Video Voyeurs

by Reverse_cowboy

Copyright© 2012 by Reverse_cowboy

Incest Sex Story: Alex and Kayla use hidden cameras to spy on their parents having kinky sex.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   MaleDom   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Fisting   Sex Toys   Squirting   Voyeurism   .

When Alex Meadows woke up on Saturday morning the first thing he thought about was the video he and his sister Kayla had made of their parents having some VERY kinky sex. He wasn't sure he would ever be able to look at his parents the same way again after what he saw in that video, especially his dad. He stretched and felt a ripping pain like someone was pulling the hairs on his stomach out all at once.

"Ahhhh!" he complained. "What the hell?"

Alex lifted the blankets and looked at his abdomen to find it the hair there matted together and glued to his body with dried cum. "Wow that must have been one hell of a wet dream." He said to himself.

"Shower time." He said as he threw off the blankets and went to take a shower. When Alex was done with his shower he walked back into his bedroom and smelled the slightly bleachy smell of a man's cum.

"Damn I need to air this room out before Mom comes in here." He said and immediately opened his bedroom window as wide as possible and then switched on his tower fan. "That's should do it." He said to himself.

Kayla Meadows woke up when she heard the sound of her brother in the shower and felt unusually cold as she huddled under the covers until she realized she was lying in a pretty large wet spot. "Oh shit! Did I pee the bed?" she asked herself as she tossed back the covers and noticed a pretty good sized wet spot on her top sheet too. She couldn't believe she had pee'd herself because she hadn't had that problem since she was three. So she carefully leaned close to the wet spot on her mattress while holding her hair back with one hand so it wouldn't get in the mess and she took a hesitant sniff and quickly realized it wasn't pee at all but her own vaginal juices. "Oh shit I must have had a wet dream or something!" she said to herself in surprise because that had never happened to her before. The only reason she knew about wet dreams at all was because a couple of her friends had told her about having them before.

That's when she remembered flashes of a very vivid dream she had about her parents having sex.

"Wow! That video must have turned me on a lot more than I thought." She told herself. When she heard her brother shut off the water in his shower she decided it would be a good idea for her to take one as well. After a nice long hot shower Kayla came back into her room and realized that the smell of her sexual emanations was a lot stronger than she realized and unbeknownst to her like her brother she decided it would be a good idea to air out her room before one of her parents came in and smelled it.

She opened her window all the way, turned on her ceiling fan and sprayed some odor neutralizer around the room.

Kayla got dressed and sat down at her desk and powered up her laptop which seemed to take forever.

Once it was ready she logged on to her college's website and started registering for the classes she wanted to take for her sophomore year. She knew from experience that it was a good idea to register early because the previous year she had kept putting it off and ended up having to take mostly the required basic classes because everything she wanted had already filled up. She was determined not to let that happen again. She logged off when she was done and decided to go check on her brother since he was a procrastinator just like she was and she had been warning him all summer not to wait until the last minute to register for his freshman classes. She walked across the hall to his bedroom and knocked on the closed door.

"Come in." Alex called out from inside the room.

Kayla opened the door and stepped inside the room to find him sitting at his desk in front of his computer. "What are you up to? Did you register for your classes yet?" Kayla asked her brother.

"I just finished actually. How about you?" Alex said.

"I finished before I came in here. Got all the classes I wanted too." Kayla replied.

"Cool me too." Alex said.

"Hey, um ... If I get you my USB drive can you put copy of that video on it for me?" Kayla asked nervously.

"What do you want that for?" Alex asked mischievously.

"To be honest it kinda turned me on. Actually it turned me on a lot." Kayla confessed as she blushed fiercely out of embarrassment.

"Wow! Okay no problem; just go get me your drive." Alex said.

"Okay, be right back." Kayla said and hurried to get her USB drive from her room. It only took a minute before she was back in her brother's room. "Here ya go." She said as she handed the drive to her brother.

"Okay, close the door and give me a minute." Alex said as he slid the drive into a free USB port. "I edited the video a little bit so that it starts when they come outta the bathroom and ends when they start cuddling."

"Cool. Wait a minute why did you edit the video?" Kayla asked suspiciously.

"It turned me on too. I had to masturbate after you went to your room." Alex confessed blushing just as fiercely as his sister had before.

