Playing With the Neighbor

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2012 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: A reverse 'may-december' romance. While working in the garden, Jesse sees his neighbor watching him, and takes advantage of her offer of tea. But he wants more and the romance begins.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Spanking   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   .

He was working in his garden at the far back of his property in the later afternoon. It was how he did his unwinding these days. He'd had an earlier shift that day, an active one. He'd remarked to himself that you'd think that the criminals would take the day off, when it got so hot.

The heat was another thing. It was intense, even for this part of the country noted for its heat. But Jesse was strange that way; he loved the heat. For him it was a way of soothing the day by going out in the heat and working in the garden.

But as he was working around the plants, he smiled. He knew that Mrs Campion next door was watching. She was always watching. He didn't really understand if she thought that he never noticed but he always did. She watched him at work in his garden.

In deference to the heat, he was wearing a pair of running shorts. They were basketball types, long in the legs, reaching to the knees. He had them, he knew purposefully, slung low on his hips, realizing that he was showing a bit of 'plumber's crack', as he hunkered down to work on the roots of the plants with some mulch. At the age of 36 Jesse Lake was a marvelous looking man.

He worked his way over to the edge of the garden, the edge nearest to Mrs Campion's house, when he heard the soft swish of a screen door. He went on with his work, soaking up the heat, sweating profusely but enjoying it.

"Aren't you hot?" the voice said.

He stopped and turned, aware now that his shorts were low enough on his hips to be showing his hip bones and the plane of his lower stomach. He smiled at his neighbor.

"Is a bit hot but I don't mind at all!" he said.

"Well, let me mind for you," was her pleasant answer, smiling at him.

Jesse grinned inwardly at how she was dressed. Despite her, he figured, 60 to 62 years, she was dressed in a red halter and a pair of tight short shorts, and looking really good.

"Advertising the merchandise," he reflected to himself.

"I do have some iced tea made, lieutenant," she went on, "if you'd like to have some."

"Well that would be nice Mrs. Campion," he said, stretching and walking toward her front porch.

She almost flinched, he realized, as he got up on the porch. He towered over her, though she wasn't that particularly frail. Jesse Lake was just a big man. He smiled down on her broadly:

"I appreciate this, Mrs Campion," he said, and she smiled back at him.

It was obvious that she was nervous and he sensed that she wasn't sure that she was comfortable in inviting him over now or not. He liked her sense of being ill at ease. It made him smile that much more.

Alice Campion was in fact 61 years old and a bit of a society matron. She had her hair put in a bun, gone to white and gray, and kept herself trim. The fact that she looked good in her short shorts and halter at her age was ample proof of that.

She found herself being a terrible snoop, where Lt Lake was concerned. He was such a large and gorgeous man. She almost dined on the view she had of him regularly working in his garden but today it was almost too much for her. He was showing his broad muscled back and the shorts rode low on his hips, revealing a bit of his butt crack, as he knelt down to work on the plants.

It caused her breath to quicken and she gave in to her impulse to invite him over for iced tea. She didn't know why she did that but sensed that a move on her part was necessary. Now she was almost frightened with him here and being so big. He was also excessively sweaty.

"Well, step in please, lieutenant," she said.

"Jesse!" he said to her, making it, she thought at least, almost an order.

"Jesse, yes," she said, "I'll just get the iced tea."

He was smiling as he watched the wiggle of her hips and ass cheeks against the fabric of her gray shorts, as she walked away.

"Nice show, Mrs C," he said to himself.

She came back with the tea and handed it to him, standing close to him but not knowing what to do next at all.

Jesse regarded her, taking the tea from her and taking a sip and then putting the glass down on the table. She was looking at him like the proverbial kid in the candy store, as though she didn't know what was next.

He realized that he did though.

He liked the sense that he was getting here of her being caught in the glare of the headlights and brought to bay.

He reached out, totally sure of himself, now that he'd watched her for a few moments and pulled her to himself.

"Ohhhh," was the noise that she made, when he did.

She came to herself a bit and said: "Please don't ... it's just that you're ... um, sweaty; I don't mind at all but I don't like ... um, sweaty men..."

