Cathy Gets a New Job

by Just Anybody

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Sex Story: A young wife becomes one of the first employees at a new company in town. After a weekend meeting with the corporate execs, she stops for a cocktail with her boss. One drink becomes two, then three and four and soon they are in a room in the hotel. It becomes a contest to see who is sexually stronger.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Reluctant   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Size   Workplace   .

It's a pretty big deal when the president of a large company, standing outside the Mayor's office in a small town in Iowa announces that his company intends to spend eighty million dollars to build a new manufacturing facility in the town. Building that plant would bring more than a thousand badly needed jobs to the community and could inspire other companies to the area as well. To Cathy Henry, the news was precisely what she wanted to hear. As a young mother whose husband was still overseas doing his part in the Army, she had been returned home when her pregnancy became endangered for medical reasons, and had chosen to remain in their hometown until his discharge. A new plant could provide employment for both of them, and with her parents living across the street, child care was not a concern.

A friend who worked in a local bank whispered to her one day that the new company wanted to interview a few people for their initial local staff, and included among them was a need for a top notch secretary/typist. Cathy doubted if anyone, even the smart young wives of the local college students, could type faster or more accurately than she could. She had won the "Fastest Typist" award in her high school class, and tested beyond the scope of the machine in her junior college office management class.

The interviewer was more than impressed with her office skills, and equally impressed with her professionalism. Mrs. Henry was dressed appropriately, presented herself well, and while she would never be a contestant in any Miss Anywhere contest, her face had a fresh scrubbed, youthful look, her smile was warm and friendly, and her figure wasn't bad to look at either, even though he was not allowed to consider such physical features. He knew that the person that he would hire would, most likely, end up being the administrative assistant to the new Executive Vice President, and in essence, would become the "right hand" to that individual. In his many years of being a Human Resources Manager, Bob Donald had observed that most Chief Executives insisted on intelligent and competent assistants, and that no harm would be done if they happened to be attractive, too. In his opinion, Mrs. Henry fit all of those criteria.

A temporary office was established in the downtown area to act as a focal point location while the new facility was under construction. Each day, Cathy would greet new applicants and assist them with their applications and then introduce them to Bob. Following the interview, he would usually ask her opinion of the candidate, and if she was hesitant or showed concern, he allowed that to influence his hiring decision. As soon as the construction got underway, contractors and builders would appear with construction questions, and while Cathy was in no way qualified to answer the questions, it did not take her long to get the answers, she quickly became the "go to" person. After a few months, it became clear to most everyone, from the visiting executives from Corporate, to the contractors, and the local residents wanting information about the company, that Mrs. Henry was a whole lot more than just a secretary. Her control of most every aspect of the new building, and the project in general, did not go unnoticed. At the end of the work day, Bob Donald would go back to his motel room and Cathy Henry to her home. Every other weekend, Bob returned to his wife and children at his home in Ohio, while Cathy spent the weekend with her daughter, feeling more and more lonely without her husband by her side. As the seasons changed the loneliness began to become more of a factor. She endured Christmas by spending her every free moment with her daughter and parents, but her happiness factor was declining at a very steady rate. Her parents offered to take the two of them for a weekend adventure to an indoor water park and recreation area and Cathy gladly accepted their invitation. Just one day before leaving, Cathy's day went from good to bad to worse. At mid-morning, she was told that Corporate Executives would arrive in two days for a project update briefing and it was expected that she would present most of the report. Going to a water park that weekend just became impossible for her. Around two o'clock on that same day, she received a letter from her husband informing her that his tour of duty had been extended for another six months, due to the needs of the Army. Cathy conveyed the bad news to her parents that evening and after much discussion (and because the trip was already fully paid for) everyone agreed that they would take their granddaughter by themselves for the weekend, so at least the money would not go to waste.

