Progenitor 2: Just a Shopping Trip

by haramiru

Copyright© 2012 by haramiru

Science Fiction Sex Story: Tired from the events of the previous story, the Progenitor tries to take a break from sex to go buy some clothes at the mall. Unfortunately, his pheromones turn a bridal party into a group of sex-crazed women. Overall, he fathers over a hundred children.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   Mind Control   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Light Bond   Group Sex   Lactation   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Transformation   sci-fi adult story,sci-fi sex story.

Trying to shop for clothes, the Progenitor fathers over a hundred children.

To those following continuity: Progenitor 1 originally ended with a very short, rushed bit where the Progenitor traded the egg he was holding for a satchel of cash and used it to obtain a room at a hotel. I vastly prefer its current ending, where he walks out the door and doesn't know what to do next. The upcoming eBook edition (tenatively titled 'Progenitor: Origin') expands those events into a story about as long as the one you're reading now. But all you need to know for continuity is that the Progenitor traded the egg he had at the end of P1 for a bunch of cash, and rented a room at a hotel for the night. The free Progenitor stories aren't over, and they'll continue to make sense on their own, but the eBook provides plenty of bonus material. I expect it to be finished by the end of 2012.

I awoke to a nasty shaft of sunlight slashing across both of my eyes through a crack in the blinds. Letting out a groan, I turned my head away and opened my eyes and took in my surroundings. My first thought was to find my dentures and glasses, but then I realized I was seeing so clearly that I must've been wearing them. But when I sat up, the smooth response of my joints and muscles reminded me that I wasn't occupying the same broken-down husk of a body anymore.

The bedside table's clock told me that it was 10am, and my stomach was growling already. But my first stop would be the bathroom, where my new body's first shower awaited.

For the first time in over 40 years, I could look down and see smooth, unwrinkled skin. And since I've always done my best thinking in the shower, I luxuriated in the warm water while I planned my next move. The aliens who created me would've probably preferred that I just walk out the front door naked and start screwing, but I wanted a semblance of a normal life in my off hours. The first step towards that goal was going to be the acquisition of normal clothes; next I'd buy a used car with cash, and lastly I'd try to establish a legitimate-looking cover identity.

After toweling myself off, I put on the same clothes I'd worn last night, pocketed my cash, and left. The night clerk had been pretty clear that he considered the deposit I'd left with him in lieu of ID to be a tip, so I didn't bother checking out.

My attention was suddenly drawn to the hiss of brakes as a bus pulled up outside of the hotel. Its display indicated that its next stop was a local mall, so I decided to take it.

As I took a seat, I noticed that there were some very attractive young ladies on the bus. I had to fight back the instincts which told me to go strike up a conversation, because I knew where that would lead. While it would still get me out of my current clothes, it wouldn't make any progress towards a semi-legitimate identity.

Two girls in particular, though, made it really hard to stay focused. They were checking out my reflection in the window, and I smiled a little as one of them opened her mouth as if to say something, but her friend pulled her back. If I could bottle and sell Progenitor pheromones, no man would ever be lonely again.

The girl who nearly talked to me was a pale-skinned brunette with green eyes and a perky set of early-20s breasts, barely restrained by a yellow cross-hatched string bikini top. Her bottoms were a pretty modest pair of dark shorts, which were nearly unnoticeable given that her bare, slender waist was much more interesting to look at. Her friend was about the same age, and of Indian descent. Her skin was on the darker side, and her muscles were toned and athletic. She wore a set of contour-hugging electric blue spandex shorts, and her ample bosom had been crammed into a plunging sports bra with a deep scoop in the front to reveal truly exquisite cleavage. Her attire was a little more modest than her friend's, but not by much.

Just when I was about to break down and start talking to them, the bus pulled up next to the mall. It was for the best, I told myself: I really did need to get situated before resuming my mission to spread my genes to the world.

Stepping into a mall for the first time in 30 years was a shock for me. The last time I'd gone to one, food courts weren't a standard fixture yet, and I didn't recognize most of the stores' names. Nevertheless, I was able to find my way to a familiar big anchor store, where I sought out the men's wear department before realizing that I had no clue what my new body's measurements were.