Her voice trailed off then and he laughed.

"I'll teach you Mrs C," he said, and pulled her closer.

He reached up and grabbed her by the bun at the back of her hair.

She said another 'Ohhhhh', as he pulled her face into his sweaty chest.

"Please!" she said softly.

"Please what, Mrs C?" he asked. "Please make me lick the sweat from your chest?"

"No, no," she said, her mouth now actually in contact with his sweaty chest, her lips residing just above one of his nipples.

She tried to move her head but he held her in place securely.

"Ohhh," she said for the third time, and now she put her arms up and on his shoulders.

It caused Jesse to smile. He thought that he was right and knew now that he'd won with this interesting neighbor.

"Lick!" he ordered, "Use your tongue on me! Lick the sweat!"

"Ohhhhh" she said, and he laughed: "Alice, you say that a a lot. Now do as your told!"

"Yes," she murmured.

"Sir!" he snapped at her, and it had the effect that he wanted.

"Yes, sir!" she said, and then he felt the rasp of her tongue on the sweaty part of his chest just above his nipple.

"Yes, yes, Alice!" he crooned. "We'll teach you to love sweat. You just work there."

She made a kind of throat noise and continued. She had her hands on his shoulders and rubbed her face across his sweaty body, licking with her tongue as she went.

He gave a laugh, as she got to the left edge of his chest.

"Now a treat, Mrs C," he said to her.

She gave out a small cry as he raised his left arm in the air, and possessing her hair by the bun again, pulled her face into his armpit.

"Now lick there!" he said.

"No, please," she complained.

"Be a good girl, Alice," he said, "Do what you're told!"

"Yes, what I'm told!" she said, as she buried her face in his sweaty armpit, licking and sucking at the hair there, while he chuckled and said a very patronizing:

"Good girl!"

She broke away from him, when she'd licked her way through the sweaty hair of his armpit. He was grinning at her. Then he kissed her.

It was a kiss that aimed to take possession. It caused her to rub herself against him, almost automatically, without thinking. He was stealing her, she sensed and she was letting it happen.

There was only one small spark left in herself that demanded that she stop what was happening, what she was allowing. She broke away and, as he laughed at her, went to the kitchen.

She came back in a few minutes with a long butcher knife in her hand.

"I don't want to do that," she said.

He laughed again, telling himself that his was getting better and better.

"Alice, Alice," he said to her, humor in his voice, "What are you going to do with that?"

He walked toward her, completely unafraid. As he got closer, she began to doubt what she had in mind also.

"I, ... uh ... don't know!" she admitted and her hand went to rest, as he simply took the butcher knife from her.

"Bad girl!" he said, "Threatening a police officer, and one who is treating you so nicely!"

"Yes," she repeated, "So nicely!"

"Well, I know what this is for!" he said, and moved toward her.

She flinched and he said: "Don't move, Mrs C!"

She stood still, her eyes getting even wider now, as she realized what he was about to do. He fitted the edge of the knife under one of the straps of her halter and simply sliced through it. Then he cut the other strap. The halter sagged and the tops of her breasts showed.

"Lovely," he said. "Not saggy at all."

"Thank you!" she answered.

"Alice!" he said severely, "Sir!"

"Thank you, sir!" she said, giving in.

"But let's finish," he said and now snicked at the front panel of her halter with the knife, cutting through it and let the garment flutter to the floor, exposing her breasts and hardened nipples.

"Better!" he said an she shook her head 'yes'.

"But more to be done," he said.

Her shorts were the kind that had large buttons all the way down the front. He stared at her, taking in her enraptured gaze, as, one after another, he snipped off the buttons. As he went, the shorts began to open and sag, showing, after the second button, the sheen of the pink nylon fabric of her panties.

When the last button was taken care of, he murmured to her:

"Move your hips, Alice, get it done!"

She knew what he wanted and seemed to have no reserve for saying 'no' at all. She wiggled her hips, her hands on his shoulders again, and let the shorts go down to her ankles. Then she stepped out of them.

