I Get My Kicks on Route 66

by Gina B

Copyright© 2012 by Gina B

Erotica Sex Story: This is a dark tale about a woman who's car breaks down in the desert near Route 66. What's worse is she has very little money. There isn't even cell reception. Is our girl stranded or is help just around the corner? I hope you enjoy my little story of one girl's bad day in the desert. I have labeled the story erotic but a better description would be erotic dark fantasy.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Slavery   Heterosexual   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Prostitution   .

The last town had faded away some time ago when Molly's car started having problems somewhere off of route 66 in New Mexico. That'll teach me to veer off the main road, she thought, really pissed off now that she was not only lost but her car appeared to be taking it's last breath. Her cell was just as useless and she guessed she had really gone way off the road she'd wanted.

It was also hot as hell and way too quiet in the moon like landscape all around her. At least it was a paved road and obviously maintained so there was hope someone would pass by and help her. She hadn't seen any cars for a long time and was trying to decide whether to stay with her car or set out on foot to see what was up ahead. Almost in tears, she decided to walk a little way at least to see if there was anything out there. It didn't take long before an old beater of a truck rolled up, slowing as it got to her. Molly smiled at the driver and thanked her lucky stars that not only had someone come by, but he was cute too.

So, it's just another day, right until I turn a corner and there she is, a cute little girl looking like she might cry at any moment and now looking up hopefully at me, and, whoa, isn't that little tank top nice, and the little shorts even nicer. She's got a real nice ass, blond hair, sort of long and moving in the breeze.

I'm towing her car and driving back to one of a few businesses in our little town, the old gas station/convenience store/car fixit place, next to the old junkyard full of rusty remnants. Across the street is the equally as old trailer park where most of the folks here live, and just down the road is a grocery/general store with a small restaurant and bar right next to that. Our population is a little less than 800 most of whom work a half hour commute away, and a few small farmers trying to grow things in the desert. Mostly they give up and turn to drinking their lives away in the bar.

This girl says her name is Molly and I introduce her to Jim the owner of the car fixit empire who gets her car in the back and takes a look. People have noticed there's something going on and they're out in front of the store trying to get a look. There is seriously nothing to do here. A few kids are out trying to get a look but they're not interested the way some are, especially the teenage boys.

Jim is talking to Molly who still can't get her phone to work. I noticed she was trying the whole way into town and I told her it wouldn't work but she's not listening to me. I hear Jim tell her that he can fix her car but it'll cost about $500 and Molly starts crying and saying she doesn't have that much money and is there any other way out of town, maybe a bus or something. Jim tells her no there isn't and does she want him to fix her car and she asks if she can send him the money later but he chuckles and says no he can't do that but that there is something she could do.

She's looking at him hopefully and he's looking at the ground now. There's just five or so of us in the garage who work for Jim and a few more watching from the sidelines who start grinning when Jim tells her he'll fix her car if she'll blow the guys in the store and a few of his close friends, and maybe fuck a few of us too, that he'll call it even.

The ball's in Molly's court and she's crying her eyes out and cringing really and says she can't do that, and Jim just shrugs his shoulders and says okay, but that she owes him $50 for already doing an analysis. Jim's looking mighty hungry when he says that, and I thought he might drool when he tells her it'll cost her a blow job or two just to settle that debt unless she has the cash and she says she doesn't and I see Molly's shoulders sink a little and she's got her arms around herself like that will help or something.

I'm wondering what Molly's problem is, a few blow jobs to fix a car isn't a bad deal, and Jim's not that bad looking, older sure and a bit of a belly but it could be worse and there's a lot of us who are younger who would happily do her, something for her to look forward to. I'm thinking she maybe secretly likes dick but wants to pretend not to be the slut she really is. She sure looks like a slut.

So Molly finally nods and says okay in a quiet voice and Jim doesn't waste any time and right away pulls her tits out over that tight little top and sucks one then the other, then he pushes her down on her knees right there is front of everyone. It's completely quiet in the garage when he almost whispers to her to open up. He's unzipping his pants and pulls out a good sized dick and it's hard already and he slips it into her mouth when she opens up and the guys laugh quietly and watch as he pulls her hair and head back and tells her to suck it good.