The nearest sales associate was a cute female in her mid-20s. I walked up to her, and she greeted me with a broad smile that made her gray eyes sparkle. She was a bottle-blonde with darker undertones, around 5'6" tall, with a smile that could light up a room. Her eyes were probably colored by contact lenses, but I didn't care. "I'll be happy to take your measurements, sir," she said. While I had no doubt that she was used to plenty of male attention, speaking to me made her nervous and jittery. I probably had my pheromones to thank for that.

She blushed and added, "I'll just have to take you somewhere private first."

I inwardly sighed - there could be no denying my urges at this point, and I was probably going to incite a riot at the mall today. I smiled and said, "I imagine that a fitting room would be private enough?"

She blushed and stammered out, "Why, yes. The formal wear room would be perfect."

I smirked a little and said. "Lead the way."

I followed her, catching a glimpse of a huge grin on her face as she turned away from me. She led me out of the men's department and right next to the women's, to the formal wear fitting room between the two. The room itself was large and triangular. The far corner was a mirror booth, and there were cloth-covered benches lining the walls for people to sit.

"This is for final inspection on wedding parties. It's the one room I know for sure there's always measuring tape in", she said. She coyly added, "It's also got benches to sit on in case you get tired."

I shrugged and peeled my polo shirt off over my head. The girl let out a little gasp, and away red-facedly. Her apparent modesty was a ruse though; I caught her looking at me in the mirror immediately as I attacked my swim trunks, pulling them down and off of me. Her eyes widened and she turned her head back to me, staring wantonly at my body.

"I don't think you'll need the tape to get these measurements," I stated.

She stood for a moment, frozen at the conflict between her hormones and the last shreds of her professionalism. I stepped up and kissed her on the lips, effectively demolishing the last of her objections. Her body went rigid for a moment, then she melted against me as if her knees were made of water.

As she began rubbing her leg against me, I glanced down at her name tag and learned that her name was Claire. "Perhaps you should make sure no one else will walk in?" I asked her.

Claire nodded and latched the door shut, then lowered a privacy screen at the top of the changing room. "We've had pervs try to take pictures of the dress fitting a while back. Most brides do end up topless at some point in the fitting process," she explained.

I smiled and wrapped my arm around her waist, pulling her to me. "I imagine that you'd look spectacular wearing only the bottom half of a dress," I said.

She smiled demurely and began to unfasten the buttons on her blouse. "Would a skirt be close enough?", she asked. She shed her coat and blouse, then dropped her bra to the floor as well. Claire stood topless before me, her full D cup boobs suspended above a slender waist. The light brown freckles scattered across her upper shoulders and chest marked her as a real redhead, and I found myself smiling as I admired the view. Claire returned my smile mischieviously as she stepped up and snaked her arms around my torso. "Enjoying the view?" she purred.

I cupped my hands around her buttocks and lifted until our waists were touching. Her breasts were pressing against my chest, and as I kissed her she began to grind her hips against me. As her skirt rode up, I could feel her wet sex pressing against me through the pantyhose she was wearing. I set her down for a moment, and she read my mind. She quickly pulled off her pantyhose, then jumped back at me and wrapped her legs around my waist like a spider monkey.

She started off franticly dry-humping me, which quickly started to make me sore as the cloth of her skirt rubbed on my cock. I took one arm away from her and used it to pull up the front of her skirt, immediately providing relief. With no barriers between us anymore, Claire began to slowly slide up and down, probing carefully for the location of my cock. In a few seconds, I felt the tip of my shaft slide into her wetness. Moments later, she thrust her hips downward and buried me completely in her pussy.

I'd be lying if I said that I lasted long. Claire was an absolutely, mind-meltingly hot redhead, and she wanted me badly. This is what I was here to do, and it's what Claire instinctively wanted, too. There was no protection and there'd be no pulling out, just frantic sex until my entire load of sperm was inside of her.

That was my plan, at least. As things moved along, we shifted positions - first I was doing her against the wall, then we went to the floor with her on top. Just as I was about to climax, someone started banging on the door. "Claire," called a plaintive British female voice, "you know I've got this room reserved from 2pm onwards!"