"Take the knife back to the kitchen, Mrs C," he ordered and she shook her head 'yes' and went, realizing that his gaze was now fastened onto the wiggle of her ass cheeks beneath the nylon fabric of her panties. The very thought heated her throughout her body.

She came back to him now, showing, as she came, the curl of her dark pussy hair, through her panties.

When she got to him, she hit him once in the chest with an ineffectual fist, causing him to laugh and then she grabbed his right arm, pushing it up and buried her face in his right armpit, licking and sucking avidly, taking in the musk of his smell and licking at the hair with her tongue.

He laughed again: "Do you like that, Mrs C?"

She looked up at him, giving him an almost slavish look but one that was tinged with her inner struggle.

"No," she said curtly and then changed it to: "Yesssss, damn you, yes!"

"Thought so!" he said. "So, now we get to move on, Alice."

He pushed on her shoulders to get her in a kneeling position. She knew immediately what he planned next. She wasn't ready, she knew that somehow.

"No," she said, rising, "I ... uh, ... I don't do that!"

"No, of course not," he said. "Fine, Alice go and fetch me a stick a big one."

He watched as she moved away, more self-conscious this time of the wiggle of her ass cheeks beneath her panties but feeling a warming heat from the knowledge after all.

She fetched a stick, a large one, from the garage and gave it to him and only then did it dawn on her what he might have in mind.

"You're going to..."

His laugh interrupted her. "Yep, Alice; you refused me twice now and I'm going to spank you. You just tell me to stop, when you're ready to behave and do what I want. And when you get to that point, just tell me that you want to suck my cock. Ask me nicely and then the spanking begins to stop."

She was outraged but had no time to show it; he forcefully took her by the wrist and took her to a chair. He sat and pulled her across his lap. He began by petting and rubbing her ass cheeks.

"Very nice, Mrs C!" he said, "Nice ass, lovely panties!"

"Thank you!" she said in a strained voice.

He slapped her ass vigorously and said: "Sir? You keep forgetting!"

"Thank you, sir!" she said quietly then.

"Are you really going to do this?" she asked softly.

"Do you want me to?" he replied.

"I ... uh, ... don't know ... it hasn't really happened to me!" she said, looking back and up at him from her position over his knee.

He laughed: "All the better! You remember how we're going to do this?"

"Yes, uh, sir," she said, "When I'm ready to behave and do what you want, I tell you; I ask you to allow me to, uh, suck your cock and then the spanking begins to stop."

"Excellent!" he said, and pulled her panties down and off, and then he hit her on the ass with the stick; it was broad and long enough for him to get a good grip on it.

She kind of flopped and flinched; she let out a barely suppressed moan, and he hit her again. The sound was loud and, for him very pleasing.

"Ohhhhh!" she yelled, when he hit her for the fourth time.

From that point on, she moaned loudly with every strike of the large stick on her ass.

At seven, she was sobbing.

It was terrible for her but a huge revelation. She didn't expect to like it but never thought of, never expected the spread of warmth throughout her system that the spanking was producing. She felt the heat of it immediately in her pussy, which throbbed and got wetter and wetter.

In the end, she complied but as much because she now wanted to be in that position, kneeling in front of him, yes, and sucking his cock, as it was from wanting to avoid the spanking.

She looked up, with tears in her eyes.

He gave her a strange look and said: "Alice, you're liking this; this is turning you on!"

"Yes, sir!" she said softly, holding back her tears, and then she went on: "Please, Lieutenant Sir, let me get on my knees and give me another chance. I don't know how; I'll admit that. I've almost never, ever did it but please let me. I want to ... to give you pleasure that way."

He was impressed. He threw the stick away and got her up but surprised her then by hauling her into his arms and kissing her.

She went on tip toes and put her arms around his neck and kissed him back, pressing her hardened nipples against his chest and upper stomach and just grinding her pelvis against him

"I don't believe this!" she said, her breath coming in ragged bits. "Don't believe it!"

She slid to her knees then, never for an instant forsaking the contact between them. As her hands went down his body, sliding, feeling, groping as she went, she looked up at him and whispered:

"But why bother with me? I'm old!"

