a bit of wonder.

"Of course, I do!" he said, "My Vanessa, my beautiful Vanessa.

She shook her head and said: "Bad, just bad! I always go back to the bad!"

"What happens to bad girls, Vanessa?" he asked.

She knew the question and it put a different kind of look on her face: "They get wupped!" she said, her patois surging to the fore.

"Yes," he said. "So, Nessa, were you a bad girl tonight?"

"Dis Nessa had dat feast, where she worked," she drawled, "She jes got to suck on all dose white cocks! Missed one, bad girl, missed dat Lane's cock. Missed dat one fo sure!"

He laughed and said: "We can deal with bad girls here!"

"Goan hope you do dat, Massa Dave," she said, letting her drawl get even thicker. "Goan hope dat sure!"

He spun her around then, pushing her into the wall paneling.

"Kiss the wall, Nessa," he said, "Use that slut's mouth on the wall!"

"Yes, Massa, slut's mouf! Dat's what dis damn, stupid black gal gots! Slut's mouf!"

He slapped her ass then. She cried out and said a quick:

"Yes, Massa, you slap dis nigger gal's big fat booty; you slap it good; make dis damn gal see some sense and know who's lookin' out fo her!"

"Like this?" he asked, and slapped her ass even harder, getting a louder moan from her.

"Yes, Massa, yes suh!" she said, half a sob, as he continued to land slap after slap on her rounded, coffee colored ass cheeks. She wiggled her ass for him and he slapped her harder and harder.

Then he pulled her from the wall and reached around to her breasts, as he held her tightly against himself. He grabbed her nipples and began to pinch them and twist them.

She squealed!

"He usin' dis gal now! He jes usin'!" she sang out. "You do dat, Massa Dave and dis gal goan take care o' ever need! Jes goan do dat!"

He pulled on her waist then and had her bending forward. His hand was moving down the slope of her ass next, running along her ass crack and finally found her pubic hair and pussy lips.

She cried out again.

"Goan fuck dis gal now!" she wailed. "Dis Massa Dave goan fuck his Nessa now! She goan like it and love it and clean him up afta! Dat what she goan do!"

She was wet and ready and he plunged into her, pulling her hips toward him, moving in a rough and steady movement for a few minutes, accompanied by Nessa's loud talk and exclamations.

He stopped then and slapped her ass again: "Spread your ass cheeks, girl!" he demanded.

"Yes, Massa," she said fervently, "You fuck dis gal's big black ass now! Dat's what it's fo! You jes fuck it now!"

He pushed his way into her with her being louder and louder now: "Dis my Massa Dave, what's fuckin' my nigger ass!" she yelled, now totally lost in what they were doing.

He reached around and dug his fingers into her pussy, as he fucked her ass and brought her, screeching and wailing just before he came himself.

They remained in position for many minutes, with Vanessa straightening up and leaning back against him.

When his softened penis popped out of her, she moved quickly and was kneeling in front of him, taking it into her mouth, her eyes glued on him, as she cleaned him off.

"Come on, honey," he said, after a bit, raising her from her kneeling position. "I'm going to run a tub for you. Bath time."

She sighed: "Bath time! Yes! David, David," she said, a sob in her voice, "You take such good, good care of me! You do! You do!"

They lay together in the dark, after they'd had a bath together. Dave ran his hand down her side, from under her shoulder to past her hip and to the swell of her butt cheeks. She'd put on a beige, nylon floor length night gown.

"You feel so nice and silky!" he said.

She leaned forward and kissed him softly.

"Oh, David," she said, "You are my light and my sky! You are so wonderful to me! And I insist on doing such disgusting things!"

"Play!" he said softly, "Just play!"

"Yes," she agreed, "Just play."

They were silent for a few moments, while he caressed her face.

"The day will come, when we just stop that!" he said. "It'll come."

"Oh, yes," she said.

Then she shook her head: "I know that I'm wicked!"

He laughed and said: "Tell me!"

"Just not yet!" she said and laid her head against his shoulder.

He chuckled and said: "Of course, just not yet!"

"There's something that I want to mention to you," he said next.


"My nephew is coming for a short visit," he said.

"Alan?" she asked, pleased to hear it.

"Yes," he said, "His Mom's worried about him; she's my only sister and I need to help out."

"What?" Vanessa asked.

"She's afraid that Alan's gay; he doesn't go out with girls; is kind of introverted. Very nice, a bit nerdy."

She giggled then and said: "And he needs a woman's hand!"

"I guess!" he agreed, and they both laughed.

"When?" she asked.

"In about ten days," he said, "He'll have some time off before going off to school and will spend a few of those days, maybe three here."

Then a silence fell, and he said softly: "You don't mind?"

She leaned her face forward and licked his lips: "Don't mind anything that my Massa Dave tells me to do!" she said.

The thing that was in Vanessa's mind for the next week or so was how much she wouldn't mind doing it, and how easy it would be to carry out this project.

