Nude Holly Day

by RejectReality

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Erotica Sex Story: Alan's assistant Holly is good at her job, and he couldn't be happier to have helped her when she was just a desperate runaway. When he takes a long weekend at his favorite retreat at the nudist camp after finishing a major new campaign, a very unexpected surprise awaits him.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Nudism   .

After a signature and a handshake, I escorted my newest client to the door. It was easily the biggest account I'd ever landed. My team and I had a lot of work ahead of us to make sure they were happy. It was our first state-wide campaign, and a steal from a competitor. If we pulled it off, it could mean big things for the company.

I turned around to see Holly holding up two slips of paper. "Two calls while you were in your meeting. I referred one of them down to Wes because it was social networking, and the other to Carl because it was print. Emailed you the contact information so you can follow up."

"Thanks, Holly. You can go ahead home for the day. I appreciate you staying late."

She smiled, and I was once again struck by what a beautiful young woman she'd become. Her hair caught up in a blonde ponytail, she looked every inch the career woman in her white collared top and knee-length black skirt.

"I didn't have anything better to do, and I can use the money."

"Well, you should have something better to do. You forget that I can see your apartment from my front window. You need to get out and meet some people. It's summer. Go to the beach. There's more to life than work."

She stood up, smoothed out her skirt, and offered a crooked grin as her eyebrows lifted. "Look who's talking. See you tomorrow."

Best decision I've ever made in my life, I thought as she walked around her desk toward the front door. I certainly hadn't considered that possibility when she walked in looking for a job two years earlier.

Both of the assistants I'd hired quit on the same day with no warning right as our call volume was going through the ceiling. I was furiously calling temp agencies when one of my graphic designers whom I'd pressed into answering the phone walked in and said someone was looking for a job.

I knew she was young as soon as I saw her. She didn't have a resume - didn't have much more than an out of state driver's license that showed she was seventeen. Desperate, I gave her a chance.

To my surprise, she caught on quickly, and sounded remarkably professional when she answered the phone. We got through the day, and more than one person told me to hire her before she realized what she was getting into.

Something was nagging at me, though. She had been less than forthcoming in the brief interview I'd given her, so I called her into the office at the end of the day. I confronted her, telling her that I was considering hiring her on a permanent basis, but she was going to have to answer a few questions first.

The last thing I expected was that her mother had thrown her out three months earlier, and that she had been bouncing from shelter to shelter the whole time. My heart nearly broke as the story emerged - reluctantly at first - and then in a tear-filled gush.

I offered her the job - which I came to find out she did so well simply from emulating what she'd seen assistants do on television, of all things - and something more.

One of the furnished apartments in the rental property I owned across the street from my house was empty. If she was going to be working for me, she needed a proper place to stay. I also gave her an advance on her salary to be repaid in small deductions so she could buy food and clothes to get started.

It was all conditional on her taking night classes to get her high school diploma.

Two years later, she had her diploma, had paid off the loan, and had convinced me to let her do housecleaning for me to help her save for college.

All on top of becoming the best assistant I could have ever hoped for.

The reminiscing made me smile as I packed up my briefcase to head home. The new client did mean that I was going to have to give up my regular weekend retreat for a while. I made a mental note to contact a couple of friends at the nudist camp, so they wouldn't wonder what had happened to me over the next few weeks. It was tough to think about giving up the prime summer hours of freedom, but my team had already agreed to cancel vacations if we landed the account. I could do no less.

I just hoped everything would be wrapped in time to make the big end of summer party at the camp.

As usual, I'd dragged my work home with me. Two weeks into the push for our new client, there were designs, slogans, and ideas aplenty for me to review and make decisions on. I had never liked doing that at the office, with all the distractions.

I did have a distraction that evening, though. Holly had come over to clean the spare bedroom, bathroom, and sunroom at the back of the house. It wasn't that she was loud or interrupting me, but rather her attire.

I had nearly choked when I answered the door to see her dressed in a pair of short-shorts and a tight tank top. I suppose it made sense, considering how hot it was even in the evening. The heat wave had my air conditioning working overtime to the point the electric bills at the office were becoming alarming. Even the walk across the street from her apartment had to be sweltering.

Somehow, I held back my surprise as I let her in. I'd never seen her dressed in anything so revealing before, and it shocked me to the core. For her part, she didn't act as if it was anything unusual, and went straight to work after a brief greeting.

I couldn't get the image out of my head, and it was making it difficult to concentrate. For one thing, it was strange that she'd caused me such a stir while dressed - if barely - when I usually spent my weekends around people who were completely nude. The camp attracted its fair share of young women every so often, so it wasn't simply her youth.