"I guess we're just a couple of pervs if we get off on watching our parents have kinky sex." Kayla said.

"Yeah I guess we are." Alex agreed.

"When are you gonna get your webcam back outta their room?" Kayla asked.

"I figured I'd do it Monday or Tuesday while they're at work that way I don't have to worry about getting caught." Alex said.

"That's a good idea I guess, as long as they don't find it before then." Kayla agreed.

"Yeah, but I figure its hidden pretty good so they probably won't find it unless Mom decides to do some spring cleaning or something." Alex reasoned.

"I wonder if they'll have more kinky sex tonight or maybe next weekend. Maybe we should leave the camera in there for a little while." Kayla said.

"I was thinking about that too. I don't think they'll do anything like that tonight, not with us here. If we could get a few more cameras we could get different views points at the same time." Alex said.

"Wouldn't they see more cameras though?" Kayla asked.

"Not if we got the right kind of cameras. We could get some security spy type cameras that Mom and Dad would never see. They're called pin-hole cameras." Alex said.

"I've been in those spy store places, those cameras are expensive. The ones I saw were like four hundred dollars apiece." Kayla said.

"Those shops are rip offs for people who don't know any better. For four hundred bucks I could get us four or five good cameras and a splitter. I have a friend whose family works in that business so I can get the stuff for wholesale." Alex said.

"Cool." Kayla said and looked thoughtful for a minute, "If you really wanna do it I'll give you half the money."

"Cool. I'll call my friend and see when I can get the stuff." Alex said.

"Awesome. I can't believe we're really doing this though, spying on our parents having sex." Kayla said.

"Spying on our parents having some really kinky sex you mean." Alex said and they both laughed.

"Kay did you masturbate thinking about Mom and Dad last night?" Alex asked his sister nervously.

Kayla looked at her brother for a minute as if she was going to tell him off for having the nerve to ask her a question like that but then her features softened as she thought about everything they had already talked about and what they had seen their parents do. "Yeah, I did." She said softly.

"Me too, I came four times. Really hard each time too. Not as hard as Dad did but hard." Alex said with a grin.

"I came six times, soaked my comforter so bad I had to take it off my bed and hang it on a chair to dry."

Kayla said.

Alex pulled Kayla's USB from its port on his computer and handed it back to her, "Here you go Kay, enjoy." Alex said with a knowing grin.

"Thanks, you too." Kayla replied.

Monday afternoon Alex went into his parent's room and retrieved his webcam and after that he called his friend Bryce about the covert camera system and explained what he wanted. Fortunately his Bryce didn't ask too many questions after he explained that he had a friend that wanted him to install the camera system in her house to keep an eye on her babysitter. Alex didn't like lying to his friend but he couldn't very well tell him why he really wanted the camera system. Bryce told Alex it was going to cost him about five hundred dollars and that he could pick it up from their warehouse on Thursday.

"I gave you the wholesale price and a little discount on top of that otherwise you would have been well over a thousand bucks easy." Bryce had told him.

"Thanks man, I owe you one." Alex told him.

"No problem. Hey, I hope I'm not outta line here but if your sister isn't seeing anyone could you maybe introduce us sometime." Bryce asked.

"I can do that but after that it's on you." Alex told him.

"Fair enough." Bryce said.

"Alright I'll ask her tonight if she'd be interested in meeting you, if she says yes I'll set it up." Alex said.

"Cool man, thanks." Bryce said.

"No problem, talk to you later." Alex said.

"Later." Bryce said and they hung up.

When Alex talked to his sister about meeting his friend she asked, "Tell me about him first. Is he nice? Is he cute? Does he have his own car? Does he have a job?"

"Well obviously he has a job if he's getting us this equipment at a huge discount; he works for his family's business. I think he's a nice guy; he has his own car, a Scion TC I think. As far has him being cute ... I'll have to leave that to you to decide but he's not ugly or anything I can say that much for sure."

Alex replied.

"I guess I can meet him. You didn't promise him a date or anything did you?" Kayla asked.

"Nope, just an intro." Alex confirmed.

"Alright, no harm in meeting someone I guess." Kayla said.

"Cool I'll let him know when I pick up the stuff." Alex said.

