Research and Pleasure

by awnlee jawking

Copyright© 2012 by awnlee jawking

Science Fiction Sex Story: A government vampire-slayer tracks down a vampire brothel.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Post Apocalypse   Vampires   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   Safe Sex   Prostitution   sci-fi post apocalypse sex story, fantasy vampires sex story, vampyres sex story.

I could have asked the local cops for background information about the locality, but that would have aroused their unwanted suspicions. Instead I searched the internet for satellite photos of the area. As I suspected, it was a largely abandoned, run-down, warehousing district.

I waited until dusk, because somehow that seemed appropriate. I parked a couple of blocks away, despite being fearful that my car would not survive unscathed in such a derelict area. Still, it had state-of-the-art protection, so anyone trying to break in would set off a hell of a racket, and at the end of the day it was owned by the department and replaceable. Although it was unmarked, the license plate had the unpublicized code which would warn the local cops not to interfere with it.

I had walked about a block and a half towards my destination when a large black man stepped out of a doorway and blocked my path. Two more men, both white, came up behind me. They thought they had trapped me by surprise, but I had been aware of them well before they made their move. I breathed heavily, priming my muscles with oxygen in case I needed to react quickly. If couldn't defuse the situation without violence, the whole scenario would be a bust.

"Well, what do we have here?" said the black man with a condescending sneer. "Does your daddy know where you go at night?"

Being slim with ultra-fast reflexes was a necessity of the job, and I was often taken for much younger than my actual age. "Hey guys," I said, "I don't want any trouble. Let's all go our separate ways in peace, no harm done."

"I don't think so," said the black man. "We own these streets and it's only right you should pay us a gratuity for the privilege of walking them in safety." This time the voice was much more cultured, perhaps even well-educated.

Very slowly and deliberately I took out my ID and let them all peruse it. "You know," I said, "you look like vampires to me. I reckon I should shoot first and ask questions later. What do you think?"

"Hell, Gus, I ain't no vampire," sniveled one of the white men, revealing an IQ significantly smaller than his shoe size.

The black man, presumably Gus and clearly the leader of the group, thought for a few seconds before speaking, "Hell, fella, we were only messing with you. Go in peace."

Gus made a gesture, and almost magically the three men melted away back into the shadows. I breathed a huge sigh of relief. They didn't seem to be combat-trained, so even if they had guns my ultra-fast reflexes meant I would have triumphed in a firefight, but killing uninfected citizens was not tolerated and would have resulted in my enduring a long penance of hard-labor at Uncle Sam's pleasure. Uncertainty was not an acceptable excuse.

I walked the rest of the way slowly, allowing my breathing to calm and my adrenaline rush to die away.

I found the alley and turned into it, the narrowness between two tall buildings somewhat daunting. Abandoned wooden packing crates, pools of suspicious looking fluids and various dumpsters made it an unprepossessing thoroughfare, but the entrance I was looking for was reportedly about halfway along.

Keeping my eyes and ears peeled and my hand in ready reach of my gun, I edged my way along the alley, trying to avoid the most suspiciously-colored pools. I could have heard a pin drop above the eerie silence. At last I came to the door I had been told to look for - a rickety looking wooden door with a small black 'X' chalked on it, bottom left. I could tell from the stout, shiny hinges that appearances were deceptive, and the rickety wooden shell was just a cover for something substantially more solid. To my surprise I couldn't see any security cameras.

Knock. Knock knock. Knock knock knock. Knock knock. Knock.

After I had made the signal, a security panel opened and the face of a black man peered out. "Yes?" he said.

"Joao sent me."

The security panel slid closed again, then came the sound of heavy bolts being unfastened. The door swung open, and the black man looked out, making sure I was alone. Satisfied, he beckoned me in then slammed and bolted the door behind us.

He indicated I should take the only possible route, down a drab, dimly-lit, featureless corridor to another door. This time there was no mistaking the reinforced steel, and there was an abundance of security cameras. The door clicked unlocked as I approached. I opened it and entered another world.

I was in some sort of reception area, well lit and tastefully furnished. A woman was sitting behind a large desk with several computer or video monitors on it. Two men in professional looking uniforms, were sitting off to either side, presumably where they could trap unwanted visitors in a crossfire.

