Kara Grows Up: Europe

by Trace Ekies

Copyright© 2012 by Trace Ekies

Coming of Age Sex Story: [2nd of the 'Kara' series] Kara tells a friend about her trip to Europe with Daddy. She tells about posing for his camera, visiting a topless beach and sharing a room with him. [Although this story does not contain a depiction of sexual intercourse, if you find thoughts of father/daughter sexual relations disturbing, you should skip this one.]

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Father   Daughter   Petting   Exhibitionism   .

"Daddy had always helped mother with my bathing," Kara said, "But mother got killed in a car wreck when I was thirteen."

"Losing your mother at thirteen ... that must have been devastating," Julie interjected.

Kara and Julie were roommates, three weeks into their freshman year at college.

"I suppose so ... don't really remember that part of it, though," Kara responded. "What I do remember though is that I was already developing a few curves and Daddy decided that without mother, it would be better if I bathed myself."

Julie had asked Kara how she could be so uninhibited about sexual matters. She now looked at Kara, silently urging her to continue.

"For the next five years or so I not only bathed myself, but mostly in response to Daddy's wishes, I was careful about how I dressed around the house." Kara registered Julie's questioning look and added, "At least when he was there."

Kara went on, "By the time I was seventeen and a Senior in High School, I had begun to dress more provocatively, but was still careful when I was home alone with Daddy." Then she hastily added, "Not that I was worried about him ... I wasn't ... not in the least ... but I wanted Daddy to keep thinking of me as his daughter."

"You sure you want to hear this," Kara asked. "It is kinda long."

"I don't care," Julie said, "I've always been pretty uptight and I want to understand how someone can be so free and easy about everything."

"Alright, but remember you asked." Kara continued the narrative. "I turned eighteen during my Senior year in High School and as my graduation present, Daddy took me to France. It was just the two of us and I thought it was really neat. It was like I had gotten involved with an older man -"

"Yeah," Julie interrupted, "I remember the day he helped you move into the dorm. Your Dad is a hunk!"

"Uh ... yeah," Kara responded, "It was pretty exciting, especially when we were in public. In private though, we were still father and daughter, and although we shared a room, we watched what we did and how we were dressed when we were alone."

"Sounds like fun ... too bad he was your father," Julie quipped.

"Uh, yeah," Kara acknowledged, then continued, "Well anyway, Daddy had bought a new camera for the trip and from the amount of pictures he took before we left home, it was obvious that he planned to take a lot of them during the trip. He told me on the flight over that we would make a scrap book when we got back."

"On our first day in France," Kara continued, "I wore a tan sun-suit. It showed off my legs and arms nicely and was bare at the shoulders. Although it buttoned down the front, it was tame, the kind of thing I could have worn to a church picnic."

"I was acting as if Daddy was my boyfriend and not my father. I teased him by buttoning and unbuttoning the top button." Kara paused to gauge Julie's reaction.

"Keep going," Julie coaxed, "You definitely have my attention."

"Well, Daddy went along and acted the part of the boyfriend, offering compliments and making encouraging remarks while he snapped the pictures. I had the top button undone and was half teasing, half kidding..." Kara became slightly flushed and took in a deep breath. "I was trying my best to look sexy but not doing a very good job of it."

"With that body," Julie quipped, "You don't even have to try. I've seen the way boys look at you."

"But this was my father," Kara replied. "It was different ... or at least I thought so. While Daddy was snapping pictures, he continued with the remarks. At one point, jokingly I thought, he suggested I loosen another button."

"Your father?" Julie asked incredulously. "What did you do?"

"Well, I looked around and since no one was watching, I undid another button and exposed a bit of cleavage."

"You're shitting," Julie gasped.

"No ... no, I'm not. I figured I was about to get bitched out though, but Daddy kept right on snapping pictures and making sexy remarks, just like he really was my boyfriend."

"And you?" Julie asked, "What did you think?"

"Well ... I was surprised to find that it not only didn't bother me to be so exposed ... but that I actually liked it ... especially the attention I was getting ... even if he was my father."

Julie's hand snapped upward to cover her mouth. "Oh, my God!" she exclaimed. Then slowly lowering her hand, said, "I'm almost afraid to ask, but what happened next?"

"Uh, nothing," Kara responded. "We went back to the hotel and it was like nothing had happened."

"Really?" Julie asked unbelievingly, "Nothing happened?"

"Nothing," Kara replied. "I did give my attire a little more thought the next day though. I deliberately chose clothes that had a little more skin showing. I wore a button up the front type blouse with the top buttons undone and put on a denim mini skirt with lace along the bottom hem."

Julie nodded, obviously interested.

"It was a good thing I was wearing panties because the skirt didn't cover much. My legs were bare and I wasn't wearing a bra."

"No bra?" Julie stammered. "I mean ... I have seen you getting ready for bed and I know that even as generous as your breasts are, they don't really need any support, but didn't your nipples show through the blouse?"

"Maybe a little," Kara allowed, "But the blouse was heavy enough that it wasn't really bad."

"Yeah but..."

