Chapter 1

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Temptation and desire lead to a secret liaison between a man and his wife's best friend

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Incest   InLaws   Oral Sex   Anal Sex  

Valerie gasped as I slid into her, a low moan of pleasure and desire, made all the more intense by the fact that she and I knew that this was something that would get us into a great deal of trouble if we happened to be caught. Yet it was in the course of things something that had become almost inevitable, though I'm getting ahead of myself here...

My name's John and I live in a small town in the southeast of England, I work shifts as an engineer in a small paper mill and have a wife and two kids. I'm getting on a bit; I'm in my late forties, and just starting to feel at a loose end. My wife Jan also works in our local 'ASDA' and occasionally it seems as if we're ships that pass in the night, though neither of us had cause to complain. The money coming in gave us a good life and, if our closeness wasn't as good as it could be, the benefits we gained made it worthwhile. We had good friends and the kids were pretty much grown up too. Matt had a job at the local McDonald's, Ginny was at university racking up massive student debts, but otherwise happy.

With all the commitments and working shifts I was often in the house on my own. I tried to keep busy with DIY but the nature of my work, which was quite physical, often left me needing to relax and so I'd go on our PC and chat on debate boards as well as with family members on MSN Messenger. Occasionally I'd read a bit of porn on sites like this, but mostly I lead a dull life and didn't go looking for 'trouble'.

We were out celebrating Jan's 45th birthday with friends in our local when life started to get very interesting, for me at least. We were all sat around a table; Jan was trying hard to drink for England as were Ted, Gemma and Roger our friends; though I was going pretty easy on the beer, as was Valerie, Roger's wife, who more often than not was the designated driver if we were further from home. It's odd just how much you notice about friends and family when they're getting drunk and you aren't. What I did notice was Roger's attitude towards Valerie in verbal abuse, seemingly hilarious to him and Ted, rarely funny to me or Valerie.

Valerie was, I think, Jan's oldest friend, she certainly knew her before we met. She's quite pretty if a little on the large side, not fat, Junoesque is possibly the correct term, curvy another with a very impressive bust, almost the opposite of Jan who's quite petite. I had the feeling that Valerie was supposed to be the 'not so pretty' part of the partnership that some girls do to make themselves look good in front of men. Though admittedly those days were a few years in the past now.

I'd never really considered Valerie in a sexual way before this night, save only for the odd fantasy and it probably would never have gone further save that events conspired to change the nature of our relationship.

I'd slipped off to the loo to drain the tanks so to speak and on the way back bumped into Valerie in the narrow corridor leading back to the bar.

"Enjoying yourself?" I asked.

"It's ok, wish Roger would stop teasing though," she replied.

"Drink brings out the worst in him."

"Tell me about it."

"You look nice tonight."

"Thanks, new dress, though Roger doesn't appear to have noticed."

I glanced down to take in the view, only to find my eyes straying over her impressive cleavage.

"How could he not notice you in this?" I murmured.

"Naughty boy!" she giggled. "Your eyes aren't supposed to be looking down there."

"Well, it's too nice to be kept to yourself," I laughed.

"Thank you, but you should get back to Jan before she sends out a search party."

"Chance would be a fine thing," I said. "She's already very tipsy and will probably regret it in the morning, assuming she even wakes up before noon."

"No Birthday nooky for you then?" Val laughed.

"No chance, not now anyway."

"Shame," she said. "Nothing nicer."

"True, but not a lot I can do, not as if I could force the issue."

"Shouldn't have too," she grinned. "Still at least you're willing and able. Roger has the desire but drink robs him of the capability."

"Hah!" I exclaimed. "You'd not find me incapable, not if I thought I was on a promise."

"Some promises are hard to keep," Valerie laughed. "Now be a good boy and go back to your wife."

I wandered back to the table to find Jan looking much the worse for wear, though Roger and Ted were keeping her good company in that regard. Gemma was only mildly tipsy but we figured that it would be best to get our respective spouses home before they were incapable. Valerie rejoined us at that point and we set off for home, all following the same path to the estate where we lived. We said bye to Ted and Gemma as we reached their house first and then set off to our house as we lived just a few doors along. I said bye to Valerie and the very drunk Roger and helped Jan into the house, almost carrying her upstairs and getting her undressed and into bed.

I had just wandered downstairs when there was a knock at the door and found Valerie waiting there.

"John, can you help? Roger's collapsed and he's too heavy to get into the house on my own."

