Mistaken Identity - Revisited

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2012 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: I first fucked Dani when she slid into my bed expecting to find someone else. She liked what she found. Months later its my turn to slide into her bed and see if she remembered what she liked last time. She was a bit surprised to know that I'd also fucked a close family member recently.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Anal Sex   Size   .

I had previously fucked young Dani (see Mistaken Identity story). I had been house-sitting for my step-daughter and her husband Colin when Dani had slid into the bed expecting to find Colin there. Instead she found me - I'm 53 yrs old and have a very fat 10 inch cock, a fact that she finished up enjoying after some initial doubts.

My step-daughter had told me that Dani was going to be house-sitting for them for a few days. I still had a key so I decided to pay her a return visit. Especially since last time, she had told me that her pussy and her ass were mine for the taking.

It was after midnight when I slipped quietly through the front door and made my way to the master bedroom. I quickly shed my clothes in the hallway before entering the bedroom. My fully erect cock led the way (courtesy of the viagra pill I'd taken earlier). Dani was laying on her side on the left side of the bed. I slid under the sheet and spooned up behind her with my cock resting between her butt cheeks.

My hand went to her tummy to pull her back against me before it slid up to cup her tits. Oh ... those tits felt different from last time, they were much bigger that before. "Oh god ... I hope its Dani" was my initial thought " ... and not my step-daughter".

The perfume was familiar.

She was now awake.

"Who?" she whispered in a scared voice. I knew it was Dani by her voice.

"Remember me? ... Last time you slid into this bed and rode my cock like a fucking slut" was my response.

In a more relaxed tone Dani replied "Oh ... it's you. Fuck, you scared me!"

In response, I ground my cock into her ass and cupped her tits as I pulled her closer. My cock slid up and down in her butt crack for a moment before I eased back to reposition it between her thighs. It was now sliding across her pussy lips. She slid a hand down to touch it, and pull it tighter against her pussy.

"Oh my fucking god ... I'd forgotten how fucking big you are" she groaned.

"Your tits are much bigger than last time" was my comment as I massaged them and tweaked her nipples.

"Uh, uh ... I've had a boob job since" was her muted response as the close contact between my cock and her pussy was rapidly increasing her arousal levels.

"Oh ... oh ... oh..." she chanted as my cockshaft rubbed along her pussy lips. I could feel her juices coating my cock as her pussy leaked profusely. Her hand was directing my cock, moving it around all over her pussy until she redirected it to touch her clit.

"Oh ... what!!!" I exclaimed as I felt something different again.

"My clit has been pierced too" she moaned as my cock rubbed across the clit ring.

"Oh fuck ... I need to see this!" I responded as I eased back and directed her on her back. Quickly I slid off the bed to turn on the bedroom light. I wanted to see her piercing very clearly.

With the light on, I crawled back between her thighs. I parted them widely as my face came face to face with her beautiful pussy. Her pussy lips were engorged and darker than her surrounding skin, and nestled at the apex was a fine gold ring. I slid closer until my tongue could touch her pussy lips and clit ring. With a gentle touch to start with, my tongue traced a path all over her pussy lips before sliding in the slight gap between them.

I immediately picked up her taste. It was tangy and delicious - a taste that I could enjoy for ages and ages. My tongue delved deeper and deeper between her outer lips until my tongue tip touched her inner lips. With my tongue firmly embedded in her pussy, I licked back and forth avoiding contact with her clit ring initially.

Dani shifted as she tried to get my tongue touching her clit ring. I avoided the contact because I wanted to tease her a little longer. She kept moving and I kept avoiding.

"Oh you fucking bastard ... you're teasing me and I can't stand it!" she shouted at me.

I ignored her and kept licking.

"Bastard ... bastard... !!!" she shouted.

"Stop your complaining bitch ... your pussy will be thoroughly licked and fucked soon enough ... and your ass too!!!" was my response as I slid my tongue lower across her tight rosebud.

"Oh fuck ... you're fucking cock is way too big for my ass" she complained.

I stopped licking her ass for a moment to reply "My cock is going deep in your ass. You loved it last time, and you will love it again. Now shutup, layback and enjoy!".

I resumed my licking from her asshole to just below her clit ring, continuing for another minute or so, much to the frustration of Dani. Sensing that the time was right, I let my next lick pass across her clit ring before catching it between my lips and pulling on it.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... fuck!!!!! ... cummmmmmmmiiiinnnnggg!!!!" she shouted. I had her so much on edge that the slightest contact with her clit ring sent her plunging over the edge. Her hot juices splashed my face as her pussy exploded into orgasm. My tongue went into overdrive catching and swallowing her abundant and tangy juices as they poured forth.

Just as her cum was starting to wane, I used my lips to pull on her clit ring again with my tongue licking anything and everything that it could reach. Her moans re-increased in frequency and intensity as she built towards a new cum. Sensing that she was well on the way to another massive cum, I quickly mounted her and plunged my fat long cock deep inside her spasming pussy.

Her pussy was so tight. It brought back many memories from our previous encounter. My cock stopped its inwards plunge when I hit upon her cervix. 8 inches deep inside her with another 2 waiting outside as I started to nudge her cervix seeking entry again, Her clutching pussy sheath massaged my cockshaft, holding it tight and almost skinning it such was her tightness.

I moved in and out, initially with slow and deep strokes, butting against her cervix on each in-stroke.

"Fuck me ... fuck me ... fuck me" she chanted as she rapidly approached another orgasmic pinnacle. Her hand came down to her pussy to tweak her clit and push her faster towards the edge. Rubbing initially, and then followed by pulls on her clit ring, she pushed herself over the edge.

"Oh fuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkk!!!!" she shouted as her pussy exploded again into a massive orgasm. I held my cock deep inside her, up against her cervix as i waited for its entrance to relax momentarily ... and it did relax ... and I did push my remaining 2 inches inside her pussy (and cervix).

"Oh my fucking god ... soooooo big ... soooooo deep ... soooo good" she moaned as her body convulsed into another massive cum. Her juices sprayed out between us, saturating the bed beneath us. I kept pushing deep inside and holding myself inside her cervix. Her bodily gyrations were making it hard to stay deeply connected, but I did stay connected until her tightness milked me of my hot man cream.

"Cummmmmmmmmmiinngg" I shouted as I pumped her full of my hot man cream. It was injected deep inside of her, beyond her cervix. Multiple strong squirts followed by a few weaker squirts until my balls had been emptied deep inside her.

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