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Erotica Sex Story: Chrissy wonders what a spanking feels like and ask Gramps to spank her. Chrissy tells her mom about the spanking and... well read the story and find out what Mom does.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Father   Daughter   Spanking   .

PART 1 Chrissy

William Flaherty woke with an erection. Well mostly erect. At sixty five years old his morning woody wasn't all that hard anymore. It was half hard as he liked to call it. He reached his hand inside of his boxers to give it a squeeze. It may not have been as hard as it once was but it still felt good when he touched it. He even masturbated a couple of times a week, probably just to make sure it still worked. He didn't orgasm every time but it still felt good. Since his wife had passed two years ago masturbating was as close to having sex as it got for him.

He stopped squeezing his cock when he heard a thump in the hallway. Chrissy was up. His seventeen years old granddaughter Chrissy was spending the weekend with her 'Gramps' while her mother spent a weekend away with her boyfriend.

Through the closed door he heard Chrissy. "Gramps, you up?"

"Yes." Gramps responded pulling his hand from inside his underwear.

"My turn to make breakfast. I'll call you when it's ready."


William threw the covers off, getting out of bed to dress, He threw on a pair of sweats on the bottom and a very old and tattered T shirt with a faded Led Zeppelin logo on the front.

He headed downstairs not waiting for the call to breakfast. He enjoyed watching his pretty blonde granddaughter while she cooked. She was very adept at making a delicious bacon and cheese omelet which she always served with her home fries made from last nights leftover baked potatoes and two slices of buttered toast. Gramps looked forward to the rare occasions that Chrissy stayed over and made him a big breakfast.

Chrissy was dressed in her sleep clothes. A silky sleeveless pullover top and a matching pair of shorts that clung to her bottom as she moved around the kitchen making her Gramps his breakfast.

She enjoyed spending time with her grandfather. He wasn't old and grumpy like most of her friend's grandparents were. He was a vital and joyful man who enjoyed whatever he did. Happy to be alive! was how William Flaherty explained himself to others.

Gramps sat at the kitchen table watching Chrissy move from the counter to the stove dropping a load of just cut potatoes and onions into a hot pan with a loud sizzle. Gramps could feel his pecker firm up just a tad as he watched how her little bottom moved tantalizingly in her shorts. He could also see just a hint of her bare breast revealed by the arm opening in her top.

Stop it! He said to himself.That's your granddaughter you're looking at.

A plate full of eggs, taters and toast was plopped in front of Gramps bringing him out of his revelry. "Breakfast is served Old Timer." She kidded him. Chrissy sat across from her grandfather with a plate about half as full as his smiling at him all the time.

They ate mostly in silence until Gramps was finished shoveling his wonderful breakfast into his face. Then Chrissy said. "Mom says that when she was a teenager you used to spank her bare bottom."

William almost choked on the last of the toast he had been chewing. "What? Why the hell would your mother tell you that?"

Chrissy laughed. "Caught ya by surprise uh Gramps. No big deal. I have a friend who's dad does spank her and since I have never been spanked I couldn't relate at all so I asked Mom if you ever spanked her."

Gramps wiped his mouth with a paper napkin trying to gain time to figure out how he would reply to his granddaughter's statement. Finally he put his napkin down replying to her. "Yes I did spank your mother, several times if I remember correctly. Back then spanking your daughter on her bare bottom was pretty much normal. What else did she tell you?"

Chrissy blushed. "She says that you would get an erection while you spanked her. She could feel it while she was draped across your lap."

It as William's turn to blush. "I wasn't sure that she knew. It wasn't something a man can control. Having a cute little bare teenage bottom lying there on your lap does things you can't control. Daughter or not I became aroused every time I spanked your mother. I couldn't help it. But, I never touched her inappropriately."

"Mom told me that she became aroused also during those spankings."

"What?" Gramps asked in surprise.

"She became wet, you know, down there while you spanked her. She started to enjoy your hand slapping her bare bottom becoming so aroused that she thought that you would be able to smell it."

William was dumbfounded. "Why would she tell you all this? I would think that this subject would be too personal to tell your own daughter."

Chrissy smiled. "Well I did wait until Mom was on her third glass of wine before I brought up the subject. She seemed happy to get it off of her chest. And I thought that it was an enlightening subject for me. I have always wondered what a spanking would feel like."

Gramps erection was as hard as it had been in a long time. Still not the rock hardness of his youth but a substantial erection never the less. "So what are you saying Chrissy?"

"Would you spank me Gramps, so I can feel first hand what this is all about? Not on the bare but just spank me over my shorts so I can experience a real spanking."

Without saying a word William Flaherty stood and moved his chair to the center of the kitchen floor not caring that Chrissy could see how his sweats bulged at the front. He sat down motioning his granddaughter to approach him.

Well I asked for it! Chrissy thought as she stood and approached her sixty five years old grandfather. He reached up gripping Chrissy by the arm to pull her down on his lap.

The first thing Chrissy realized was that Gramps already was hard just with the thought of spanking her bottom. Slap! The first spank took her by surprise. "It hurts Gramps!." Chrissy cried.

"It's suppose to hurt. It's a punishment." Slap! He spanked her firm little ass again Slap! and again. This was the first time in over twenty years that William had a teen girl lying over his lap. He and his cock were enjoying it immensely. Slap! The left cheek, then Slap! the right cheek. Gramps alternated hitting one cheek then the other for several minutes before stopping.

Hell his cock was hard! He pushed his granddaughter off his lap. She stood in front of him with tears rolling down her cheeks using both of her little hands to rub the fire out of her buns. She didn't say anything as she left the room.

Gramps almost ran to the bathroom. He stood over the bowl with his pants around his ankles fisting his cock trying to orgasm before he lost the feeling. It wasn't the intense spurting of his youth but he did manage a nice cum dropping his sperm into the water. That felt good

Chrissy didn't mention the spanking for the rest of the weekend. She seemed to blush every time their eyes met. Penny for your thoughts little girl.

Gramp's daughter Nicole, Nicky for short, called Sunday afternoon to tell him that she was home and on her way to pickup Chrissy. Chrissy packed her little overnight bag and waited patiently for her mother to arrive.

Nicky came into the house bussing her Dad and her daughter quickly on their cheeks. "Let's go Chrissy. I want to get home and finish unpacking. Dad, thanks for watching Chrissy this weekend.

Gramps said. "Anytime Nicky. You know that I love having our girl here."

Chrissy approached her grandfather and gave him a kiss, not on his cheek as she usually did, but directly on his lips. "Thanks Gramps. I enjoyed everything you did for me this weekend."

The two women were gone in a flash leaving William to ponder if there had been a hidden meaning behind Chrissy's farewell words.

PART 2 Nicky

Two hours later William was fresh out of the shower dressed in his boxer shorts and tank top, his usual sleep apparel. He sat in front of the television clicking through the channels looking for something to catch his interest.

.The phone on the table next to his chair chimed with an irritably loud ringing. "Hello." He answered speaking into the receiver.

"You spanked my daughter?" Nicky accused him over the wire.

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