"Sure." I said and followed her down the street to find Roger slumped down and leaning unconscious against a lamppost. Together, after a struggle, we had him picked up and semi-carried him into their house and up the stairs and onto his bed.

"Just leave him; I'll sort him out later," Valerie said. "Fancy a coffee?"

"Ok," I replied. "Jan's, practically comatose too, so I doubt I'll be missed."

Within a few minutes we both sat down on the sofa with mugs of steaming coffee in our hands.

"Thanks John, he's getting far too heavy to haul around these days."

"No problem," I replied. "Just glad I was able to help."

"Shame you aren't 'helping' Jan though," she laughed.

"She often doesn't get the chance to really binge," I said. "It will be a while before she does it again."

"Yes, but there are nicer things to do than get drunk," said Valerie.

"True," I said. "But her birthday, her choice, her loss. There'll be other times."

"Lucky Jan," said Valerie with a grin. "Still it's a shame that it's going to waste at the moment."

I glanced over at Valerie a little startled to see her gently smiling at me with a twinkle in her eye.

"Would be a shame to waste it," I said swallowing.

My thoughts exactly," said Valerie as she leaned over to kiss me. "Will have to be our secret though, no-one will ever have to even suspect."

Our lips met and our tongues entwined as the kiss became more passionate in nature. I put my coffee down and reached across with my arms to draw Valerie in closer. Our bodies moulded together and the kiss continued for several minutes as we held each other tightly, simply enjoying the physical contact of another human being of the opposite sex. Becoming bolder my hands started to roam over Valerie's lush body, enjoying the softness of the curves under the silkiness of her dress. Slowly I reached up and drew down the zip at the back of her dress and ran my fingertips up and down her spine feeling her arch gently at my touch.

"Mmmmm, nice," she sighed, slipping her warm hands under my shirt to caress my skin in return.

Desire was now overtaking caution as our hands wandered freely over each other's skin, driving us to further passion. I drew the shoulders of Valerie's dress forward to expose her breasts, marvelling at their 38DD magnificence held firmly in place with a sheer black silky bra. She stood quickly and stepped out of the dress allowing it to flow down her body displaying her soft curves to my lustful gaze. She looked simply wonderful, standing artfully in her underwear, her luxurious body practically glowing in desirability to my eyes. Almost automatically I started to unbutton my shirt but my hands were trembling too much and I finally settled for sliding it off over my head. as Valerie reached behind her to unclip her bra and her large well rounded breasts sprang free, still firm and utterly delightful with pale pink areola and already hardening nipples.

We both nearly jumped out of our skin as we heard a crash from upstairs and froze, trying not to even breathe as we waited for any other noises. Fortunately there was nothing and we sighed in relief.

Yet the moment had been spoiled, we both knew it, though it was obvious that the desire to complete the journey we'd started on was still there.

"I'll be in touch," Valerie said.

"Soon I hope."

"Oh yes, probably when Jan's on the opposite shift to me and you're home."

I could hardly wait.

As it was I had to wait for a while, Valerie worked at the same store as Jan and my shifts as ever didn't quite mesh with days off and weekends. Still a fortnight later when Jan was at work there was a knock on the back door, which was unusual as it was pretty secluded and not easy to find your way around there.

Opening it I found a smiling Valerie.

"Going to invite me in John?"

"Er, come on in Valerie," I said, almost at a loss for words.

"Thank you," she said and then kissed me soundly on the lips as we moved into a hug.

"Jan said you were home this week when we chatted at work. Roger's at work too, so I thought you'd like to continue that conversation we were having two weeks ago," she said smiling at me.

"Oh yes, that was definitely a conversation I was prepared to get deeply into," I murmured.

"Good," she replied. "Now take me somewhere we can get to grips with the subject at hand."

I led her by the hand to our guest room and closed the blinds. Valerie slipped out of her jacket leaving her just in jeans and a tee shirt, which she filled almost to bursting point. We swiftly moved into each other's arms and kissed, sliding our tongues into each other's mouths, twining them around each other, whilst our hands roamed over each other's bodies, slipping under clothing where possible, exploring the hidden delights and treasures to be found.

Valerie almost took my ears off as she dragged my shirt off over my head in her eagerness to get to grips with me; whilst I was a bit gentler in removing her tee shirt to expose her heavy firm breasts in a silken bra. I swiftly reached around to undo the straps and allow her magnificent breasts to spring free. I reached out to cup them firmly before reaching up to tweak her nipples with my thumbs and fingers, making her groan in pleasure and expectation. She was so utterly unlike my Jan bodywise, yet equally as desirable, as my straining cock was telling me. Valerie meanwhile had slid her tongue down my chest to swirl it around my nipples whilst her hands frantically struggled with my belt and zip on my jeans, finally releasing them and pulling them down along with my underwear to expose my erect cock to her view.