"Hi, Joao sent me," I said when the woman behind the desk looked up. She was a slightly chubby dyed-blonde in her early twenties, and from her demeanor I deduced she was just a receptionist.

One of the uniformed men was mixed race, toned and muscular. The other man was white, slim and wiry like myself. There was a stillness about them both which suggested advanced martial arts training.

The blonde smiled back. "Hi, you're new, aren't you? Could you fill out a registration form." She took a form from the desk draw and held it in my direction. As I made to take it from her, I noticed a movement out of the corner of my eye. Although I could easily have killed all three without significant risk to myself, I willed myself to remain calm. The white security guard pulled out a shotgun and pointed it at me.

"Best call Marie," he said, "we've got a problem."

The blonde pressed a button under her desk, then all four of us stayed in place. After a couple of minutes, an attractive, slim brunette in her mid-thirties came through a door and entered reception. She had the air of authority of one in charge.

"What's going on?" she asked.

"I recognize this fella," said the security guard. "He was on the news last week, busted a nest of vampires upstate."

"George," called out Marie, pressing a button on the reception desk, presumably activating an intercom to the man on door duty, "check this guy wasn't followed."

"All clear, Miss," came the tinny reply a few seconds later.

Marie turned to me. "Okay, explain yourself. What are you doing here?"

For the second time that night I very carefully pulled out my ID and waved it in Marie's direction... "You've got a good one there," I indicated the wiry white man with the shotgun. "I am indeed a Department of Health vampire slayer. But I'm not here on business, I'm here for research and pleasure."

"How do I know we can trust you? You might have a squad pulling up even as we speak."

"True. All I can do is give you my word, and ask you to check with Joao. He knows me well." I gave her my name.

"How do you know Joao?"

"He's my best friend from college. We've known each other for fifteen years."

"Fifteen years? You don't look old enough."

"Thank you." I smiled. That simple act was enough to substantially lower the tension in the room.

"Take a seat while I check," said Marie. "And you two, shoot him if he moves a wrong muscle." She pressed the intercom button again, "George, no more clients until I say so."

"Okay Miss."

I sat down, and Marie disappeared back through the door she had emerged from. Both men were now training shotguns on me. Crude but effective.

It was nearly twenty minutes before Marie came back.

"Okay guys, you can lower your weapons," she told the security guards. Then she turned to me. "I've just had a very interesting conversation with Joao. I still don't trust you completely, but Joao vouched for you and he's never been wrong before. In fact, he suggested that this might be to the considerable advantage of our little establishment. But first, I want you to tell me what you're here for."

"I want to try a girl, a vampire girl," I admitted.

"Excellent, I have just the girl for you."

"How much?"

"This one's on the house. It's not often we have such an esteemed visitor. You can keep her all night if you want. Follow me."

"Miss, he hasn't registered yet," protested the blonde.

"Don't worry Linzi, we don't need a registration form for this one." Marie pressed the intercom button again, "Okay George, we're open for business again."

"Very good, Miss."

Marie led the way through the door into the back and I followed. We entered a plush hallway which would have put most five-star hotels to shame. There was a series of numbered rooms on either side, all with inspection hatches and keypad-operated security locks. Despite the plush decor, it felt rather like a mental institution.

We walked almost to the very end before Marie stopped at one of the doors, bearing the number 14, and opened the inspection hatch. She indicated I should take a look. There was a slim blonde inside, dressed in a pale blue robe, lying on a king-size bed. She looked to be late teens or possibly early twenties, although since the vampire virus stopped all signs of aging she could have been much older.

"You approve?" asked Marie.

"Nice." Yes, I did approve. And so did my cock.

"Let's go in for a closer look."

Marie typed a number on the keypad and the door unlocked. She opened the door and we both went in. The door clicked shut after us, but I noticed another keypad on the inside.

The girl seemed to rouse herself and moved to a sitting position, causing her robe to fall open at the front up to her upper thighs. Her skin was milky white, which together with her ultra-fine blonde hair and slender build, gave her an ethereal, other-worldly look. She didn't appear to have an ounce of excess fat on her.