"Don't dare say that to me!" he said. "Alice you are gorgeous of gorgeous, and I won't be gainsaid!"

"Ohhh, "she said and took his erection in her hand.

"Please may I, sir?" she asked. "May I suck your cock?"

He smiled at her and said softly: "Yes, sweet Alice, you may."

She looked at him as she swirled her tongue around the head and took the head into her mouth. It tasted salty and reminded her vaguely of sweat, of the licking that she'd done in his armpit, and she found that taste to her liking. She also reveled in the soft hardness of it, the length of it. It was taking her by surprise and she crept her lips down the shaft of it, seeking, ever seeking the bottom. She almost made it the first time but gagged.

She backed off then and took a huge breath and went at it again. This time she got past the gagging point and almost made it to the hair at the base.

She backed off once more and this time she employed a new style. She pushed her head down quickly and her lips touched his pubic hair and his stomach. Jesse cried out and lightly held onto her hair.

She exulted in what she'd done. She did it three more times, loving this, being surprised but feeling a freedom in this wantonness that hadn't been part of her before. The third time she plunged her mouth onto him he flooded her mouth and throat with his seed. She held onto his hips, her hands creeping around to hold onto his ass cheeks. That too made her feel marvelous. There were all these new sensations that she was having.

She kept his softening cock in her mouth then, not wanting to let it go, like a baby with a beloved blanket.

Then he grew again. She noticed the stirring right away and looked up at him in surprise and saw that he was only smiling, actually grinning at her.

He shook his head 'yes' and reached down for her. Picking her up, he held her out with her back against the wall, and settled her down, slowly carefully onto his erection.

"It's been so long!" she wailed.

"Slowly then, slowly," he said and she nodded her head.

Eventually he had her plunged all the way down on his erection, settled on it with her legs around his hips and her feet joined behind him.

She felt as though she were exploding: "Oh god, Ohhhhhh goooooooodddddd, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh goodddddddddddddddddd!" she wailed at him, her mouth seeking his desperately for the kiss that would seal it all.

With a final thrust then, he too came and they clung together.

They stayed in that position for a time and she said, almost sobbing, into his shoulder: "I never knew that anything could feel that way! What a thing ... what a thing to discover, when you're already 61 years old!"

She clung to him then and cried. He held her, with her back still against the wall and then he adjusted her, and picking her up in his arms, with her arms around his neck, took her to the couch. There he held her for a long time, as she clung to him, while the sobbing ceased.

She looked up at him and said: "Thank you, sir, Lieutenant or anything that I should call you..."

"Jesse!" he said.

"Thank you, Jesse, for noticing me, for ravaging me, for spanking me, for taking me, for insisting that I get on my knees and pleasure you, for being patient with my trying to get it right!" she said fervidly.

"Not for the last time!" he said.

"Really?" was her answer. "I don't know why, I'm sure."

He laughed. "You are so genuine," he said. "And so foxy! I haven't had this kind of heat for a long time."

It had changed somehow for Jesse, of that he was sure. His heat at the beginning, discovering that she'd do what she was told, was genuine and a treat but this turned out to be more than he bargained for, and he was no longer totally sure.

"Tell me please what to do!" she said softly, as he held her still.

"Easy, Alice," he began, "You call me and tell me that you want more; think of what you want and tell me that, and we'll get together, right away, if possible. If you call and want to talk or need something or anything like that, when you call use my name. If you call and refer to me as 'sir' then I'll know that you're calling to ask for more. But I'd like you to let your fantasies roam and tell me what you want, when you make a 'sir' call."

"Yes, yes," she said, and then she kissed his shoulder. "You are wonderful!" she rhapsodized. "The muscles and your body makes me hot between the legs just seeing you."

She hesitated then and said: "I was watching you; I did that a lot." She blushed, when she said it.

"I know!" he answered.

"You did?" she said, and he laughed, "Alice, I'm a cop; I notice things!"

She hid her face in his shoulder then and said: "Oh but I'm an old lady already!"

"Spanking coming for that kind of attitude!" he said, and her head popped up and she looked at him.

"Look at you, wanton woman," he smiled, "You like that idea!"