"Oh my, he's lovely," she sighed and enveloped me in her hot mouth, cupping my balls in one hand and stroking the shaft with her other when her lips lifted to the tip.

In this position all I could do was gasp in pleasure and fondle Valerie's breasts and watch the top of her head and light brunette hair bobbing up and down as she enjoyed fellating me. Finally though I lifted Valerie up and we lay down on the bed as I undid her trouser buttons and slid her pants and panties down to expose a well-trimmed luxuriant bush glistening slightly at the base where her excitement at being sexually stimulated was showing. I moved my lips over her engorged nipples and began to suckle them and slipped my hand down to her pussy to finger her, feeling heat and wetness around a very prominent clitoris which I proceeded to rub gently with two fingers, hearing Valerie gasp, moan and twitch with each movement until with a squeal of delight she orgasmed under my ministrations.

"Oh my God I needed that!" she sighed, her voice trembling with emotion. "So much better than my vibrator, well more personal anyway."

"Best is yet to come," I grinned at her.

"Oh goody!" she replied.

Kissing her softly, I moved my body on top of her as she parted her chunky thighs to accommodate me. Reaching down with her hand, she guided me to the entrance of her pussy and gasped in ecstasy as I slid into her hot, wet, tight welcoming depths.

"Oh God, I've been thinking about this for so long," she panted as I began to move in and out of her pussy in a steady rhythm.

"Me too," I said. Beads of sweat formed on my brow as I enjoyed the feel of forbidden fruit in my relentless pounding of her lush body.

Valerie's legs hooked over my own and slowly drew up my body as her gasps and moans became ever more frantic as she met every stroke with an upward movement of her hips to gain the maximum penetration of my cock into her body.

"I'm going to cum!" I gasped and began to withdraw.

"I'm on the pill," Valerie squealed as a massive orgasm ripped through her body causing her legs to clamp over me and hold me tight within her. Which was just the cue I needed to blast my own adulterous seed deeply within her spasming body.

"Yesssss! Oh yessss!" Valerie cried out as waves of pleasure rippled over her body and she felt my cum exploding in a series of spurts inside her pussy. "Oh John, that was so wonderful."

"Been a long while since I've felt this good too," I said, my body cooling under a gentle layer of sweat. "We should have done this years ago."

"Mmmm, yes, but the timing had to be right," she replied.

Already I could feel the stirrings of another erection building, something I would have thought impossible in the not too distant past. Seems variety was quite the spice after all and Valerie was very different to Jan.

Valerie reached down to squeeze my cock, still coated in our juices and gently massaged me further back to life.

"We'll have to be damned careful," she said. "But I want this as often as possible."

"Easy enough as we know pretty much where our partners are," I said.

"Even then, we'd best make sure they don't decide to pop home unexpectedly," Valerie said.

"True," I murmured, reaching out to turn Valerie over onto her knees and positioning my cock at her slippery entrance. My hands gripped her hips as I drew her back whilst pushing forward and I was back within paradise again as I began to thrust vigorously into her. We were both lost in the sensations of fucking someone new and other than gasps, moans and groans little was said over the next half an hour as my stamina was tested almost too the limit. I can't be sure how many times Valerie came; one orgasm just seemed to stretch into another until finally with an excruciating groan I unloaded my second batch of cum into her hot pussy.

We both collapsed onto the mattress, my heart was pounding ninety to the dozen, but boy did I feel good.

We eventually, after several kisses, cleaned up and Valerie had a quick shower and departed with a glow to her cheeks that I hadn't seen for years, promising to get in touch the next time our shifts matched.

I wandered around the house making sure nothing was out of place, finally sitting in front of the PC and composing a few emails whilst idly musing to myself over the day's events. There's definitely something to be said about making love to someone you shouldn't and I wondered about Gemma, Ted's wife. I'd noticed a few glances over the last year or so and some cryptic comments and wondered if she was fantasising about me as I was now wondering about her.

Until Valerie and I had broken the ice as it were I'd never have considered straying, but thinking about it I had several female friends and neighbours who were definitely worth thinking about. All I needed was to find a way where a hint could be dropped in all innocence just to see who'd bite.

I could see I was going to have to think about this as I'd now tasted forbidden fruit and I knew there was no going back.

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