"Her name's Evangeline. Say to her 'Hello Evangeline, how are you doing'" Marie said to me quietly.

"Hello Evangeline, how are you doing?" I asked the girl.

"I'm fine, thanks. And you?"

"Very well thank you. How old are you Evangeline?"

"I'm fine, thanks. And you?"

I had to smile at her responses: her reply to the first question actually sounded intelligent, even though she clearly knew longer what it meant. It was amazing what people could continue doing just by instinct after contracting the vampire virus. One man had driven all the way across town to the place where he worked, so ingrained was the habit. Of course, he didn't have a clue what to do when he got there. He caused absolute mayhem, biting people left, right and centre like a fox in a hen-house, spreading the dreaded virus until his co-workers got it into their heads that this was no longer their colleague but a dangerous wild animal.

"So Evangeline was her name before she got infected?" I asked Marie after putting two and two together.

"Yes. There's no need to change them."

I studied Evangeline carefully. From her relaxed state I guessed she'd been fed recently. Vampires eat normal food just like we do, but they need their fix of fresh blood from time to time to sate the virus. Her fingernails and toenails had all been removed, commonsense precautions, but to my surprise she wasn't wearing a mouthguard.

"She's still got her teeth," I observed, shocked by the sight. "Don't you keep her in a mouthguard?" Rumors I'd heard about vampires in brothels suggested they had all their teeth extracted so they couldn't bite.

"We've been trying a new procedure, and so far it's been very successful. Her teeth have been filed down so there are no sharp edges. And see the scars on her jaw?"

I nodded.

"We've severed the muscles. She has as much strength in her jaw as a new-born baby. Watch this."

Marie stretched out her finger and put it in Evangeline's mouth. I was hit by an instinctive wave of fear and revulsion as Evangeline's teeth closed round the vulnerable digit, but Marie had absolutely no qualms. After Evangeline's lips had fully closed round the finger, she happily sucked on it like a child on a pacifier.

"She can't give you the best blowjob of your life, but it's enough to get some men off." Marie withdrew her finger. "You try it now."

Reluctantly I stretched out a finger and inserted it into Evangeline's mouth. Her teeth closed round it, as Marie claimed, with no more strength than a new-born baby. Then Evangeline started sucking. It just felt weird. I pulled my finger out carefully. It was wet and sticky with saliva, but Evangeline hadn't even come close to piercing the skin.

"Are you happy with her?" asked Marie.

"Oh yes, she's wonderful," I replied. My cock approved too, making an obvious bulge in the front of my pants.

"Here's a storage cupboard with hangers and shelves for your clothes and possessions," said Marie, "with childproof doors so Evangeline can't open it. Make sure you lock away everything sharp. There's a bathroom through there," continued Marie, indicating a room off to the side. "Evangeline uses the toilet on her own and is mostly clean, but if she has an accident hit hash on the keypad for housekeeping and someone will come and clean up for you. There are snacks and drinks in the fridge over there, which also has a childproof door, but housekeeping will bring something more substantial if you want. And it also contains cartons of blood; Evangeline will need one at regular intervals."

"How will I tell?"

"Don't worry, she'll let you know." Marie smiled. "And when you've finished, the keycode to get out is the four digit combination of month and day number. Remember, it changes on the dot at midnight. Press the button labeled 'time' and it will display the current time."

Marie entered the numbers for today's date on the keypad, and the lock clicked open.

"What about condoms?" I asked, just as she was about to leave.

"I figured you were smart! Dispenser in the bathroom. They're free. Call housekeeping for more if you run out." Marie smirked at that. "And please don't shoot my property, she's a valuable asset." So Marie had noticed that I was carrying! She left the room, making sure the door locked behind her. I was alone with the vampire.

From the existence of legends, the vampire virus must have been around for centuries, although the reality of vampires was very different to the portrayals of Bram Stoker and others. For some reason, in the early twenty-first century the vampire virus suddenly became extremely virulent virtually overnight. In barely a fortnight nearly half the world population became infected, by which point it became clear that containment and quarantine in the hopes of finding a cure was not an option.

