Cala De Sirena

by NymphWriter

Copyright© 2012 by NymphWriter

Romantic Sex Story: Don takes his first vacation alone after his divorce to help clear his head. After a freak storm, he rescues a mysterious woman, who will change his life forever. But, she has secret that could either drive him away, or bring them closer.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Mystery   non-anthro   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Slow   .

Don Taylor's vacation was not starting the way he had hoped. His divorce had finalized just weeks before he was to fly off with his wife on what was supposed to be a second honeymoon to save their marriage. Since the trip was already paid for and non-refundable, and he already had the vacation time approved, he thought this would be a good time to reassess his life. However, at 45, he never thought he'd be single again. He still deeply loved his wife, and didn't understand why she left him, or why she didn't want to be married to him anymore. He had tried everything to win her back: couples classes, marriage counseling, date nights, and more, but none of it worked. When things started to improve and he thought they would reconcile, he booked a two-week trip for them to stay at 'Cala de Sirena' because it was considered a perfect lover's retreat. Now, a heartbroken Don was here on his own, trying to enjoying his first summertime vacation he'd taken in years.

To most, Don was a handsome man, standing six feet tall in bare feet, with short brown hair, blue eyes, well-trimmed mustache, and a muscular build. He had believed that he had to maintain his appearance to keep his wife happy, and even though she left, he still tried to maintain his looks, though his broken heart made it more and more difficult. When it was certain his marriage was over, he had tried to go out with some friends, but just didn't enjoy the bar scene like he did before. He had met his wife in college, and now he didn't know how to start dating a new woman. Many of his friends told him to date younger women, but Don didn't find them to be interesting or desirable, and often he had nothing in common with them. This vacation was his time to figure out what he wanted from life, and where he was going to go from here.

The hut he rented was on a secluded beach with a private cove that could only be accessed by boat or other watercraft. He packed shorts, swimwear, t-shirts, and other items he figured he'd need. When he first arrived, the change of scenery was just what he needed: palm trees, sunshine, white sandy beach, a small mountain range, and no cell service in the cove. A true escape from the craziness that was his life, both personally and professionally was what he felt he needed. Even though he saw a building that was owned by his company in the village where he picked up his rented wave runner, it didn't bother him. He followed Mr. and Mrs. Lee, an older Asian couple who rented the huts on the different private beaches to the tourists to where he would be staying. The cove, beach, and hut were exactly what Don had expected, but this also saddened him as he remembered that he had rented this with the intention to enjoy a second honeymoon with his now ex-wife.

Mrs. Lee had a basket of fresh fruits and breads for Don to enjoy which, as it turned out, was the only food in the hut, aside from some butter and bottled water, as Mr. Lee had forgotten to restock the small fridge. Don didn't discover this until after the Lee's had left, and he was putting the fruits away. He shrugged this off and thought the fruits would be a nice change. Besides, he enjoyed fishing and was sure he had seen some fish in the cove when he rode in. He was considering trying to catch a fish for dinner when he saw the storm clouds on the horizon coming his way. He retreated into the little one bedroom hut and soon he heard the storm hit the cove. The rain pounded the tiny hut and any hope of sleep was lost as he lay in the bed he had thought he would be sharing with his wife. At some point when the storm lessened, he drifted off to sleep.

Don awoke to the sun shining though the tiny window in the bedroom. After stumbling into the bathroom to empty his bladder, and wash his face, he decided to assess the damage and see if he was going to need a new hut. He slipped on a clean t-shirt, boxers, shorts, a pair of sandals, and sunglasses as he walked outside. The sun was bright and warm as he looked around. The beach was littered with driftwood and palm branches, but his wave runner was undamaged. He looked around the hut but found it had sustained minimal damage. He decided to gather the driftwood for a bonfire later, and clear the palm branches so the beach didn't look so messy. He noticed a big mound of branches and wood by the beach and decided to start there.

