Sweet Revenge

by double_entendre

Copyright© 2012 by double_entendre

Coming of Age Sex Story: Find out what happens to a high school principal who pisses off the wrong student. Forgiveness be damned in this graphic tale of sweet revenge.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   NonConsensual   Rape   Blackmail   Spanking   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Teacher/Student   School   .

Hello all. When I posted the grudge, I asked my readers if they would be interested in a revenge story with a similar theme. After receiving a favorable response to that question I decided to go ahead and write the one I had in the back of my mind. I would again like to thank my editor, Bachgen, for putting forth his time to help make this story a much better read. I hope you all enjoy Sweat Revenge. Sincerely, Double_entendre.

William Randolph Sutton Junior was always considered a good boy by anyone who knew him. Unlike several of his classmates, Billy had no desire to cause trouble, and instead tried every day to earn the respect and pride of his family. Billy's father, William Sr., always preached that if you work hard and try your very best, good things were bound to happen for you. Billy not only believed in this concept, but he lived by it. The young man gave 110% in everything he did, and was always willing to lend a hand to whoever may be in need of one. That's not to say that Billy was perfect, because in all actuality he was far from it, but whatever faults he may have had; Billy was constantly trying to improve upon them.

While growing up, Billy often displayed an inquisitive imagination and had a better than average IQ. As a young adult he was what some might consider a free thinker, this was much to the chagrin of his parents, who would have preferred their son to be a bit more accepting of traditional beliefs. Billie's Mom and Dad were very religious. The three often got into rather heated discussions over various aspects of authoritarian concepts, which didn't seem to flow with what the young man's own interpretation of what God should be. That is not to say that Billy was a nonbeliever, because he did believe in God, though he wasn't sure that mainstream religion gave an accurate portrayal of his wishes.

For the most part Billy got along quite well with his teachers and school administrators. He was always polite and well spoken, though on occasion he would raise questions or interject opposing opinions adding extra material into their classroom discussions. This type of interaction was appreciated by the good instructors, but frowned upon by the ones who only cared enough to teach what was required of them in order to earn a pay check.

Billy's classmates were another matter entirely. Although he tried to coexist, it was always a constant struggle to get past their immaturity long enough to develop any type of bond or friendship with them. Because of this, the young man often felt more comfortable by himself rather than among his peers.

Billy was not a believer in corporal punishment as a form of corrective measurement, and had argued unsuccessfully with his parents about allowing them the power to administer it on him should the situation warrant such an event. Their response to his protest was to tell him to just not do anything to cause it to happen.

They say that timing is everything, and unfortunately for Billy he was about to discover just how accurate that statement truly was. It was during his freshman year of high school that an event occurred which altered the youth's perspective on the school's administration, most particularly that of his principal, Mr. Horton. It was near the end of the day when Billy ducked into the boys' restroom to relieve himself before going to his final class. Upon entering the stall, Billy noticed a permanent marker still lying on the floor which clearly had been used to write the derogatory remark about his school principal on the stall wall. With every intention of conveying his findings to the school officials, Billy bent down and picked up the marker before exiting the stall and running right smack dab into Principal Horton. Of course the man didn't accept his version of what happened, and instead Billy received six hard strokes of the cane that left him crying out in physical pain after each one.

"I didn't do it," Billy would holler before the man reached back to administer yet another blow to his already welted back side. Of course, after the punishment was finished, poor Billy, having never received that kind of discipline, was left uncontrollably bawling in the corner. It wasn't 5 minutes later that Mr. Reed, Billy's history teacher, escorted the true culprit through the door. Mr. Reed explained how he had caught Jay Sanders red handed, and had marched him down to the janitorial room to get the supplies needed to scrub off his handiwork before visiting the principal for his punishment.

"Well, Billy, it would appear that you were telling the truth all along. I guess there is not much we can do about it now, though. Not to worry, because you should be good as new in a week or so. It might be best to look on this as a learning experience. You don't want to do anything that will cause you to have this happen again," Principal Horton said flippantly.