She's sucking him now, cheeks hollowed and really trying, and keeps going for a couple of minutes, and he's telling her to take his dick deeper but Molly keeps gagging so he pulls out for a minute and slaps her face hard and says to do it right or it'll cost her more blow jobs to get her car. She's crying again while she sucks Jim's dick, head bobbing up and down and when she can't breathe she pulls off and Jim slaps the hell out of her face again and tells her he's gonna try something else because she sucks dick like an amateur.

She's standing in front of Jim now and he's looking her over and sucking on a tit, then turns her around and pulls her shorts down so they're around her ankles then bends her over. Her hair is touching the floor and Jim is spreading her apart then shows her exposed cunt to the guys in the garage, then tells them he's gonna fuck her and he takes his dick and lines up and pushes in deep. He's all the way in and grabs onto her hips and starts fucking Molly while the guys laugh and cheer him on.

Her hair is swinging and brushing the floor much like a broom might. The sunlight is pouring into the spot where Molly's hair is swinging and the dust in the air almost looks like a halo. Jim is grunting while he fucks Molly and he starts slapping her cute ass and soon he's telling the room he's gonna unload his cum deep in the little bitch's cunt. The grunts turn into a groan and Jim is balls deep in Molly while he comes.

Jim is pulling out and wiping his dick on Molly's ass and he tells Molly to do whatever his boys want and he's gonna go round up a few more because it will take a lot of fucks and blow jobs from a two bit slut to pay for her car. I see Eddie pulling out a tool cart and watch him put an old tarp on top of it. He quickly walks over to Molly and grabs her hair then pulls her over and pushes her down on the cart then spreads her legs and he's in and fucking her hard. Two of the other guys are holding her legs. Eddie comes fast and then the guys are yelling that it's the pretty boy's turn because he found her and I'm pulling on my dick as I walk because I can't wait to get into Molly.

I see her sweet pink cunt glistening and a couple of big cum globs slowly sliding out of her and I keep staring as I put my dick in her and slide in as far as I can and start pumping hard and deep, trying to get my big dick all the way in. She feels good, soft and still tight, and I'm kneading her tits now while I fuck her and I tell her she's got a great cunt and ask if she likes my dick, but she doesn't answer, so I go deeper and my balls slam into her skin and then she's crying again so I tell her to fucking stop it and enjoy my dick and I have no choice but to slap her a few times, nice and hard so the bitch gets the message that she's here for me.

I up the tempo then and pound into her until I feel the fire running down and into my groin and I'm coming, and I'm moaning when it hits me like a slap and sated when it's over. I know when I pull out that I'm gonna do her again.

After I'm done, I see there's a line waiting to do Molly and another line waiting for her mouth. A guy's over her right now, fucking down into it while another guy is putting his dick in her cunt. She's very quiet and seems resigned to just getting it over with and after doing about twenty guys, it's almost over. I want her one more time and get at the back of the now short line and there's just a few minutes to wait until I'm inside her again.

Most of the guys are bored and have wandered out. A couple are working on her car and I'm looking at her abused looking cunt and see a river of cum dripping out. There is cum all over her stomach too, some wet, some dried up already and Molly's eyes are half closed as she waits for me to fuck her. I stroke out my big dick and slide so easily all the way inside her and I think I hear her sigh. I fuck her slowly for a minute and then I can't help it and I push down on her hips so she can't move and I fuck her hard and as deep as I can.

She isn't moving at all while my dick moves in and out of her and only at the end when I slam my dick in one last time and my cum pours into her do I see a glimmer of something in her eye. When I pull out I wipe my dick off on her sticky thighs then zip up. Molly just lies there waiting for more I guess so I ask the three guys in the garage if they want any more they say no they've done her twice already and that's when Molly sits up and slowly gets off the tool cart.

I watch her look for her clothes and slowly put them on while the guys work on the car and I leave and head on down to the bar to give details to a few of my friends waiting for me. They're all telling me how lucky I am to have gotten into her and I am getting pretty drunk while telling them what happened. I tell them for once in my life I was in the right place. If they only knew.