He moved a few branches when he saw something that shocked him. It was a leg, a human leg. Don quickly moved the branches and found the leg was attached to what appeared to be a naked woman. She was lying face down, her blonde hair was scattered over her back and on the beach. He stared at her back, her bare bottom, and her shapely legs. He carefully rolled her over and gasped. Here before him was the most beautiful woman he had seen since his wife. She had full, round breasts, slender build, full hips, blonde curly pubic hair, and the face of an angel. Then he noticed the huge lump on her head. He looked around for a surfboard, small boat, swimsuit, or anything to explain how this mysterious woman came to be on this beach naked, but saw nothing. He checked her pulse, and felt it beating strong.

"You're alive," he sighed with relief.

Carefully, Don scooped her up, carried her into the hut, and gently laid her on the couch, placing a pillow under her head. He admired her beautiful, shapely, naked body for several minutes, then realized that he should cover her so when she regained consciousness she wouldn't be embarrassed and humiliated. He searched through his clothes and remembered he had packed the V-neck t-shirt that his wife would wear and look so sexy in, as well as a pair of boxer shorts that seemed to fit her better than they ever did him. He didn't intend to bring these, but he had put them into the suitcase when he booked the trip, then forgot about them until after he arrived. Don wasn't sure if the boxers would fit the mystery woman or not, but he figured they were better than her being naked. Don dressed her carefully as to not injure her further, brushing the sand off her skin and finding it surprisingly soft and smooth. He found that enjoyed touching her soft, feminine skin as he dressed her, but reminded himself that she was helpless in her condition and he needed to tend to her wounds, not take advantage of her. In his eyes, he found she looked just as beautiful in the clothes, as she did naked. He walked into the bathroom, took a washcloth, soaked it with cold water, and gently placed it on her head. He sat next to her, watching her sleep, and wondered how she ended up on his beach as he plucked pieces of seaweed out of her hair.

After an hour, Don wandered into the kitchen to fix himself something to eat. He was so relieved that Mrs. Lee had given him the fruit basket with breads, and started slicing an apple, some pineapple, an orange, some strawberries, and one of the small loaves of bread. He set everything on a plate and grabbed a bottle of water when he heard a noise. He looked over at the couch and saw the mysterious woman starting to move. He carried the plate of food and bottle of water to the small table next to the couch, and sat next to her. She moaned softly and her eyes fluttered open. She looked around the room, then jumped and gasped when she saw Don sitting next to her.

"Easy there angel," said Don in a soothing tone as he put his hands on her shoulders. "I promise I won't hurt you."

She looked up at him; her blue eyes sparkled as she looked into his eyes. She reached up, touched the compress on her head, winced in pain, but said nothing.

"I put that on your head," said Don as he bit into a piece of apple.

She watched him eat, licking her lips. She looked down her body, touching the t-shirt, the boxers, and then her legs.

"I hope you don't mind that I put this on you," explained Don. "I mean, you're incredibly beautiful, but I was afraid I'd do something I probably shouldn't if I didn't cover you up, and I couldn't find your clothes when I found you on the beach. Maybe you can tell me how you got here and what happened to your clothes. Were you surfing? Kayaking? On 'a three-hour cruise'?" Don sang that last part in a rather deep voice.

The woman just looked at Don, and watched him eat a piece of pineapple, then a slice of bread. Each time she licked her lips, looking at the fruit, the bread, and then his mouth. Don watched her eyes carefully, and then asked, "Are you hungry?"

She looked at him, then at the plate, licking her lips. He reached over and grabbed a piece of fruit. "Here, this is pineapple."

He put it in her hand, then grabbed another piece and ate it. She sniffed the fruit, licked it with her tongue and Don felt his penis harden. She smiled and popped the piece of fruit into her mouth. "Good?" asked Don.

She smiled and put her hand out, as if to ask for more. "Here, try a strawberry this time," said Don.

As before, he took one and ate it to show her it was safe, and she would sniff the fruit, lick it, then pop it into her mouth. Together they ate the fruit and bread and shared the water. While they ate, Don would talk hoping she would respond. "My name is Don," he said pointing to himself. "Don."

She smiled and pointed at him, then grabbed another piece of fruit and ate it. "Do you speak English? Do you understand my words?"

She would smile if he smiled at her, and ate the same fruit pieces he ate, or piece of bread, but didn't speak. He brushed some blonde hair out of her face and pulled more seaweed from her hair as he spoke, "Well angel, I don't know where you came from, or how you got here, but you're here now, alive and well. Considering how bad that storm was, I'd say it's a miracle that you're alive."