Claire started to say something, but then I thrust hard and she let out a scream as she began to climax.

"Is she all right in there?" I heard someone ask.

"I saw her walk in here a moment ago with a man."

I saw a bit of motion at the crack in the door, and winced as I realized that they could see in if they got up at the crack. The privacy screen might force pervs to be more obvious and more likely to get caught, but it didn't strictly guarantee privacy.

"Claire?!?" the voice shouted in disbelief.

Claire chose this moment to come to her senses and realize that she was straddling a man she'd just met at work, fucking his brains out.

"Oh my GOD!" she shrieked as she looked down at her skirted regions and realized that I was inside her, "what is this?!?"

My cock twitched, dumping the first load of sperm into her pussy. "An orgasm", I replied.

I heard a gasp from behind the door and a male voice piped up, "Son of a bitch!"

The world seemed to go into slow motion at this point, and three things happened simultaneously:

1. Claire's already tight pussy clamped down on my shaft as I kept pumping sperm inside.

2. A graying but massive man in his late 40s kicked in the door to the fitting room, ripping the deadbolt out of the frame.

3. The bride-to-be, two of her bridesmaids, and Claire's British co-worker all gasped in astonishment as they saw what was going on inside the room.

The man, presumably the father of the bride, grabbed Claire's shoulders and pulled her away as my cock shot another load of semen. Part of this one wound up arcing through the air and painting the outside of Claire's still-eager vulva. She may have come to her senses, but her body was still begging for my children.

The man, who was built like a retired boxer, glared down at me with a look of sheer disgust and contempt. I didn't exactly blame him, considering what little he'd seen to form a judgement. My body was still doing what came naturally, and my penis was still oozing sperm onto my pubic region. He brought up his foot to stomp me, but then slowly lowered it again with a bewildered expression. I raised my head experimentally, and watched as he stepped back to the corner of the room and stood there. I looked back at the doorway, and noticed that the girls in the bridal party weren't looking too shocked anymore. In fact, they were starting to look very interested in what was going on. The bride, in particular, was blushing and smiling at me.

I sighed and pointed at her, not even bothering to stand up. "You're first," I said.

The bride was around 30, 5'10" with brown hair and a slender, statuesque build. She was already wearing her wedding dress, and the two women flanking her were carrying their bridesmaids' dresses to try on. The bride hesitated for a second, then walked over to me. She squatted down over me, draping her wedding dress over us. She brought her hand underneath and I felt her her grab my manhood, then push her panties aside with it and press it up to her pussy. She let out a gasp as I made contact, then spread her legs and took me as far inside as I could go. Claire, over in the corner, was watching in rapt fascination. I didn't know how long that would last, but I was determined to make this count. I reached up and ran my hands under her dress, feeling her legs flex as the bride-to-be squeezed my cock with her vagina. "What's your name, bride?" I asked.

"Sarah", she panted out. "Yours?"

"You can call me daddy", I answered. She started to let out a moan as she started to orgasm, but I clamped my hand over her mouth. The bridesmaids were clustering around us, watching intently.

"Don't worry, you'll all get your turn", I said. I reached up behind the bride's back and unzipped her dress, hinging down the front so that it slipped down off her arms and her breasts spilled out. The few moments we'd been mating had produced a tremendous amount of body heat already, and her sculpture-perfect breasts now wore only a sheen of sweat as they were exposed to the air. Sarah's nipples hardened instantly, and I reached up to tweak them as she shivered in pleasure.