"I didn't do anything wrong to begin with," Billy replied angrily.

"You best curve your attitude, son, before it gets you into trouble again," his principal warned. "Now if you will excuse me, it seems I have other business to attend to," he said, leering at his next victim.

As Billy was leaving the office he heard Principal Horton and Mr. Reed arguing.

"You could have at least told him you were sorry, Walt," Mr. Reed said.

"Never apologize to a student, Reed, it only shows them a sign of weakness," his principal flippantly remarked.

As Billy hobbled down the hall he could hear Jay screaming through the closed doorway. Billy could not recall ever being this angry. This type of situation was precisely why he had argued so stringently against corporal punishment. He was nearly to his next class, and was dreading having to explain to the instructor why he was late, when Mr. Reed finally caught up to him.

"Hey, Billy, instead of going to class today, why don't you let me tell Mrs. Martin that you aren't feeling well, and then I will drive you home. This is my free period anyway, and I was already headed out when I caught Jay in the bathroom," Mr. Reed suggested.

"Thank you," Billy said, still sniffling. "I wasn't looking forward to sitting on that hard chair the rest of the day,"

The trip home was of course an uncomfortable one for young Billy, as every bump caused his jeans to rub mercifully against his tortured behind.

"I can't begin to tell you how sorry I am that I didn't let Principal Horton know about the incident sooner, and be able to spare you of all this," Mr. Reed said.

"It's not your fault. If Principal Horton had been more concerned about cleaning up the graffiti and less about beating one of his students, he would have learned of my innocence before any damage was done," Billy sneered.

"I don't necessarily disagree with you, but as long as that man remains principal, it might be wise to keep that opinion to yourself," He suggested.

Mr. Reed explained the situation to Billy's mother, who in turn relayed it back to his father when he returned home from work. Although both parents felt badly about what their son went through, neither would consent to rescind their permission to have the boy discipline in the same manner again should the situation ever arise in the future. This further pissed off the lad, because he felt this incident had completely proven his point, yet still they refused to listen.

It took over a week before Billy was pain free from the beating, and another two for the welts and redness to completely subside. During that time Billy's anger grew exponentially, until the desire for revenge became so strong that it overshadowed all of the teaching of forgiveness that had once been instilled within him. Had Principal Horton offered a sincere apology after learning of his innocence, Billy may have eventually been able to put the event behind him and move on. Since the man obviously showed no remorse for his actions, Billy felt that forgiveness was unwarranted and completely out of the question. No, it was definitely time to get even. The only question was how.

Although Billy never really socialized with his fellow classmates, he still managed to overhear them speaking to one another on occasion. There had been some talk in the locker room about Principal Horton having inappropriate relations with various female students. Billy had originally chalked these rumors up as speculation, but should they prove accurate, it could provide a means of getting rid of the asshole on a permanent basis. That is, of course, if he could somehow get proof of the infraction.

As his high school years progressed, Billy became rather chummy with the rest of the office staff. He put on his best fake smile whenever he encountered Principal Horton, and pretended that the incident which occurred during his freshman year had all been forgotten about. He even started volunteering his free time in the office to do odd jobs and help out the secretary. Billy paid attention to every detail, making notes in his head as to the routine and general habits of not only his principal, but his administrative staff as well. Billy watched movement and body language to the point where he could almost read his principal's thoughts through his actions. He also discovered that the secretary, Mrs. North, would often grab just her pocketbook when heading to lunch, leaving her purse unattended for a half an hour to forty-five minutes while she ate. Theirs was a small school with a tight budget. They had no cameras set up in the office and an open door policy for lunches, with of course strict consequences for any student who abused the privilege.