For another, the tops and blouses she wore to work hid all evidence of her breasts. The tank top hid almost nothing, giving me my first real impression of the small, firm globes topped with tiny points. If she was wearing a bra, it must have been as thin as tissue paper.

Somehow, I pushed through, making notations on the material my team had delivered in recent days. I sat back and sighed as I finished, squeezing the stiff muscles in the back of my neck while I thought about pouring a glass of wine.

"I wondered if you were ever going to take a break," I heard Holly say behind me.

I turned around to see her holding a glass of wine, which she then held out to me.

"I was just thinking about pouring a glass."

"I know. You're a bit predictable when you're focusing on a project." She smiled and winked, the gesture so inherently sexy that I nearly fumbled my glass. "Almost done, so I'll be out of your hair in a little bit."

"Thank you," I said, raising the glass.

"Cheers," she responded, and then giggled as she returned to her work.

I caught my eyes drifting toward her barely covered, taut bottom swaying as she walked away. I quickly averted my eyes and took a long pull of wine.

Once she left a short while later, I switched to whisky.

Fortunately, Holly was dressed as usual for work, and the previous night's shock soon wore off. The place was abuzz, and I only realized it was lunch time because my stomach was growling. A look at the clock left me a little confused, so I buzzed Holly and asked, "Did I miss whoever was taking the lunch orders?"

"No, you didn't miss him."

Assuming that everyone must be too busy to think about organizing a lunch order, I decided to call for something. I was just reaching for the phone when the door opened.

"Lunch is served," Holly said as she walked in the room carrying a plate.

"What's this?" I asked as she sat it down. The roast with vegetables certainly hadn't come from any restaurant.

"You're not taking care of yourself," she chided as she sat down flatware next to the plate. "So, I'm going to make sure that you at least eat something good."

"You made this?" I asked, not even knowing that she cooked.

"Yes. Try it."

I picked up the fork and cut into a potato, swirling it through the broth before taking the bite. It was good - excellent in fact. "This is wonderful, but you don't have to, Holly."

"I want to. Enjoy. I'll pick up the plate when I leave."

She went back to her work, and I was hardly one to argue. The scent was making my mouth water and my stomach growl even louder. It was more than a cut above what I'd been ordering in, and it made me wonder how she'd learned to cook so well when her relationship with her mother was so poor.

Unfortunately, the pleasant respite was over when I cleaned the plate, and I had to return to the grind. Once again, I lost track of time, though I was catching up on a few other matters, because my team was busy with revisions for the new client. So, Holly surprised me again when she walked in.

"I'm heading home for the day. Was it good?" she asked as she picked up the plate.

"Excellent. Thank you, Holly."

"You're welcome. Don't bring anything for lunch tomorrow or order anything, and don't stay too late. I know this client is important, but you're not going to be at your best if you don't get enough rest. Goodbye."


Naturally, I wondered what had brought her gesture on, but there was a fairly obvious answer. She'd come to me with virtually nothing, and I'd taken her under my wing, helping her get on her feet. She was simply repaying me for what I'd done for her over the last couple of years. It was yet another quality that bode well for her future. She wasn't one to take without giving back.

I packed up my briefcase with a few things I wanted to wait for the quiet of home to review, and headed out the door as well. I'd stayed late every night for the last several days, and with nothing likely to come out for the new client until the next day, I took advantage of the brief lull.

A look through my pantry when I got there made me wonder what Holly was making for dinner, as my choices were slim. Resigned to making a shopping list - and perhaps paying a little more attention to the healthiness of my cuisine as my assistant had suggested - I threw together a quick meal before sitting down to work.

I chuckled after finishing my less than satisfying dinner when the thought popped into my head that at least I had lunch tomorrow to look forward to.

As the days rolled by, I realized that I was sleeping better, and had more energy. I'd never really put much stock in a change of diet having a profound effect, but after modifying what I ate at home, on top of the lunch Holly provided every day, I became a believer.

The distractions at work no longer seemed to stifle my thought process, so I stopped taking my work home with me. That put me going to bed earlier, and more relaxed, which fed into the cycle. Stepping on my scale the morning we were going to present the full campaign to our new client, I was shocked to see that I'd lost five pounds.

The presentation was a roaring success, and the campaign was approved to go into motion immediately. We had a day of celebration at work, and then went back to the less hectic but steady daily grind. Best of all, we'd finished just in time, and I told my friends at the camp to expect me for the festivities.

That left just one matter as yet unresolved.

I was packing up my briefcase when Holly walked in to retrieve the dishes from my lunch. She let out a theatrical gasp and said, "Leaving at quitting time?"

