by God of Porn

Rachael Ross 1982 - 2012

Erotica Sex Story: What a difference a day makes. A teenage girl gets sage advice from her mother.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Incest   .

The night of my fourteenth birthday, which was my best birthday ever, Mom came up to my room as I got into bed. She loves to spoil us.

"You're getting all grown up now, Jenny," she said, kind of happy and sad all at once.

"Yeah," I smiled up at her from my pillow.

"I was thinking we should have a little talk." Mom sat down on my bed.

"About what?" I wondered and she smiled back at me, brushing my blonde hair out of my blue eyes with a soft hand.

My mom is very pretty and everyone says I'm going to look just like her when I really do grow up. Some people say we look like sisters, even though she's like fifteen years older than me. Maybe that's because I look a little older than I am and Mom looks a little younger than she is, I'm not sure. All I know is that I hope it's true, all of it, cause looking like Mom would be pretty cool.

"About being a woman," she said, "and about boys and..."

"I already know where babies come from, Mom." I giggled a little and maybe blushed, but not too much. She knew I knew, cause she'd told me, mostly.

"I know you do, Jen. I just don't want to see you grow up thinking that just because you're a woman, you have to be..." she thought for a second, " ... weak. I want you to be strong."

"Like you?" I asked, not really teasing her, but not really understanding what she meant either.

"Like me, yeah." Mom smiled. "There are a lot of weak women out there and the world doesn't need one more."

"Uh ... Okay," I shrugged, but Mom saw the confusion on my face and I guess that was why she was up there in the first place, to explain what she meant.

"Now that you're getting older, boys are going to like you more," Mom said. "If they don't already."

"I think they kinda do," I giggled and mom was smiling.

"I think they do too," she said. "So you know what I mean. You're already so pretty and you're just going to get prettier. Your boobs are going to grow some more, you're going to get taller and more mature. A lot of boys are going to like you a lot, Jenny. They're going to want to be with you and touch you."

"Kiss me?"

"Yeah, kiss you," Mom agreed. "And make babies in your tummy too, if they can. But you have to respect yourself, that's the first thing."

"I know, Mom," I nodded cause she was always saying that stuff to me.

"Some girls, weak girls, will let them do it too," she said. "Not because they want to, but because they're too weak to tell a boy no. They won't put up a fight when a boy tries to spread her legs."

"And get his penis inside her," I said, just to remind her that I wasn't totally stupid or anything.

"Right. And get his penis all the way up inside her," Mom agreed. "But you have to be stronger than those girls. Don't let just any boy put his penis inside you, Jen. You have to make sure he's the boy you want because you're the woman. It's your body and..."

"I get to choose what I do with it," I smiled. "You told me that before."

"I know I did, but your fourteen now," Mom smiled back. "I won't be able to watch you all the time, so you're going to have to make your own decisions. Take responsibility for yourself like a grown woman does."

"A strong woman," I nodded.

"A strong one," Mom nodded too. "And you know there are different kinds of boys, right? There's big, strong, manly boys."

"And pathetic, little wimpy boys." I giggled, because I'd definitely heard this part before.

"Exactly," Mom said. "You remember, huh? So the big, strong boys are good for..."

"For having sex with," I answered.

"And the little wimpy ones?"

"For earning money and loving me."

"And loving all your little babies too," Mom told me. "Don't forget that part."

"I won't," I promised.

"Just remember, when you look for the boy you want to spend your life with, the one you want to marry, you have to make sure he understands his place."

"Where's that?" I wondered, cause maybe I'd forgotten that part.

"Between your thighs mostly," Mom laughed lightly. "No, what I mean is. The man you marry has to remember that he's only here to make you happy. He's lucky to have a beautiful wife like you and he knows it. He wants to do everything he can to make your life perfect."

"Because that'll make his life perfect too, right Mom?"

"Exactly," Mom said. "A good husband is happiest when he's making his wife happy. It's really, really simple."

"Yeah," I nodded.

"Men don't always see it like that though."

"They don't?" I blinked at my mom and she was shaking her head.