She looked at him with her blue eyes, but said nothing. Once the fruit, bread, and water was gone, she lay back on the couch and smiled at him. Don carried the empty plate and bottle back to the kitchen as she watched him walk and return. She didn't seem afraid of him, but rather curious in his movements and the hut she found herself in. She tried to sit up, but Don could see by the pained look on her face that her head still hurt and the movement aggravated the injury.

"Easy angel," he said and she smiled big. "I don't want you hurt again."

She seemed to understand his words, even though she still said nothing and lay back on the couch. Don plucked more seaweed from her hair as he asked, "Where did you come from angel?"

She smiled and looked at him. "Angel?" asked Don.

She smiled again, bigger than before. "Well then, I've learned your name now, haven't I? Or, at least what you like to be called. Angel it is, then. At least I know what to call you. Now, let me freshen this up."

Don took the compress off her head, walked to the kitchen, and re-wet it. He set it gently on her head and she winced again. "I know Angel, it hurts. But this seems to be helping, and right now, that's what matters. Now I want you to rest, and heal."

Don rose to go work on collecting the driftwood and palm branches when she grabbed his arm. Don looked down and said, "It's okay Angel, I'm just going outside for a bit."

She didn't let go, but held tighter. "Okay Angel, I'll say for a bit longer."

Don sat back down next to her and stroked her hair. "It's okay Angel, you've had a traumatic day. Here you are, with a strange man, in a strange place, and it seems you've lost the ability to speak. So how about I tell you about me."

She smiled and he told her about himself, including his job, his marriage, his divorce and how painful it was, and how he came to be there on this secluded island cove. She lay there and listened, never speaking or making a sound. Don rattled on for over an hour, but when he finished, he found that he felt better than he had in a long time. He smiled at Angel and said, "You know, that's the first time I've told anybody about all of that, and I must admit it feels good to get that off my chest. Thank you Angel. Looks like you're living up to your name."

Angel just smiled up at Don but still did not speak. A loud knock came from the door. Don rose to open the door as Angel watched. Don saw Mr. Lee standing on the porch. Don towered over the small, dark-haired Asian man as he stood in the doorway as he said, "Mr. Lee."

"Ah, Mr. Taylor, good to see you are well," said Mr. Lee. "I am sorry about the storm. We get those from time to time and this one was quite a surprise."

"Good to know."

"I came to see if there was any damage."

Don stepped out onto the porch and said, "When I walked around this morning I saw a few things, but most were cosmetic and nothing that affects the safety or structure of the hut."

"Where are these at?" asked Mr. Lee.

Don stepped out, showed him where he'd seen the damage and noticed a cave in the mountainside. As they walked back to the porch, Don said, "I was quite relieved that the damage wasn't worse. I was sure that storm was going to rip the roof off but it didn't."

"When you live in this area, you learn how to take care of things and make them stay put."

"Good to know."

"Anything else?" asked Mr. Lee.

"No, I think we're good here," said Don as he reached for the door.


"Well ... yeah, me and—" Don opened the door and saw that Angel was gone. He looked around but it seemed she had vanished.

"Something wrong Mr. Taylor?" asked Mr. Lee.

Don chuckled. "No. I forgot my wife, or rather, ex-wife didn't come with me. I've said 'we' for so long that I forgot I'm not a 'we' anymore."

"Ah, well my wife will be by tomorrow with more fruits and breads as well as some meats. She's afraid you'll starve if she doesn't."

"That's good to know, but she doesn't need to worry. I know how to fish."

"She still worries, but I will let her know. Good day Mr. Taylor."

Don watched Mr. Lee walk down to the beach, climb into his boat, and row away. He stepped back into the hut and walked to the couch. He saw the compress that he had put on Angel's head lying on the floor. He began to look around. "Angel? Angel? Where are you Angel?"

He checked the kitchen, the bathroom, then as he entered the bedroom, a shadow in the far corner caught his eye. "Angel? You in here?"

He walked over to the shadow and there was Angel, seaweed still strewn in her blonde, curly hair, curled up in a ball, sitting on the floor with her back to him. Don squatted down beside her and realized she was trembling. He put his hands on her arms and said softly, "Angel, what's wrong? Why are you hiding?"

