One June Day

by WVBoy

Copyright© 2012 by WVBoy

Erotica Sex Story: One June day, a trip to the lake, a pair of fishermen, all mix together to make one of the most memorable days that Katie had ever experienced. Fishing may not have been good, but catching a prize winner made the day worth while.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Wife Watching   Group Sex   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Exhibitionism   Public Sex   .

It was one of those beautiful early June days, the cool days of Spring were behind us and the hot days of Summer still in the future. The kids were at camp, leaving Katie and I alone to our own devices for the week.

I'm not a mind reader, but I already knew how the next few days would play out. I knew that Katie would be on the hunt again, looking for any and all strange cock she could line up. For her it had been a long dry spell, since the children were growing up and asking too many questions, she had to limit her activities to times the kids were out of the house for a day or two.

Even after the children, Katie had managed, with the help of the local gym, to maintain her great hour glass figure. Even with her at 32 she could still pass for 20. She loved to go into a bar and be carded. Katie had no problem getting men to notice her and with her eyes she could send the message, "I want fucked", across the most crowded room and could single out one man or sometimes send it to several men at the same time. By letting her legs fall open just enough to give someone a quick look at her pussy, she could tie a "follow me" rope around any male's neck. After having children her breasts had remained large, they had gone from the original 34B to a great 36C and believe me that is something that I never complained about. Katie only had one shortcoming on her body and she had taken care of that a couple of years ago. Katie was born with inverted nipples, but with the help of a local plastic surgeon, now she had nipples that were about three quarters of an inch long and stuck straight out. She was a couple pounds heavier now, but every pound had been put on in all the right places. She had a beautiful heart shaped ass and still had the little heart shaped patch of hair above her pussy that went back to the first night she broke out of her shell.

Katie had been blessed or cursed, depending on how you look at it, with a body that could be turned on by just touching it. She could have at least one orgasm during the act of foreplay, most times more than one. If she was in a crowd, if you listened close you hear her breathing slow down and her begin to moan as other bodies rubbed against hers. Suddenly she would grab my arm to keep from falling on the floor as her orgasm swept through her body.

Over the years Katie had changed from the shy young girl that I had married, one that wouldn't show a knee, to what she had become now, a "Hot Wife". Now Katie could hardly wait for another opportunity to show off her beautiful body, not only did she love showing her body but she loved to use it.

Katie was sitting in the kitchen when I came in from parking the car, she spoke up, "Since we are free today, why don't we take the day off and go to the lake. I have a new bikini that I am dying to show off."

"That sounds like a plan to me."

Together we packed the car with everything we would need for the day ahead. Grabbed a cola each we hit the road for the lake, the trip would take about an hour, about forty-five minutes on the interstate and then another fifteen over the access road.

Driving down the interstate, Katie couldn't wait to get back into her old life style of being a free spirit, even if it was only going to last but for two weeks. She unbuttoned her top and removed her bra, reclined her seat and began to day dream and enjoy the bright sunlight streaming through the window.

Watching her reclining with the sun shining brightly onto her face and bare breasts, it looked like they were being spotlighted. As we drove to the lake, I made sure that every time I passed a truck, I would spend some extra time matching the trucks speeds so that they could have time for a prolonged view of her wonderful boobs. This favor was repaid by several long blasts on the air horn from those that were enjoying the view. As Katie came out of her light slumber, she asked, "Are those horns for me?"

"You know it, babe."

"Well let's give them something to blow about."

Not wanting to pass up an opportunity to show her body, she removed her top revealing her beautiful breasts, pulled off her shorts, tossing both into the back seat. With her left hand she reached over and unbuckled my belt, unfastened my pants and slid the zipper down. Her small fingers encircled my rapidly growing cock. Slowly she withdrew my hardened member from my boxers and began to massage it with one hand and at the same time started to rub herself with the other. "Now pull up beside one of those trucks, let's see how they like this show." This was a routine that had been played out many times over the years. Katie could cum on the drop of a dime; with the right stimulation and for her, nothing was more stimulating that being watched. As we pulled up beside a big rig, she rolled down the window; the tinted window was partially blocking the view that she wanted the driver to have. As Katie looked out the window, waved at the young driver behind the wheel of the truck and I blew the horn, the driver gave a wave to acknowledge showing that he was enjoying the show.

Katie let her hand slip from around my cock and began to pay attention to herself alone. With one hand she was drawing circles around her hard nipples, with the other she was rubbing her clit faster and faster, she reminded me of a professional musician playing an instrument. She began to writhe all over the seat, eyes closed, mouth open and moaning louder and louder. Gone were all the cares of the world, sex was the center of her thinking and her actions. She began to pinch her nipple harder and pressing one finger into her dampened pussy. Now two fingers, faster and faster the movement continued. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming." With those words she raised her body off the seat and shoved three fingers into her now very wet pussy. Harder and harder she rammed those fingers into herself. I knew that images of past cocks, large and small, long and short were running through her mind. Then just as fast as it started, it was over. With a loud scream, Katie settled back down into her seat, the truck driver hit the horn one more time as we picked up speed and continued our trip to the lake.

Katie had managed to finish putting herself back into order when we pulled into the parking lot. "I'll go rent a canoe and load all of our stuff on it while you change into your bikini."

Walking into the office, it seemed to be manned by only one person, a well tanned young man that appeared to be in his early twenties. I asked him about canoe rentals and told him that we would take one for the day. As I was finishing the paper work, Katie came in behind me wearing a button up shirt that she had left open. Underneath, in plain view was the new bikini that she had mentioned. This was wilder than Katie had ever worn in public. It was made up of three very small triangles of white cloth, held together with strings. The triangles were so small that you could see dark brown around the patches on her top and almost half of her heart shaped patch of hair down below.