"Oh, what's wrong with me?" she said, "That's true, I like the idea; this isn't me; it isn't the me that I've known, all self closed and careful and tip toey and all..."

"Takes the right impetus to break you out!" he said.

She leaned into him and kissed him and said: "Yes, Mr Impetus, sir!"

He laughed then and spun her around, getting a squeal from her and for the next few minutes, rained blows down on her upturned ass. He spun her around again and she clung to him but slowly, she moved down his body, her lips and tongue trailing down as she headed again for his erection.

"Practice, Lieutenant, Sir!" she said, engulfing his cock with her mouth again. She sucked at him and licked at him, at one point, she took her head off of his erection long enough to ask:

"May I really call you, when I'm in heat?"

He laughed, "Yes, Alice, you may!"

"Oh, goodie!" she said and plunged her head all the way down on his erection, causing his back to bow and bringing him with great force.

They lay there a while and he said: "Alice, I have some errands to run; sorry."

"Oh, I hate to let you go," she said, and then quickly: "Sorry for being clingy! This is just such a surprise for me."

"How about showering first?" he said.

She giggled and said: "Treat after treat!"

"I'll show you treat!" he said, grabbing her up in his arms and carrying her to the stairs. She squealed at first and then simply sighed and put her head on his shoulder, as he carried her to the bedroom for the shower in the master bathroom.

The shower stall had a seat at one end and bars on either side of the seat.

"Sit here!" he said, after they'd both washed.

"What ... what are you going to do?" she asked.

"Suspicious?" he asked with a chuckle.

"No, turned on!" she said, "And available! I can't believe this is me..."what she was saying, however, trailed off once she realized what he was going to do. The hot water was cascading down on them and he was on his knees, grabbing her knees and putting them over his shoulders.

"Ohhhhhh," she wailed, "Are you really going to?"

"Yes," he said, "I love your enthusiasm!"

"Ohhhhhhhhhh," she continued, "He's eating the old lady!"

"Angling for another spanking with that kind of talk?" he asked pleasantly.

"Can't lose, it seems to me!" she giggled.

"Okay but no more 'old lady' talk!" he said severely.

Her answer was lost in the wail that emitted from her mouth, as he got his lips and tongue in place at her vagina and began to hum into her, lick her and seek out her clitoris with his lips and tongue.

"Alice is noisy!" he said.

"Alice is being eaten like she has never been before!" she said, and began to make strange noises again, as he went back to servicing her, bringing her to yet another orgasm.

They stood for a few minutes with the hot water cascading down on them. Then she had a notion and told him to turn to the wall. He smiled and did as she wanted him to, realizing all the while that this wasn't the person she thought she was, the person doing these things, planning to do more, wishing to do more, aching to do more. She pushed the thoughts aside and simply continued to give in to what she wanted right then.

At first she just rubbed her naked body against his, grinding her pussy hair against the cheeks of his ass, getting a pleasant noise from him but then she wanted more.

"Assume the position, Lieutenant," she said.

He grinned and did as he was told, standing with his legs wide spread and leaning on his hands, against the shower wall. She looked him up and down and said:

"Now this is gorgeous!"

"Thank you," he answered.

"Only one problem," she said.

"What?" he asked, looking at her over his shoulder.

"I want you sweaty, when I do this! See, you've ruined me, having me lusting after a sweaty man!" she declared.

He laughed and she went to her knees. This was what she planned. She hunkered down until she was beneath his spread legs totally. Then she could look up and see, just above her eyes, his balls and his cock, the cock was already half hard. She moved her face and began what she wanted.

She kissed the inside of his thigh first, and then turned her head to kiss the other thigh on the inside next. He sighed.

She kissed higher next, and giggled, when she realized that his balls were now nestled in her hair.

"Crazy lady!" he said.

"Your fault!" was her reply. "I used to be a quiet old maid!"

"Not any more!" he replied with a chuckle.

"Let me show you," she went on.

Then she moved her head and had his balls directly in front of her face. She opened her mouth wide and gently took both of this balls into her mouth, and licked them and sucked on them a bit.

