We Got Bored, Daddy

by Wayne Gibbous

Copyright© 2012 by Wayne Gibbous

Erotica Sex Story: My daughter came home from college, bringing a friend with her. They went out for the evening, so I took a nice soak in the hot tub but they came home early; they got bored, they said, and joined me. That wasn't boring, for sure.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Father   Daughter   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

I've been divorced seven years; I had found a DVD of my wife with six of her high school students showing them the more adult aspects of her subject, Biology.

So, we settled the matter simply so she could keep her job; I know, you're probably thinking I should have turned her in but I really wanted out and I really wanted my daughter, Krissa, who was twelve at the time. Having the DVD made sure I would be able to keep my daughter.

Krissa and I have always gotten along quite well, she's been little trouble, thank goodness, and her grades have been good and the friends she's hung out with were good kids. It could have been lots worse, according to what I've heard from some other parents, even my own brother and his wife. Seems my niece has given them lots of trouble. But, Krissa, thankfully, was a good kid.

And she was now in college, one about a hundred and fifty miles away, far enough to give her a sense of independence, close enough to make both Krissa and me still feel connected and comfortable.

Being not too far away, she manages to visit fairly often, sometimes getting rides with other students.

She did have a new topic of interest lately, however, and it was about me, that I needed to get out, especially now that she was out of the house so much, that I needed to be dating now that I was on my own.

I told her how much work was keeping me busy and she kept asking me if I'd tried any of the these dating websites and I told her that I just didn't want to hang myself up in a meat market like that. She dropped it for the moment but did bring it up from time to time.

So, one long weekend, she came home and brought a school friend, Liz Perry, and after a brief introduction and a quick dump of their things in Krissa's room and the guest bedroom, they borrowed the car and were off on their own.

Well, it was a Friday night and my favorite way of winding down after a long workweek was to take a nice long soak in the hot tub on the back deck and have a nice, slow masturbation to end the session.

So, I took what was left of the bottle of red wine I'd started at supper and brought the bottle and glass to the patio, stripped and got in to sit there in the bubbling, swirling water as I contentedly sipped my wine.

I was just leaning sideways to pour the rest of the wine in my glass when I heard noises from inside the house. It had to be Krissa and her friend but it was way too early from what they'd told me of their plans.

Then, the slider opened and I heard from behind me, "Hi, Dad, we're back. We got bored. Our friends didn't show and Liz wanted to come back here."

"Oh, sure, um, I'm just finishing my wine, um, if you're staying in now, you two can grab something you want, there's wine or there's beer in the fridge."

They said they would and I thought I might use that time to quickly grab my shorts and pull them on then slip back under the water but then I heard Krissa's friend say, "She's getting us a couple of beers. The water looks great, can I join you?"

I wasn't exactly sure of what to say but she was moving toward the tub and pulling off her top as she said, "Oh, don't worry, I'm over eighteen, Krissa's told me you're pretty openminded," and she reached back and off came her bra exposing her quite large, quite beautiful breasts.

She simply pulled down her skirt right along with her panties and came right into the water, right next to me as my daughter brought out two beers, handing one to her friend and sitting the other one down nearby.

Liz was a fairly tall girl, about five-nine or ten, quite solid and athletic with a very curvy figure. Her boobs were full and firm and high with small, erect dark red nipples and I figured she was at least C-cup or better. As she swung her legs over the edge into the water, it was obvious that she was bare, cleanly-shaven and didn't mind a bit pulling one leg, then the other over into the water giving me a nice look at her pussy before she slid into the water.

She was tall enough, however, that her breasts remained exposed, looking like they were magically floating at nipple-height in the shimmering, swirling water.

"Looks good, Daddy, we're gonna join you," Krissa then said as she pulled off her tube top showing me breasts that I hadn't seen since she began puberty.

"Don't be scandalized, Daddy, your little Krissa is pretty-much all grown up these days," she said as she pulled off her shorts, then panties and got in on the other side of me from Liz.

"See, I told you my dad was nice," she told her friend as I felt a hand take my cock and squeeze it gently.

"Did Krissa tell you I like older men? You feel nice and hard," she said grinning at me as her hand began moving up and down, breaking the surface of the water on the upstroke.

"Just relax, Daddy, we really came back early to see you. See, Liz really likes older guys and I've told her lots and lots about my sexy daddy. I think she likes you," she snickered as she nodded down to Liz's hand surfacing and sinking over my lap.

"Well, your daddy rather likes your new friend," I said looking at Liz sitting there, her breasts sending out ripples on the water.

"Can I have a turn?" I heard my daughter say and I felt Liz's hand let go of my cock as a new, and quite thrilling, one took its place from the other side and began masturbating me under the water.

"Oooh, you're big, Daddy. I've never seen you hard, you know. I've only seen your cock when it's soft."

"You have? And just when was this?"

"Oh, more than once, Daddy, I've done a little spying to see what you looked like. Hope you're not angry. Raise up so I can see you, I want to see what you're like when your hard," and I lifted my hips up as she let go of my cock which was standing up like a periscope.

"Oh, Daddy, it's really beautiful," she squealed as she leaned over dropping her mouth over it and sucking me quite wonderfully. Liz moved closer, turning to me as she kissed me while taking my hand and placing it on her breast.

She kissed me for a minute while Krissa sucked me, then Liz whispered in my ear, "We're both gonna fuck you all weekend long. We're here until Monday night, you know, we're not going to let you out of bed, not at all. Well, except to shower with you. You're in for a fucking like you've never imagined."

About then, I felt my cock come out in the open and Krissa pulled me to her, now kissing me just like Liz had been doing as another pair of lips slid over my cock to suck.

It was a strain to hold my hips up like that but well worth the effort. Krissa pulled back, looked me in the eyes and said, "Daddy, I've wanted to fuck you for a long time, longer than I even want you to know. When the first boy pushed his cock into me, I was dreaming it was you. Liz and I have been planning this for weeks. I think it's time for us to dry off and go play in your bedroom, you've got the biggest bed."

The two girls stood up, each reaching down to pull me up, and they toweled me off, then I did them. As you can well imagine, my cock was out for fun, hard and stiff as I followed Krissa and Liz to my bedroom where the girls pulled the covers down and got in, leaving me room in the middle.

I crawled up, kissing my way up both girls, taking my time, after all it was four feet, four legs and, oh, yes, they opened wide when I got there, two, beautiful, smooth, plump pussies. You shouldn't be surprised that I licked Krissa first, lapping all around under her, licking off the moisture that was on her labia, then sucking the top of her hood until my tongue felt her clit which I began to suck.

"Oh, Daddy, oh, right there," Krissa groaned as I felt a warm, wet, soft pair of lips glide over the tip of my cock as Liz's tongue began circling while she sucked so me softly.

I had never had two women before and the whole sense of it was almost overwhelming. I was giving pleasure with my fingers, mouth and tongue while I was given great pleasure by my daughter's college friend's warm, soft mouth and tongue; it was incredible.

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