With trembling hands, Billy pocketed the keys out of the woman's purse and headed straight to a local hardware shop a few blocks down the road. After having a set of duplicates created, he hurried back to school and replaced the original keys to their proper location. This was a turning point in the young man's life, as he had never before stolen anything larger than a cookie from a platter his mother had made for a new set of neighbors several years back. The fact that he returned the items so quickly left him little comfort in knowing that what he had done and was about to do was so very wrong. Billy consoled himself with the knowledge that he had tried to go through proper channels, only to have his parents disregard his pleas. Even though his plans played on his conscience, Billy still felt somewhat justified in his actions. If Principal Horton was doing what he suspected, relieving the man of his influence over the student body would be a heroic undertaking.

Not wanting to involve his family in any way, Billy used his own money that he earned from mowing lawns to purchase a voice activated mini camcorder. He waited until the weekend, used his set of stolen keys to gain entry to the school, and hid the camera on top of the trophy shelf across from his principal's desk. He was most fortunate to find a power source nearby, and was able to conceal the wire so that it was only visible if you were standing next to it on a ladder or chair. The camera recorded onto standard SD memory cards, and Billy purchased large enough ones that he only had to switch them out once a week.

Although his recordings would occasionally capture questionable acts, they failed to show anything damaging enough that could be used to separate Mr. Horton from his position as principal. Billy still watched the man relentlessly, but was starting to question the validity of the rumors he had heard. It was during a school basketball game when Billy first noticed a change in Horton's demeanor. He always enjoyed ogling the cheerleading squad, but he seemed to suddenly be taking a particular interest in Tammy Swanson.

Tammy had only recently made the team, after having to switch schools in the middle of her senior year due to her father getting a new job and relocating his family to the area. Billy had overheard her invite some of his fellow classmates to her 18th birthday party, which her family was hosting at the end of the month. This meant that she was still a minor, though he doubted that Principal Horton was aware of that fact.

Since the game was on a Friday night, nothing could be discovered until the corresponding Monday morning. Billy took a calculated risk and used his key to gain access to the office while everyone else was still at the game. He searched through her file and found that she was indeed still only 17 years of age. Since the secretary was "old school", everything was originally kept on paper, and then transferred to computer when classes let out for the summer. Billy used the photocopier to make a duplicate version of Tammy's records so he could take them home and scan the sheet into Photoshop. After changing her age, he snuck back into the school and replaced her original records with his altered ones. As long as he wasn't caught breaking and entering, the worst case scenario would be that everyone would assume a typographical error had occurred when her original transcripts were processed.

Although he tried not to set his hopes too high, it was almost torturous anticipating what images his recorder would capture this time around. Billy couldn't have been more pleased with the outcome, as due to his principal's use of a speaker phone, his camcorder even picked up both sides of the conversation between Principal Horton and Coach Morrison.

"So what can I do you for, Walt?" Coach Morrison asked.

"I need you to make up some excuse to send Tammy Swanson to my office sometime this week," he replied.

"You old dog, figured you'd break in the new chick all good and proper," the coach replied.

"Why not, I'm sure as hell not getting any from that dried up old bitch I have at home. She isn't a virgin or anything, is she?" the principal asked?

"Nah, it would appear she is just as much a slut as the rest of them. You shouldn't have any problems getting into her pants, especially when she learns of the consequences for not allowing you to do so," the coach laughed.

"Great! Well, send her ass to me as soon as you can, and as long as she cooperates I will send it back to you unscathed," Principal Horton leered, ending their conversation.

Billy fast forwarded the video, stopping only when he saw Tammy enter Principal Horton's office.

"Hello Miss. Swanson, it seems that you have been causing a bit of a disturbance during class," Principal Horton accused.

"But Sir, I wasn't talking any louder than the rest of the girls were," she protested.

"That may be how you perceived it, but it seems Coach Morrison felt differently about the situation. I don't know how it was in your previous school, but here at Regal High we take disciplining our students very seriously. For your infractions I feel no less than six strokes of the cane are order" he replied sternly.