The subsequent wholesale slaughter was indiscriminate and many innocents died along with the infected. The civilized world was lucky, parts of the USA and Europe escaping with nearly a quarter of the population intact. The rest of the world wasn't so lucky, with most of Asia and Africa becoming dead zones. Humanity had escaped extinction by a hair's breadth. If vampires had possessed even a modicum of intelligence or evil intent after infection, it would have been all over.

Life in the USA returned to something like normal, or as normal as could be with less than a quarter of the previous population. An army of specialist vampire executioners was recruited to track down and exterminate the remaining infected, but collateral damage became unacceptable. It was an endless task because there was a lot of country to cover and the virus had lost none of its virulence, so all too frequently there were fresh outbreaks. I was good at my job, often earning praise from the media.

The virus stopped aging dead in its tracks, but it also froze the brain, leaving some instinctive behavior but otherwise reducing an infected person to the level of an animal. The primary impulses were food, sleep, blood and sex. Infected females retained the human property of being constantly in estrus and lacked the intelligence to discriminate between potential mates or play mating games, so vampires had a hell of a lot of sex. I'd heard vague rumors of vampire brothels, but until Joao arranged entry into this one for me, my only evidence that they actually existed was hearsay.

Turning my back on a vampire knowingly for the first time in my life, I left Evangeline sitting on the bed while I scoped out the bathroom. There seemed to be supplies of everything I needed, including even toothpaste and toothbrushes. I was particularly impressed to see a certain type of mouthwash. It had been developed decades previously when AIDS was a significant problem, formulated to sting like billy-o to warn you if you had any open sores or ulcers in your mouth, but although I was tempted by the prospect, I had already decided it was too risky to kiss Evangeline.

I helped myself to a condom and returned to the main room. Evangeline was still sitting on the bed, watching me. She showed no signs of fear or other emotions; this was normal to her. I gently eased her to her feet and pushed the robe off her shoulders. There was no belt or other fastening, and it dropped to the floor, pooling around Evangeline's ankles.

For long moments I drank in the sight of Evangeline's gorgeous body. She didn't seem to have an ounce of spare fat on her. Her breasts were small but perky, making me wonder yet again how old she was. I cupped one in my hand, savoring its warm softness despite its petite proportions. I rolled the little brown nipple between my finger and thumb, and Evangeline sighed inaudibly as it stiffened in response to my attentions. I leaned over and used my mouth to suckle the other nipple to stiffness, and I heard Evangeline's breath quicken.

I broke off from my ministrations, and eased Evangeline back onto the bed, positioning her in the middle. She didn't show any sign of unwillingness or disapproval. She lay there, her already small breasts flattening into her ribcage almost to indiscernibility, and with one slender leg straight and the other bent at the knee, affording me a prime view of her crotch.

Evangeline's vulval region was completely bald; presumably she was regularly shaved by the establishment. Her inner labia protruded just a hint, betraying that despite appearances she was sexually mature.

I quickly shed my clothes, throwing them into an untidy heap at the bottom of the storage cupboard before slamming the door shut. My aching cock was pointing at the ceiling. I climbed on the bed next to Evangeline, lowering my head to a nipple and resuming my suckling. As the nipple engorged to hardness, I slid my hand down Evangeline's silky smooth stomach to her vulva. Keeping my hand flat, I gently rubbed it in circles, making sure to press a little harder as it passed over Evangeline's clitoral hood. Evangeline responded by pushing back, arching her back and moaning softly.

Using my spare hand, I cupped Evangeline's other breast, trapping the nipple between two fingers. I felt her areola crinkle as the nipple engorged. I tried to suck the whole of Evangeline's nearer breast into my mouth, clamping my teeth round it lightly for grip. With the hand rubbing Evangeline's vulva, I felt her clit engorge into a hard little lump, and my fingers became slimy with the juices of her arousal. Suddenly Evangeline emitted a wordless cry and clamped her thighs round my hand, her rhythmically undulating stomach betraying her orgasm.

Slowly Evangeline unclenched her thighs, releasing my trapped hand. I raised my slimy fingers to my nose, detecting an intoxicating musky scent. I stuck out my tongue and samples Evangeline's juices, a delicious tangy blend of sweet and salty.

