Unlucky, Lucky, Have a Cookie

by Harvey Marcus

Copyright© 2012 by Harvey Marcus

Sex Story: Mr. Marcus identifies the cause of problems at work and decides to fight blackmail with blackmail. In the process, he reunites with Lore, and the pair are interrupted by a needy guest.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Humor   First   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   .

Monday morning at the office was a minefield. One misstep, and I'd give my boss's boss Dick Tashun cause to complain because I didn't meet his boss Clyde Hunter's high expectations. After grinding through the paper trails, I was close to identifying a pattern in the mess of project status memos and scraps of poorly organized handwritten notes. They all pointed to a vendor named Omniscient Software, whoever they were.

I scanned my emails for the important project-related ones. My fellow employees created spam every day and didn't even realize it. Messages that had nothing to do with me, or messages on which I was copied so a peer could show off. Damn! Only every once in a while, a juicy one, one that grabbed my attention. And there it was, in black and white. Our company had signed a contract for a comprehensive software suite from Omniscient Software that would impact our servers, desktops, laptops and handheld devices. Only one problem - it duplicated a perfectly fine system composed of third-party applications integrated with our own homebrew applications. If the contract was executed, we'd face the same old connectivity issues we did when I was an associate programmer just starting with the company. And every ongoing project would be impacted by the implementation, which is why conversion dates were slipping and costs were overrunning. That always happens when the vendor is in charge.

I wondered why we'd gone to the expense of such a massive endeavor when in flounced Reese, Dick Tashun's niece. As usual, she oozed sex: silky beige blouse that more than hinted at her bust, a modest brown skirt below the knee, dark nylons and spiked heels. One shoulder was weighed down with a large rectangular sample case.

"Hello, Harvey." Her voice was smooth and deep, and sexy as all hell. My cock twitched and she was still fully dressed.

"Hello, Reese. To what do I owe the honor?" If she was consistent, she'd want me in between her legs. And that could be arranged, but not in my office. Not with everything else I had to do. Maybe later, as a reward, when I straightened everything out, I'd let her straighten me out.

"We're going to be working together." Reese put the boxy sample case on my credenza on the sidewall. She repositioned it several times, turned back to me, and then adjusted it again. Zenellis had been a professional at videotaping his guests up in Wisconsin. His daughter had been good student of her father, trying to videotape her secretary and me in her office. Compared to them, Reese was a rookie. The fat briefcase held a video camera, and Reese was attempting blackmail, and badly.

Just to frustrate her, I slid my chair to the back edge of the desk mat, out of the frame. She pursed her lips and repositioned the briefcase yet again. "Really? How so?"

"Didn't Uncle Dick tell you? I'm your account rep from Omniscient Software."

I rolled back close to my desk, mostly to hide my growing erection, and nodded. "You got Tashun, uh, Uncle Dick, to slide the contract and subsequent purchase order right through." Just like his cock and mine had slid right between her labia. Multiple times for me.

She put her fists on her hips. "He did not! I got your order myself without any of his help. In fact, he advised against!" Her face got redder, clashing with the beige and browns.

Maybe there was hope for a rational Tashun after all. "So I guess I'm stuck with you." After she'd leave, I'd review the contract for escape clauses. She didn't deserve to know my next move. Unless it was pelvic in and out.

She moved close to my desk but made sure not to block me from the hidden video cam. "I'd prefer if you were stuck in me. You got time for a nooner?"

I checked my watch. It was barely ten-thirty. "I'm afraid not. I've just gotten back to this position, and that purchase impacts everything we're doing. Mr. Hunter assigned me to project manage-"

"Wonderful." Her fingers toyed with the buttons on her blouse. "Then I'll be working under you. So I guess you'd better be getting on top."

I was tempted to shut my door, block it with a side chair and fuck Reese on my desk. I knew just how good it would feel. I started to rise up from my chair to implement my plan when the phone rang. I held up a single finger to Reese and answered the phone. "Hello, Marcus speaking."

Reese kicked my door shut.

"Hello? This is Elizabeth Harden. You probably don't know my name-"

Damn solicitor. I wanted off the phone so I could have my quickie with Reese before we were detected. "If you could get to the point-"

"It wasn't easy to track you down." There was a loud sigh. "I saw you briefly at Underwuud Studios. I was in the hallway?"