"Sir, you can't be serious. I wasn't talking any louder than the rest of the girls. Why am I the only one getting punished?" She asked?

"Coach Morrison feels that we should make an example of you to remind the other girls that their actions can cause serious consequences," he stated.

"But that's not fair," se whined.

"Well, I understand that it's difficult being the new girl in school, and just this once I might be persuaded to forgo your caning if we can come to some sort of an arrangement," he told her.

"What do you mean," she asked excitedly, as the first glimmer of hope that she may be able to get out of this entered her mind.

"Well, since I am trying to understand your needs you must do the same for mine. The life of a principal is a very demanding job. We have to deal with rowdy students, disgruntled parents, frustrated teachers, and a school board that is always searching for ways to cut our working budget. It is not good for a man to hold all that stress inside without having some kind of outlet to release it. Are you following me so far, my dear?" Horton asked.

"I think so," she replied, having no idea where this conversation was headed.

"Good, I knew you were a smart girl. My wife unfortunately is not as bright as you seem to be. She flat out refuses to take care of my needs, allowing my anxiety to build up to the point where I end up taking my frustrations out on my students. I know you don't want me to have to continue to do that, especially seeing as you're the one here awaiting your punishment," he finished.

Tammy now had a pretty good idea of what the old pervert wanted, and although she was not as experienced as some of her fellow squad member claimed to be, she wasn't exactly a virgin either. She couldn't believe a guy like Principal Horton would take the risk of doing anything sexual with a minor, but she sure as hell wasn't going to question him about it, especially with six strokes of his cane awaiting her if she did.

"So what exactly can I do to help you, Principal Horton," Tammy asked in her sexiest tone of voice.

"Well, my dear, it has been ages since I've experienced the delights of soft lips or a tight female twat. Perhaps we should start off with a little mouth and tongue action to help get me properly stimulated, and then we can move on to releasing me of all my built up stress and frustration. I am sure that once that is accomplished, I will feel so much better that I probably won't even remember why you were even sent here in the first place," he told her.

"Sir, I would like to help you out, but I am not on any type of birth control. I will agree to do what you ask, but could you please wear a condom when we do it," She pleaded nervously.

"I am happy that you informed me of this detail, Miss. Swanson. It seems my assessment of you a smart young woman was a valid one. Since I never know when an opportunity to relieve my mounting stress may present itself, I always keep a fresh supply of contraceptives on hand just to be safe," he concluded.

Billy had never fashioned himself as a voyeur, yet the young man was unable to peel his eyes off the screen. The action just seemed to intensify with every passing frame. Tammy started off on her knees giving what looked to Billy to be a rather professional blowjob. Although he had never actually received one personally, his knowledge of them was being based on the countless number he had witnessed while combing through some of the free internet porn sites. Gee, maybe he was a voyeur after all.

After a few minutes of her head bobbing up and down on his pole, Tammy raised her cheerleading skirt above her waist and removed her panties, before hopping up on the desk and spreading her legs wide enough to accommodate the principal's extensive frame. When Horton's tool finally came into view, Billy was amused to discover that it was rather short and thin, paling in comparison with his own longer and wider appendage. When the condom was in place, Billy watched as the pair engaged in intercourse, the frown on Tammy's face revealing the true nature of how she really felt. Once Horton obtained his release, he ordered Tammy to stop by the ladies room and clean herself up before returning to class. He said if anyone asks tell them that after a stern lecture he felt that she deserved a second chance to redeem herself before having to take her punishment to the next level.

Although Billy was hoping to capture this sort of transgression, he never truly believed that it would actually happen. The young man spent the rest of the night making copies of both the entire contents of the SD card, as well as video highlights of Horton's pending doom. After this was completed, he started planning what to do with the information he collected. Obviously he had great blackmail material. He could probably not only make Horton submit to one of his own beatings, but he might even be able to have him arrange Billy's very own stress release session. Although he couldn't deny that this thought very much appealed to him, the reality of the situation was that if Billy chose to pursue that path, he would not be any better than the person he so despised. Secure in his conviction, Billy preceded to map out his next course of action.