Angel slowly lifted her head and Don saw her beautiful face was red and tear stained. He could see she was scared and upset. She wrapped her arms around Don's neck and sobbed. He sat on the floor and held her, gently stroking her hair and plucking seaweed out. After several minutes of crying, he moved so he could see her face.

"Angel, I don't know why you're so upset, but I promise you, I will keep you safe." He wiped the tears from her face. "Now, let's dry those pretty eyes and go for a swim, or maybe a long walk."

Don stood up and lifted Angel to her feet. It was then he saw how red her knees were. "Did you crawl in here? Oh Angel! Why are you so scared?"

Angel stood on two wobbly legs and smiled up at Don. It was only now he realized how much shorter she was than him. He figured she was about five foot three, maybe five foot four, about the same height as his ex-wife, but with curly blonde hair and blue eyes, not straight brown hair and brown eyes. He led her out of the bedroom, slowly. She moved as if walking was something new. Don wrapped his arm around her shoulders and let her outside. They stood on the porch for a few minutes and looked out at the beach and the water. They walked off the porch and down to the shore. When they got close to the water, Angel stopped and resisted getting near the water. Don released her and walked into the water so just his feet and ankles got wet, but Angel didn't come any closer. Don gestured for her to join him, but she refused to come closer, and would step back if the waves crashed too close.

"Okay Angel, no water today. We'll just walk around."

Don walked out of the water and they resumed their walk along the beach, holding hands and assessing the damage to the shore from the storm. There were lots of driftwood and palm branches littered everywhere, but otherwise, not much else. Don wondered if maybe the vessel she was in had sunk and that was why there was no evidence of how she came to be on the beach, but it still didn't explain her nakedness. As they worked their way back, they found some crabs in the sand. Don grabbed them and said with a smile, "How about a crab dinner?"

Angel just smiled back at Don. "I'll take that as a yes."

They walked back to the hut where Don cooked the crabs and served them with some of the breads and fruit he had left over from Mrs. Lee's basket. Don was so grateful he'd taken those cooking classes with his ex-wife when he was working to save his failing marriage. He melted the butter he found in the fridge, and served up a crab dinner that even a gourmet chef would be proud to serve. He set the table and Angel watched as she sat on the couch. When their meals were ready, he escorted her to her seat, pulling out her chair, and sat next to her. He was more than a little shocked when tried to grab the crabmeat with her bare hands and pulled back because it was too hot to touch. He chuckled at her innocence and helped her grab the fork. Then he grabbed his, and showed her how to spear the crabmeat, dip it in the melted butter, and eat it. Just as with the fruit, she would smell the food before tasting. The smile on her face after the first bite told Don his dinner was a success. Soon, their plates were empty and stomachs full. Don escorted Angel back to the couch, cleaned up the kitchen, and washed the dishes.

"So, are you ready for a warm bath?" he asked as he walked back into the small living room, only to find her asleep on the couch.

Don smiled, walked into his bedroom, grabbed a blanket, and covered her body. "Sleep well Angel, tomorrow's another day."

Don slipped into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. Thoughts of Angel's body danced through his mind, and soon he was erect. He knew he had two choices, and opted to masturbate while thinking of her. He turned on the water to the bathtub to hide any sounds he might make, stripped down, and imagined touching her soft skin, firm breasts, and wet sex, while stroking his cock until he climaxed. As he did, he whispered her name over and over again. Then he climbed into the tub and cleaned himself off. Once he was clean, he drained the tub, dried off, and tiptoed into the bedroom. He could see her sleeping peacefully on the couch as he slipped on clean boxers. He normally slept naked, but felt that he should wear clothes, just in case.

Don was standing in front of the courthouse with his lawyer talking about the success of the settlement. They agreed to sell the house and split the profits, no spousal support, each one keeping their car, and the bulk of the marital assets were split evenly. He really didn't care about all of that, he'd give it all to her if they would just stop this craziness and stay married. He saw her step out of the courthouse, smiling and laughing with her lawyer. He wanted to run over to her and beg her to stop this nonsense, but he didn't. He just watched her walk out of his life forever. Then, he saw something that caught his attention. A beautiful woman with curly blonde hair and blue eyes was looking at him, staring at him. Staring into his soul. She seemed to be saying something, but her kissable lips weren't moving. The vacation, the trip he had booked months ago, he should go, not cancel. Yes, this is what she was staying, he must take this trip, his future depended on it. He looked over at his now ex-wife as she walked up to a cab. He was torn, there was the woman whom he vowed to stay with 'till death, and now, there was this vision, this angel, telling him to move on and take a vacation.