"Nope, they don't. A lot of men, most men, will think you're weak just because you're a girl. They'll think they're stronger than you and on this planet that means they'll think they get to be in charge and make all the decisions."

"On this planet?" I giggled and stuck my little pink tongue out.

"Yeah," Mom giggled too and we even laughed the same sometimes.

"There should be one where all the girls are in charge," I suggested.

"There should be," Mom said. "But we're all stuck here. Anyway, that's why you have to be strong, so you can teach the man you like that he isn't so big and he isn't that strong, and he's not the one in charge just because he's a boy."

"How do I do that?" I wondered. "All the boys I kinda like are really big. I mean..."

"The boys you like?" Mom made a little face, teasing me mostly. "So you're already checking them out, Jen?"

"A little." I bit my bottom lip the way I do sometimes. "Just looking."

"Well, that's okay," Mom smiled. "You're fourteen now anyway, so it's up to you if you want to look or not, and if you want to do a little more than that..."

"It's okay?" I smiled back at her.

"Of course," she agreed. "That's why we're having this talk."

"Okay," I said. "But, um ... So like, if I really liked this one boy, except he's like kinda older than me and really big and everything. How do I get to be in charge or whatever?"

"Is he handsome?" Mom teased me and I blushed. "Does he love you?

"Sorta," I shrugged. "He's always lookin' at me, I know that."

"Yeah," Mom nodded. "But he probably just wants to get his penis inside you. That's not real love."

"But sometimes I sorta want his penis inside me too," I admitted.

"I know you do," Mom said. "That's normal for a girl when a strong handsome man is interested in her. Be interested right back."

"Really?" I grinned and I was feeling a little warm under my blanket with all this talk, and I was thinking about a lot of different boys I kinda liked.

"Sure," Mom said. "But those kinds of boys aren't the kind you want to marry, remember?"

"I want a wimpy boy."

"A considerate, loving man who adores you," she agreed. "One who will do absolutely anything to see you smile."

"I like that," I sighed.

"So do I," Mom agreed. "There's a lot of men like that too, believe me, Jen. That's why you have to be choosy. You have to shop around, you know?"

"What kind of boy should I get though?" I asked, just because I didn't want an ugly one or anything.

"Well, you need a man who can take care of you, not a boy," Mom said. "One with a job and money in the bank. A responsible man who can give you all the happiness you deserve."

"Okay," I shrugged.

"Once you've found a man like that you can start to train him."

"Train him?" I giggled. "Like a dog?"

"Exactly," Mom laughed. "Train him to do the things you like and ignore what he wants to do. Men always want to do silly things, selfish things, and you have to teach him to want what you want."

"Okay," I said. "How do I do that though? Isn't it kinda hard if they're all grown up and everything?"

"It can be hard," Mom nodded. "But if you find a weak-willed momma's boy..."

"Momma's boy!" I laughed.

" ... it's a lot easier than you think," Mom continued, but she was giggling too. "And there's all kinds of ways to wrap a wimp around your finger, Jenny."

"Will you help me?" I wondered, and she nodded.

"Of course, I will," Mom sighed and smoothed my blanket. "I'm always going to be here for you. In fact, I've already arranged a little date for you this..."

"What?" I gasped at her and my eyes got real big.

" ... Friday night." Mom grinned at the look on my face. "He's an older man, but he has a very good job. He's the vice-president of a bank. His mother assures me that he's a virgin too, which is perfect for you."

"Um ... How much older is he?" I wondered nervously.

"About your daddy's age," Mom shrugged. "Forty-two, I think."

"Oh." I couldn't hide my frown.

"Now, Jen..." Mom rolled her eyes. "There's nothing wrong with dating an older man like that. It'll be good practice. You're not going to marry him or anything."

"I'm not?" I asked, feeling a little happier when I heard her say that.

"No," Mom shook her head. "He's just going to be practice. You can do whatever you want with him too."

"Anything?" I bit my bottom lip.

"Pretty much," Mom shrugged. "But make him love you first, that's the important thing. You have to practice that and after the man completely adores you, well ... then you can break him."

"Break him?" I giggled.