Paul Simmons was the unfortunate stepson of Principal Horton. Billy knew that Paul hated his stepfather, and recalled a few instances where Paul himself had faced the cane. After having basically stalked the man for over two years, Billy was certain that Principal Horton would be playing golf at the club on Saturday, like he usually did. With a DVD copy of his video evidence in hand, Billy rode his bicycle over to his principal's home.

"What the hell are you doing here, Sutton?" Paul questioned in an intimidating tone of voice.

"I came to have a talk with you and your mother," Billy replied.

"You stay the hell away from my mother. I didn't do anything to you ... yet," he threatened.

"Relax Paul, this isn't about you," Billy told him.

"Than what do you want?" he asked.

"Well, first off, I need to know how you really feel about your step father," Billy wanted to know.

"I hate his fucking guts. The bastard grounded me for the entire weekend just because I accidentally ran over one of his precious rose bushes when I was mowing the lawn. He wanted to use that damn cane on me, but mom won't let him, here at the house. The asshole will probably make up some excuse to do it at school on Monday, though," Paul complained.

"What would you say if I told you I have a plan that would not only get him fired from his position as principal, but it would also get him out of you and your mother's life forever," Billy asked.

"I'd say you are out of your fucking mind," Paul replied.

"Oh really, then you might just want to take a look at this," Billy said, handing Paul the still framed colored photograph that he pulled off of his video.

After the initial shock wore off, Paul insisted that the picture was a fake, and that anyone could doctor an image these days.

"I assure you the photo is real, but I also have additional proof that I'd gladly share if you would be so kind as to invite me in," he baited the confused jock.

"Fine, let's go, but if you're lying to me your life won't be worth shit," Paul threatened.

"You really should try to be a bit nicer to me. After all, I am about to do you a big favor," Billy suggested.

"Yeah, whatever, dude, just get on with it, before the bastard decides to come back home to check on me," Paul replied.

After pointing out where his computer was, Billy proceeded to load up the video.

"Holy shit, you weren't lying when you claimed to have proof. Is he screwing that new chick Tammy?" Paul asked excitedly.

"Yeah, that's her. This is just a short clip put together for shock value. I also included their entire session, along with the conversation between Principal Horton and Coach Morrison setting this whole thing up," Billy explained.

"Dude, this is so cool, I can't believe we actually own the bastard. I can finally do whatever I want either here or at school, and that asshole will just have to sit back and take it," Paul exclaimed.

"Sorry to spoil your little fantasy, but if blackmail is what I had in mind, I wouldn't really need your help now, would I?" Billy asked.

"But dude, we got him. He would do anything to keep this little video under wraps," Paul argued.

"Listen, man, on the surface I agree with you. We probably could use the video to get anything we wanted, but for how long? In just over a week this evidence loses quite a bit of its power," Billy told him.

"What are you talking about?" the young jock asked.

"Did you get an invitation to Tammy's party next week?" Billy wanted to know.

"Yeah, she is ... OH fuck, she's turning 18 on Saturday," he finished, beginning to grasp the true importance of the video.

"Now I think you are finally seeing the big picture," Billy said.

Just then they heard a car pull up in the drive.

"Oh shit," the boys exclaimed in unison, before looking out to window to determine who had come home.

"Relax, dude, it's just my mom," Paul said in a relieved tone of voice.

"Paul honey, whose bicycle is that out by the step," she asked, walking through the door.

"Now, son, you know you can't have friends over while you're grounded. You don't want to make Walter angry with you," she said.

"Mrs. Horton, my name is Billy Sutton, and I actually came over to see you, ma'am," he told her.

"Oh really, what can I do for you young man?" she asked.

"Mom, I think you had better sit down for this one," Paul advised nervously.

