Blind Fuck

by Romy

Copyright© 2012 by Romy

Erotica Sex Story: A true story. My fiancee gave me a special present for my eighteenth birthday. A Porn shoot!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   True Story   Oral Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Size   .

I had been with Frank since I was fifteen. He took my virginity when I was sixteen. We married when I was eighteen. I met him when our family went to his studio for a family portrait. Later I convinced my mother to take me back for some fun pictures of just me. I loved being in front of the camera, and more so, I loved feeling his hungry eyes upon me.

Just after my eighteenth birthday Frank wanted a special photo session with me. It was to be my first porn session. He talked about it for months before I was old enough. I agonized with wet anticipation. He never told me the details, other than it would involve full penetration with another model.

I fantasized about it often and pestered him with so many questions he often had to shove his cock in my mouth to shut me up. But that just excited me more. Finally, I turned eighteen. I celebrated with my family, then with Frank, then with friends. But all I could think about was the photo session.

He would not tell me when the session was scheduled for, he just kept telling me "soon." He copied my ID for legal purposes. I signed some papers. He told me he found the other model and every thing was arranged. I pestered him for details about the model. What was his name, what did he look like, how old was he? When I annoyed him enough he would smile at me and unzip his pants and point. Of course, I knew what I was supposed to do.

Finally the day arrived. He called me at my parents' home and told me to come to his studio that evening. I was so excited I almost couldn't think straight. I showered and fixed my hair and applied my makeup. I rummaged through my closet and drawers for some sexy clothes. I slipped on a red satin mini dress, and packed the rest. That evening I kissed my mom and dad goodnight, telling them I was going on a date and might spend the night at Frank's.

As usual, dad grumbled. He didn't like Frank, who was 17 years older than me. He told me to be careful and call if I needed a ride home. I smiled and hugged him tight before going off to shoot my first pornographic photo shoot.

I arrived at the studio a bit after six-thirty. The studio was closed, but all the lights were still on. I sat in the car and tried to control my breathing. I didn't want to ruin everything by hyperventilating and passing out. When I got out of the car my knees were weak and wobbly. I reached with shaking hands to open the studio door. The little bell over the door rattled. A moment later Frank stepped out of the office.

"You look nervous," he said and then kissed me. His hands on my waist and his warm kiss calmed me down some.

"Yeah, didn't think I would be until I tried getting out of the car." I leaned on him and breathed deeply.

"Not too late. You can change your mind if you want to." He was quiet and reassuring. It was up to me if I wanted to go through with this.

It wasn't as if I had never been with another boy. During our relationship, Frank insisted I date other boys. When I was seventeen he insisted I fuck a few other boys, just to be sure I wanted him. I did and I still wanted him. Granted I did enjoy fucking those other boys too. But there was, and always will be, something special about Frank.

I steeled my nerves. I realized my nervousness wasn't the fact that Frank was going to watch me fuck another boy. It wasn't that he was going to take pictures of me naked, he had already done that for his private collection, several times. It was that he was going to take pictures of me fucking another boy. He would produce a pictorial record of me and this anonymous male.

I nodded and decided I was ready. He led me to one of the changing rooms and took me inside. It was spacious enough for a small group to change clothes in. Several mirrors, small chairs, and tables were the furnishings. He closed the door behind us.

"You look great. You won't need your other clothes. I brought what you'll wear." I nodded dumbfounded. "We're going to start with a quick session of just you, okay. To relax you." I nodded and tried to remember to breathe. "That dress will do for this. You ready?" I swallowed hard and nodded.

The studio was a large, dark room. A cloudy background of swirling blues and greys hung from the ceiling. Several bright lights were focused on a tall, wooden stool. The camera was a new digital camera. They were not that common then, and was the mark of someone on the cutting edge of photo technology. It was tethered to a computer by a long wire.

I knew to take my place on the stool and waited for him to get the camera ready. A few clicks of the camera and bright flashes of lights and he had his settings. I was still shaking a bit when we started. Soon he turned on some quiet music and we just started talking while he took pictures. My apprehensions melted away, and soon we were just working.

We started with some head shots, which forced me to relax and focus. After that he took the stool away and I stood, posing as sexily as I could. I flashed him my tits and played pulled the mini dress up to show him I had not worn underwear either. Within about half an hour I was nude and wet and eager.