As it turned out, it wasn't hard at all. Alan was thin but quite good looking. Nor could she detect any kind of 'swish' in him that might proclaim his gayness.

What helped the situation along was that Alan, meeting her for the first time, was totally smitten by her, simply taken over by her, her beauty.

It was that first day, Dave wasn't home from work yet, and she had taken some time off to be with Alan, showing him around etc.

They were in the kitchen and she had Alan helping her prepare the dinner. He stopped and said:

"I'm very sorry, Aunt Vanessa, if I embarrass you but I think that you are just outstandingly, amazingly beautiful!"

She gave him a tinkling kind of laugh and kissed him then, holding onto the cheeks of his face with her fingers. He was wide eyed and really shaken by that.

"You wonderful man!" she said.

"Ohhh," was the only thing that came out of his mouth.

It was then that they heard Dave come in.

"There he is!" she said, "The lord and master returns!"

He grinned at her, as she went into his arms.

"What have you two been up to?" he asked then.

"We've been just smooching in the kitchen!" she said with a gay lilt in her voice.

Alan turned a bright red color but she said immediately: "He was saying nice things to me and I gave him a kiss to thank him. It was all my fault."

Dave swatted her ass, causing her to jump and said to Alan: "Be careful, Alan, she's a wild woman!"

"Yes, Uncle Dave!" he said, gulping.

Alan excused himself then and went to begin setting the dining room table.

"Got him on the run," Vanessa said. "I'm going to move in on him tonight."

"Good," he answered, "I'll go to bed early and sleep soundly!"

After dinner and the clean up, they spent some time in the family room watching a tv movie. During the latter part of the movie, Dave was yawning, and finally, when it was over, gave Vanessa a kiss and told her that he was in fact going to bed.

"Shower?" she asked.

"Yes, I think so, love," he answered.

She gave him a hug and kiss and then he said good night. As he left the room, she said that she'd come up in a bit to 'tuck him in'.

He smiled and said: "Thank you."

She did that and came back, only now she was wearing a robe and her beige night gown, which showed from her knees on down, as the robe opened a bit. Alan constantly glanced at her, as though trying to penetrate the fabric of the robe at all costs.

Vanessa smiled to herself. She was already forming a plan.

Alan announced that he was going to go and take a shower before bed. She got up and gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek. He moved his head at the last minute and planted a quick kiss on her lips.

"You bad boy!" she said and giggled.

He was blushing, when he left.

"Well, Nessa," she said to herself, once she was alone. "Got him on the run now. You give him a little bit to begin playing with his thing in the shower and then go get him."

Alan was in the shower, and, as she'd thought, was playing with himself, when she entered the room.

He looked up and saw her come into the bathroom, now totally naked and stopped what he was doing right away.

"Stop that!" she said and he dropped his hand, obeying immediately.

"Don't do that until I tell you that you can," she said next.

"Yes, ma'am," he said.

She pulled some things out of the medicine chest and went into the shower with him.

"Hi, Alan, Alan!" she said, kissing him.

"Uncle Dave?" he asked nervously.

"Put a pill in his bedtime milk," she said, "He's out."

"Ohhhhh!" was his only comment.

"Now it's teaching time!" she said.

"Teaching time?" he asked weakly.

"Exactly," she answered.

"Kneel, Alan!" she demanded and he went to his knees, staring at her pussy hair and her large tits.

"Like what you see, Alan?" she asked.

"Love it!" was his answer.

"First you serve me!" she said, giggling.

"Yes?" he asked, but was blown away by what she did next.

She grabbed him by the shoulder and hooked her right knee over his shoulder. She stood in front of him that way and pulled his face into her pussy.

"Mouth open, Alan," she said, "Now you get to earn everything!"

"Yes, Ma'am," he said.

He never expected what came next. With a giggle she began to pee in his mouth. He struggled a bit but she ordered him to not move and keep on swallowing. He obeyed immediately.

When she was finished, she laughed again and drew him to his feet, surprising him again by kissing him, and invading his mouth with her tongue.

She retrieved a jar of some kind of lube then from the bathroom counter and smiled at him as she greased his cock, rubbing the grease all over it.

Next she bent from the waist and, putting her hands back behind her, spread her ass cheeks.

"Fuck me, Alan!" she said.

"The ass?" he asked, blown away.

"Yes, the ass!" she said. "I'm teaching you!"

He moved quickly, knowing that he wasn't going to last at all. She moaned, as he shoved his cock into her ass and began to fuck her.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh!" he moaned, as he came in her ass.

She got up then and kissed him again. She got a cloth and soap and washed him. "No blow job, Alan," she said, "I know where this has been!"

Almost as soon as she began to wash him, he was erect again. She manipulated his cock until he came once again. She giggled, when he came all over her.

When the showering was done, she hugged and kissed him again.

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