"Why, what did you do?" Paul's mother questioned.

"Ma'am, I can assure you this has nothing to do with your son. I am here to talk about your husband," Billy explained.

"I am sorry, but I have no control over what my husband does with his students," Paul's mother said.

"Ma'am, I hate to be the one to have to tell you this, but your husband has been cheating on you," Billy told her.

"Look, I don't know what kind of grudge you have against my husband, but I don't appreciate you coming into this house spreading vicious lies about him. I can only hope that you aren't part of this little scheme, Paul," she questioned.

Billy handed her the photograph he earlier showed to Paul. As expected it got the same reaction.

"I do graphic designing for a living, young man, I know how easy it is to doctor a photograph," she stated with overzealous conviction.

"If that is the case, ma'am, then you should be able to spot a fake right away," he challenged.

After studying the picture for several seconds, Donna Horton was still unable to pinpoint any abnormalities that would indicate it was anything less than genuine.

"This doesn't prove anything," she stated with less conviction than her previous statements once held.

"Show her the video, Bill," Paul requested.

After a few clicks of the mouse, Paul's computer screen once again came to life with the antics of their illustrious Principal and his unwilling counterpart.

"That son of a bitch," Donna declared as she stared at the screen.

"How the hell did you get this?" she demanded.

"I'm sorry, ma'am, but that is something I am unwilling to share with you at this time," Billy said.

"You had better tell her," Paul warned.

"No, Paul honey, your friend is right. We should be thanking him for bringing this situation to our attention," Donna said.

"Mrs. Horton, if it's not too much trouble, I would like to know what you plan to do," Billy asked.

"First off, please call me Donna, because right now the last person I want to be known as is Mrs. Horton, and to answer your question I am going to kick that son of a bitch to the curb the second he walks through that door," Donna replied.

"Ma'am, I strongly suggest you not do that," Billy requested.

"You don't expect me to continue living with the bastard?" she asked in shock.

"That would be your wisest move, at least for the next few days anyway," Billy said.

"Why would that be," she wanted to know.

"Well Mrs ... um sorry, Donna, we live in a no fault state. That means that couples can cheat on each other and still have the same rights in a divorce as the injured party. I decided to bring you this information in advance so you can start preparing for Wednesday, when the cops come to arrest your husband," Billy told her.

"I get that he will probably lose his job over this, but why would the police become involved?" she asked.

"Because the girl in the video hasn't turned 18 yet," Billy explained.

"Are you fucking kidding me," she blurted out, instantly covering her mouth when she realized her use of profanity in front of the two young men?

"No, Donna, I am quite serious, though in your soon to be ex-husbands defense, what little there is of it, he was under the impression that the young lady was of legal age at the time," he told her.

"How do you know that?" she questioned.

"That is again something that I cannot share," he answered.

Before leaving the Horton household that evening, Billy gave Donna a list he had printed off the internet of the top ten things a person should do when preparing to file for a divorce. Along with that, he showed her a ratings chart of the best attorneys in their area that specialized in the field of marital disgruntlement. Realizing that the police would probably conduct, Billy determined that he still needed to make one final unauthorized visit to his principal's office.

For what he assumed would be the last time, the young man once again let himself into to schoolhouse with the intention of returning everything to its proper order. He placed Tammy's original file back into its folder, shredding the one he had doctored. With his camcorder now in hand, Billy had no sooner left the building when he heard his name being called. It took no more than a quick glance across his shoulder to recognize the man standing just a few feet from him as his American History teacher, Mr. Reed.

"Hey, Billy, I thought that was you," he said, waiting for a response.

"Yeah, it's me alright, how are you doing this evening, Mr. Reed?" Billy asked, trying to steer their conversation into a casual one.

"I'm doing alright. Boy, that it one small camera you have there. Where in the world did you get something like that?" he wanted to know.

"Oh, I ordered it from a website a while back. I though it looked cool," Billy replied, starting to sweat a little.