"Alright. Do you want me to just come with you when you get the stuff that way you can introduce us then." Kayla suggested.

"Sure why not. That way if you don't like him for some reason there won't be any pressure for you to stay or anything." Alex agreed.

Thursday afternoon came along and Kayla went with Alex to pick up the camera equipment and met his friend Bryce. She was a little surprised to find out that one of her little brother's friends was actually pretty polite and somewhat of a gentleman. And he was cute in a slightly nerdy way, he had a handsome face with and wore glasses and had a slender almost skinny body like her brother. Bryce gave Kayla his number and asked her to call him sometime.

"I might just do that." Kayla said slyly.

Alex and Kayla waited until the next day to install the camera system because they wanted to make sure they would have enough time to do the job right. Late Friday morning a few hours after both of their parents left for work Alex and Kayla went to work setting up the cameras. They knew that they wanted to get different angles so they hid one camera so that it had a view point from the foot of the bed, another so that it had a side view, a third so that it had an angled view from the head side of the bed and after some considerable effort Alex was able to get a ceiling view by concealing a camera behind the shroud of the ceiling fan. Alex had Kayla watch the computer monitor while he adjusted the each camera for the best view possible. Once they were satisfied that everything was setup and working properly Alex and Kayla made sure their parent's room looked undisturbed before they made plans for the night to give their parents a chance to get freaky.

"I was thinking about seeing if your friend Bryce wanted to go out with me next Friday night and I was wondering if you wanted to do a double date." Kayla said to Alex.

"Well if I had a girl to bring with me that would be great but uh ... right now I'm flying solo." Alex said.

"Yeah I know. I was thinking that maaaybe I could hook you up with one of my friends for the night."

Kayla suggested.

"Whiiiich one of your friends?" Alex asked curiously but still with a touch of sarcasm.

"Well Katie, Tania and Keisha aren't really seeing anyone. But I think Keisha might still be on vacation with her family." Kayla said.

"Tania then." Alex said decisively. Tania was a Latina beauty and he had always thought she was hot and wasn't going to pass up his chance to get with her.

"Okay I'll call her and see if she's cool with it." Kayla replied as she pulled her cell phone out of her back pocket and left the room. A short time later she walked back into Alex's room, "Tania said she's in."

"Cool, she's hot." Alex said.

"Just out of curiosity why didn't you pick Katie? I think she's had a crush on you for a while." Kayla asked.

"I dunno she just doesn't do it for me." Alex replied.

"Is it because she's overweight?" Kayla challenged.

"Nah, she just isn't my type." Alex lied.

"Too bad, she would have fucked your brains out." Kayla said slyly. "And she loves to give oral aaaand she swallows." Kayla said making Alex wonder if he had made the wrong choice after all. With his mother and oldest sister being overweight he didn't really have anything against big girls, but he wanted to go out with a "hot" girl like Tania if he had a choice.

"And you don't think Tania will put out for me?" Alex asked.

"I dunno. She might. But she might not. But I know for a fact Katie would have." Kayla teased.

"Whatever, I'm not all about sex ya know." Alex countered.

"You're an eighteen year old red blooded American male; of course you're all about sex little bro." Kayla teased as she walked out of her brother's room.

After dinner that night they both went out with their friends in order to give their parents a chance to be alone for a few hours in the house so they could get their freak on. Alex didn't get back home until around one-thirty and Kayla got back about two hours later. Unable to wait until morning she crept down the hall to her brother's room praying that he was still awake as she knocked softly a couple of times on his on his bedroom door. She was just about to give up and go to her room when he opened the door and hurriedly waved her inside. Once she was through the door he closed it softly behind her and locked it and then hurried back over to his computer desk.

"Did we get anything good?" Kayla asked softly.

"Oh yeah, and I'm almost done editing the video! I was gonna wait for you but I figured with all the different viewpoints we have now it would be hard to watch it all at once. So I watched the main side angle and spliced in the different angles when I thought they'd give us the best view. If you give me just few more minutes I'll have it ready." Alex said in a tone just above a whisper.

"Awesome! Take your time and do what you have to do, I'll just crash on your bed." Kayla said.

"Okay cool." Alex replied.

About thirty minutes later Alex said, "Alright Kay, it's ready."