"Yes, I am," I said as I closed the briefcase and picked it up. "And, I have a surprise for you."


"You've been working late, so I'm giving you an extra paid day off on Friday. I'm taking the long weekend anyway, so you may as well enjoy yourself too. I have a temp coming in to cover for you."

"I guess I could use another day to relax."

"You should take it and go do something. Meet some people. Take a chance."

She blushed ever so slightly. "Maybe I will."

"I hope you do. I took your advice, and it's done me well. Give mine a shot."

A shrug and a giggle didn't commit to much, but it was better than her usual somewhat frightened look at the prospect of venturing somewhere other than the office or home.

"Any special requests for lunch tomorrow?" she asked as we walked toward the door.

"Things have calmed down. I can always go out for lunch - and get something healthy."

"I like doing it. All my recipes are too much for one, and I can only eat the same leftovers so many times. Besides, it reminds me of my grandmother."

I paused before opening my office door for her. "Why's that?"

"She's the one who taught me how to cook. I spent most of my time there until she passed away three years ago."

What she left unspoken was that once the safe haven of her grandmother's house was gone, the downward spiral that had left her a runaway began. "Well, okay then. No special requests. Everything you make is wonderful. I should have you cater the company parties."

"I'd actually like that," she responded, a beaming smile spreading across her beautiful face.

I opened the door and said, "We'll have to see about making it happen, then," as I followed her out.

After the hectic pace of the previous few weeks, the last few days until my long weekend felt as if they were never going to end. But, end they did, and I pulled my R.V. out of a storage building outside of town before the sun had even come up. I made it to the camp not much after daybreak and discovered that I wasn't going to be lonely.

Even though the festivities didn't officially start until that day, many people had arrived as early as the beginning of the week. The lure of the lake and abandoning clothing that trapped the unusually high temperatures promised a large turnout this year.

I pulled into my reserved spot and had friends on hand as soon as I gratefully shed my clothes and stepped out into the dappled sunlight beneath the trees to hook up the electric and water lines.

"My, Alan. I thought you were buried in work. It looks more as if you've been working out," one of my friend's wives commented as they approached.

"Yeah, what's this sob-story about a new account running you ragged?" Dave added. "Just trying to surprise us with the new you, I think."

I couldn't help but grin and laugh. I had a story to tell right away.

There was never a better day to be naked - provided you had the good sense to wear plenty of insect-repelling sunscreen. A strong breeze blew off the lake, which was a sharp contrast to the still and stifling air in the city. Ice cold tea, beer, and the shade from both my awning and the trees successfully battled the record high temperatures.

There was plenty to catch up on after my too-long absence, and the annual event drew out all the friends I'd met over the years. It was the last blast of the summer. Before too much longer, the nights would usually be cold enough that naked and outdoors didn't go together well at all. A few of us who were diehards would keep coming out until the daytime temperature dropped below 70, but for most part, things slowed down a lot after this weekend.

I fired up the grill at lunch time, and managed to cook burgers without grease pops hitting any sensitive portions of my anatomy. No small feat when you're naked, but I had a spatula with a long handle and years of practice. I felt a little guilty about the greasy treat, but figured that I could cheat a little here and there as long as I kept to my new diet most of the time.

I was laughing at a joke one of my friends told when I heard a familiar voice. Gretchen was a regular who had made it her personal mission to welcome newcomers - especially women - and make them comfortable. As everyone else looked her way, I heard distinct words instead of just her voice for the first time.

"Here we are."

I turned as well and got the shock of my life.

"Thank you," Holly said to Gretchen as my widening eyes fell upon her.

In that second of stunned disbelief, my brain took a snapshot that I knew I would never forget. Her breasts were little more than a handful, but on her slight frame, they looked far larger. The ponytail of her golden hair danced in the wind next to one of those firm globes.

Her nipples were small, standing out from the nearly perfect circles of her areolae, which were about the size of a bottle cap. Below, her flat tummy and trim waist flared out into narrow hips, and then down to long, stunning legs. Between them, there was only smooth skin without a single hair, and the shadowy hint of a cleft between the mounds of her outer lips.

"Holly?" I heard myself say as I tried to process what had just happened.

One of my friends asked, "From your work?"

My assistant walked toward us, the grace of her walk even more stunning in her nudity. "Mmm hmm. I'm not intruding, am I?"

"Of course not. Come sit down," someone said as I hung on the edge of panic by nothing more than my fingernails.

My friend Tom vacated the chair right in front of me to sit on the steps of the R.V. instead, and she sat down in front of me. Her cheeks showed just a few hints of pink as she said, "You told me to take a chance."