"Right ... and I don't imagine I was all that concerned anyway. I mean ... I did try to pose in ways that showed off my legs and butt ... and give little peeks into my blouse ... and he did take a lot of pictures ... and I did get really excited ... so yes ... my nipples were probably showing – so what?"

"So what?," Julie gasped. "That was your father you were posing for and you didn't care what he was seeing?"

"Uhh, nooo," Kara said, dragging out her words. "It's not like we were sleeping together or anything like that. He was just looking and I was letting him. I mean, nothing happened."

"Yeah, well, okay. I just know I couldn't have done that with my father, but please go on."

Kara continued the story. "I hadn't planned on being sexy around him and it was difficult to find something interesting to wear. After looking through my clothes the next morning I settled on a denim romper. It was short and showed off my legs nicely."

Kara paused, looking at Julie, trying to divine how she was reacting to the story. Julie was surprised, but probably not judgmental. "More importantly," Kara said, "It buttoned up the front and being a little small, gapped open nicely when the buttons were undone. Again, I went without a bra, and when we left the hotel, I had two of the buttons undone. That was showing more skin than I usually did at home.

"When Daddy started taking pictures though, I wanted to show even more and undid the third button, which was near the bottom of my breasts."

"Jesus Christ," Julie spit out, "I mean, what were you thinking?"

"Uh ... wait to you hear the next part," Kara said. "We attracted a few male tourists who seemed more interested in watching a scantily clad teenage girl, than in looking at the ancient ruins they had paid so much to see.

"The men had been watching from a distance, but when I undid the fourth button, they got closer, until they were just behind Daddy who was still taking pictures."

"And you weren't wearing a bra?" Julie stammered, "Are you shitting me?"

"Uh ... no ... I mean, I was kinda zoning out from all the attention," Kara explained, "I'm not sure I really had any idea what I was doing. It was almost like I was drugged or something."

"So what happened," Julie asked. "And your father was like, encouraging you?"

"Yeah, uh ... sort of, I guess," Kara answered. "Most of the strangers had cameras and Daddy suggested they take pictures too. I'm sure it never occurred to them that Daddy really was my father."

Julie's mouth hung open and Kara talked faster. "The men snapped pictures and told me how I should pose. Daddy was taking pictures but he encouraged the others to tell me what to do. They wanted me to show more skin and soon I was fumbling with buttons again. It didn't matter to me that I was in a public place, or that most of the men were strangers, or that one of them was my father. The attention was like an adrenaline rush."

Kara took several quick breaths. She was obviously reliving the excitement of the moment. "I undid the fifth button. I was bare down the middle, almost to my waist. The insides of my breasts were very much on display and with all but one button undone, it was nearly impossible, to keep both nipples covered, but by then I'm not sure I really cared."

Kara hesitated, waiting for a remark from Julie. There was no comment and Kara saw that Julie was as excited by the story as she was. She raced on breathlessly.

"The men begged me to show more and their excitement turned me on. I'm sure I wanted to get naked. I popped the sixth button. That left only the button at the waist. I undid that one too. I pulled the top apart, showing my chest and stomach and the top of my panties.

"I was going to leave the panties on but the jumpsuit was coming off. Then I remembered that my father was a part of the audience. I didn't really care that he might see me naked, but with him there, I felt like I should at least attempt some restraint."

"Wow, I mean, I would guess so," Julie gasped.

"Yeah, right. I buttoned the last two buttons, at least covering my panties, and ran for the car. The men hollered all sorts of nasty remarks, but I'm sure that when they looked at their photos later, they found that they had already seen most of me. Daddy slowly walked over to the car and got in."

"Had you at least put your clothes back on," Julie asked.

"Five of the buttons were still undone and I was no longer holding the jumper together. I had clothes on, but there was still plenty of skin showing."

"You should have buttoned up," Julie said.

"I know," said Kara, "but I didn't want to. It was fun being dressed like that."

"You mean undressed," Julie quipped.

"Whatever. As we drove back to the hotel, I looked through the pictures Daddy had taken. There wasn't much of me that hadn't been photographed that day. Daddy had taken at least a dozen pictures of my bare breasts. It was obvious that he liked seeing them as much as I liked showing them off.

"While I looked at the pictures, I saw that he was looking in my direction every chance he got. I had a lot of exposed skin and my nipples were barely covered, still, it didn't seem to be enough."

"Oh, my God, please tell me you didn't take it off," Julie said exasperatedly.

"No, I didn't take it off, but as I looked through the pictures, I leaned forward a little, fully exposing a breast and nipple."

Julie's jaw dropped but she didn't say anything. Kara continued, "Being my father and all, I suppose he should have been concerned about how I was dressed. But, if he was, he didn't act it. One could suppose, considering the pictures he had been taking, and the way he was looking at me now, that he was encouraging me to expose even more.

"It was as if he wanted to see just how far I would go. And I have to admit, I was beginning to wonder too. Yes, I was his daughter, but if he had asked, I probably would have stripped."

"You mean you would have gotten naked in front of your father," Julie stammered.