He was making noises now, and she was really pleased about that.

Then she moved on to her major purpose. She started by planting kisses beginning at the top of his ass crack and proceeding down the length of it. He braced himself against the wall and let it happen.

When she reached the very bottom of his ass crack, she reached around and grabbed his erection and played with it a bit, and then started to use her tongue on his ass crack.

"Oh, nice!" he said.

"I can't believe that I regret that you're not sweaty!" she said.

He laughed. "Ruined woman!" he said.

"Yes, yes, totally; promise me please, please to come to me sweaty some day soon!"

"Promise!" she said urgently.

"I'll think about it!" he laughed.

She bit his ass, and he said quickly: "Promise!"

"Goodie," she crooned and sent her tongue back to his ass crack.

Now she used both of her hands and pried his ass cheeks apart to give her tongue and lips better access. She worked her tongue and her lips down deeper into his ass crack, licking and kissing her way. She almost wedged her face there to do the work. He began to move his hips and she reached around and grabbed his cock, allowing him to fuck her hand.

She finally reached her goal and was kissing him, planting her lips directly on the rosebud of his ass hole. She snaked her tongue forward then and pushed so that it entered beyond the sphincter, and he spasmed. She moved quickly then, scuttling around so that, when he began to cum, he could aim at her face. He came into her hair, on her face and all over her tits.

Then she leaned her head against the shower wall, under the hot water and said a soft: "Thank you for that!"

He pulled her up into a hug and washed off her hair, face and tits, murmuring to her: "Look whom I've found! Wonder woman in the flesh!"

She gave him a twenty four carat grin then, and kissed him.

She shook her head, amazed and said: "The me that I've known all these years is gone, simply gone! I am so surprised."

"Just waiting for me, is what!" he said.

"Oh, yes, maybe, yes!" she said fervently, holding on to him.

Once they were dried and out of the shower, she took his shorts and put them in to wash. She put on a tee shirt and shorts.

"Have any knives handy around?" he asked.

She blushed: "I'm so sorry for that bit of stupidity; the maiden protecting her honor: ravage me, don't ravage me!" She shook her head.

"Got through your defenses though, didn't I?" he said.

"I guess you did," she said. She made some coffee for them then.

"I want you to think about this for a few days; think about what happened, what we did and what you want to do; will you?" he asked.

"Love to, will!" she said, as she went to get his shorts back for him.

"You can keep watching me too," he said and she giggled in response.

When he'd left, and she was alone again, she said: "What just happened? That was earth shaking! That shook the universe! And who the hell was it kneeling in the shower and licking that beautiful man's ass!" She shook her head in partial disbelief and realized that simply running through the memory now had her wet.

She smiled then and went to the bedroom, taking off her shorts and tee shirt and bra but leaving her panties on. She reached down and played, like a tape or dvd, the scenes that had occurred, even her half hearted, half assed, when she allowed herself to be honest about it, attempt to hold him off with a knife. As she coursed through the thoughts, she let her fingers at first rub against the gusset of her panties and then penetrate, pushing into her pussy and seeking out the tender spots.

She came after only a brief time and lay back sighing! She felt like a changed woman. It was more than partially frightening.

She did have an immediate reaction. She determined to take a step that she'd thought of for many months. She made an appointment to have her hair done. She'd been letting it get longer out of sheer neglect, and she only reacted by putting it into what she thought of as 'an old lady's bun', and she wanted to take better care of it then.

She made a day of it the next day. She had her hair cut into a short and fashionable kind of do, and she was pleased. After the hair dresser, she shopped, impulsively for new underwear, and all but kept herself from giggling, when picking out the new panties in various colors and styles barely holding herself back from telling the very polite sales girl that she was buying the new underwear to please her boyfriend, who was only 36 and gorgeous.Then, very pleased, she went to a luncheon favorite to treat herself. She had the thought, while sitting there, that others were looking at her.

"I wonder if I'm glowing!" she said, lost in her thoughts.

A voice shook her out of the reverie though: "Well, who is this lovely lady?"

She looked up and there were two men standing there. One she didn't know, though she could see inside his coat that he had a gun and the other, grinning at her was Jesse Lake.

