Simple-minded Cousin

by Switch Blayde

Copyright© 2012 by Switch Blayde

Erotica Sex Story: When Scott attends his mother's funeral, he is reaquainted with a younger cousin he hasn't seen in many years. Her body has matured more than her mind.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Incest   Cousins   First   Oral Sex   .

"Yes she was," Scott responded on auto pilot before escaping the elderly lady, only to bump into yet another one.

"You must be Scottie," she said. "I was a friend of your mother. She was so young."

"Yes she was."

That's the way the day went after his mother's funeral, with everyone paying their respects and offering condolences. Scott wasn't annoyed. He was bored. Having left his wife home with their two sick children, he flew cross country to Florida for the funeral. He loved his late mother, but wished he could return to his normal life.

"Scottie, this is--"

He spun around. "Yes she was."

"Was what?"

Scott stared at his father. "Huh? What did you say?"

"Are you okay, son?" Not waiting for a reply, he said, "As I was saying, this is your cousin Shari. You remember her, don't you? She's your Uncle Jerry's daughter."

Scott stared at the young woman. Shari? Who the fuck was Shari? Oh yeah, the crazy one.

"Shari, of course I remember you. I haven't seen you in years. How are you?"

Scott gasped when his cousin lunged and wrapped her arms around him in a tight hug. "Scottie, I'm so sorry." Her warm breath and lips brushed his cheek as she backed away to drag him to the couch.

About ten years had passed since Scott last saw his cousin. What was it about her? It's not that she was retarded. Slow. Simple-minded. Something about a low IQ. When they were children he avoided the annoying girl always demanding attention. Her parents favored her older sister which left her seeking affection elsewhere. A constant embarrassment to the family, she'd throw herself onto a total stranger, hugging and kissing him.

While Shari babbled, Scott looked her over. Around twenty-four or twenty-five years old, she wasn't pretty, but not ugly, sort of plain. However, she had a great body that had felt nice when she embraced him. Tired of Shari's non-stop chattering, Scott wanted nothing more than the solitude of a dark corner.

"It was great to see you again," he said and kissed her cheek, "but I--"

To Scott's utter shock, she responded with another kiss, different from his other family members who touched the sides of their faces as they politely kissed each other's cheek. This relative kissed him on the mouth. Not a lover's kiss, but her lips felt nice nonetheless. When he recovered, he gave her lips several pecks, and each was returned in kind.

It stopped when Shari hugged her cousin in a crushing embrace. "Oh, Scottie, I love you and I know you love me."

Scott's cock stirred. This was his first cousin. She no longer had a child's body, but what about her mind? He placed a hand on her bare leg near the bottom of her skirt.

"Do you like Florida?" he asked.

"I guess it's okay."

She hadn't pushed his hand away. He stroked her thigh while saying, "The beach must be nice."

"It's okay. It's crowded."

This was interesting. Scott hugged his cousin. She hugged him back. He kissed her on the lips and she returned it. There was nothing sexual about it. It was like a child mimicking.

"Let's go for a walk," Scott said.


Several blocks from the house, Scott draped an arm around his cousin and pulled her close. She leaned her head on him as they walked. Scott slid one hand onto her breast. Shari looked up to say something, but Scott gave her a kiss which she returned. Scott squeezed his cousin's breast.

Shari broke the kiss. "Oh, Scottie, I didn't think anyone loved me. You love me, don't you?"

"Of course I love you. Would I be doing this if I didn't?"

Shari crushed her lips to his. Not the pecking kiss as in the house, but a passionate one. When Scott slipped his tongue into her mouth, hers flicked against it. All the while Scott played with her breast.

"Do you really love me?" Scott asked.

"Of course I do. You're my cousin and I love you."

"Would you like to show me how much you love me?"

Shari jumped up and down like a giddy schoolgirl. "Yes! Yes!"

Scott pulled Shari into an alley.

"One way to show someone you love them is to kiss them," Scott said. When Shari lifted her chin and puckered her lips, Scott shook his head. "We've already done that. There are other ways."

Shari stared at her cousin. Scott saw the confusion.

"There are other ways to kiss. Do you want me to teach you?"

"Oh yes. Show me. Please show me."