"What are you doing with it here?" Mr. Reed asked, pointing toward the empty schoolhouse.

"Well, I um, have this friend that I met online. We have been exchanging photos, and so I told her I would get some shots of where I go to school," Billy replied, thinking that his explanation sounded feasible.

"That's great. Sometime I worry about you being too much of a loner. Does your camera do well in low light scenes?" the man questioned, speaking in reference to their particular time of night.

"Not really," Billy sighed. "I had planned to get some shots earlier, but got a little busy, so I figured I could do it now. I didn't like the way anything was turning out, so I just erased it and will have to try again another time," Billy concluded, hoping that would end their discussion regarding his camcorder.

"Well, it's getting pretty late. Would you like me to give you a ride back home?" Mr. Reed offered.

"Thanks anyway, sir, but I have my bike with me. It has pretty good reflectors so I should be safe, and besides, I could use the exercise," Billy stated, declining his offer.

"Alright, well you have a good evening then," Mr. Reed said as he started to leave.

"Same to you, sir," Billy replied with a sigh of relief as his instructor was walking away.

Billy nearly soiled his pants when he turned to see Mr. Reed standing there. This was by far the closest he had ever come to being caught. The young man was not sure how in the world his instructor could have missed seeing him exit the building, but was damn glad he did. Billy didn't know how he would have explained away some of the images on his camera, should Mr. Reed had demanded to see it. He was just thankful that the guy had seemed to buy into his story, especially with it being as lame as he knew it sounded.

The rest of Billy's plan seemed to flow like clockwork. On Wednesday the police showed up along with the superintendent to officially arrest Mr. Horton and relieve him of his duties as principal. Upon being informed that he was being charged with statutory rape, Horton bellowed for one of his flunkies to bring in Tammy Swanson's file. The man nearly shit his pants when the paper showed that Tammy hadn't turned 18 yet. His secretary, Mrs. North, was just returning from lunch as they were hauling Mr. Horton away in handcuffs. After discovering what happened, the elderly lady remarked "Oh, my god, that's terrible,"

Taking this once in a lifetime opportunity, Billy replied loud enough for the man to overhear, "Don't worry, Mrs. North, I'm sure Mr. Horton will just look upon this situation as a learning experience,"

Of course Billy received more than a few strange looks for making that statement, but the young man just couldn't resist the temptation.

Since his wife refused to pick up the phone, it took over two days before Walter Horton could arrange bail. As he was exiting the jailhouse, an officer of the court served him with not only divorce papers, but an order of protection, since he was now considered sex offender as well as a violent criminal. Billy's only wish was that he could have been there to witness the look on the bastard's face when it happened.

If Billy had any regrets over the situation they were for the innocent victims like himself who were forced to endure the pain and embarrassment of Principal Horton's actions. His sweet little revenge scheme took on a rather bitter taste when he considered how much people like Tammy, Paul and Donna must have suffered over the consequences of his own actions.

After a while, Billy's conscious was eased a bit as he noticed that Tammy and Paul seemed to be spending quite a bit of their time together. It was clear that the two of them had become a couple, probably drawn together because of what happened. They really appeared to be happy and Billy hoped they could stay that way, but in reality he knew that anything could happen.

Since theirs was a small school, they did not have the luxury of having a vice principal. The superintendent now had the task of having to replace not only Principal Horton, but also Coach Morrison who was facing criminal charges of his own for helping to set the whole thing up. Mr. Reed was assigned the position as acting principal, with a recommendation from the superintendent that the board keep him on permanently for the following school year. Billy was noticeably nervous when he learned that Principal Reed had sent for him.

"Sir, Mrs. North said you wanted to see me," Billy said.

"Yes, have a seat, Mr. Sutton, I will be with you momentarily," Principal Reed replied, intentionally using Billy's formal name.

"Excuse me, sir, but what you are looking for," Billy wondered, as the man seemed to be hunting for something.