Don woke up with a start, sweating as he sat up in bed. Angel was sitting there next to him, watching him sleep. Her face looked worried, scared. Was he talking? Was he screaming? He couldn't remember. Don turned on the small lamp by his bed, and could see the worry on her face. He reached up and touched her face; a flash of his dream went through his mind, the woman with the blonde hair and kissable lips. Was it Angel? Was it this mysterious woman who sat here now on his bed? He shook his head and hugged her tightly. At first, Angel didn't respond, then she slowly wrapped her arms around him. Suddenly, Don found himself sobbing, and he knew he was finally mourning the end of his marriage. After several minutes, he released Angel and looked at her face. She wiped the tears off his cheeks the way he had done when she had been so upset from Mr. Lee's visit. She smiled and rose to return to the couch, but he grabbed her arm.

"Stay, please," he whispered.

Angel looked down at his hand, then smiled. She sat back down next to Don. He slid over in the bed and pulled her toward him. She resisted briefly, then followed his lead. Don lay back, and had her rest her head on his chest. He wrapped his arms around her, and she in turn put her arm over his chest. He kissed her head and stroked her hair until they fell asleep.

Don's eyes popped open and Angel was still asleep on his chest. He had a bad case of morning wood and the thought of waking her up the way he used to wake his wife drifted through his mind. He remembered when their marriage was good, how he'd crawl down her body, and lick her clit until she woke up, then slipped a couple of fingers inside her sex until she climaxed. Then they would make love and start their day with smiles. This though was pushed aside when he remembered, this girl doesn't even speak, and would she be so receptive of such advances when he hadn't even kissed her. He stroked her hair and tried to figure out how to get up without waking her when her eyes popped open.

"Good morning Angel," he said smiling, "sleep well?"

She smiled up at him, and they climbed out of bed. Don padded to the bathroom with Angel following him. He heard her gasp as he proceeded to drain his morning erection, and realized, he didn't remember seeing her use the toilet yesterday. He remembered watching a news program with his ex-wife about a woman who had suffered amnesia from a serious head injury she sustained in a car accident. It was so bad, she had to be taught how to walk, talk, and use the restroom. Maybe, he thought, this was what was wrong with Angel. Once he was empty, and soft, he put his penis back into his boxers, brought Angel in, pulled her boxers down, and sat her on the toilet. She watched him with confusion but didn't resist. When he didn't hear anything, he turned on the water at the sink to wash his hands and soon, he heard her bladder drain. Angel even tried to look down to see what was going on and Don giggled. Once he was sure she was done, he grabbed some toilet paper and using her hand, helped her clean up. She smiled bigger and he knew she'd needed to go for some time.

After Don showed Angel how to wash her hands, they wandered out to the kitchen. He took the last of the fruits and bread, cut them up, and they sat at the table and shared the food. He watched her eat and noticed that she wasn't waiting for him as much, but would still eat the same thing he would. After breakfast was eaten and the dishes were washed, Don slipped on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, then looked at Angel. She was still wearing the same clothes he had given her and he realized she needed some clothes. He decided to give her a clean t-shirt and let her wear a swimsuit as it could be tightened around her waist. He was pretty sure she didn't know how to dress herself, so he helped her change her clothes. He really tried not to look at her bare breasts or sex, but more than once, he caught himself catching a peek. He also realized she would need some form of a bra, as he was sure her breasts would be needing support soon. He decided that since Mrs. Lee was due to visit today, tomorrow he'd go to the village to buy her some clothes.

Don knew he didn't have any shoes for her to wear, but wanted to enjoy a morning walk so they walked along the shore, but she still wouldn't go near the water. They walked toward the cave he had noticed the day before when a boat entered the cove and approach the shoreline. Suddenly, Angel's calm demeanor became panicky and fearful as she was looking around frantically and trying to hide.