One of the bridesmaids knelt down at my right side, then pulled down her shorts and began to finger herself. She was a mid-20s Latina, medium weight, and wearing a midriff shirt. Her exposed belly showed a slight muffin top, and I could tell from the dark vertical line that she'd had at least one baby already. I let go of one of Sarah's nipples and reached under her dress to reach the sperm which hadn't made it into Claire earlier. The kneeling bridesmaid smiled as I extended my hand to her, two sperm-covered fingers extended together. She took my hand at the wrist, then guided it inside her and began to work it like a dildo. I leaned back my head for a moment to enjoy the sensations, but then noticed something out of the corner of my eye. The other bridesmaid, also a Latina, had just kicked off her capri pants, revealing a taut body with barely any body fat at all. I watched as she pulled down her underwear, exposing a "landing strip" patch of pubic hair with clearly defined tan lines, and kicked it away to the side. She faced away from me and laid down on her side, then scooted her hips closer to me and spread her firm, slender legs. She was thin and wiry, right in that range where she had a six pack, but not look manly. I took my left hand off of Sarah's other breast, ran it through what was left of the sperm, and extended it to the other bridesmaid. Moments later, my fingers were buried up to my knuckles in her hot sex, and she was trying desperately to take me even deeper.

The three of us quickly settled into a rhythm. Sarah was bucking and thrusting her hips against me, and both of my arms were extended straight out to finger-fuck her bridesmaids. This went on for a few minutes until Sarah came to her senses and let out a shriek.

I thought she was climaxing at first, but she was reacting to what she'd just seen. Claire was backed up against the wall, her skirt providing a remarkable contrast that made her growing belly stand out all the more. She was nearly halfway through her gestation, and she was stroking her growing bump in wide-mouthed disbelief. "What the hell?", she shrieked.

Sarah was still crouched on top of my penis, frozen in time and unable to take her eyes off of Claire's growing belly. The horrified realization written all over her face was turning me on, and my cock began throbbing inside of her, preparing to discharge the load which would get her pregnant too. Sarah must have felt it, because she lowered her head and looked into my eyes. She didn't say anything, but she shook her head vigorously and tried to stand up. My penis slipped out for a moment, but then she stumbled and fell back onto me. My cock was fishing along her slit, not inside of her but close, and then the first of my sperm shot out, splashing up against her clitoris. Sarah yelped in shock and pitched forward, trying to get her footing to stand up again just as I thrust upwards, burying my cock inside her fertile pussy.

"SHIT!" she screamed as she felt me enter her. She stopped fighting it for a moment, admitting defeat as the rest of my load blew inside of her hot pussy. The bridesmaids had seen what was happening to Claire too, but they were still deep in rut and were just looking forward to their turns. I withdrew my fingers from them with a wet sucking sound and wrapped my arms around Sarah, holding her tight as the last pulses of my sperm drained into her vagina. The bride's magnificent breasts were still glistening with the sweat of our endeavors, and the sensation of the slick, soft globes pressed up against my chest was spectacular.

When I finished cumming, Sarah pushed herself up off of me and stood up in a daze, her hand covering her midriff which would soon be expanding. No sooner had she stepped away, than the MILF bridesmaid straddled me immediately. She was still wearing the midriff top, and she stripped it off of herself as I watched. I was surprised to see she was wearing a nursing bra underneath it, and for a moment I nearly felt bad. On the other hand, I was about to validate her genes by producing 4-5 Homo Sapiens v20 children with her, so I couldn't get too upset about it. The other Latina, the bodybuilder, had substituted her own fingers for mine and was bringing herself close to an orgasm.

Sarah sat down on a fitting room bench right next to me, still wearing the wedding dress I'd just fucked her in. She was looking back and forth between Claire's six-month-pregnant belly, the bridesmaid I was fucking, and the other one who was masturbating furiously. Over in the corner, nearly unnoticed, Claire's father was standing silent and still, almost like a guardian. I noticed one loose end, though: Claire's British co-worker, who'd been about to test-fit the bridal party, was completely focused on Claire's growing belly. I knew what she was about to do, and I wasn't going to have any of it just yet.

I absolutely, positively, wanted to fuck every girl involved at this session, so I snapped my fingers. It worked; she took her eyes off of Claire for a moment and looked at me. "What's your name?", I panted as I pounded away at the MILF, getting harder and harder in preparation for a climax.

"Robbie, sir", she said. She looked at me, then at Claire, then at me. Her instincts were fighting over what to do next. Claire winced then, putting her hand to her belly, and I knew my time was running out. If Claire started to deliver before I had my penis inside of Robbie, her instincts would side with taking one of Claire's eggs.