It only dawned on me at that moment that I was just as naked as her - adding to my anxiety.

Tom let out a laugh. "Look at you, Alan. You look like you've seen a ghost."

Somewhere between the irritation and embarrassment, I snapped out of my stupor to turn toward him and scowl, which only made him laugh all the louder.

"I didn't let him know I was coming," Holly offered.

Tom's wife Jeanie piped up, "Don't tease him, Tom." She then asked, "So, you're a nudist?"

"It's my first time, actually. Except at home," Holly answered.

"A little nervous?" Jeanie asked.

Holly let out a quiet chuckle that perfectly reflected her answer. "A lot."

"Well, there's no need to be. Any friend of Alan's is a friend of ours, and we're all nude. So, we hear you're responsible for his shrinking tummy."

It was surreal. My friends accepted her without a second thought, and though she was obviously a little uncomfortable at first, she warmed to them and relaxed.

I wasn't doing anywhere near that well.

Every time I glanced in her direction when she spoke, my eyes wanted to linger and roam. For the first time in a long time, I was fighting an erection. It had been years since I'd had that problem at the camp.

I popped another beer, and it provided a handy way to obstruct her in my peripheral vision. My friends also took a hand, though I was too distracted to realize what they were doing at first. They kept steering the conversation toward my work, prompting Holly and me to both talk. Slowly, but surely, it took the edge off my anxiety.

Of course, the nine beers helped. I normally wouldn't have polished off a ninth until well into the evening - if at all.

Don't get me wrong. Every time I glanced her way or thought about sitting naked across from my equally nude assistant, it had a pucker effect. I was more than a little lightheaded as I grilled pork cutlets late that afternoon. Still, I smiled when Holly complimented my cooking. It was no small praise considering the skill at the task she'd suddenly sprung on me a few weeks earlier.

Finally, I got a reprieve as my friends talked Holly into going down by the lake for the music festival after supper. They knew I wouldn't go, as I had always avoided the larger events. I preferred a small circle of friends, and it was better for my business if I kept a low profile as well.

I wasn't able to resist the final temptation as they walked up the trail out of the trees. Holly's perfect, tight young bottom swaying as she walked all but hypnotized me until it vanished from sight.

I threw caution to the wind at that point and had beer number ten. Kicking back in my reclining lawn chair and listening to the music drifting up to me from the lake lulled me into a near doze as the sun set. The moon appeared right over top of the small clearing of my camp, and I stared up at it, enjoying the evening and doing my best not to think about how awkward Monday morning was likely to be.

I was also trying not to think about Holly, but the image of her was burned into my mind's eye. Between work and the attached status of most of the women I knew at camp, it had been a while for me. Getting my business off the ground on top of handling my rental properties hadn't left much time for romance since graduating college. No matter how disconcerting it was, there was no doubt she had stirred up neglected physical needs.


The sip of beer I'd just taken went down the wrong pipe when Holly surprised me. I had been absorbed in my own thoughts - and I must admit fantasies - so I hadn't heard her approach.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes. Okay," I answered between coughs.

"I ... I just wondered. Is it okay with you that I'm here?"

I sat my nearly empty beer down, doing my best not to look at her and hoping that she didn't notice I was about half hard. "Of course. I'm not your boss here. You can do whatever you like."

"But is it really okay with you?"

"I'd be lying if I said I wasn't surprised, and that it didn't make me think about how we're going to handle it at work."

She didn't respond for a few seconds, and then suddenly asked, "Am I ugly?"

That took me aback, and I looked up at her, making sure to maintain strict eye contact. "Of course not."

"Then why do you try not to look at me?"

"I just don't know how to handle it, Holly."

She stepped closer, right next to my chair. "Just look at me. Please."

I let my eyes roam over her body briefly, fighting the surge of blood it caused into my nether regions, and said, "You're a beautiful young woman, Holly."

"Are my breasts too small?"

"They're perfect." As soon as I said it, I thought better of it, but it was too late.

Her lips turned up into a smile. "So, you think I'm pretty? You like my body?"

I did my best to channel a thousand previous conversations with women at the camp, complimenting them without implying anything sexual. "You're trim, with just the right amount of curve, and you have a stunning smile, Holly."

"I like your body too." She glanced between my legs for a moment, and her cheeks reddened a little. "It's bigger than I imagined."

Imagined? That? The thought flashed through my head as I responded, "Thank you."

"Would you..." She paused and bit her lower lip. "Would you like to touch me?"

I swear my eyes had to be the size of saucers when she said that. They certainly felt that way. Then, when she leaned over my chair, my mouth dropped open, though not a word came out. Closer and closer she came, until finally she whispered, "Please," and kissed me.