This was the stunning beauty? Reese had completed unbuttoning her blouse and draping on the side chair. Her fingers were working the zipper on her skirt. I wasn't sure if I was more turned on by Reese or the memory of that gorgeous creature who had her photos taken by Angie and then made out with her in public. Maybe a bit of both. "Yes, I remember you." Who could forget a woman who looked like that?

"It's bothered me ever since that you saw us - me and Angelina - being intimate. That's what I'd like to speak with you about. Can you come over for dinner on Wednesday night?"

There was more to the story? But who was I to refuse having dinner with such a beautiful woman? I flipped the pages of my paper desk calendar. Wednesday had "Bowling?" as a notation, but seeing Elizabeth again would be better than a three hundred score. And maybe I'd score with her. Nah, no chance with a woman like that. "Wednesday would be fine." Reese's skirt was in a circular pile around her feet. Her panties were sheer, almost see-through. "Very fine."

"Good. We have a penthouse in Trump Tower. Six o'clock. My husband Unger and I will be expecting you."

Husband? "Uh, yeah." Damn! So much for intimacy.

"Until then, Mr. Marcus."

I hung up. Reese stripped down to bra, panties, stockings, garter belt and heels, shifting her weight from one leg to the other. She was horny and I was the cure. A few moments previous, I'd actually considered the possibility of a quickie. But with the interruption-

Reese squeezed her breasts almost launching them over the top of her bra. "We're going to have such fun, working together. And we can start right now, if you're ready." Her thighs rubbed together, making a sensual rasp.

I was well-hung and firm for action. As I reached out for Reese to come closer, the phone rang again. Damn. I shrugged. Reese pouted something fierce. "Hello, Marcus speaking."

"Hold for Mr. Abel." The line flipped to classical Muzak, my least favorite kind. I didn't know any Abel.

"Marcus, this is Unger Abel. I've got a job for you."

The name Unger is not all that popular and I'd just heard it. "Elizabeth's husband?" He probably wasn't too pleased that his wife was inviting me over. And then the name rang a bell. Unger Abel, Chairman of Abel Industries, a huge corporation that rivaled both MultiMax International and Iverson Media Group.

"Yep. And you come well recommended. By Arcuda Zenellis."

"I'm flattered." And confused. Why would Zenellis recommend me for anything, especially after an accident in his product development laboratory turned everybody into sex maniacs and killed his stock price? The old guy died of a heart attack and I was partially to blame. After the stock price bottomed out, MultiMax International picked up the company for a steal. "Did he talk about my technical savvy and creativity?" I hoped.

"Nope. Said you fucked up his Wisconsin orgy."

I choked.

Abel continued. "Well, that's what it was. Said you were 'a smart asshole that knew how to use his wits and his prick.' Is that you?"

Sounded like Zenellis himself. "Maybe I was the only one who stood up to his conniving and cheating."

"Maybe that's why he both despised and looked up to you. Made me curious, so I dug a bit deeper. Found some interesting things. Then I was chatting with Max at the club. Maximillion Vinibaldi, the name familiar?"

I nodded and swallowed hard, but Abel couldn't see or hear my reaction. "Uh, yes. I've met him."

Abel laughed. "Max was pissed about getting his wife all fancied up with surgery because she cheated on him, incessantly. He scowled when he mentioned most of the incidents, all of which he knew about, but this smile came over his face when he told about catching her in flagrant in a storage shed. With guess who, Mr. Marcus?"

Abel already knew, so why deny it? "Guilty as charged."

Reese's expression was one of puzzlement. What did she think I admitted guilt about? Tired of standing, she sat in my guest chair along the wall and crossed her legs.

"Seems you have a propensity of intimacy with the wife's and daughters of very rich and influential men. Men that are not to be trifled with."

The idea hadn't crossed my mind, but the pattern was there, all right. "So is this blackmail?" Then I remembered that his wife had just invited me for dinner. Was he worried about her fidelity?

"Hardly. You have no assets except the money Zenellis paid you. By the way, you should do something better than a bank account if you don't want that wife of yours finding out."

"Thanks for the financial advice." Abel knew much too much. He probably had a security department that rivaled the FBI. Probably knew what I had for breakfast. "So then why-"

"I could buy and sell you a million times over. Elizabeth told me she was inviting you to dinner. To talk about something that's bothering her. Quite a coincidence, since I was going to call you myself. Tell me the truth, now. Do you find my wife attractive?"