Suddenly I was struck by the enormity of my action. I nearly retched, my head throbbed, my heart pounded, and my rock-hard cock instantly shriveled from genito to urinary capability. I was pretty sure I didn't have any open sores or ulcers in my mouth, but it was something I shouldn't have risked.

I lay there for a moment, consoling myself with the thought that the damage was done and there was nothing I could do about it. My heart stopped racing and my head cleared. I could have gone into the bathroom and tried the mouthwash, but I decided I'd rather not know - once the virus was in me, there was nothing anybody could do about it anyway.

Experiencing the extreme mood swing with the elation that accompanied my acceptance that I might be on the inexorable path to becoming a vampire, I crawled down the bed until my head was level with Evangeline's vulva. Parting her thighs, I planted a kiss right on her clitoral hood, then proceeded to lap up her juices directly from her now reddened, engorged labia. From the soft little moans she was making, I could tell Evangeline appreciated what I was doing. Instinctively she grasped my head in her hands, trying to make my lingual contact harder.

Pushing out my tongue as far as I could, I pierced Evangeline's inner labia, sucking her juices directly from the mother lode. She whimpered her approval as I tongue-fucked her hot little hole. Feeling her hard little clit nudging my nose for attention, I brought a hand into play, gently strumming the reddening nodule with my thumb.

Evangeline's smooth thighs clenching round my head announced her second orgasm, much harder and longer than her first, accompanied again by wordless cries and gasps for air. Her over-sensitive clit retreated under its hood for a time so I stopped trying to torment it, but I eagerly continued to hoover up her delicious secretions.

Evangeline relaxed as she came down from her orgasmic high, an attractive blush covering her chest. Meanwhile my cock had inflated from urinary back to genito capability and was aching for action. I tore open its foil wrapper and rolled the condom over my cock, then slid up Evangeline's body until my cock was positioned at her labia. She looked so peaceful, lying there in post-orgasmic bliss with her eyes half closed.

Using my hand to guide it home, I thrust with my cock. Evangeline's eyes shot open as my cock slid into her hot, tight little tunnel, nicely lubricated by our foreplay. I slid in all the way, until our crotches were grinding together. Even wearing a rubber straitjacket, her rippling cunt muscles made my cock feel wonderful. I pulled out almost all the way, then thrust home hard, jolting Evangeline's slender body and eliciting more of the exciting rippling of her cunt muscles.

I knew I wasn't going to last long and I didn't try to fight it, fucking Evangeline hard and fast. I don't think I even lasted five minutes before my groin tightened, then my cock was squirted like a firehose. I don't think Evangeline came that time, but I could feel her cunt muscles trying to suck the cum from my balls.

Panting and sweating I collapsed on top of Evangeline. Although my desire had gone, my cock was still stiff and embedded all the way in Evangeline's cunt. Before my cock became limp enough to slip out, I rotated my hips to grind my crotch against Evangeline's, rubbing her clit. She soon reached another small orgasm, her cunt muscles clenching deliciously round my cock, temporarily prolonging my erection.

When, inevitably, my cock shrank enough to start sliding out, I rolled off Evangeline. I peeled off the used condom and took it into the bathroom, flushing it down the toilet. I pulled a replacement from the dispenser and returned to the main room, rejoining Evangeline on the bed.

For the next half an hour or so I lay there next to Evangeline, gently stroking, sucking, kissing and rubbing her, keeping her in a state of mild arousal until I recovered enough for a second round. When my cock was rock hard, pointing at my face and leaking pre-cum, I judged the time was ripe.

I tore open the foil packet, and rolled the condom down my cock. I nudged Evangeline to roll over onto her stomach, then grasped her by the hips and pulled her up onto her hands and knees. Kneeling behind her on the bed, I lined up my cock and slid it home, into her hot, tight little cunt.

I fucked Evangeline slowly, in slow, short strokes, using my hands to play with her breasts and tease her nipples. With the aid of gravity, her breasts had transformed into a nice handful. When I had her whimpering with arousal and lust, I moved my hand down so I could toy with her clit. She came almost immediately, her cunt walls massaging my cock and ramping up my own arousal.