"When will the male model get here," I asked while he took some closeups of my spread pussy.

He chuckled. "He's already here. In the other changing room." I looked at the other room and the door was barely ajar. "He's been watching the whole time."

I blushed down my whole body as I stared at the door. I could see now that someone was indeed watching through the opening as I laid naked on the floor with my legs spread wide open while Frank knelt between them taking pictures of my pussy. I began trembling with nervousness and anticipation.

Frank sat up and set the camera aside. He smiled at me. "Are you ready?" I nodded excitedly.

He fiddled with the camera so he would be ready for us. He had me step aside and he moved a portable bed on wheels into place. I thought to myself, "Here is where that boy is going to fuck me." Butterflies erupted in my belly.

Frank had me dress for the part. A lacy black half bra that lifted my breasts but left my nipples bare. A matching garter belt and sheer black stockings. I wore no panties, leaving my little triangle of black pubic hairs exposed. He set me on the bed. Then he smiled.

"The main piece," he whispered in my ear. He pulled a black blindfold from behind his back. I gasped. I was suddenly scared to death and at the same time so turned on I squealed. He fastened it into place. "No matter what, you don't take that off." I agreed with a shuddered breath.

Deprived of sight, I listened carefully. For a few moments there was no sound. Then the camera clicked. I could feel the sudden heat from the flashes upon my skin. I bit my lip in anticipation. The camera clicked and the heat caressed my bare skin.

Then there was a touch. I jumped at the sudden caress across my cheek. I turned towards my new, anonymous lover and reached out toward him. I touched his chest, hard and chiseled. A little thrill ran through me. He ran his fingers down my cheek and across my lips as I ran my fingers across his hard little nipples. He pushed a finger between my lips and I sucked and licked it like a cock.

My hands drifted lower, down his chest and across washboard abs. I almost took the blindfold off. I wanted to see his magnificent body. I restrained myself.

His touch grazed across my chin and down my neck. As my hands descended down his solid abs his descended to my breasts. I whimpered quietly when his large hands enveloped my tits, squeezing and fondling them. His thumb and forefinger pinched at my nipples, pulling and stretching them.

The camera flashes were firing at a steady pace now. I imagined what Frank must see. My sense of wonder and awe, and my nervous excitement as I slowly explored my partner's chiseled body. I imagined that he was photographing my lover's hands leisurely moving across my face down to my breasts.

Then his lips were upon mine. He opened my mouth to him and his tongue darted in, sweeping across my own tongue. I inhaled his hot breath and rolled my tongue around his. His lips was soft and firm, eagerly devouring me as if he hungered for me as much as I found myself aching for him.

He withdrew from the kiss, drawing out my lower lip, our tongues flickered together as we separated. My jaw quivered and my breath came in ragged gasps. My loins ached for his kiss to return.

I reached out for him again, finding just his arm. Solid muscle made my hand feel tiny. I caressed down his bicep, until I found his chest again. I pinched the nipples and I heard him moan softly. A deep masculine rumble that set my juices flowing.

Then his lips were upon my left nipple. I gasped in pleasure, his warm, wet tongue licking around my hard nipple, his lips fastening upon it and sucking. I ran my hands along his cheeks, strong and sharp. His hair was short and a little curly but thick and sensuous. He bit my nipple, his teeth nipping at my sensitive flesh. I moaned and pressed his face firmly to my breast, urging him to satiate his hunger.

Soon, he stood, and let me run my fingers down his chest and abdomen. I traced the sharply muscled torso with my finger tips, memorizing every hard line. Then down I groped. His hips narrowed and I followed the muscle lines toward the center. Then I touched it.

He really was standing there nude with me. I touched his cock tentatively. It was very thick and hard like brick. The shaft gently curved up in a long sensuous arch and ended with a thick, rotund head. A few drops of precum already seeped from the tip. I traced the shape of the crown, around the sensitive edge across the fleshy body and down under to the thick vein.

My breathing was rapid and I ached for him to enter me. Whether down my throat or in my cunt. I didn't care as long as he was in me.

But I continued my blind exploration of him. Back down the long, thick shaft until I cupped his balls. Large, plump orbs dangled low, swinging freely in their suspended sack. I fondled each cum filled ball. They were thick, and hard. His ball sack filled my hand when I lifted them.

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