That's a trick question. "Yes, from the brief glance I had." Reese was listening closely.

"Would you have intercourse with her?"

That was an even trickier question, because of the honest answer. I lied. "Of course not."

"Not even if I approved?"

Huh? "Excuse me?"

"Marcus, I've never had children. A huge legacy and no one to pass it down to when I'm gone. Oh yes, Elizabeth will get it all. But what she really wants more than anything is a family, and I want an heir. I'm afraid my sperm are just too feeble. Had your DNA tested, dear boy. No diseases, no genetic weaknesses."

"You did what?" Abel had invaded of privacy. My DNA was my business, not his. I wondered where he'd gotten a sample. "So you want me to donate?" I didn't say sperm because it was none of Reese's business. "I think you've got the wrong guy."

"I've got the right one, and I know it. But no artificial stuff. Too high a risk of failure. The natural way, you and her together."

Just because I'd fucked Maximillion's wife didn't mean I was a cock for hire. Or was I? I felt constrained in what I could say with Reese as a witness. Any comments about sex and she'd be in my lap. "How do you expect-"

"Elizabeth will raise the child as ours. The tike will lack for nothing."

Except for its real father. "That's good to know." Was I agreeing because I couldn't say what I wanted to say in front of Reese? Like 'go to hell'?

"In exchange, I'll double what Zenellis paid you, and set up an offshore account for all of your money - his and mine. No charge for the financial services. Just one thing-"

There always was. "Yes?"

"Having sex with Elizabeth must be her idea. Got it? She has to ask, or you do nothing. And I mean nothing. Not even a kiss."

I relaxed. No rape, not even coercion. Lovely Elizabeth invites me to bed or I'm off the hook. I was safe, she'd never cheat. "Done. I'll see you both Wednesday."

"Oh, and Marcus? We never had this conversation."

"Of course. Good bye."

I hung up. Reese stood up, her arms crossed under her tits. Her bra hung loose. Had she unclasped it when I wasn't looking? "What was that all about?"

"Something you've very familiar with." I wondered what kind of birth control Reese used. Was it possible for me to get her pregnant? I unzipped my pants. Reese heard the sound and smiled.

Just as I pulled my pecker from my pants, in pranced Dick Tashun, her uncle. "Reese! What are you doing? Marcus?"

I remained seated, my cock hidden by my desk. "There's no controlling your niece. I was taking business calls and she decided to undress. I only just found out she works for Omniscient Software. Were you going to tell me that at some point?"

"Reese, put your clothes back on." He stepped past her. "I didn't think it mattered."

Reese positioned herself in the circular pool of skirt material. When she bent over to pull up her skirt, her bra fell forward, and her lovely tits were exposed. She let the bra drop off her arms to the floor. I pushed my stomach up to my desk, so Tashun wouldn't see my exposed and hardening penis.

Tashun leaned on my desk. "I wasn't in favor of this deal, but Hunter had it signed and sealed before I found out." He glanced over his shoulder at his niece, still mostly naked. "Reese, I said get dressed!"

She reached behind to zip up her skirt, thrusting her tits forward. I remembered caressing and sucking them. My cock flinched and struck the bottom of my center drawer. Tashun looked down. I pounded the desk with my fist. "Can't you keep your niece under control? What kind of upbringing did she have, anyway?"

Dick snatched her blouse from the chair and held it out for her. She didn't take it. "I can't excuse her behavior, but Hunter says the contract language specifies her as our representative. We can't remove her without cause." He threaded her arms back into the sleeves of her blouse. Before she buttoned, she reached down and picked up her bra and flashed her bare tits once last time. "And stripping in your office doesn't meet the test, I'm afraid. Come on, dear, your visit with Marcus is over."

She buttoned the middle three buttons, still exposing some cleavage, grabbed her oversized sample case, the one that documented her strip tease and my non-action. At least her blackmail scheme failed. "So long, Harvey. I'll see you Thursday."

Oh no! I'd have to go through this again on Thursday? Well, if she wanted to document bad behavior, two could play at that game. And I had an expert on my side. After I was alone, I dialed up Lorraine Ambury, Lore for short. She'd been Zenellis's audio/video professional for the Wisconsin orgy, Abel's word. Although she didn't know what was being filmed. Only after I exposed the coordinated sex did she agree to help me steal Zenellis's disk array full of father/other daughter videos. And the disk drives were still in my basement, awaiting assembly. Maybe I could kill two birds with one stone.