Katie was making no effort to hide anything from the young man at the counter. Walking up to me, she pulled the lower triangle down and asked, "Do you think that I should have shaved the rest of me before wearing this?"

Katie was in her world, putting on a show for a strange man. The young man behind the counter was doing everything he could to keep his lower half hidden by the counter as he tried to adjust the tent in his shorts so that it would not show.

After filling out the paper work, the young man escorted us to the dock, unlocked a canoe. Katie true to form asked him if he could show her how to put on the life vest. He was doing everything he could to keep from touching her almost bare tits, but every time he tried to avoid them she would turn so that his hand would fall on her bare skin. As she was getting her lesson, I piled everything else into the canoe and prepared to leave the dock. Katie was helped into the canoe by the young man. Then he asked, "Is there anything else I can do to help."

With her small hand Katie reached up and grabbed his swollen member, "No, but I think there is something I could do to help you, if I only had the time. Go back to the office and take care of that, before it explodes."

With that we were off for the day. The lake was so calm that it looked like a mirror reflecting the surrounding trees with almost no distortion. Paddling across the lake, not a sound could be heard except the birds singing all around us, and the splash of the paddle. One of the draws for this lake is the fact that boats with motors are not permitted on the water. The lake is about two miles long but only 200 yards wide at its widest point, several small streams feed into the lake; our destination for the day was at the far end.

After paddling the complete length of the lake we could see the small stream that we were looking for. Where it empties into the lake it is only about 8 feet wide and well hidden in the brush, making this a destination that only those that knew about it would ever find. Paddling up the steam it was almost like going underground. The trees formed a green canopy overhead and the steep sides formed high walls on either side. About 300 yards in the stream opened up into a smaller lake. Although it was only about 200 yards long and about 100 yards wide, it was a favorite for local fishermen.

At the far end of this smaller lake there is a large rock cliff that overhangs the water and a well hidden path leads to the top. On top, it is smooth and level and makes a wonderful place to have a picnic and due to its width the trees line is held back so it makes a great place to sun bath.

We tied the canoe at the foot of the path and I carried everthing to the top of the rock and Katie began to set up for the afternoon, spreading the table cloth to eat on and the blankets to doze on. Katie removed her top and lay down on one of the blankets. After a few minutes we heard the tell tale splash, splash of another canoe coming into the area. Katie grabbed her top and moved to the edge of the rock and sat down. At this point she was about 15 feet above the water and was able to see who was joining us in our secret world.

Two fishermen were seen slowly making their way around the edge of the lagoon, casting at every downed tree and rock, they didn't seem to be having much luck. As they came under the rock where Katie was sitting she spoke to them. Each returned her greeting. Katie asked, "Have you been catching anything?"

"Not much," came the reply from below.

Now they were directly below her and as Katie moved her arm, she "accidently" let her top fall into the water below. "Would one of you please grab that before it sinks out of sight. I'll be right down to retrieve it."

Making no effort to cover herself in anyway, Katie headed off down the path as free as a bird, her breasts bobbing up and down, to meet the fishermen and retrieve her top. After a few minutes Katie, still minus her top, came back up the path with the two fishermen in tow. "I asked these two to join us for lunch, hope you don't mind. I didn't see any sense of covering up, they have already seen what I have and the sun feels so warm on my boobs."

"This is Jim and Ed." Katie introduced her two followers. Ed appeared to be in his mid to late 30's, with the normal middle age "starting to spread" stomach, but Jim was another story, probably mid 20's and solid built. Both were dressed in shorts and pull over shirts. Katie moved the blankets closer to the table cloth, so that all of us would have a spot to sit. Katie stretched out on one of the blankets lying on her side facing Ed and Jim. They could not take their eyes off of her slim body and hard nipples. "Don't be embarrassed, it's alright to look, it makes me feel good to know that I can still draw a look from someone, after all of these years."

Ed spoke up, "I can't believe that you would have any trouble finding someone to look at you."

After talking for a while, Katie started to put together sandwiches and drinks for everyone. She made sure that at every opportunity she was tempting both Ed and Jim by bending over in front of them, letting her breasts dangle at eye level.

After lunch Katie cleared away all of the leftovers and moved the two blankets together and lay down next to Ed, at which point she could make direct eye contact with him. He was hooked, he began to melt into those deep "fuck me" eyes, he didn't stand a chance. Katie began to move closer to him. As she rolled from her stomach to her back she untied one of the strings that held the small triangle of white cloth in place over her pussy. As she rolled the motion pulled the patch to one side fully exposing her heart shaped tuft of hair. Acting like she did not notice, she lay back enjoying the sun. Ed elbowed Jim and both of them enjoyed the view that was presented before their eyes.

Katie kept watching the two of them, now planning her next move, when the time was right, she stood up, allowing the bottom of her bikini to fall at her feet, pretending not to notice, she walked to the cooler and asked, "Does anyone want a beer while I'm here."

Both Ed and Jim spoke up and said that they did. Katie brought a beer to each, presenting herself in full view of both, still pretending not to know that she was completely naked in front of the two strangers. Jim was the first to speak up, "Katie, do you know that your string came untied."

Katie acted so surprised, looking down seeing that she was on full display. Having both hands full, there was no way she could cover up, even if she wanted to, which she did not. "I guess it really doesn't matter now, I have nothing left to hide, do you mind if I just leave everything off."

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