"If he had asked, I suppose so. I wanted to get out of my clothes and if he hadn't been my father, I wouldn't have been wearing much more than a pair of panties.

"No, I didn't take my clothes off, but I did leave them unbuttoned until we got near the hotel. It was obvious from the way Daddy was looking at me that he was enjoying the view. He liked looking and I liked being looked at so why should either of us have pretended otherwise.

"Since I had expected when we left home, that I was going to be spending most, if not all, of my time with my father, and not feeling that I should wear anything suggestive, I hadn't packed many sexy clothes. But having been photographed by him earlier in the day with my breasts exposed was something that both of us had liked.

"I loved the attention I was getting, and not just from my father either. Every guy we met stared appreciatively, especially when I was showing some skin. I'm sure they assumed that my father was my sugar daddy, and I wasn't about to tell them any different. Deciding what to wear for dinner that evening was quite a challenge.

"The dinner dresses I had brought were mostly knee-length and high-necked. Not the kind of thing that either of us was going to like very much. However, I did have a swimsuit cover-up that was stylish enough to pass for evening wear. Since it was intended to be worn over a bikini, it had been made of rather thin material, was quite short and had a plunging neckline. I put it on with nothing but a pair of panties under it.

"It showed a lot of skin, nearly my entire chest and my legs almost to my crotch. And on top of that, my nipples and aureoles showed through the thin material. I liked it and I was sure he would too."

"Unless he wanted you to go naked," Julie quipped.

"Yeah, well I sure had him figured wrong," Kara said. "I stepped out of the bathroom, expecting instant approval from him. Although he looked me over very appreciatively, he surprised me by telling me that it would probably be better if I wore something less revealing."

"For real," Julie asked?

"For real," Kara replied. "I was shocked and confused. I did as he asked though and put on one of the conservative dresses I had brought.

"Over dinner he explained that he liked to watch me show off. I reminded him of my mother. She had liked to show off and he suspected that was a good bit of what he had fallen in love with. One time, like today, he took pictures of her as she got almost naked in front of a bunch of strangers. He had liked it and he was pretty sure she had too. Now, during the daytime, with other people around, he liked seeing me as he had seen my mother."

Julie was listening intently, sure that something about this didn't ring true.

"He continued, saying that in the evening, however, when it was just the two of us, particularly since we were sharing a room, he needed to be more careful and make sure that he got in bed still thinking of me as his daughter."

"I was disappointed but I knew he was right. It was certainly better for me too, not to go to bed in a sexually excited state.

"I think you were getting conned. It's pretty obvious what your father was after," Julie challenged.

"I think you're wrong," Kara replied. "He didn't need to con me. My hormones were raging big-time and I would have gone along with anything he wanted.

"I believed what he told me. I knew now that during the daytime, he liked being with a show-off and since I liked showing off he was not going to be disappointed."

"Okay, so what happened then," Julie asked.

"As I said earlier, I didn't really have much to choose from, but I did have a bikini I hadn't worn yet. It was one of those string types that doesn't cover a whole lot. I had bought it with the hope that when we got to the beaches of France, I would have the nerve to wear it in public. I was sure now that I wasn't going to have that kind of problem, at least not in France, but we hadn't gotten to a beach yet, and I wasn't sure if we even had one on the schedule."

Sure now that Kara was leaving out the real truth, Julie just nodded.

"I put the bikini on instead of underwear but since we were going sightseeing, I had to cover it up with something. Everyone seemed to like my exposed skin, including me, so I put on a pair of low cut jeans and a tie top that left my midriff suggestively exposed. Daddy for sure liked the bare stomach."

"I'll bet," quipped Julie.

"He even ran his fingertips across it. Its a good thing we were in a public place at the time. I'm not sure which of us liked it more.

"We stopped at several places for picture taking. I undid the few buttons on the tie-top early in the day. A couple of times, when no one else was looking, I unbuttoned the top button on my jeans. However, Daddy had not seen the bikini and I still hadn't told him about it.

"It was late in the day and we had stopped at a relatively secluded place. At least there were no other people around at the time. While I posed for the first picture, I began to untie the blouse. "Daddy's eyes bugged out of his head. I don't know what he thought I was wearing under it but he sure was anxious to see."

"I guess so," injected Julie.

Ignoring the interruption, Kara went on, "After I took the blouse off, I adjusted the bra cups on the bikini to provide as much skin down the middle as was decently possible. Then, with Daddy still snapping pictures, I reached down and slowly unbuttoned my jeans.

"Daddy had seen me do that before but was totally blown away when I continued on and lowered the zipper. The bikini bottom was tiny and barely visible when I started to slide my jeans down my legs. I got them down past my knees and stopped to let him take pictures.

"He must have kicked the camera into overdrive. He was snapping pictures so fast I thought the camera was going to burn up. It was obvious that he liked how I was dressed and I was thrilled by the attention I was getting. I had gotten rid of the blouse and had the jeans down around my ankles. I eventually slipped the jeans off my feet and got into the car wearing nothing but the bikini."

Julie, once again caught up in the story, chimed in with, "Hot, hot, hot!"

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