I dialed her folks because I didn't have Lore's number. Actually, I had her 'number', pretending my penis was her Lucky Peter. Fucking me got her dreams to come true, and both of us to cum. "Hello?" It was a familiar voice. I'd gotten lucky with Lore before, and again with this call. She was at her folks' house to answer.

"Lore, this is Harvey Marcus."

"Oh, Mr. Marcus, this is like you were reading my mind. I'm living back here at my folks'. You know I was laid off by MultiMax, didn't you?"

'"No, I'm so sorry." I should have asked Maximillion to keep Lore employed as a favor, instead of asking to fuck his sister-in-law. Screwed up priorities. Again.

"But good news. I have an interview tomorrow and I was wondering if you'd rub some of your luck off on me. Like last time?"

Last time was a wild fucking session in her apartment. Lore called my cock her Lucky Peter. I didn't believe that rubbing my prick against her was lucky, but it was hard to argue with success. And I was hard, thinking about how easy it would be to have sex with her. "Sure, but I need two favors."


"I need you to put the video array back together-"

"The one from Wisconsin? You still have the drives?"

The hard disks and the motivation to see the videos. "Yes, and I bought a disk array enclosure that should be perfect. But I also need a set of miniature cameras and microphones, for my own surveillance. Maybe you have some left over?"

"I have a whole box full. I had to uninstall them from all of the rooms afterwards, you know? And Zenellis never told me what to do with them, so I just kept them."

"Great. Bring a couple of sets, and we'll test them out."

"I've also got a small compatible recorder, if that would help."

"Even better! Can you come over tonight? I mean, the drives and cabinet are at my place, and I wouldn't want your folks walking in while I was letting my luck rub off in you. I mean, on you."

"Oh, in me is what I want. I really want. I'll come by after dinner."

That meant I'd be cuming after dinner as well. "See you later."

Harriett and Winifred settled in for the night in front of the living room TV watching cable soap operas. I went down into the basement, preparing for Lore's arrival. The disk array enclosure was in position next to the computer chassis, along with a black and white monitor I'd found at a garage sale. Connected to an analog output port, it was only nine inches diagonal but big enough to view the stealth sex videos captured during Zenellis's father and daughter orgy in Wisconsin. The four bare drives were still in the bubble-wrap shipping. Static-free bags would have been preferred, but I needed to get the drives out quickly before Zenellis discovered I'd ripped him off.

I heard footsteps on the stairs. Lore came through the door with a grocery bag. "Mr. Marcus!" She put the bag on the floor and ran over. When she hugged me tight, memories of holding her, both clothed and naked, rushed back to me. She leaned back, her face flush with anticipation.

I was sure she felt my erection against her belly. "Hi there." I leaned forward and kissed her.

The patented lip quiver was still there. "This is like perfect timing. I just applied for a new job and I could use some of your luck."

She meant fuck. "You know there's no cause and effect, don't you? My Lucky Peter is just a normal penis with no special properties."

Lore's blush spread down her throat. "I know. But I wore my lucky panties today, just in case. Wanna see?"

There was no stopping her. She stepped back, reached under her skirt, I thought to lift and expose. Nope, she pulled the panties down and stepped out of them. She tossed the garment to me. "See?"

Two dice with a total of seven dots exposed adorned the front. "Yep. Lucky seven." She was preparing for both of us to get lucky.

"I brought you the cameras, mikes and recorder in the bag. You can do whatever you want with them."

And her, I expected.

She caressed my camera on its tripod in front of the carpeted stage and backdrop. "Oooh, maybe you take my picture?" She spun, exposing her pussy.

I pointed at the table of equipment. "There's the-"

"Got it. Business before pleasure. Let's get that disk array assembled." I sat back in my armless swivel chair. Lore unwrapped the drives as efficiently as she'd shed her skirt. She bent over, putting drives into their bays. My dick throbbed, her pussy bay on display with each insertion. I desired my own insertion. But Harriett and Winifred were upstairs. Too risky. Lore would have to settle for rubbing crotches through our clothes. "How did you know what order to insert the drives?"