"Lieutenant!" she said surprised but totally pleased.

She got up then, as Jesse said: "Lane, this is my neighbor, Alice Campion, this is Rudy Lane, my partner."

Alice put out her hand and shook Lane's hand, who nodded, smiled and said: "I'll be outside, Jes." Turning he said: "Ms Campion, nice to meet you."

She smiled and thanked him, echoing his sentiment.

Then she turned and wasn't sure what to do next.

"No hug for your neighbor?" he said softly, and she almost sprang at him.

"Didn't know what to do!" she said by way of explanation.

"We'll get past that soon enough," he said, holding her, as she sighed.

"Love your hair!" he said.

She gave him a huge smile and said: "Thank you, sir!"

"Don't start, when I'm working!" he warned her, and she got a pixieish grin on her face.

"Almost got on my knees," she said softly, as they were standing by the door.

"Lady!" he said, "I'm in the middle of my shift and you're rattling my bones!"

"Was wondering if you were sweaty from working!" she said next with a giggle.

"Alice!" he said severely.

She giggled and he bent down and said: "When I get you next, you won't be giggling! You'd better have a big knife for protection!"

She giggled again and then he leaned down and whispered: "Just for that, you not only get a spanking but I'm going to fuck you in the ass."

She put her hand over her mouth and began to giggle almost uncontrollably. "You're terrible!" she said.

"No," was his reply, "Only accurate!"

"Yes," she said, "I know, I need to think about this and I'll call. Thank you for the compliment about my hair!" she concluded.

He looked at her and, obeying an impulse, gave her a quick kiss and then he was gone.

"Oh dear!" she said to herself. "I do need to think about this!"

She made the call, of course. It was the next day, in the evening. She'd noticed out her window that he was working around his yard, apparently after he'd finished work. She had his cell number, which he'd given her.

He answered the phone and said: "Lake."

"Sir!" she began, "I'm calling."

"Good," he said, glancing at her house, where he could see her through the picture window. "Are you properly dressed to talk to me?" he went on.

"No, sir," she said, "Sorry," and, while he watched, she took off her shorts, tee shirt, sandals and bra and stood nearer the window wearing only a pair of light blue bikini panties.

"Better!" he said, "Spanking for the lapse!"

"Oh, yes, sir!' she said.

"And looking very pretty in your panties!" he said next.

"Newly purchased!" she said, "Part of the new me really."

"Well, welcome to the new you, even more gorgeous!" he said back to her. He hesitated only a few seconds and said: "And what do you wish?".

"I'm really, really nervous but want what you promised, what you said," she said next.

"Tell me," he ordered, "Use the words!"

"I want you to fuck me in the ass, after you spank me!" she said.

"Pull your panties down to your knees and spin around once to show me and say 'please'," he replied.

She did it immediately; she'd been inflamed, simply inflamed with the idea since yesterday.

"Please, sir," she said, "I'm asking for the favor of having you fuck my ass!"

She listened to herself, still or once again surprised by how this was turning out and what she was doing in the grips of this great need that had come over her. But she smiled because she liked hearing herself asking for that, making the request, almost begging.

She spun around slowly and bent from the waist to show her ass and then her pussy.

"Fine," he said, "I'm almost done here. Do you mind if I'm sweaty?" he asked.

"Ohhh," she said, "Sweaty!" there was a kind of a feral tone in her voice, when she said it, still hardly believing that it was her talking this way.

He laughed in response and said: "I'll be right there! I want you on your back porch, on your knees with your hands stretched out in front of you, head down; do you understand?"

"Completely!" she said. "Yes, I'll do that."

(Her back porch was enclosed and it was there that he went, looking forward to what he knew that he'd find, when he got there.)

He found her in exactly that position. He loved the way that she looked, stretched out, hands and arms way out in front of her. Ass cheeks pressing against the thin material of her panties.

"Lovely, lovely, lovely!" he said, as he walked around her.

Then, when he was behind her, he slipped off the work sandals that he had on and pressed a big toe against the slit of her pussy.