"Like an old toy," Mom laughed. "I promised his mother you'd send the man back home in tears. She's worried that he doesn't really love her enough."

"Oh," I nodded, but I still had a lot to learn.

"But what about the other boys, Mom? The ones I like?" I asked. "If I'm gonna be with..."

"His name's Henry, dear."

"If I'm gonna be with Henry, training him and stuff..."

"Don't worry," Mom rolled her eyes at me. "You can still have your other boyfriends. In fact, that's part of his training and yours too!"

"Mine?" I blinked at her.

"Training to become a real woman," Mom nodded. "A man like Henry won't ever be able to satisfy a girl like you, believe me. You have to learn how a real man can make you feel good, inside and out."

"But especially inside, right?" I giggled and Mom laughed.

"Yeah. Especially inside," she agreed. "A big, strong, handsome boy with a very large, thick penis will be exactly what you need to keep you happy."

"Only one?" I pouted playfully, just teasing her.

"Noooo..." Mom corrected me. "As many as you want!"

"Really?" I stared at her, but Mom was serious.

"They're better two or three at a time, actually."

"Hmmmm..." I smiled at that.

"Or even more than that," Mom said. "Once in awhile. But you're still growing, so I think two or three is enough at first."

"And I get to pick them?" I asked eagerly, but trying not to look eager, you know.

"Of course, you do," Mom told me. "But if they're really men, they'll pick you..."

"They will?"

" ... because a girl like you, Jen, won't ever be able to say no to a real man with a real penis."

"But I have to be kinda choosy, right?"

"Right," Mom smiled at that because I was learning fast. "Just because some big stud picked you to ride his penis, doesn't mean he's your boyfriend. Henry is going to be your boyfriend; those other boys will just be..."

"Fun!" I giggled and she laughed at me.

"Exactly," Mom said. "It's important you remember that and come home to Henry every night to let him know how special he is. How he's the one you love and not those other boys. That's going to be a big part of his training."

"He has to love me back," I agreed, understanding what Mom was saying.

"In fact, it'll be best in the beginning if you just bring Henry along when you have fun with other boys," Mom suggested. "That way he can see how much you really need to be with real men."

"But won't he get jealous?" I wondered with a frown.

"Oh, a little bit maybe." Mom shrugged. "But true love is stronger than jealousy. Once he realizes how his wimpy little penis could never make you happy all by itself, he'll be begging you to find other men to give you what you need."

"He will?" I giggled at that.

"Absolutely," Mom smiled at me. "So you keep your eyes open for a boy you might like, because Friday night is your first date with Henry."

"Yeah," I nodded, because I knew some boys I already liked just fine.

"Make sure they're big though," Mom reminded me. "A girl has to have standards."

"Seven inches," I nodded and I'd never forgotten about that.

"At least seven. That's the bare minimum if he's really handsome."

"If he's only sorta handsome..."

"Eight inches." Mom wrinkled her nose at me. "And we don't have fun with boys who aren't handsome, right?"

"Right!" I giggled.

"Unless he's ten inches." She laughed. "Then you just put a bag over his head and slap him silly for being so ugly."

"Mom!" I laughed too and sometimes it was hard to tell when she was serious.

"Well..." She shrugged and her blue eyes were twinkling happily.

"Was my father handsome?" I wondered. "Or did he just have a really big penis?"

"Hmmm..." Mom thought about that for a second. "That's a good question, Jen. I'm not sure. I got pregnant with you on my fourteenth birthday."

"You did?" I looked at her and she'd never told me that before, all the details and stuff.

"Uh-Huh," Mom sighed at the memory of it. "It was my first gang-bang too, so I never really knew for sure who your father was and you look so much like me anyway..."

"Yeah," I giggled. "Um ... What's a gang-bang?"

"Oh, you don't know what a gang-bang is?" Mom gave me a funny look. "What do they teach you in that school of yours?"

"Math mostly," I frowned.

"Well, a gang-bang is sorta like math," Mom giggled. "It's just when a girl has fun with a lot of guys."

"A lot of them?"

"A whole bunch. And all at the same time too!"