Scott led the girl to a wooden crate and told her to sit. He unbuckled his belt and opened his pants. As he lowered the zipper, Scott looked for signs to stop. He saw none. Shari watched and waited.

"You see," Scott said as he pulled his semi-rigid cock from his underwear, "this is another part of the body that likes to be kissed. When a girl loves a boy she kisses his penis."

Shari looked at her cousin's dick and then up at his face. "B-But I thought we weren't supposed to show those parts to each other. Only bad girls do that."

"It's bad when it's done without love. But I thought we loved each other." Scott pulled up his pants and started re-buckling his belt. "I'm sorry. I misunderstood you. I thought you loved me."

"I do! I didn't know. Please let me kiss it. I love you, Scottie. I always have. Let me prove it to you. Please take your thing out so I can kiss it."

"Lovers call it a cock, Shari. Tell me what you want to do and use the right words. We're not children any longer."

"Scottie, please open your pants and take your, um," she glanced down, "cock out." Looking up, she said, "I love you and want to kiss your cock."

A sexual thrill rushed through Scott. As he freed his cock, he told Shari that when people love each other they show it, but don't tell anyone else what they did. That would mean they didn't really love the other person. That's why she never heard of people doing this. It would be wrong for them to talk to her about it.

After seeing his young cousin nod her understanding, Scott nudged her legs apart and stepped between them with his dick in front of her face. He waited.

Shari kissed the tip. She jerked back.

"It moved." Her eyes were wide.

"That means you made it happy." Scott bit his lip to keep from laughing.

Shari smiled and kissed it again. This time when it twitched she snagged it with her fingers. The cock sprang to full erection as she planted kisses up and down the shaft. With child-like wonderment, Shari looked up at Scott.

"It got swollen."

"That's normal. Let me explain. When two people love each other they do things and their bodies react. When you kiss my cock, it gets hard. If you really love a man, you put his cock in your mouth and lick and suck it. Then, not only does it get hard, but the cock releases a special love juice for the girl to eat. There are things the man does to the woman to show his love, too. I'll tell you about that later. Do you understand?"

"I guess. I'm supposed to suck it and you'll pee in my mouth?"

"Yes, uh, no. Well yes, you are supposed to suck it. But no, I won't pee in your mouth. If you suck and lick my cock with love, it will release something called cum, not pee. It's only produced by lovemaking. It's the reward for showing your love. The man gives you cum to show how much he enjoyed it."

Dammit, she doesn't understand, Scott thought. How will I--?

Shari opened her mouth and closed her lips around the swollen dick. She sucked and licked it, swirling her tongue around the cock-head.

Scott watched the innocent face. Seeing her lips stretched around his erection and knowing his was the first cock inside her mouth fueled the thrill. Each time his cousin's cheeks hollowed, his cock throbbed with excitement. But when he noticed her crossed eyes staring at the hard cock, he couldn't remain passive any longer. Grabbing Shari's ears, he guided her head back and forth. Soon Shari moved her head on her own.

"That's it," Scott said with a raspy voice, "you're wonderful. I love the way you suck cock. Do it faster. Yes, like that. You're going to make me come. Get ready for your reward. Remember to swallow. Oh, god, here ... here it comes."

Scott grabbed the back of his cousin's head and clamped his eyes shut. He fired one, two, three, and then a fourth glob of semen into her mouth. The girl gulped it down.

When Scott looked at the stunned face, Shari's cheeks were ballooned and her eyes popping. He released her head and she tilted it back. The cock popped from her lips. As she took deep breaths with an open mouth, Scott noticed the white remnants of semen on her tongue.

Shari looked up at him. "You peed in my mouth."

"No, no, that wasn't pee." He squeezed his cock to force a dollop of fresh sperm out. "See, this is not pee. Look at it. It's thick and white. Pee is yellow and like water. I told you, this is cum. It's a gift of love."

"It tastes funny."

"You have to get used to it. Do you like grapefruit?"


"Did you like it the first time you ate it?"

Shari scrunched her face. "No, it was sour. It tasted funny."

"This is the same thing. You have to acquire a taste for it. Once you do, you'll love it. Here, taste it again." He held his cock in front of her face, squeezing it.