"Silly! I installed them originally in ascending serial number sequence." She turned quickly, her skirt spinning up just to tease. "Done. Now we'll just turn it on and see what happens." She plopped down onto my lap. "Ooh, you're excited even before we see any of the videos."

She called it, I was turned on. But her attitude seemed positive and excited about the videos. "You were grossed out, okay, maybe shocked, at the hotel when I showed you what Zenellis had arranged. What's changed?"

"Yeah, because I didn't know that's what was being videoed. It was a shock, that's for sure. But I've had horny dreams ever since about being one of the invited daughters." The disk array icon appeared on-screen. Lore opened the drive and a directory of video files appeared. "Can I pick?"


Lore opened one of the files. The video was in black and white, some father and someone else's daughter. She was on all fours, him behind, dipping his fingers into her pussy. Their clothes were strewn around the bed and floor. Lore squirmed on my lap. "Is this what you expected?"

"I didn't know what to expect. But I'm not surprised."

"Neither am I." Lore scooted away from my body, reached behind and unzipped me. "You're always hard."

"Not always. But we can't-"

"We won't. I'm just releasing you to alleviate the pressure."

With some help from her probing fingers, my prick popped through the gap in my jockeys.

"Oh, Mr. Marcus, they're doing it doggie style!"

The man had finally achieved penetration and was fucking the young woman from behind, with mutual enthusiasm. Lore put my cock against her labia. "I bet it felt good." She lowered herself. "Oooh, yes, just like this."

All pretense was gone. Our mutual promise had been broken. I put my hands on Lore's waist and hoisted my hips. Lore was moist and ready, and her pussy felt terrific. At least in this position, Lore's skirt hid our dirty deed. Although, Lore sitting in my lap was hardly innocent. I kept listening for sounds of movement one floor above. No noise. The TV show must have been compelling.

We sat, silently fucking, watching another couple do the same. I slid one hand inside her pullover, her naked tit in the palm of my hand, her nipple pointy and hard. The stealth fucking was completely erotic.

I heard footsteps on the stairs and stopped humping. "Shhhh."

A voice called down the stairs. "Harvey? I'm sending Justine down." What was Harriett doing? Who was Justine?

"Stand up. Come on. We've got company." I lifted Lore's hips. Her skirt fell to cover her privates. She straightened her top. I pressed my vertical cock against my belly, inhaled, and zipped up my pants.

The door inched open. Through it stepped a young woman in khaki vest over a white blouse with matching khaki skirt, ending at the knee. The vest was covered in sewn-on patches, like some kind of Scout. But she was too old for Girl Scouts, wasn't she?

"Hello?" She took one step past the doorframe and stopped.

Lore approached our visitor. "Hi. I'm Lore and that's Mr. Marcus. What can we do for you?"

The girl pointed behind her to the stairs. "Mrs. Marcus told my mother that her husband was a photographer, and maybe he could help me earn my badge?"

I turned off the monitor, which was still showing the doggy style encounter and stood up. "She did? But aren't you too old for Scouting?"

"Oh, I'm an Ambassador Girl Scout, the highest level. This is my last year, and I'm trying to earn as many badges as I can. See?" She pulled a single colored page from a slash pocket of her skirt.

Lore handed me the document. It was like a page from a Scouting catalog, showing all of the badges and awards a Scout could earn and then buy. I assumed a Scout couldn't just order them all without validation. There were many unfamiliar categories in business and art and science. Didn't the Scouts just do stuff like starting fires with two sticks and selling cookies? I looked up from the page. "What are these, Behind The Ballot and Textile Artist?"

"Politics and weaving. Scouting has many different opportunities for members to learn new skills. Like photography." She walked over to my photography area with the professional backdrop and tripod, my camera still mounted. "Can you show me how to use this?"

I walked over and stood beside her. "Sure."

"I'll be the model." Lore moved to a stage area, just a few wooden skids covered in carpet with the Underwuud's backdrops behind. "Is here okay?"

I looked at the LCD screen. "Perfect." I pointed out the relevant controls. Justine watched my fingers intently. "You can zoom in and out here, and take the picture here."

"Great!" The spring in her step bounced her large breasts.