"Get naked, Robbie", I ordered. To my surprise, she began complying immediately, shrugging her way out of her dress to expose her perfectly-shaped tits and a tiny black thong. She was a sultry brunette, with a trimmed triangular bush and alabaster skin. Her breasts were wide but not protruding, lending themselves to side-boob as she bent over to kneel near my head.

"I hope you don't think I do this often, sir", she said.

I grunted as I approached my climax, and Claire let out a startled gasp as her water broke. Robbie was distracted for a moment, about to get up, when I reached over to my left and inserted my fingers into the Sarah's crotch. The unexpected penetration jolted her out of her dazed state. "Hey, now... !" Sarah called out, grabbing at my hand.

I pulled my fingers out, slick with the leftovers of the sperm in Sarah's vagina. As Robbie started to stand up to go to Claire, I reached up and managed to touch her vulva. There was a split second where I ran my finger down along her moist slit, then my finger sank in the knuckle. Robbie looked down for a moment, torn, looking down at my hand protruding from her vulva and then over to her friend Claire. I could feel the heat radiating from Robbie's body, and I could tell she was probably going to be the best lay of the group. And then, it was decided - Robbie nearly collapsed as she sank to her knees in ecstacy, impaled upon my finger.

Sarah chose that moment to call out, "Oh SHIT!" I glanced to the side and saw her slithering free of her dress, even as a small bulge began to form just beneath her navel. She scooted backwards, now wearing only a pair of white panties, as if she could back away from what was inside her. She shrieked in surprise as she backed into the bench, then shakily lifted herself up and sat down on it. She was now across from Claire, whose eyes were wide in terror as she began to experience the first of her contractions. In the meantime, the fitness-buff Latina bridesmaid took my right hand again, guiding it back to her pussy. The fact that she wasn't intensely interested in what was happening to Claire at this point told me that she'd already conceived, although she hadn't started to show yet.

I looked back up at the bridesmaid I was having sex with. Her breasts and belly were covered in pale stretch marks, and a tiny trail of milk was dribbling from her right nipple. She gave me a knowing grin, showing me that every part of her instincts knew exactly what she was choosing as she rode me bareback. And yet she kept thrusting, giving a mischievous "I'm doing this no matter what" smile as she did so. I could feel her pussy tightening up inside, and her eyes rolled back in pleasure as her pussy coaxed yet another orgasm out of me. She reached the stage where she knew exactly what was going on, and yet unlike the others so far, she started to slower, more deliberately as she tried to drive me even deeper into her pussy. I pulled my fingers out of the other two girls and pulled her down to me, kissing her on the lips and wrapping my arms around her as I climaxed inside of her. I could feel her orgasm as I came, her pussy spasmodically clenching around my penis to milk every last drop of sperm from me. As soon as my penis had finished pulsing, she giggled and sat back up, pulling the hard-bodied bridesmaid over towards me and saying, "Your turn, Maria!"

"Hi, I'm Maria", said the hard-bodied woman as she straddled me. "You just fucked my sister Lupita, by the way." First her already-wet vulva lined up on top of my penis, and then she began to rub it up and down along my shaft. My response was predictable and near-immediate; I was stiff within moments. She slid along my cock for a moment, then reached down and deftly slipped me into her vagina. I heard a scream of pain from Claire as her contractions intensified, then looked over to see Sarah stare in horror at her own swelling belly. The pregnant bride kept looking from Claire's belly to her own, then back again.

Lupita stood up and walked over to Sarah, each step letting more of my sperm drip out of her snatch. She knelt before Claire and placed her right hand on the scared girl's belly, feeling it harden as the girl gasped in sudden and unexpected pleasure. Lupita put her hands on either side of Claire's inner thighs and gently pushed her legs apart as her vulva dilated, revealing the tip of an egg.