"What's wrong Angel?"

The fear in her face spoke volumes and he remembered how she hid and cried when Mr. Lee had arrived. They were about a hundred yards away from the cave, and Don realized that was probably the closest place she could go to hide. He pointed to the cave and she nodded her understanding. He watched her disappear into the mouth of the cave before he worked his way to the shoreline to meet the incoming boat. Mrs. Lee waved and smiled as Don helped bring her boat to the shore.

"Good morning Mrs. Lee. Good to see you."

"Mr. Taylor," she replied. "Out for a morning walk?"

"Yeah, I like to walk in the morning after breakfast."

"Find anything interesting?" she asked.

"Enough driftwood and palm branches to make some nice bonfires for several nights."

Mrs. Lee handed a large basket of food to Don and grabbed a second basket, then followed him to the hut. "I brought you more fruits, breads, and some meats. I know you told my husband you can catch fish, but I like to make sure you have enough food and I'm sure you're hungry."

"Not really, I finished the fruit and bread you gave me this morning."

"You had enough food?" she asked surprised.

"I found some crabs on the beach yesterday and made dinner with them."

"Oh, you can cook?"

"Yeah, my ex-wife and I took some cooking classes when we were trying to save our marriage. Now I'm really glad I did."

Don opened the door and let Mrs. Lee into the hut. "Mr. Lee said you were a bit confused yesterday."

Don set his basket on the table, took Mrs. Lee's from her, and carried into the kitchen. "I explained that to your husband. When I booked this trip, my wife and I were working to save our marriage and I thought we were on the road to reconciliation. Unfortunately, but the time I realized we weren't, it was too late to cancel so I decided some time to myself would be good."

As Don put the food away, Mrs. Lee smiled. "So you think you are alone?"

"Well no, not at the moment, you're here."

Mrs. Lee snickered. "Mr. Taylor, do you know what 'Cala de Sirena' means?"

"No, can't say that I do," said Don.

"It means 'Mermaid Cove.' There are some that believe that mermaids live in the cove and after a storm, some people have even claimed seeing mermaids on the shore."

"You sound like you've got your doubts."

"A mermaid would only survive on land if she took on human form," said Mrs. Lee.

"So, what you're saying is, they would look like a human woman?"

"Exactly! We get sightings of naked women on the beach all the time after a storm. Not that it matters, mermaids are afraid of humans."

"Why do you say that?" asked Don.

"Well, anytime anyone tries to approach one of these women, they jump back into the sea and disappear."

Don thought about Angel, how he found her naked on the shore, how she jumped when she first regained consciousness, her refusal to go into the water, and how she has reacted when Mr. Lee or Mrs. Lee came. "Mrs. Lee, I think you are telling me stories you tell your children."

Mrs. Lee smiled. "They are part of the stories I have told my children, yes. But you see Mr. Taylor, I have seen them."

Don carried the empty basket back to the table and grabbed the full one, as he asked "What? Mermaids?"

"Yes," said Mrs. Lee. "When I was a child, I walked down to the beach after a storm and I saw a lady in the water. I remember she had long brown hair with seaweed strewn in it. She was so beautiful and seemed to be naked. But when my father came down, she dove under the water and swam away and I caught a quick glance of her rainbow tail. I tried to tell my father about what I had seen, but he thought I was being a silly child and dismissed it, but I know what I saw. Mr. Lee says if he ever caught one, he'd keep it in a tank so he could charge tourist extra to see a real live mermaid."

Don continued putting the food away as he said, "But you're already booked out over a year in advance now. A mermaid would book you out even further."

"Mr. Lee would be happy."

"But would the mermaid?"

"I do not know," said Mrs. Lee. "I don't know if they have feelings like humans."

Don carried the second empty basket to the table. "Thank you for the food Mrs. Lee. Will you be returning?"

Mrs. Lee gathered the baskets. "In a couple of days, I will check back and see how you are doing. I know you intended to come here with your wife, but you still came alone. I won't lie, but I worry about such a nice young man like yourself. You shouldn't be so alone and sad. I hope that when you leave here, you will be happy."

"So do I, Mrs. Lee."