Continuing with the slow, short strokes, I let Evangeline recover for a while then I repeated the process, playing first with her breasts and nipples, then moving lower to torment her clit. I didn't let her cum this time, taking her to the very edge, then stopping when I felt her tensing just beforehand. I did this three or four times, making Evangeline thrust back hard at me and growl with frustration. When I finally let her cum, she literally exploded, every muscle and sinew seemingly pulsating in harmony like a symphony orchestra, her greedy cunt trying in vain to suck the cum from my balls.

Exhausted, Evangeline flopped onto the bed, only my hands grasping her firmly by the hips kept her from sliding off my cock. I was near to cumming myself, and I started pistoning away fast, hard and deep. Very soon I felt my balls pull up and my groin tighten and I thrust in extra hard. My orgasm seemed to emanate from my very core, a rush of heat which travelled up my cock before ending with a spurt so powerful I was surprised my cum didn't burst the condom. Again and again my cock throbbed and spurted until there was nothing left to spurt, and even then it continued to throb futilely for several long seconds.

When my orgasm had finally died away, I slid my shrinking cock out of Evangeline's cunt. I had actually squirted less cum than last time, having been deceived by the power of my orgasm. I took the condom to the bathroom, and vented my bladder, flushed, then washed my hands. I was hot and sweaty and needed a shower but I didn't think Evangeline would mind if I had a little nap first.

When I returned to the main room, I saw Evangeline had rolled onto her side in a fetal position and was emitting cute little almost- inaudible snores. I joined her on the bed and spooned in behind her, then pulled the covers over us. I wrapped my arms around her and cupped a breast in a half-hearted attempt to stop her moving away and perhaps perpetrating some harm if she woke up before me, then I relaxed and closed my eyes.

I dreamt something was sucking my neck in the vicinity of my carotid artery. I reacted instinctively, pushing whatever it was away from me. Evangeline fell off the bed with a thud and a yowl, waking me up. My neck felt wet; Evangeline had escaped my grasp while I was asleep. Fully awake now, I watched Evangeline scamper into a corner, where she watched me with a mixture of fear and hunger in her eyes.

Heart pounding, I hurried to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Thankfully my skin wasn't broken, but Evangeline's persistent sucking had left me a hickey. I gave an involuntary laugh of relief that I hadn't been infected, realizing what Marie had meant when she said that I'd know when Evangeline needed blood.

I was aware of another need of my own, and I raised the toilet seat and relieved my bladder. I flushed, then washed my hands. In a moment of foresight, I lowered the toilet seat again.

I returned to the main room. Evangeline was still huddled in the corner. I figured out the childproof door on the fridge and looked inside; sandwiches, pastries, cans of beer and soft drinks, and what looked like juice cartons for kids but with a blood-red heart logo. I bet the department didn't know there was a commercial operation supplying blood to vampire brothels, but I also realized I couldn't now be the one to tell them.

I took out one of the blood cartons and carefully walked over where Evangeline was huddled in a corner, trying not to spook her again. I held out the carton and frowning, she took it in her hands: she didn't know what to do with it. I pulled off the attached straw and used it to puncture the carton through its foil. Evangeline's expression turned to a smile, then she put the straw to her lips and sucked greedily. The straw was translucent, and I could make out the blood red liquid as it ascending the straw into Evangeline's mouth.

Vampires don't need a lot of blood to sate their virus, at least not in one go. Legends about them completely draining their victims are pure fiction. The vampire driver who tried to bite all his work- colleagues was very much like a fox in a hen-house, confused by the apparent surfeit of feeding options. Evangeline's blood carton contained 250mls, and that would be enough to keep her virus satisfied for several hours.

I pressed the 'time' button on the keypad and was surprised at what it showed. It was well into morning. I had just had my best night's nightmare-free sleep since the virus had claimed my fiancée. I was due to report into work sometime today, but they were very flexible about hours so they wouldn't mind waiting till lunchtime, otherwise they'd summon me via my emergency pager.