Turning my attention back to the girl riding my cock, I theorized that Maria had to be either a triathlete or a lifeguard. I couldn't find a single muscle on her body that wasn't firm, or that she wasn't actively using to try to drive my cock even deeper inside her. She'd abandoned herself completely to the experience, and was riding me like a racehorse. I was enjoying every moment of it, but the carpet was starting to rub my butt raw as she rocked back and forth. I wrapped my arms around her and rolled over, pinning her beneath me as I took the top position and began thrusting down into her. Maria gasped with pleasure and pulled me tightly to her as we copulated. I was starting to get close when I heard a gasped, "Oh NO!" from Sarah. I paused for a moment to look into Sarah's eyes, my cock still buried in Maria's vagina. I couldn't see Sarah's eyelids at all; her eyes were wide open in terror as she bent over her belly, cradling it with both hands.

Sarah had reached full term, and apparently she'd just felt her first contraction. Lupita was now holding one of Claire's eggs in both hands. Looking back down, I felt a tightness building in the bridesmaid I was screwing, and was surprised that she was starting to climax so soon. But then Lupita turned just a little, and I could see her put her hand to her own belly as she began to swell with our children. Lupita turned towards Sarah and held her hand, saying something calming to Claire even as her own belly began to swell inexorably from within.

I realized at this point that I'd inseminated both bridesmaids simultaneously, and that the tightness I'd felt in Maria's abdomen was quickly beginning to push me away from her. I could tell that she was still enjoying it though, so I rotated again so that she was on top. She struggled to a sitting-up position, still impaled on my cock, and I watched as her belly swelled slowly but steadily. It was astonishing watching her pregnancy progress; it was like I could see each muscle as it slowly fought a war with her growing uterus and lost, inch by inch. Maria looked down and started to rub her belly in amazement as I thrust inside her, burying myself inside her again and again. She was already pregnant, so she didn't seem to have any second thoughts about having sex with me. The growing weight pressing down on my cock made it feel like she was taking me deeper each time. Maria rode me harder and harder as she cradled her belly in both hands so that it wouldn't bounce too much. She started breathing faster and faster, finally climaxing. I found myself unable to hold it in any longer and climaxed as well. Maria froze for a moment, then I could feel a rhythmic tightening inside of her as my cock shrank within her. I touched her belly inquisitively and felt her rock-hard muscles contracting. She stood up, almost as if prompted, letting my penis slide out. Maria stood slowly, slightly hunched over around her now-laboring belly, and walked off towards the bench where Sarah was now clutching Lupita's hand with white knuckles as her contractions mounted.

Lupita was still calm and collected, helping Claire finish her delivery while monitoring Sarah as well. Maria had just made it onto the bench when water broke, spraying the floor in front of her. Lupita continued attending to the laboring women, even as her own belly continued to grow. I noted with surprise that Lupita was still growing, and was already much larger than the other two had been when they'd gone into labor.

Something warm brushed my cock, drawing my attention back to more immediate concerns. My penis immediately responded by stiffening, and I thanked the aliens who built my body as Robbie used two fingers to slip it into her vagina. I had just enough time to turn my attention back to her before she proned herself out over me, kissing me on the lips as her breasts squished into my chest. I clutched her to me, attempting to shut out the sounds of three women laboring at once as I started to make love to my fifth woman of the day.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a figure slowly sneaking around at the side. A businesswoman in a skirt was making her way over to the pile where Lupita had been stacking Claire's eggs. I struggled to get my head up, looking over Robbie's shoulder as she humped me, and noticed that the fitting room's broken door was wide open, and there was a solid wall of women lined up to get in.

I rolled my eyes and hoped that they'd at least avoid trampling me to death on their way to claim the eggs. Robbie kept thrusting obliviously as the woman who'd snuck in took one of Claire's eggs, squatted spread-legged on the floor, and started to slide the egg into herself as the next woman made her way to the pile. I watched as woman after woman took an egg, put its tip up to her vulva, and gently slid it into herself. They did at least have the good grace to leave the fitting room once they'd finished inserting the eggs, rather than simply passing out in a huge pile.

I felt something press up against my abdomen, and squeezed Robbie's back experimentally. I could tell by feel that her belly was beginning to swell, and she winced in discomfort before pushing herself up into a cowgirl position. I looked approvingly at her tits, swaying back and forth as she fucked me. Our eyes met, and then both of us looked down to her belly, when she froze. Unlike the other women she was pregnant, having sex with me, and terrified of both things at once. Mid-thrust, she freaked out and stood up, clutching at her belly as it expanded inexorably. She took a faltering step or two towards the door, but I grabbed her hand and held on. She shot me an angry glare, but I had no idea what would happen to her if she went into labor without my pheromones around to control the crowd of women. For all I knew, they'd tear her apart to get at the eggs within her womb.