While Justine focused on the camera, I stared at the uninvited guest. She was a big girl, in the vernacular. Not fat, but proportionately larger than Lore in every department. Larger legs, wider hips and a much bigger chest. The vest both hid and accentuated just how big her tits were. My erection hadn't gone down, and imagining Justine with less clothing was quite erotic. I wasn't normally attracted to larger women, but something about Justine was making me even hornier than pantyless Lore.

"How many pictures can I shoot?" Justine asked.

"As many as you'd like. The memory card is empty." I'd copied the last photos to a password-protected area on an external hard disk, away from prying eyes.

Lore leaned against a stool in the center of the platform. "Go ahead, direct me. Tell me what you want me to do."

One part of me wanted our invited guest to take a few shots, leave, and let Lore and me resume our video watching. And simultaneous fucking. Another part wanted Justine naked, legs spread, begging for me to fuck her. And at any moment, Harriett or Winifred could decide to come downstairs. The jeopardy was absolutely part of the turn-on.

Justine asked Lore to turn, one way and then the other. Lore maintained conservative poses, as conservative as Lore could be with a short skirt. She turned in profile and pulled the top tight against her chest. Her nipples pointed in my direction. Then without Justine's direction, she sat down with her legs crossed. When she opened her legs wide, Justine froze.

Lore came off the stood and stood, rear facing the camera. "What's wrong?" Then she flipped up her skirt, showing her bare ass and privates.

Justine's face turned red. "You're not wearing panties!" It was almost a whisper.

"Mr. Marcus was making me lucky for a job interview when you came in."

"And you had to take your panties off for that?" Justine shot me a glance.

"Uh huh. He touches me with his Lucky Peter and good things happen."

Justine's hand slipped to her crotch. Was she excited at seeing Lore's privates? "Like what?"

"Well, I got into my first choice for college, and I've had two great jobs."

"I could sure use some luck." Her head bobbed.

The idea of having sex with this well-developed Scout was both outrageous and thrilling.

Lore shook her hips from side to side, like a bullfighter taunting the animal with a cape. Except I was the animal, with one extended horn. "And the best part is, the bonus."

Justine had no clue but I knew what she meant. Sex and an orgasm.

"Zoom in and shoot me from the waist up."

Justine fiddled with the controls. "Okay, you're framed."

"Good, now take some bust shots." Lore waited for a few clicks before she hoisted her top over her head. Those were bust shots, all right. Well-formed with perky nipples. The choice was clear. I wanted our Scout chaperone to depart so Lore could return to my lap. My Lucky Peter was waiting impatiently.

"Oh my! You have such nice breasts. Mine are way too big." Justine looked over at me, taking in the strip show. "Is it okay for me to be taking pictures like this?"

I nodded. "If you have your subject's permission."

"And you do." Lore wiggled a finger at me. "Come on over, Mr. Marcus. We need a little variety."

I crossed my arms. "No, that's okay. Justine is doing just fine."

"Okay, then come here because I want you to." Lore pouted. "Having you in the frame will make the shots more interesting."

Lore kept playing to the camera, pushing back her shoulders and aiming her pointy nipples at the lens. Then turning her back to the camera, she dragged her skirt to the side, exposing a bare buttock. I moved closer for a better view but stopped short of the stage. "Come up here, Mr. Marcus, we can pose together."

I waved my hand. "No, I really don't think-"

"But I'll need a variety of subjects if I'm going to get my badge." Justine's eyes were big and seductive.

"See, you want Justine-" Lore paused. "-to get her badges."

Justine doesn't need no stinking badges, I thought. "Oh, all right." I mounted the stage and stood next to her. Lore forced an embrace, her lips on mine.

"Oh my!" Justine kept snapping.

Lore turned her back to me and tugged my arms around her. While I stood there, hugging her, she unlatched and dropped her skirt. She was bare from the waist down.

"Oh my!" Justine was in shock but didn't stop clicking the shutter.

I felt Lore's hand on my groin. I stood still as I heard my zipper in retreat. "Do you really want a photographic record of this?"

"You're over dressed. Shouldn't we match?"

My cock had a mind of its own, especially in Lore's grasp. "I guess so."

I definitely saw Justine touch her crotch again. Watching Lore, and the prospect of us acting like a couple, was exciting her. Justine's breathing was expanding her blouse. I stepped back, reluctantly took off my pants and stepped back up on the carpeted stage. "Okay, where do you want me?" I knew it was the wrong thing to say as soon as I said it.

