Principal Hardy

by RonBo

Copyright© 2012 by RonBo

Fiction Sex Story: Jill gets in trouble at school and is brought to the principal's office.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   MaleDom   Spanking   Oral Sex   School   .

J. D. Hardy was sitting behind his desk doing the dreaded paperwork that came with the job of principal of Hall High School. He had held that position for three years now and enjoyed the work. He also liked the power that came with the title. No one called him J. D., at least not to his face.

It was Principal Hardy to everyone, students and teachers alike. Even his wife Sally addressed him as Principal once or twice a month when they played their little game. He was Principal Hardy and Sally was the errant school girl sent to his office for punishment. He always got a little hard when he thought about 'that game' they played. Sally dressed the part in a short skirt, white tight blouse that struggled to contain her large breasts and she either wore her blonde hair in a long pony tail or sometimes in twin pony tails branching out from the side of her head. That's the one he liked most. It made her look more like a young student with the twin tails framing her pretty face and full lips painted a bright red with her creamy lipstick.

The buzzer on his intercom sounded annoyingly pulling his from his fantasy abruptly. He pushed the intercom button irritably with a too loud. "Yes?"

"Principal Hardy, Miss Jenkins is here with a discipline problem."

"O.K. send them in please Miss Jones." Discipline problem probably meant nothing more than talking in class or at worse a student caught cheating. Both of which should have been handled with a detention or two unless it was a reoccurring problem.

Miss Jenkins entered his office towing little Jill Ebber behind her. Miss Jenkins was overweight, borderline ugly and a perpetual pain in his ass with her constant complaints about ... well about everything.

Jill Ebber on the other hand was a sweet looking fifteen year old teen girl with no tits to speak of but she did have shapely legs that her short skirt showed off and a cute little bubble butt that swayed provocatively when she walked down the school halls.

Miss Jenkins started her tale with her whiny high pitched voice. "I caught Miss Ebber under a stairwell kissing, of all people, her own brother. I thought that that should be brought to your attention immediately sir."

"Yes Miss Jenkins. You did the right thing. Jill, is this true?"

Jill nodded her head in the affirmative. "Very well Miss Jenkins, you may return to your class. I will discuss this problem with Miss Ebber and decide on her punishment. Thank you for bringing this to my attention."

Miss Jenkins retreated from the principal's office with a satisfied smirk on her face. That left Jill standing in front of Hardy's desk with her small hands folded in front of her.

"Well Miss Ebber? Anything to say for yourself?"

"It wasn't anything Principal Hardy. I just kissed my brother a bit."

"If it was nothing Jill I doubt you two would have been hiding under the stairwell. I think I will need to see you and your brother after school. In the meantime I will advise your parents that they should also attend."

Jill started at that. This was getting out of control. Sure she shouldn't have kissed Dale in school. At least that bag Miss Jenkins hadn't seen that her hand was stroking her brother's prick through his pants. That would have been worse.

"Sir, please don't involve my parents. There must be another way to punish me that would satisfy you." She smiled as she spoke.

There was a twitch in the principal's pants as he listened to the young girl trying to negotiate with him. "What are you suggesting young lady? A month worth of detentions. You certainly can't mean a suspension. Tell me what you have in mind."

Jill enjoyed it when she was spanked by her father or brother but mostly when old Father Leary had her strip naked for an over the lap spanking in his office. It excited her knowing she would be sucking the old priest's cock when he was done punishing her.

She had had day dreams in class about being sent to the principal's office for a bare bottom spanking. Was it finally going to happen? Was the handsome middle age principal going to spank her bottom? Jill felt her pussy becoming moist.

Hardy was waiting for an answer. "Would a spanking be enough punishment sir?"

J. D. Hardy's cock was firming up. He could not believe his ears. "That's not exactly school district policy Miss Ebber. I could get myself in a lot of trouble if I was to spank your young bottom."

"I would never tell anyone sir. You can spank me anyway you want. Even on the bare. I will take my punishment like a big girl and keep my mouth shut."

Hardy's cock was very hard now. Playing the game with his wife was wonderful but here was his chance to have a real teenage student bare her bottom for a spanking. Should he take a chance?

This was too good of an opportunity to pass up. It was the first time in three years that he had a female student to punish his way and he might never have a chance at baring a firm little teenage bottom again. He pushed a button on the intercom. "Miss Jones. I am not to be disturbed!."

"Yes sir." Miss Jones replied. She didn't know what was going on in that office and didn't want to know. She went back to her own paper work.

"Jill, lock the door."

J. D. watched as the young woman hurried to the door snapping the lock in place. She returned to stand in front of Hardy. "Do you want me over your lap sir?"

"No Jill. Bend over my desk after removing your underwear."

Jill reached under her skirt to slide her pink panties to her ankles.

"All the way off please."

Jill went from one foot to the other shaking her panties off and onto Hardy's rug. Jill tried not to smile as her principal stood and came out from behind his desk exposing his large bulge to her. He pushed Jill down over his desk. He slowly pulled her skirt up wanting to expose her bottom a little bit at a time to enjoy himself to his fullest.

His cock was straining against his pants as he finally pulled Jill's skirt all the way up her back to tuck it into the neck of her blouse. Hardy stood back a little to admire Jill's naked bottom. It was perfect he thought. A perfect little naked teen bubble butt.

Spank! Spank! Spank! Spank! His hand repeatedly smack the young tender bottom, first one cheek then the other. He was enjoying his first real encounter with spanking a student. He lost count but he must have spanked her thirty or thirty five times before stopping.

Jill's bottom was crimson red. J. D.'s cock was on the verge of creaming without ever have being touched. "Had enough little girl?" Hardy asked with a raspy voice to the bent over girl.

"No, use your belt." She begged. That's when Hardy finally noticed that the young girl's exposed pussy was sloppy wet and very aromatic. God, this little slut was enjoying herself.

Hardy pulled his wide leather belt from his pants loops folding it over double like he did when he spanked his wife's mature bottom cheeks. Whack! Whack! Whack! He brought the belt down on both of Jill's bare cheeks at one time, over and over again.This was so much better than he had ever imagined.

When he finally stopped Jill slid off the desk to the floor. Hardy grabbed her by the arms turning her around to help her to her feet but she didn't want to get up. She grabbed at her principal's pants yanking them and his underwear down to get her first look at his nine inch erection.

Oh good! A big one! Jill thought as she brought Hardy's monster to her lips. The principal hadn't expected this but he wasn't going to turn down a blow job from a young half naked girl. He could tell that Jill was very experienced at fellatio. She worked his cock as well as his wife ever did.

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