I stood up and pulled the scared girl close to me, her ass pressing up against my cock. One of my hands was over her breast, and the other had wrapped around her swelling belly. Her heart was hammering away at her chest, and the nipple under my hand felt hard enough to cut glass. Helplessly, she looked down at her burgeoning belly and cupped her hands around the bottom part of it. "Get it out of me!", she sobbed.

"I'm afraid I can't do that, Robbie," I said. She stopped struggling for a moment. "What's happening to me?", she almost-whispered with a catch in her voice.

My left arm was still wrapped tight around her, and I pulled the two of us a couple of steps over towards the fitting room mirrors. We were in the center of the reflections, so that she could watch her pregnancy progress from two different angles. "That's what's happening to you. You're pregnant", I whispered into her ear.

Robbie looked to the side in horror as Claire shrieked in pain, the last of her eggs not quite ready for delivery. Sarah and the hard-bodied bridesmaid were panting in ecstacy as their latest eggs crowned, and Lupita suddenly doubled over as her contractions began. Lupita's water finally broke in an astonishing flood, spreading along the floor. She'd reached the size of a full-term normal pregnancy before going into labor, and apparently had much more amniotic fluid than the others. I mentally filed away the theory that, like with reptiles, first-time mothers bore smaller clutches of eggs.

Robbie gasped as she felt the mass within her shift. "Why did you do this to us?" she asked.

I shrugged. "For the same reason that you chose me on sight. I'm programmed to breed with women, and you're all programmed to breed with me. Neither one of us has a real choice in the matter."

The short silent pause was interrupted by a series of ascending gasps of pleasure coming from Claire. Her belly was shrinking back to a fairly normal size, and the final egg-shaped lump was now traveling down her birth canal. The side of Robbie's mouth twisted up in a half-smile as she said, "If the whole thing were like that, I guess it wouldn't be as bad."

At this point, Maria let out a shriek of pain as she had a contraction. With her muscles, either her stronger muscles made for harder contractions or her lungs were in better condition for screaming. As a tradeoff though, it did seem that she spent barely any time in labor before the next egg entered her birth canal.

Timidly, in barely more than a whisper, Robbie said "You know, we didn't finish..."

I didn't need any more than that. I laid back down and she straddled me, her vagina easily accepting me inside her. Her pussy had loosened up, suggesting that an egg was already pressing against her cervix from the inside. Robbie winced as the contractions started, and moments later let out a gasp as her water broke. My cock was still inside her, and her amniotic fluid was spurting out around it with each thrust. At this point, pulling out wouldn't make a difference; I'd just end up pulling the plug and draining it all out at once. So, I kept going as the contractions mounted. "It still hurts", Robbie gasped, "but the sex is good."

"Try to focus on the sex, Robbie. I'm trying something here," I panted. I'd placed both my hands on the underside of her belly, trying to jostle the eggs so that one would get lined up for delivery right away.

The next contraction started to tense up her belly, but halfway through I heard her gasp with pleasure as something touched the tip of my penis. I thrust back experimentally, and as I pushed the egg back a little, the genetic programming told her that she was experiencing massive pleasure. I thrusted back and forth for a minute or two, sliding the egg back and forth across her dilated cervix, until her contractions started to get intense enough to bend my cock. I started to pull back a little, and suddenly the egg slid through Robbie's vagina and pushed my dick all the way out.

Robbie, still in a cowgirl position, leaned forward into me, which left the egg to drop free from her pussy and land on my leg. She rolled off of me to lie on her back, gasping and utterly spent from her orgasm.

Back at the bench, Claire had just finished giving birth to the last of her eggs. She was standing over Robbie and I, glowering as the British girl labored next to me. "Want to explain what this is all about, asshole?", she demanded as Robbie rolled onto her back, her vagina beginning to dilate again for her next egg.