"Oh!" I blinked at that and then I wondered, "How many were there at your gang-bang?"

"I don't remember," Mom laughed. "I was too busy to count anyway. It was a lot of fun though, I remember that."

"Was Daddy there?"

"Of course he was," Mom agreed pleasantly. "He watched the whole thing and even helped clean me up in between."

"In between?"

"In between men, dear." She nodded. "Your daddy has the best tongue! I would have married him just for that probably."

"For his tongue?" I giggled.

"That and his money," Mom shrugged. "And of course the way he's so selfless and loving. I really don't know what I'd do without your understanding daddy to comfort me after a long hard night."

"Yeah," I sighed, hearing the love in my mom's voice and wishing I could find a man like that someday too.

"I certainly didn't marry him for his penis!" Mom rolled her eyes as if I'd suggested she had, but she just wanted to explain it all to me.

"You never, um ... I mean, he didn't..." I blushed as I tried to figure out what I wanted to ask.

"Let him put his penis inside me?" Mom asked and I nodded. "Just once, on our wedding night. You'll have to let your husband do it too."

"I will?" I made a little face.

"It's a custom, Jenny," Mom explained. "You have to consummate your marriage."

"Consummate." I nodded, thinking I'd have to look that word up if I was gonna have to do it someday. "But he didn't make a baby or anything?"

"No," Mom shook her head. "I made sure he was wearing three condoms before I let him near me. You don't want to let a wimpy little penis contaminate your beautiful body."

"Okay," I said, thinking that sounded better than what I'd imagined at first.

"And you especially don't want him to get any of his weak little spermies inside you either..."

"Ewwww..." I shivered at the idea of some scrawny half-man spurting his thin stuff into my body.

" ... That would be embarrassing and you don't want a reputation," Mom said with a stern look. "Nobody likes a slut, Jennifer."

"Okay," I said seriously. Mom only called me Jennifer when she really wanted me to pay attention to something.

"It was probably a good thing I put those three condoms on him too," Mom giggled as she relaxed again. "Your daddy almost had his orgasm before he even got inside me!"

"Really?" I giggled too.

"But, I suppose after making him wait almost two years..." Mom sighed. "It was understandable and I didn't mind."

"Why not?"

"Because the Best Man was right there next to me and as soon as your daddy was done trying to diddle me, we went to work making your sister, Janey."

"Hmmm..." I sighed at the thought of getting pregnant on my wedding night. "That's romantic."

"Yeah," Mom agreed. "I had to be careful so I didn't get knocked up before the wedding. It was hard too, but worth it, and call me old fashioned..." she giggled, " ... but I think a woman should get good and pregnant on her wedding night."

"I don't think that's old fashioned," I decided.

"Oh?" Mom stroked my hair.

"It's sweet," I said. "I hope I get pregnant on my wedding night too."

"Well, do what I did," Mom told me, and she was just full of great advice! "Pick the Best Man carefully and make sure he saves himself up for it. You don't want a stud who can't make the night special, Jen. You only get married once."

"I know," I nodded. "I want a really handsome one."

"With a very large penis. Janey's father must have done me, ohhhh ... Six times, I bet."

"You had sex with him six times?" I wondered. "Is that a lot?"

"And one more in the shower after we woke up," Mom said. "So seven times, and yeah, that's a lot for the Best Man after a pretty wild wedding reception."

"It doesn't sound like a lot," I said.

"You're so cute, Jen." She laughed at me. "But that's why you need two or three good boyfriends, remember?"

"Yeah!" I stuck out my tongue. "Can I have like three Best Men?"

"Well, you really only get one Best Man at the ceremony," Mom said. "But I suppose you could have as many as you want afterwards. It's your wedding."

"I can't wait," I sighed.

"Oh yes you can," she corrected me. "I was fifteen when I got married and you're only fourteen. You need to have some fun before you settle down. Enjoy your life and try a lot of different things."

"Yeah," I agreed somewhat reluctantly, knowing she was probably right, but getting married sounded so romantic. It made me kinda itchy.

"So what was his name?" I wondered. "Janey's father?"

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