The grandparents, with granddaughter in the back seat departed for the weekend right after breakfast on Friday. Cathy and Bob Donald spent the entire day preparing for their Saturday briefing with the corporate visitors, and by the time of their arrival the next day, the agenda was mapped out and the presentation prepared. The afternoon was devoted to answering any questions or concerns that were raised during the morning sessions. Promptly at four thirty, the meeting was concluded and the executives boarded their private jet to return to their homes. As they concluded the day, straightening the office and picking up the remaining documents, Bob suggested that they stop off on the way home for a well deserved cocktail.

"I think that is an excellent idea," she responded to his invitation. "Where do you want to go?"

"Honestly, Cathy, the only bar worth going to is in the new Hilton hotel. Every other bar in this city is either filled with college kids or farm kids in dirty boots."

"I agree. The Hilton does have a nice quite bar and that is exactly what I need this weekend!"

They made small talk initially; first about the corporate briefing and their own reactions to it and then, with the second round, a little more business stuff and then not much about anything. Half way through her third rum and coke, Cathy allowed her loneliness to pour out. "It's just not fair." "What's not fair?"

"The Army says that they need to keep my husband overseas for another six months. He was due to come home in five weeks."

"I thought his enlistment was up."

"It was, but they extended it. I guess they can do that, but it's not fair."

The conversation continued well into the fourth drink. By that time, the subject had drifted to her unstated _needs_.

"You know, Bob, I have tried very hard to be a good wife and mother, but it's hard. You know? It's really hard. I miss him. I hate being alone at night and I miss having someone to wake up next to in the morning."

Bob felt emboldened. "And admit it Cathy, you miss what happens in between, too."

When she didn't respond Bob offered, "You will probably want to freshen up a bit before dinner. My room is just down the hall a bit. We can go down there and you can relax first." Bob signed the bar tab, threw a twenty on the table for the bar maid, helped Cathy to her feet, and more or less steered her down the hall to the elevator.

Once in his room, Cathy headed straight for the bathroom. Within seconds, she reappeared. "The stupid zipper is stuck on this dress. Will you help me please?"

When Bob unzipped Cathy's dress zipper, he then raised his hands to her shoulders and, with minimal effort, encouraged the dress to fall from her, gliding silently to the floor. As she stepped from it, he encouraged her to hurry back. He waited for her, standing at the doorway to the bedroom portion of his suite. She walked awkwardly to him, feeling the effects of four drinks on a mostly empty stomach. Bob held her in his outstretched arms, admiring her in her camisole and lacy bikini panties. "I have imagined this moment for six months." He pulled her to him and kissed her tenderly but firmly on her lips. His hands slid down her back and cupped her firm ass cheeks, pulling him into his rapidly hardening crotch. At the same time, Cathy threw her arms around Bob's neck and more or less pushed forward so that they slowly moved toward the bed.

Eventually she broke of the kiss. "You're right. It's about what happens between midnight and dawn."

At twenty four and a mother of one child, Cathy Henry still had the body of an early teen girl. Barely five feet four inches tall, she was slender, her hips only slightly rounded and her breasts just filled a b-cup bra. Many times, especially when no visitors, guests or potential employees were scheduled to be in the office, she would wear only a camisole under her blouse and when the sunlight was just right, Bob could clearly see not only the outline of her breasts but on several occasions, her nipples and areola as well. She had one blouse, silk he imagined, that was a very soft cream color, and even with the camisole underneath, when the sun light was just right, her blouse may just as well been considered transparent. On those days, Bob's pants tented repeatedly. Now, finally tonight, after many months of patiently waiting, he would have the opportunity to see them completely unencumbered.

Gently he lifted the camisole up and over her head, while his eyes immediately moved to see the previously hidden treasures. Quickly he bent lower to kiss her breasts, marveling to himself about how beautiful they were. Fully two inches across, each dark brown areola was tipped with a rapidly hardening nipple that was nearly the size of the tip of a woman's little finger. While his lips sucked and nibbled on her nipples, his right hand moved to her thighs and he began to stroke them lightly. When he moved his fingers closer, and brushed across the narrowest part of her bikini, he felt the dampness of the cloth. The front panel was lace. It was finely woven, yet the design was sufficiently open weave to allow some of her pubic hairs to curl through it. Bob teased the panel, barely touching it, and then moved his hand to the top to slide the panties off her hips. Cathy raised her butt to assist him in his efforts.