"Stand behind me. Good, now put your arms around my stomach. Oh yes, you're happy to see me, aren't you?" She wiggled her butt against my erection. One hand went back to fetch my cock out. She pulled it from my jockeys and then rubbed it along her labia. "Oh, Mr. Marcus, you're making me so lucky."

"I can't see anything. What is he doing?"

"His Lucky Peter is rubbing me the right way. Oh God, I want too be sure." She bent over and held onto the stool. My cock slipped into familiar territory. Lore moaned. "Oh yes. Sooo lucky."

I looked up. Justine was snapping pictures with one hand and massaging a breast with the other. She was horny all right. Was there a badge for sex? "Are you okay?" I asked.

"Wow, that's really hot!" She kept clicking. "Oh God! You're doing it! You're having sex in front of me."

I was tempted to ask if she wanted to participate. "How does it make you feel?" Maybe if she opened up-

"Sometimes I get excited - oh, this is too embarrassing."

"You're embarrassed? I've got Mr. Marcus's penis inside me, with an audience." Lore waited patiently for a response.

"It's just that, oh God, sometimes I touch myself down here." She cupped her crotch. "With my fingers. Is that bad?"

I pulled back, leaving just the tip embedded. "No, not at all." Lore's pussy nibbled at my cock. I pushed in. "You've got, oooh, natural urges."

"Mr. Marcus is sooo right." Lore humped back, driving me deeper. "All women have them. You just need a coach. Someone to help you deal with them."

"Oh no. I just couldn't."

"Really? Because I'd help you, if you want. Or Mr. Marcus."

Justine shook her head but didn't let go of her pussy.

"Okay, it's your call. But Mr. Marcus is very talented."

Lore stepped away from me, leaving my cock dangling out in the open. Justine went wide-eyed, fingers to her lips. "Oh my! I had no idea a man's penis looked like that."

"Mr. Marcus is bigger than average." Naked, Lore jumped off the stage and approached Justine. "Okay, now it's my turn to shoot you." Lore maneuvered behind the camera.

We both looked at Justine's absent-minded self-stimulation, one hand on a breast, the other on her mound. Lore put her hand on Justine's shoulder. "I said, now it's my turn to shoot you."


"I'll take your picture now."

I repositioned my jockey's to cover my erection and made a move to leave the stage. "Oh no, Mr. Marcus, you stay."

"No, you don't need me in these."

"Justine does. Be a dear and take off your skirt and blouse so they don't get wrinkled." Lore winked. "Or soiled."

Slowly, tantalizingly, Justine stripped down to a heavily constructed bra that covered every square inch of her breasts and a conservative pair of women's panties. "I shouldn't be undressed like this."

"You look terrific. Now take the same pose."

I stood behind Justine, my arms wrapped around her body just below her breasts. That put my tented cock aimed directly at the underside of her butt.

Justine turned her head. "You're a nasty tease!"

"I am not." Horny, yes, but a tease? I was willing to take it further. All she had to do was ask. Then I remembered the two women upstairs.

"Yes you are. Lore got you all excited and now you're poking me with your erection! It's humiliating."" she said. "Especially when you know how I'm feeling."

Lore had gotten me started, that was true. But holding this buxom young women had kept me erect. "I'll have you know that you're the cause, not Lore."

"Impossible! I'm not pretty."

"You're sexy as hell!" I turned her around, held her face and kissed her. Not just a peck or a glancing blow. A toe-curling, deep from within, passionate lip lock. She fussed at first but I persisted. Soon she was moaning, which translated to vibrating lips. I matched her hum. She threw her arms around me, pulling me forward. I repositioned my hands around her back, pressing my chest against those marvelous breasts. I pulled her hips close, my cock nestling between thick thighs. She didn't separate them, so my cock was defeated from any pubic contact.

She finally pulled her face back from our marathon smooch. "Wow! You really do find me attractive!"

My hands slid to her shoulders, and then around to her back. "I certainly do." My fingers played with the bra hook.

"Oh no! This is as far as I'll go." Justine broke from my grasp, covering her bra-encased breasts with crossed arms. "I'm not going to expose myself."

I raised my hands in defeat, palms flat. "Okay, I heard you." I walked over to Lore, a familiar bulge pointing the way. I whispered in her ear, "You seem to be effective in directing her. Is there any way you can convince her to take off her bra?"