"I am searching for hidden cameras of course. You never know where they may show up, especially if it is as small as the one I saw you with a while back," Mr. Reed replied in a stern tone of voice.

"Somehow I don't think you will have a problem with that, sir," Billy said.

"What makes you say that? Are you the one who planted the camera in Principal Horton's office," Mr. Reed asked?

"If I was, sir, I would have fifth amendment protection under the United States federal constitution against self-incrimination," Billy replied.

"Very good, Billy, at least one of my students was paying attention in class," Mr. Reed remarked.

"Look, off the record I know who planted the camera. I really just called you in here to bust your chops a bit, and to thank you for helping me get this job," The man said.

"Well Sir, I didn't have any influence with them making you the principal, but personally I'm glad they did. I think you will do a much better job than the last one we had," Billy replied honestly.

"I hope to, Billy. I want to stress that this is strictly off the record, and you don't have to answer it if you don't want to, but I have a question that is bugging the hell out of me. Why would you take on such a risk as to plant a camera in Principal Horton's office, when you clearly had nothing to gain from doing it," Mr. Reed asked?

"Do you really not know?" Billy questioned.

"I'm sorry, but I can't figure it out," his new principal replied.

"Don't ever apologize to a student, Reed, it only shows them a sign of weakness," Billy quoted.

"Oh shit, you heard that?" Mr. Reed asked.

"Yeah, I heard it alright. If Principal Horton would have shown the slightest bit of remorse for what he did to me, I probably would have been able to get past this, but how do you forgive a man who won't even say he was sorry," Billy asked with a crack in his voice.

"I don't really know, son. I still feel bad over what happened," Mr. Reed admitted.

"I know you do, sir, and that is why I am confident that you will be a fair principal who won't have to worry about someone planting cameras on your office," Billy replied with a forced smile.

After his talk with Principal Reed, Billy finally felt that it was time to put the whole situation with Principal Horton behind him and move on with his life. With graduation vastly approaching, Billy's plans included working the summer for a grocery story he'd managed to get hired on at, and then later in the fall he would attend classes at the local university. Things were going pretty well, however, there was one final surprise still awaiting the young man.

Billy was stocking shelves in the store a few weeks past graduation when he looked up to see none other than Donna Horton approaching him.

"Hello, Billy, I heard you were working here," she greeted him.

"Hi, Mrs. Horton, what can I do for you today," Billy asked a bit nervously.

"Now, Billy, how many times have I told you to call me Donna? You wouldn't want me to have to put in a bad word to your boss about refusing to address me properly, would you?" she teased.

"No, ma'am I definitely wouldn't want that. Let's start over. Hi, Donna, what can I do for you today?" Billy asked smiling.

"That's much better, and now that you mention it, I do have request. What time does your shift end today, dear?" she asked.

"I get off work at six tonight," Billy replied.

"Do you have any plans for afterwards?" Donna wanted to know.

"No, Mom and Dad went to visit my aunt Linda, so they won't be back until Sunday. I thought that I would just stop and pick up a pizza on my way home," Billy explained.

"You'll get plenty of pizza when you start college. Why don't you drop by my place tonight for dinner? I am sure I can come up with something a bit more nourishing for you to dine on," she said with a hint of seduction in her voice.

"Well, I um, don't know. Will Paul be there?" Billy asked, nearly stuttering on his words.

"No, him and Tammy went camping this weekend," Donna told him.

"And you don't have a problem with that?" Billy questioned.

"Why should I have a problem with Paul sleeping with his girlfriend? They are both of legal age now," Donna remarked.

"Maybe we should wait to discuss this tonight at dinner," Donna suggested.

"Actually, Donna, I really just want to put all this stuff behind me," he told her.

"I do as well, dear, but I think I need your help in order to do so. You will be joining me tonight, won't you?" she pleaded.

"I suppose so, if you really want me to," he agreed, though he was not sure it was a good idea for him to do so.

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