I was too stunned to respond - at least consciously. She pulled back, a pout that was both heart-breaking and somehow incredibly sexy on her face. I finally found my voice.

"Holly, I'm twice your age."

"Why does that matter?" she asked, still hovering over me. By this point, I was stone hard and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it.

"I don't want you to do something you'll regret."

"I won't. I've ... I've thought about it a lot. I can't stop thinking about it. I've been trying everything to get your attention. You've been so nice to me, and you're so handsome, and ... Please, I need it. I want you to touch me."

"Holly, you could have any man you want. Someone your own age."

"I want you." Before I could react, she reached back and laid a hand on my cock. Her eyes widened and she gasped.

I couldn't stop the groan that escaped me.

"It's so hard," she whispered, wrapping her fingers around me.

"Holly ... Oh god."

"Does that feel good?"

I can't even begin to describe how difficult it was to grab her wrist. Difficult enough that I didn't tug very hard in trying to encourage her to let go.

"Am I doing it wrong?"

"No, you're not doing it wrong, but we shouldn't do this."

"You're hard. That means you want to, doesn't it?"

My mind raced, trying to figure out some way out of the situation that wasn't going to hurt her, but my head was a muddle.

Before I could think of anything, she said, "You've always told me the truth. You want to be with me, don't you?"

The trap tightened around me even though her hand uncurled from around my cock. I don't know what else I could have said. "Yes."

"Then please touch me. I want to know what it's like."

I blinked in surprise at what those words and the tone of her voice implied, my mouth once again well ahead of my brain. "Are you a virgin?"

"No," she answered with a nervous timbre in her voice. "There were two boys, but they ... I didn't..." Her hand slipped from my hardness as she stood up with a look of shame on her face.

Conscious that we had already far exceeded the spirit of the no public sex rule of the camp, if not the letter, and that she was delving into elements of her past that were very personal, I said, "Maybe we should go inside."

The tone of her voice and her body language when she'd mentioned those two previous encounters also suggested something that was making me very angry.

She hesitated for a moment, and then nodded. I could see that her eyes were misty with unshed tears. As soon as she stood back up, I swung my legs out of the chair and stood as well. She looked on the verge of bolting, so I instinctively clasped her hand.

"You're trembling," I said as soon as I felt it. She cast her eyes downward and I added, "It's okay, Holly. Let's just go inside."

I took a step, and she followed, her hand tightening in mine. I led her up the stairs into the R.V. and then to a couch. When I let go of her hand and sat down, she did as well.

"Holly, you don't have to say anything if you don't want to, but did those boys force themselves on you?"

She finally looked at me again and shook her head.

"You're sure?"

She nodded and said, "Mmm hmm."

I breathed a sigh of relief. I was almost certain until that moment that in addition to everything else she'd endured in her life, that she'd been raped as well. "Okay. Good. You had me worried."

"It just wasn't..." She stopped and shook her head.

Despite both of us being nude, my protective instincts had finally overruled the arousal she'd inspired. My erection drooped, and I found that I could look at her without feeling guilty. "It's okay, Holly. You don't have to say any more, unless you need to talk about it."

Apparently, she did.

The words emerged in a rush. "The first time, it really hurt and I made him stop. He got mad and left and wouldn't talk to me any more. And the other ... It was after Mom told me to leave. It was cold, and I was hungry, and he bought me something to eat. He talked to me for a while, and then he said I could stay with him."

I knew where this was going.

"I didn't really want to at first because I was scared, but it was cold, and he was nice. Then when he started touching me that night, it sort of felt good. We ... You know. But, I never..."

"He just got what he wanted and didn't care about whether you did," I speculated.

She nodded. "I stayed for two more days and we did it a couple of times, but I never ... Then a girl came over while I was there and I ran away while she was yelling at us."

"I'm sorry, Holly. That's not how it's supposed to be."

Her eyes focused in on mine and she fidgeted for a moment before saying in a small voice, "Could you show me how it should be?"

Oh boy.

"You said you wanted to," she added when I hesitated.

"Yes, there's a part of me that does. But, Holly, you should have more than that."

"I haven't had anything," she argued - a little frustration creeping into her voice. She snapped her gaze away from me, her shoulders slumping as she stared down at the arm of the couch.


She shook her head and curled up more, leaning away from me.

I was being pulled a dozen different ways at once. It was obvious that she'd come here with sex as her goal, and nothing I'd said had swayed her. I was afraid for both of us if I gave in to the desire I couldn't deny, yet there was little doubt of the hurt that refusing her would cause.

"Holly, I don't want to hurt you." I reached out and touched her shoulder.

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