Lore whispered back, "You're a horny little devil, aren't you? And I'd be jealous, except I want to see them too. Let me have a chat with her."

Lore wanted to see Justine's tits? That was unexpected. I strolled off to the side. Justine stood there, breathing heavy, a flush in her face. When she rubbed her fingers across her panties, I knew she was just as horny as I was.

Lore beckoned Justine to the side. I went back to my chair at the computer. Lore led Justine to where Harriett had strung some thick cord as a clothesline for hang drying. Before I knew it, Lore had thrown a dirty sheet over the cord, making a barrier that covered them from head to knee. There was some movement. Then I saw it - Justine's bra hit the floor. Lore had done it. I salivated at the thought of those two tits exposed. And fondled. By me.

But when Justine stepped out from behind the sheet curtain, she'd put her blouse back on. My only hope - one button held the two sides of the blouse together, straining at the mass of two unencumbered tits.

Lore came over and whispered, "Justine is very self-conscious about her boobs. You shouldn't grope her or it's all over. Got it?"

"Okay." Telling me not to want my hands on those tits was fine in theory but difficult in practice.

Lore waved her arm. "Get back in position, you two."

I stood close to Justine's back, keeping a safe distance, defined as my erection not in contact with her body.

"Closer!" barked Lore. "Hug her."

"My partner here objects to contact," I explained to Lore. "I can't stand apart and hug her, can I?"

"Lore told me everything. You can move closer." Justine spread her legs a bit, opening a gap. "Tell me, are you really lucky?"

My cock was between her thighs. Her fingers, diddling herself down below, made incidental contact with my cotton-covered cock. "Lore seems to think so. Three times I rubbed against her, three times good things happened."

Her caress changed from incidental to intentional. Her fingers ran along the bottom of my erection, from scrotum to head. "So if you rub against me, I'll get into my first choice of college?"

"I'm not the expert. Ask Lore. She'll tell you."

Justine looked at Lore. "Are you sure Mr. Marcus's Lucky Peter works?"

"Yes, but only if you get the whole treatment."

"What's that?"

"Well, first, he has to - Why don't we have him demonstrate?"

Lore came out from behind the camera and pulled my jockeys down. Justine had to remove her fingers. "Now get back in position."

My cock made contact with Justine's groin, like before. Her fingers returned immediately. "Ooooh, it's hot!"

"That means his Lucky Peter is ready. Mmmmm. So ready."

"Should I stand like this?"

"Perfect. Except spread your legs a little wider, for balance." Lore's hand snuck between Justine's thighs. Her fingertips touched my cock.

It was for better genital contact. We both knew it.

Justine's fingers pressed my penis against her panties, which were pulled tight across her pubic mound. "Ooooh, it feels good, like it's scratching an itch."

"It'll feel better against your bare skin. Watch."

Lore came back to us and pulled Justine's panties down to her upper thighs. My cock bounced. Lore aimed my cock at Justine's naked pussy. "Isn't that better?"

'Yes and no. I'm not sure I should be doing this. It feels really good, but my itch is getting stronger."

"The best way for Mr. Marcus to scratch that itch is to go inside. Like when you used your fingers."

"How did you know I did that?"

"An educated guess. And by the way you played with yourself while shooting us. Didn't you think we'd notice?"

"I didn't realize-" Justine pressed the length of my penis against her labia. "It's so hard."

"And it's all because of you, sweetie."

Her fingers were measuring me, inch by inch. "But you're so big."

Lore gave directions from behind the camera. "The better to scratch your itch and get you lucky at the same time. Just bend a bit-"

Justine leaned her arms on the stool. "Like this?"

"There, perfect angle." I aimed my cock horizontal. "So are you ready?"

"Maybe you could rub me a little. I had a really good application and references, and I was involved in a lot of activities, so maybe I only need a little luck. I sure do want to get into Princeton."

I sure wanted to get into Justine, to expose her to a new activity, but I wanted permission. So instead of sticking it in, I placed just the tip at her puffy labia.

"Oooh, that feels really good."

"It's Mr. Marcus's Lucky Peter, rubbing luck off on you."

I wasn't rubbing, just holding my ground. If Justine pushed her hips back, I'd go in with her permission.

"Is this what he did for you?"

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