"Ohhhh," she moaned at the intrusion.

"Like?" he asked.

"Yes, sir!" she said avidly.

He pressed more urgently then and bent down and took her panties down and off. Then he went back to work with his big toe again, only now he was able to slip the big toe all the way inside of her and wiggle it around. She squealed just a little almost under her breath, when he did that.

He removed the toe and went in front of her, presenting her with the offending toe. She clamped her mouth around it and began to actively, suggestively suck on his toe.

"I know what you're thinking, Mrs C, Alice, neighbor, who watches me work in my garden!" he said in a sly voice.

"Tell me what I'm thinking!" she said, the words being difficult because his toe was still in her mouth.

"You're wondering if I'll stop playing this way soon enough so that I'll still be sweaty, when I give myself to you!" he asserted.

"Oh, yes, sir!" she said.

"Good, then up now; it's your turn!" he said and she got to her feet, grabbing him first for a kiss and then starting to bend her knees and sink down a little, letting her tongue rasp over his salty sweatiness.

The mind and the hesitations of just the other day were simply gone and her sweat licking was, for her just then, a lovely task, a tasty one.

She got to his chest and smiled at him as she licked her way over to his shoulder. He smiled, knowing what she wanted next and raised his arm.

"Thank you, sir!" she said and applied her tongue to his underarm, as she had before, licking away at his armpit, all of her previous distaste simply vanished, gone!

She licked her way back toward the other shoulder and was rewarded with the chance to repeat her fealty by licking his other armpit.

She saw this, in the back of her mind, as part of a kind of declaration that she wanted to make; it was a declaration that included this subservience, but it also included offering her ass to be spanked by him, hopefully next and then offering her ass after that to be fucked by him. She hadn't yet taken a major amount of time to work through this change in her. She only knew at the moment that the change had occurred and was tingled by it, pleased with it just then.

She smiled at him then and went to her knees, grabbing him by the hips and turning him around. With quick hands she pulled his running shorts down and off and then her tongue was working his ass crack from the top to the bottom.

At the top of where his shorts had been, there was a tuft of hair. She smiled at it and took a mouthful of the hair and simply bit it off, causing him to jump.

"Shit, woman, you're wild!" he said.

She grinned at him, still holding the little tuft of hair in her mouth and took it out putting it aside gently. Then he tongue was back at his ass crack.

"Wider!" she said almost frantically, and he spread his legs wider for her.

She worked then in earnest at his ass crack, licking up and down and then, pulling the cheeks apart, kissing her way inside.

She hunkered down then and had a second chance, just as the previous time, to open her mouth and take his balls in her mouth, while palming and playing with his erection.

She spun him around again and had him in her mouth.

She looked up at his grinning face and said: "I want to mouth fuck you!"

"Oh," he said. "Do you do such things, Mrs C?"

"I do now!" she declared, "I do with you! I do for you, sir!" she said, and continued her almost rough usage of his erection, plunging her head time and time again onto the entire length of it, until he could stand it no more and came, filling her mouth and throat with his seed.

She sat back on her heels then, a broad smile on her face.

"You're very good at that!" he said.

"I've practiced lately!" she answered very self satisfied.

"But we have a program!" he said next and, reaching down, picked her up and hoisted her over his shoulder.

She cried out and he slapped her ass, which was up at his shoulder, telling her to be quiet, taking her inside.

She knew what was coming and simply gave herself over to it. He sat in a living room chair and hauled her over his lap, and began.

His slaps were not too hard but they were insistent and continuous. The warmth of the spanking, as it had done the previous time also, spread quickly and Alice was aware of the pain and burning spreading to her hardened nipples, and also to her wet, wet pussy. She moaned for him as he continued the spanking.

When he finished, her ass was red, an almost bright cherry red, and she was sobbing. He turned her around then and she clung to him.

"That feels so good, so hot and I don't understand it! Thank you, thank you, Jesse!" she said.

He smiled at her, cuddling her and kissing her. Then he whispered to her:

"You do know that I'm only beginning!"

"Yes," she said in a tiny voice.

"Okay," he said with some decision. "Let's go then."

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