"Huh? Wha..." Kayla asked as she started awake.

"I finished. The video's ready." Alex said.

"Cool let's see it." Kayla said instantly alert and excited as she sat up and moved to the edge of bed.

"Okay here goes." Alex said as he enlarged to video to full screen and clicked play.

The video started with their parents walking out of the bathroom naked, their dad still had his pubic hair trimmed to a Mohawk or landing strip and their mom's pussy was still shaved bald. They watched as their dad unlocked "The Forbidden Chest" and started pulling things out and setting them on the foot of the bed. The view switched to a top view from the camera in the fan so they could see what their dad was pulling out. There were several dildos of varying sizes and colors, some balls connected by a string (ben-wa balls), an empty clear glass soda bottle, a medium sized butt plug, a large bottle of K-Y Liquid and a large tube of Astroglide. Then their dad closed the chest and moved the stuff from the bed to the top of the chest. The camera switched back to the side view and they watched as their dad crooked a finger at their mom calling her over to him. As their mom came to stand in front of her husband Alex and Kayla watched as their parents shared a loving embrace and a long passionate kiss before their dad pulled away and put his hands on his wife's shoulders and gently pushed downwards guiding her to her knees on the floor in front of him with her hands resting lightly on her thighs. "You know what to do," was all he had to say and their mom flashed him her beautiful white smile and then engulfed his semi- hard cock in her mouth down to the root in one motion. "Oh yeah baby! You're the best cocksucker I've ever had!" Dad moaned as he rested his hands on the back of their mom's head.

Their mom pulled her mom from her husband's cock with a loud "POP" and said, "Damn straight baby and don't you ever forget it." And then she went right back to sucking his cock only this time he moved one hand to their dad's thigh for balance while she used the other to play with his balls. Alex and Kayla watched in rapt attention as their mom loving sucked on their dad's hard cock while she pulled on his scrotum her head was bobbing back and forth slurping on his cock strings of saliva was hanging from his balls and running down her knuckles and swaying lewdly before breaking and falling to the carpet between their mom's spread knees. When their mom came up for air she was panting hard, "How's that baby?" Mom asked.

"Fucking incredible baby." Dad replied.

"Will you fuck my tits baby?" Mom asked.

"Mmmmm, sure baby." Dad replied.

They watched as their mom tucked her chin to her chest and dribbled a large gob a saliva on her chest and watched as it slowly ran down to the valley between her large breasts and then she pressed them together and kneaded them around a little bit lubricating them for her man's big hard cock.

"Put that gorgeous cock right here baby." Mom said as she held her breasts open for him. Their dad stepped forward and placed his cock right between their mom's breasts and they watched as she pressed them together and slowly moved them up and down making sure everything was good and wet before their dad started fucking his cock up and down between her large breasts.

"Oh baby that feels so good." Mom whined in an almost porn star like voice causing Alex and Kayla to look at each other and smile before turning their attention back to the screen. Unaware that he was even doing it Alex slid his hand down to his lap and started squeezing his semi-hard cock through his sweatpants.

"Oh yeah baby it feels great." Dad agreed as he stood there with his eyes closed and a look of bliss on his face. Like her brother Kayla hadn't even realized it when her hand slid down to the crotch of the leggings she was wearing and began rubbing her pussy and clit through them.

"Get on the bed." Dad demanded. "Lay on your back in the middle of the bed."

They watched as their mom climbed onto the bed and lay down on her back in the middle just like she was told to. Seeing their strong willed mother meekly doing as she was told surprised Alex and Kayla almost as much as what they had found in the chest. Their dad climbed onto the bed between their mom's widely spread legs, her pussy was so wet they could seeing it glistening just before their dad dove face first into it and started eating her out like a Weight Watchers convention gone off the wagon at an all you can eat buffet.

"OH! OH BABY! PLEASE! PLEASE!" Their mom cried out in delighted surprise.

Alex and Kayla watched as their dad ate their mom to three or four orgasms before pulling his face from her pussy. Dad's face was coated from the tip of his nose to the bottom of his chin with her pussy juice.

"Damn your pussy tastes good." He gasped as he caught his breath.

"I'm glad you think so baby." Mom said with a delighted giggle.

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