Don carried the empty baskets and escorted Mrs. Lee back to her boat. Once she was gone, he ran back to the hut and grabbed a flashlight. He hiked up to the cave where he had seen Angel hide. As he entered the cave, he noticed some cave drawings on the walls of what looked like mermaids. Don figured it was to enhance the story that Mrs. Lee had shared with him. What he didn't see, was any sign of Angel. He flipped on the flashlight and entered deeper into the cave.

"Angel!" he called out. "Angel where are you?"

Don didn't see any movement and began to fear she was hurt or lost. He ventured deeper in to the cave but wasn't able to find any sign of her. He was beginning to question her existence when the flashlight reflected a large patch of curly blonde hair.

"Angel!" he sighed with relief. "Here you are."

Angel turned around at the sound of his voice and smiled. She gestured for Don to come closer to her. He stepped up as she pointed to some cave paintings of more mermaids. She would point to one on the wall with yellow hair, then point at herself. "Huh," said Don, "she does seem to have hair like yours."

Angel smiled then pointed at Don. "No Angel, I'm a man, not a mermaid."

Angel looked at him, then pointed back at the cave paintings and then at herself. Don smiled at her and said, "It does look a bit like you Angel, and Mrs. Lee brought us some food so how about some lunch?"

Don took Angel's hand and led her out of the cave. She hesitated for a moment, then followed his lead. He was amazed that she could see the cave paintings as he couldn't see much without the flashlight. They exited the cave and slowly walked back to the hut. Don made sandwiches and after they ate, they walked down to the beach, and together, they gathered driftwood and palm branches. After a few hours though, Angel's face was quite red and she looked sunburnt.

"Oh Angel," moaned Don. "I think I've pushed you too hard. Let's go inside for a while."

He led her back to the hut and they sat together on the couch. Don thought this was a good time to try to teach her his name. He took her hand, placed it on his chest, and said, "Don. Don."

She smiled as her hand rest on his chest. Then he placed her hand on her chest and said, "Angel. Angel."

She moved her lips, but no sound came out. He put her hand on his chest again. "Don. Don."

"D," she said.

Don's face lit up with a big smile. "Don. Don."

"D ... ah ... n-n-n," she said.

"Don. Don."

"D ... ah ... n-n-n."

"Close enough," he said smiling. "Now, Angel."

He would put her hand on her chest but she wouldn't speak. He released her hand and she put it on his chest again and said, "D ... ah ... n-n-n."

"Good girl, Angel. You're learning."

Don worked with her but she would only repeat his name. When he felt she was becoming frustrated with the speech lessons, he fixed them dinner. Mrs. Lee's food was delicious, and soon, Angel's face began to take on a sleepy look. Don led her to the couch and had her lie down. He debated about taking her to his bed, but he feared he'd end up doing something he might regret later so he sat with her on the couch and stroked her hair until she drifted off to sleep. Don slipped into the bathroom and like before, masturbated over thoughts of making love to Angel. After he climaxed, he took a bath, slipped on some clean boxers, and went to bed.

Don was back in the cave with Angel looking at the cave drawings of the mermaids, specifically, the one that looked the most like Angel. The hair and face were similar, but Angel was a human woman, and the image on the wall was that of a mermaid. As he looked between the image on the wall and Angel, he noticed that her legs didn't look right. They began to take on a rainbow hue and fused together. Angel fell to the ground and her legs became a fish tail, until she looked like the image on the cave wall. Don screamed, "NO! ANGEL! NO!"

"D-O-N-N-N-!" screamed Angel.

Don's eyes snapped open to see Angel standing over him, her hand on his chest, trembling and crying. He realized he must have been screaming in his sleep and she was trying to wake him. He knew he'd scared her, and she must have been trying to wake him for some time. He wrapped his arms around her and said, "I'm so sorry Angel, it was just a bad dream."

Don wanted to kiss her, but refrained and just motioned that she lay with him again. She didn't hesitate and as she had done the night before, she snuggled into him. He kissed the top of her head and stroked her hair as he drifted off to sleep.

When the sun's rays hit Don's face, he woke to morning wood, and a sleeping Angel's hand wrapped around his cock, through his boxers. The feeling sent sparks through his body and he wanted so badly to just push her over and fuck her silly. Instead, he carefully removed her hand, thus waking her up. "Morning Angel."