"Sorry Claire. I'd say it's just how I was built, but you wouldn't understand."

Claire looked like she wanted to kick me, but couldn't. I noticed that a veritable assembly line had formed while I fucked Robbie. A single-file line of women were entering the fitting room, and the three women laboring in the wedding party were producing a steady stream of eggs. Sarah, the bride, and her hard-bodied bridesmaid were both nearly empty now. Lupita, unlike the rest, seemed to alternate between strained composure during labor and ecstasy during delivery. She'd already laid several eggs, and was now about the size that the other women had been when they went into labor. "What the hell just happened here?", Claire shouted over the sound of a dozen or so women having orgasms as they pressed the eggs into their vaginas.

"Well, to put it short, you just helped along human evolution. You're welcome," I said.

"I'm fucked, is what I am. Literally and figuratively. I'm definitely going to lose my job," she fumed.

"I doubt it, actually. All that's likely to happen is a wave of babies 9 months from now, and several of them will look amazingly like you."

Claire winced as she slipped her discarded pair of panties back on, which was presently covered in at least two different womens' amniotic fluids. "How's that?"

"Well, these women taking the eggs are actually getting pregnant with our children. Your own body will actually return to normal in a day or so, and you'll completely forget about this. The women who take your eggs will all undergo normal pregnancies and give birth to our children. Evolution is happening this very minute, and our genes are spreading like wildfire. If you ask me, you got the better deal," I opined.

Sarah, just about to deliver her last egg, inquired, "These women are going to have my babies, and I won't?"

"Unless you take one of your eggs and put it back inside of you afterwards, yes. You'll all forget this happened, but they'll be the ones who have children from it."

"I refuse to believe that those eggs are babies," Claire asserted.

"They are. Since women will insert them no matter what stage they're at in their cycle, the embryo has to be able to last for up to a month. As soon as the host ovulates, the shell dissolves so that the embryo can implant in the host mother's womb. I assure you, what's in those eggs really are our children."

Sarah's final egg slid out of her vulva, and she caught it in her own two hands. She looked at it for a moment, then her face contorted into a mask of rage. "Fuck that!" she screamed, then threw it at me.

She missed me, more as a matter of her bad aim than my dodging skill. The egg whistled past my face, and my eyes tracked it as it hurtled by. Thankfully, one of the women behind me reacted quickly enough to catch it in both hands. The catcher was a cute young woman in a low-cut bright red tank top, whose face went from excitement at the catch to an incredulous stare of hatred at Sarah. She cradled her prize in her arms, turned, and walked away to impregnate herself with it.

I couldn't believe what had just happened. Human maternal instincts are hardwired to protect Progenitor eggs at all costs, treating them as more precious than even normal human offspring. If Sarah could do that to any egg, let alone her own, it meant that she was mentally capable of outright killing any normal human children she may bear later. I couldn't let that go unanswered.

I stepped towards the bride, who was staring daggers at me from where she stood. "Don't worry, Sarah. Not only will you forget that this ever happened, but you'll marry your husband in that dress I just fucked you in. Neither of you will know any better."

"ASSHOLE!", she shouted as she bent over to pick up someone's shirt. I admired how the brown-haired bride's breasts heaved and swayed as she did so, bouncing ever so slightly when she finished standing up.

Sarah began to angrily use the shirt to wipe various fluids off of her lower body. Her dress had only a few stains on it at the moment, and she wanted to keep it that way. She stepped into it and pulled it up, hooking the straps over her shoulders but leaving the back unzipped. She'd started trying to push her way through the crowd to leave the fitting room when I said to the crowd, "On second thought, stop her."

Sarah's face was quizzical as the women waiting in line for eggs clamped onto her arms, suddenly holding her fast.

Claire asked, "Aren't you worried she'll call security?"

I shrugged and pointed at the now-captive Sarah. "Notice that she's being held by a mall security officer? And that her dad's been standing here like a rock the whole time? Men can't interfere, and women want the eggs so badly they'll do anything I say. Egg pheromones more or less turn them all into instinct-driven slaves. Unless someone is wearing a gas mask or decides to take a shot at me with a rifle from a distance, I'm safe."

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