My stomach rumbled and I realized I was hungry. I looked in the fridge again. There was stuff I could eat, although not particularly appetizing, but I couldn't see anything that Evangeline could easily consume.

I pressed the hash button on the keypad.

"Good morning, housekeeping," a cheery woman's voice announced. "How can I help?"

"Hi, I'm with Evangeline," I spoke to a perforated area on the keypad which I guessed had a microphone behind it. "I've just given her a carton of blood, but what can I give her to eat?"

"There should be a supply of protein shakes in the fridge. Evangeline likes strawberry or banana-flavored the best."

"There aren't any."

"Oh, that's right, you stayed overnight, didn't you! I have instructions from Marie that you can stay as long as you wish, and you're not to be disturbed. Evangeline's room won't have been serviced. I'll bring some protein shakes along shortly. Would you like me to cook you a fried breakfast at the same time? It wouldn't take long."

"No thanks, but I'd like a bowl of cereal and some toast, if that's okay."

"No problem, it'll be about ten minutes."

"Thank you," and I released the hash button.

Evangeline was still sucking at the straw, but from the slurping sounds and the lack of redness visible through the straw, the blood was just about finished. I decided it wouldn't look good if housekeeping found Evangeline cowering in a corner, so I went back over to her. She flinched as I reached out a hand, but relaxed when all I did was to stroke her hair and cheeks.

Evangeline allowed me to pull her to her feet and sit her on the bed, all the time sucking away at the empty carton. I gently pried it from her grasp, and tossed it in a bin. Evangeline now had neither hunger nor fear showing in her eyes. I reached out and teased her nipples, feeling Evangeline's breath quicken as they stiffened. And, of course, my cock got hard in sympathy.

Realizing that breakfast would arrive at any moment, I broke off. I didn't want to get dressed but I didn't want to flaunt myself in front of a stranger either. I went round the bed and found Evangeline's pale blue robe still lying on the floor and put it on, holding the front shut with one hand since there was no method of fastening it.

I saw movement out of the corner of my eye, and instinctively I reached for my weapon, but I wasn't wearing it - I had shut it in the cupboard with my clothes. During the split second while that was dawning on me, I realized the movement was by Evangeline, who had alighted from the bed and was heading for the bathroom. I involuntarily sighed with relief as I observed her exquisite, slender form from the rear. Without closing the door, totally unselfconsciously she sat on the toilet and peed, then she pulled a wad of tissue and wiped herself. She arose from the toilet and a frown crossed her face for a short moment, then she returned to the main room. She instinctively knew she ought to have done something else, but she didn't know how to flush the toilet or wash her hands.

Evangeline had just returned to sitting on the bed when there was a knock at the door.

"Housekeeping," said a voice through the keypad speaker.

I went to the door and entered the correct numbers on the keypad. The door clicked as it unlocked, and the door was pushed open by a homely, middle-aged woman pushing a breakfast trolley.

"Thank you," she said, smiling. "My name's Phyllis. Here's a selection of cereals, sugar and milk, and some toast and a selection of spreads. If you don't mind I'd like to wait until you've finished with the knife. Even though it's plastic, you can never be too sure. I've also brought some protein shakes for Evangeline, strawberry and banana, and I hope you don't mind but I've brought her some scrambled eggs too. Evangeline is everyone's favorite and we like to give her little treats from time to time. Although she can't chew, she can swallow the eggs."

The last part was said in a lower, conspiratorial tone.

"That's fine," I assured her.

"Thank you. I can make you some too if you wish."

"No, this is fine."

I helped myself to a plastic bowl of muesli, and poured some sugar and milk over it and started eating using the plastic spoon provided. Phyllis took the plastic bowl of scrambled eggs over to Evangeline, who fed herself rather messily using her fingers.

After Evangeline had finished the eggs, Phyllis gave her a banana protein shake, putting the others in the fridge. I spread some honey onto my toast and started eating.

"Coffee?" asked Phyllis.

I nodded, and Phyllis poured me a plastic cupful from a jug on the trolley. I added some milk and stirred.

"If you've finished with the knife, I'll be on my way, unless you need anything else."

No that's fine. Just one thing though, I need a shower. Could I give Evangeline one at the same time?"

