Sister Anna

by RonBo

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Fiction Sex Story: Sister Anna is caught with the gardening boy by Sister Hortense. She threatens to tell Father Leary unless Sister Anna does her too.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Reluctant   BiSexual   MaleDom   Spanking   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Size   .

The sun was warm. Sister Anna was enjoying the heat on her face as she sat on the bench in the small garden area watching young Manny Garcia tending to the flower garden.

She almost had the rectory to herself. Father Leary was out on his Saturday rounds as usual. This time he had taken young Father Lester with him. That only left herself and Sister Hortense who was in her room taking a nap. Hortense was sixty years old and enjoyed a nap whenever she could find the time.

Manny was a fine looking boy, about seventeen years old, tall and lanky with a pretty boy face. She wished that he would take off his shirt while he worked but she knew that working shirtless was against one of Father Leary's many rules. His skin was a beautiful shade of mocha, a mixture of his parents colors. Anna had seen them at nine o'clock mass many a Sunday. The father was a swarthy looking Mexican while the mother was a very dark black woman.

She was brought out of her revelry when the young man lept to his feet slapping at his legs while running away from the flower garden. He was loudly yelling. "Ouch ... damn ... owe..." and a few obscenities. The young nun could see that a swarm of bees was chasing him stinging him multiple times. Finally he outran their territory and stopped almost in front of Sister Anna still slapping at the pain of the stings.

He wore long shorts but she could see the red bumps caused by the stings all over his legs. She stood. "Come with me to the infirmary Manny." He followed the nun into the building. She was dressed in her Saturday clothes, a pair of long dark blue pants and a white blouse buttoned all the way to her neck.

They entered the small infirmary, Anna asking the boy to get up on the table that dominated the small space. The sister found some ointment that she was sure would ease the boy's pain. While the young man lie face down on the table she began to anoint each of the sore looking stings with the greasy substance which Manny said was helping.

She got to the hem of his shorts pushing them up a bit to see several more sting wounds which she administered to. She had the boy roll over onto his back so she could get at the front of his legs. "Did I get them all Manny?" She asked.

"Yes." He said not too convincingly, still looking uncomfortable.

Anna knew that he must have more stings where the bees had flew up his baggy shorts legs. Without much thought she unbuckled his belt and pulled his shorts down and off of his long slender legs. He wore a pair of white briefs which Anna immediately noticed had a large bulge in the front.

Without being asked Manny rolled over on his stomach hiding his bulging briefs from the young nun's view. Nice package! was what Anna thought as she treated two more stings on the back of the young man's upper thigh close to where the elastic leg of his briefs were.

"Roll over Manny. Get on your back." He hesitated but finally complied to Anna's request. His bulge appeared to be a bit more prominent as he settled in on his back in front of young Sister Anna. She saw what she felt must be the last red bump high on the inside of the boy's thigh and although she could get at it fine with the ointment she told him. "I can't quite get at this last one Manny. I'm going to have to remove your underwear."

"Oh no Sister!. Please don't. The pain will go away by itself pretty soon." Manny was already embarrassed lying on the table while the pretty nun rubbed the healing ointment on his legs but he would die if he had to take off his briefs.

"Nonsense young man. Let me get at that last sting. Raise your bottom right now." She had to see what was making that big bulge in Manny's underwear. As Manny lifted his bottom off the table Anna quickly pulled the boy's underwear down to his knees. Oh my Lord She thought as she got her first look at the boys long slender penis.

Manny's prick was slim but had to be twelve inches long. Anna had never seen one that long in all her years of sucking cock. It was getting hard but the shear size of it prevented the boy's tool from standing up at attention. It just lie there getting thicker and a little longer hanging over his small nut sack.

Sister Anna gently gripped the boy's pecker to move it out of the way to enable her to grease the last of the bee stings. It felt good in the young nun's hand, firming up nicely. "Close your eyes Manny." She told the young mixed race man as she lowered her head to his cock.

Sister Anna's pussy could cum without being touched when she gave one of her wonderful blow jobs to a good sized prick. She knew without a doubt this gargantuan cock would make her reach an intense orgasm.

She eased young Manny's prick into her warm mouth only able to get a third of it in before it reached her throat and stopped. Anna changed position so that she was facing Manny's feet to get into a better position to swallow his monster. She could feel her pussy heating up as it always did when she had a cock to suck.

She blew Father Lester a couple of times a week but his small five inch hard on rarely lasted long enough for her to climax. Father Leary, on the other hand, had a thick eight inch cock that she always orgasmed with. She didn't even care that the old priest usually spanked her naked ass before feeding her his hard cock.

Sister Anna was slowly taking in more and more of Manny's huge twelve incher getting several inches into her throat. She didn't think she could swallow anymore of the boy's trouser snake but she tried. Another inch went down her throat but she had to pull off the boy long enough to get a breath. She swallowed the boy again feeling her pussy dripping it's juices in anticipation of a good cum.

Finally Anna's nose touched the boy's balls. She came hard then as did young Manny. She tasted nothing as the boy shot his cream directly into the small woman's belly. She pulled off of Manny's cock slowly exposing more of the boy's cock to the open air of the room. His eyes were still closed. Manny was breathing hard afraid to even move. His girlfriend had sucked him many times but this was the first time anyone was able to swallow his cock to the root. A nun at that! Manny, feeling much better after the young nun's ministrations, went back to his garden work.

Anna was putting away the ointment and cleaning pads when Sister Hortense entered the infirmary. "Sister Anna, do you think I should tell Father Leary how I saw you sucking young Manny's penis?" Sister Hortense was having trouble napping because of the beginnings of a nasty headache so she went down to the infirmary for some aspirin. She had stood by the open door watching as young Anna had stuffed the boy's huge penis into her mouth and down her throat. Hortense had never been with a man, never mind sucking on his tool. She had had a few lesbian encounters when she was younger enjoying eating pussy and being sucked herself.

"If you want my silence young lady then I would like you to use your mouth on me also."

Anna was very surprised by the request. She had never expected that the sixty years old matronly nun would even know what eating pussy was, never mind ask for it. Anna was afraid that if she told Father Leary about her escapade with young Manny that he would transfer her somewhere else. She liked this parish. She liked sucking Father Leary. She liked that Father Lester would often buy her little trinkets in payment for his blow jobs. She had been transferred out of her last posting when she was caught sucking several priests and didn't want to move again.

"O. K. Get on the table Sister." Anna had licked pussy once or twice in her life but she didn't really like it. She liked cock! Sister Anna was resigned to do whatever Sister Hortense wanted in order to remain in Father Leary's parish.

Sister Hortense smiled as she dropped her skirt and just before sitting on the edge of the table pulled off her baggy white underwear. Anna walked to the older nun, pushing her legs far apart to make it easier to suck her. Hortense's pussy lips were hanging open surrounded by pubic hairs that had mostly gone gray.

Anna leaned in to lick up Hortense's slit tasting the older woman's juices which had started flowing earlier when she had watched Anna suck the young boy. It took a while before her licking got a groan from Hortense as her pussy was nearing a climax. Anna redoubled her cunt licking trying to bring the older woman off quickly but even after Hortense's cunt creamed the woman held Anna's head close to her snatch. "Keep eating me!" She exclaimed wanting yet another orgasm.

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