Scott watched his naïve cousin's pink tongue swipe the semen off the tip of his cock. It was the most sensual thing he had ever seen.

"Thank you, Shari, now I know you love me. What you did is done only by a girl who loves a man. Now I'm going to show you how much I love you. Do you want me to love you?"

"Oh yes, Scottie, please love me."

Scott fastened his pants and dropped to his knees. When he lifted Shari's skirt, she swatted his hand away and yanked it down.

"Don't be afraid," he said. "Just like I had to show you my cock in order for you to love it, I will have to lift your skirt and pull your panties down. Okay?"

"I'm not supposed to."

"You're not supposed to with a stranger. But we love each other. So it's all right to do it with me. Okay?"

"I, um, I guess. If you say so."

Scott flipped his cousin's skirt up to her waist, exposing her plain white cotton panties. Seeing panties under a raised skirt turned Scott on. He slipped his fingers inside the waistband and dragged the panties downward. The dark curly pubic hairs came into view and Scott knew he had won.

When the top of her slit appeared, he lost patience and yanked the panties out from under her butt and down, leaving them around one ankle. Scott reveled in the sight of her skirt bunched at her waist and everything below it naked. Putting a hand on each knee, he shoved them apart. He pressed his mouth against her virgin pussy and gave it a long, lingering kiss. Looking up, he saw a shocked expression on his young cousin's face.

"You kissed it."

"I'm going to do more than that."

"But why?"

"Because I love you. I'm going to make you feel real good. Now relax and enjoy it."

Scott placed his hands on her hips and licked the entire length of her slit. Over and over again he positioned his tongue at the bottom and dragged it to the top. With each lick, Scott felt his cousin shudder.

After licking the moisture from his lips, Scott asked, "Did you like that?"

"I think so. It feels kinda funny, but a good funny. Do it some more. Please."

Smiling, Scott returned his attention to his cousin's pussy. He pried the labia apart with his thumbs and stared at the pink flesh within. Spotting the clitoris, he flicked it with his tongue.

Shari jerked her hips. "Ohhh."

After several more flicks of the tip of his tongue, Scott dragged the broad part over the clitoris five or six times. When her pussy juices flowed, Scott inserted his thumb into her hole. It was tight, but went in all the way. Scott looked up at his cousin.

"Have you ever bled here?" He wiggled his thumb.

Shari's eyes darted away from his. In a soft voice she said, "When I get my monthlies."

"I mean before that. Before you had your monthlies."

"Oh. When I fell on my bike. The seat, it, um, it hurt me down there."

Scott resumed his licking and Shari's moaning and squirming urged him on. He finger-fucked his cousin while licking and sucking her clitoris.

"Oh god," Shari cried out. "That feels so, so ... Oh Scottie, do that. Yes, yes."

Shari pulled Scott's hair. Her hips jerked. Her legs opened and closed around his shoulders. Then her body stiffened and her butt lifted off the crate. Her juices spurted into his mouth. When she sat back down, Scott let the liquid collected in his mouth drip onto the already moist pussy.

He stood up and took a few steps back. Shari was sitting on the crate leaning against the wall with her legs spread wide. Her eyes were closed and her chest heaving as she caught her breath. Her entire pubic area was coated with saliva. The labia remained apart and Scott thought he could actually see them throbbing.

Shari's eyes popped open and her hand flew between her legs. She touched herself.

"Scottie, what did you do?"

"The same sort of thing you did to me. Just like you loved my cock, I loved your pussy. That's what people who love each other do. Did you like it?"

"Oh yes," she said with a sheepish smile, "I liked it a lot."

"Good. Now let's get dressed and go back to the house. Later we'll go to my hotel and I'll show you how to really make love."

Scott squinted at the battery symbol through the digital camera's viewfinder. Fully charged, he was about to return it to the dresser when he heard the knock. He placed it on the bed. When he opened his hotel room door, his young cousin pounced on him, smothering him with a hug and numerous kisses.

"I'm glad to see you, too," Scott said as he untangled Shari's arms and legs from his body.

"Oh, Scottie, I'm so glad you came to visit."

A visit? He was there for his mother's funeral.

"I'm glad, too, especially since I got to see you. Hey, I have an idea." He snapped his fingers. "Let me take some pictures to remember you by."

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