"Oh yes, she'd love that. She's a real water baby and the shower is plenty big enough for two. You'll find all you need in the bathroom, towels, soap, shampoo. Sorry you can't have a shave though, we can't risk razors in the rooms."

Phyllis entered the correct numbers on the keypad and the door clicked unlocked.

"Just buzz if you need anything," added Phyllis, "and by the way, you've got a nice one." Phyllis winked as she pushed the trolley out of the room and allowed the door to click shut and lock after her. I belatedly realized that because my hands had been occupied by food and eating, I hadn't been able to hold the robe closed at the front, allowing my erect cock to poke through.

I watched Evangeline suck up her protein shake while finishing my toast and honey. There was something quite beautiful about the way she sat there, totally unselfconscious, naked as the day she was born. It seemed quite inconceivable that such an ethereal creature could be a threat to the human race.

I was brought back to earth by the death rattle from Evangeline's protein shake as she sucked up the last dregs through her straw. I quickly drained the last of my coffee, then dumped my plate and cup in the bin. I went over to the bed, where Evangeline was still sucking away at her now empty protein shake, and gently pried the cardboard beaker from her hands, consigning it too to the bin.

Evangeline had spilt a fair amount of scrambled egg onto her chest, and I bent down so I could suck the bits off her. Of course I made several detours down to suckle her nipples, feeling her areolas crinkle as the little nubbins stiffened from my attention.

When I had cleaned her of all the spilt egg, I tugged Evangeline to her feet and led her to the bathroom. I turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature to suit me. Evangeline needed no further invitation and entered, delighting in the spray. There was a small cabinet beside the shower, again with a childproof door. I looked inside and found soap and shampoo.

While Evangeline pranced around enjoying herself, I washed myself thoroughly. After I had rinsed off all the soap and shampoo, I turned my attention to Evangeline. Somehow I managed to get her to stand still while I shampooed then rinsed her hair, which didn't take long since it was short, in a pixie style, then I soaped up a washcloth and washed the rest of her body from the top down. Of course I had to make absolutely sure several times over that her nipples were absolutely clean, and Evangeline responded by humping against my rock hard cock.

The sensation was too much for me. There were a couple of stepped shelves across the rear of the shower, and I sat Evangeline down on the top one. I stepped out of the shower for a moment to help myself to another condom, throwing the discarded foil into the toilet. Standing between Evangeline's legs, I plunged my aching cock straight into her hot little hole. I slid in easily despite the tightness, so I knew she was as aroused as I was. I didn't waste time on foreplay, fucking her hard and fast. Evangeline came almost immediately, her cunt muscles spasming deliciously round my cock.

I grabbed Evangeline's legs and hooked them over my shoulders, and proceeded to fuck her even harder and deeper. Evangeline came again, her warm thighs clenching round my neck, and that pushed me over the precipice, my cock throbbing almost painfully as the cum was sucked from my balls into the end of the rubber straitjacket.

Panting with the exertion, I gently extricated myself from Evangeline, pulling the condom off my shrinking cock and tossing it into the toilet. The water was still cascading over us, so we hadn't gotten sweaty. I pulled Evangeline into a standing position and sat on the lower shelf, from where I washed the lower half of her body, using my bare fingers to making sure her clit and cunt were absolutely clean, although refusing to make her cum when she pressed against me to increase the contact.

I turned Evangeline round and washed her slim, boyish buttocks, then I punctured her anus with a soapy finger to ensure her little pink rosebud was also pristine. Evangeline squirmed at the unfamiliar contact but didn't complain or try to pull away.

After I had washed and familiarized myself with every millimeter of Evangeline's body, I turned off the shower before we both turned into prunes. There were plenty of large soft towels to hand, and I wrapped one around my body to soak up the worst of the wet while I briskly but gently toweled Evangeline dry. Of course I had to make extra sure her nipples and crotch were extra dry, causing Evangeline to moan and squirm against me.

I guided Evangeline out of the bathroom back towards her bed while I finished drying myself. I helped myself to another condom before returning to the main room. Evangeline was lying on her bed on her back, having a quiet nap and emitting more cute little almost- inaudible snores.

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