I am definitely drunk when I return to the garage but hell the day's almost over anyway. When I walk in I see Jim doing the cunt one more time. He's got her pressed up against the driver's door, slightly bent over, legs spread and he's pulled her shorts to the side to do her. He fucks her for several minutes while I watch her tits bounce and her ass quiver through those little shorts, and I swear I see her pushing her ass out toward him as if she likes it. When Jim gets to grunting with every stroke I know he's near and sure enough soon he's groaning loudly and slamming into that cunt and finally pumps his cum into her.

When he pulls out and wipes off of her shorts, I see his cum dripping down her right leg and Jim tells her that was for getting her car fixed so fast but they're even now so she can leave. I swear she literally jumps into the car. Jim throws her purse in and she's gunning it and takes off fast and is soon out of sight as she speeds down the road. Me and Jim are laughing and having good memories too.

Jim wonders aloud if she knows that the next town is a good fifty miles down the road and that she probably doesn't have enough gas to get there. Then he mentions the sign with the arrows about five miles up the road that show a turn to get to route 66. We all laugh and wonder if she'll take the bait and head on back to our fine little town. The few high school kids in our town fixed that sign a few years back and no one ever made it right. The route 66 arrow takes you down a road and then backtracks to us on another road.

After supper at the cafe, I took a drive down the road and decided to take the turnoff that said Route 66. I found the cunt's car pulled a little off the road heading back to my town. She was asleep in the front seat and when I woke her she told me she ran out of gas and asked how much it would cost her. I laughed and told her not too much and asked her if she was hungry and she perked right up and said she was and thirsty too so I told her I'd take her back to town and we'd have to bring gas back to her car.

She was hesitant and a little scared I think but I told her we'd treat her okay, didn't we treat her okay today and she nodded and so she got into my truck and I stopped at the bar because I wanted the guys to meet her. I sat down with her at the bar and told the bartender that Molly needed to negotiate a price for a drink. I winked when I said it and he smiled and moved out on the floor and stood in back of the bar stool where she was perched.

"How much do you want a drink, Molly?" He asked her and she looked terrified but said she wanted one bad. The bartender moved his hand under Molly's ass and pulled it back so her cunt was just over the back of the stool and he started fingering her, and then pops out a tit and sucks on it for a moment and tells her that one fuck will get her one drink and snacks are extra. She's wiggling on his fingers and pouting but finally tells him okay.

The bartender immediately pulls her in back of the bar and bends her over. One of the old guys at the bar tells him to pull her shorts down so he can see better and so he does and then he's in her much to my delight and that of the two old guys drinking their beers at the bar. All the guys in the bar walk over to watch Molly get fucked and the guy's really doing her, and Molly's tightly gripping the edge of the bar while the bartender rocks her body, slamming into her over and over again until he finally comes. He's still now as his cum pumps into her and groaning with a smile on his face. He slams in one last time with a big grunt saying, "Fuck yeah, you fucking slut."

When he pulls out he asks her, "What'll it be, honey, and he pours her a double scotch and tells her she owes another fuck. Molly downs the drink fast and I say I want to be next. I want to fuck her now before she gets all messed up. I get up behind her and watch my dick disappear into her cunt and then I fuck her hard while I grip her hips. She's steadying herself by hanging onto the bar but I'm rocking her body hard, and when I push down on her back she doubles over so I've got her ass sticking way up and her cunt spread open while I fuck it and then I'm putting my fingers in her ass and she gasps and I'm fucking both her holes.

When I'm almost there, I put my dick in her ass because it needs a workout before everyone in town is fucking her. I go deep and she groans so I do her deep over and over until my cum is going into her ass like a lava flow. When I pull out the bartender is pouring a drink down her throat and another dick is in her. When the guy is done with her she says she's hungry so I take her hand and tell her to pull up her shorts and I take her over to the cook and I tell her to blow him and then she can have a burger.

The cook's a big guy with a big dick and he's got her on her knees and telling her to open wide and then he puts it in her and shoves it in as deep as he can get. Molly is choking and gagging but the cook doesn't give a shit and he keeps fucking her while around him the other cook keeps on making food and then the cook pulls her head into his groin and he's fucking her erratically and groaning and I know he's about to erupt because now he's grunting and fucking hard and I know he's filling her mouth with hot cum.

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