"D-on," she said.

"At least you're saying my name correctly," he said smiling. "Let's get up and eat so I can visit the village."

They rose, used the restroom, and shared a breakfast of sliced fruits, meats, and bread. Don slipped on a pair of swim trunks, a t-shirt, and sandals, while Angel remained in the clothes from the previous day. "I'm going to the village to buy you some clothes to wear so you won't need to keep borrowing mine, though you do look better in my clothes than I do."

Angel smiled as she watched him dress. "Also, I find you very beautiful, and very desirable. But let me warn you, if I wake up with your hand wrapped around my cock again, I can't be held responsible for my actions."

Angel smiled but said nothing. Once dressed, Don used the tape measure he always took with him to measure fish and used it to measure her breast, waist and hip size so he knew what would fit her. He determined she wore about a 40D bra, and about what size of clothes would fit her. This extra physical contact aroused him even more, and it took all of his self-control to not just carry her back to the bed and ravish her body. Then he grabbed a backpack and walked down to the beach with Angel following him. He pulled the wave runner out, put on the life jacket, and prepared to leave. Angel stood on the shore and whimpered, "Don?"

"You're welcome to come with me," he said.

He knew she wouldn't come near the water and she really seemed frustrated. He walked back to the shore and stood in front of her. "Angel, I will only be gone a short while. You need clothes, and I know you won't come with me, though I don't know why."

She looked up at him and smiled. Don brushed a strand of hair from her face and said, "I'm not sure how much you understand, I just hope you know just how much you mean to me, and just how special you are to me."

He traced her face with his finger as she placed her hand on his chest. "Don."

Don smiled. "Yes, I'm Don."

She put her hand on her chest and said, "A ... a ... a."

Don wrapped his arms around her. "Yes! Angel! That's you!"

He looked down at her, leaned down, and kissed her softly on the lips. He felt the connection and a sense of electricity shoot through his body. "Oh Angel, what are you doing to me?"

He kissed her again, forcing his tongue into her mouth. He probed her mouth and soon their tongues were erotically dancing as his growing erection pressed into her stomach. He broke off the kiss, panting, and brushed her hair out of her face "I'd better stop before I can't. I promise I'll be back shortly." He pointed to the hut. "You go home and wait. I won't be long."

Angel smiled and pointed past the hut to the cave. "Don. A ... a ... a"

"Okay Angel, if you're not in the hut, I'll find you in the cave."

Angel smiled and hugged Don, then released him. He walked into the water, climbed onto the wave runner, started it, and rode off. The ride to the village lasted about 20 minutes and he tied the craft to the dock. He wandered through the little shops until he found three bikinis, two sundresses, some shorts and tops that would fit her. He couldn't find any undergarments, so he just figured she could wear the bikini as underwear. As he walked back to the dock, he saw a man selling jewelry. A piece caught Don's eye and he just knew he had to get it for Angel. The man selling the jewelry smiled as Don paid him. The man wrapped it up and smiled at Don, as if he knew something. Don put the gift into the backpack with the clothes he bought and walked to the pier to head back.

Don rode back to the cove and was surprised to see all the palm leaves and drift wood cleared off the beach and Mr. Lee's boat in the cove. He rode in, anchored the wave runner, and walked up to the hut. Mrs. Lee was sitting on the porch with another basket of food, but Mr. Lee was nowhere to be seen.

"Mrs. Lee, what brings you here?" asked Don.

"Oh Mr. Taylor," said Mrs. Lee surprised. "Mr. Lee wanted to fix the hut before the next storm but it seems you've already done it."

"Next storm?"

"Yes," she said, "supposed to be as big as the last, if not bigger."

"Oh," said Don.

Mr. Lee walked down from direction of the cave. "Oh Mr. Taylor, you're back."

"Yeah, I went into the village for a bit."

"And I see you gathered the driftwood and palm branches as well as fixed the hut," said Mr. Lee.

Don quickly realized who had cleaned the beach but wondered about the repairs. "Thanks. Makes it easier to get around. Where were you?"

"Oh, I was checking out the cave," said Mr. Lee.

"What cave?" lied Don.

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