Cathy Henry was first introduced to sex while attending a beach party with several other kids, just one week before her fifteenth birthday. Her date for that night was three years older, a popular boy in her school and someone than most of her friends would gladly date as well. As beach parties go, it had been routine until the sun set. The guys made a small fire on the beach and almost immediately, blankets and towels were spread out in all directions. Until that moment, the farthest any boy had managed to get with Cathy was to place his hand on the outside of her blouse, but that changed within minutes of when she found herself in a passionate embrace on a blanket on the sand. Her date, with an obviously well practiced maneuver, had unfastened the top of her bikini and before she even realized what he was doing, she saw it lying in the sand next to them. As she looked beyond it, she saw another girl lifting up her bottom and pushing her own suit to her ankles while her date was removing his. Cathy tried to slow down her date, but his experience gave him the confidence to continue. When he slipped his hand inside the bottom half of her suit, his fingers immediately went for her clit. When they made contact, Cathy shuddered, tried to move her hips away, and because there was no place to move, failed. Within a minute of his rough caresses, she felt moisture forming inside her, a feeling she had never felt before, and when he slid his fingers lower, he could feel it as well.

She cried out when he entered her but he didn't stop or even slow down his thrusts. For what seemed like an eternity, this boy, the one that every one of her friends would die to date, drove his cock into her forcefully, painfully and hurriedly until he finally arched his back and gave out some animal yell as she felt his hot jism splash inside her. When they disconnected and she opened her eyes, she saw about a dozen of the other party goers standing around watching them, watching her lose her virginity in anything but a tender moment in her life. Her embarrassment was heightened when she had to ask another girl what to do with all of the "stuff" that was draining back out of her body.

While her first experience was far from pleasurable, several weeks later, one of the other guys that had attended the party, and who, incidentally, had watched them, took her on a more sensible date, to a movie and only afterward to a secluded park. With tenderness and a very gentle and patient technique, this young man brought Cathy to new heights and allowed her to experience her first, and second and third orgasms before he even pushed her legs apart enough for him to slide in between them. That evening changed life for Cathy. She may not have the large breasts or nicely rounded hips, but after fifteen years plus a few weeks, she had a new found hunger, a demand that far exceeded anything that her girlfriends had ever mentioned, a definite desire to have sex with a boy. As the months progressed she gained more experience. She began to learn how to move her body into a position that would create the most friction on her clit and thus produce the most orgasms. Cathy learned how to fuck, and how to fuck well!

On this night, in a motel with her boss, having consumed just enough alcohol to allow her inhibitions to disappear, it had been more than five months since she had made love to her husband, and five months since she had felt anything warm and hard inside her. Lying naked on his bed, she could feel his whiskers on her thighs, his hot breath blowing through her pubic hair, the combined effect of both of these making her produce volumes of personal lubricant. Her first orgasm came when he touched his tongue to her labia, and then pushed it into her cunt as far as he could, smothering his face tightly against her hair and her lips. She clamped her legs against the sides of his head and held him tightly while her body ran through the full gamut of an orgasm. When she finally allowed him to move once again, his tongue darted in and out of her and then moved up her labia until it found her clit. Lightly, quickly and deftly, Bob circled her clit with his tongue, moving it round and round the tiny grape sized organ. When he sucked it between his lips and pulled it firmly, a second wave of emotion was unleashed, and once again, her thighs clamped firmly against his head while her hips thrashed out of control.

After a few minutes, Cathy reopened her eyes, took a deep breath and pushed his head from her crotch. Bob sat upright, took his cock in his hand and wiped it up and down her pussy, just to make it wet. While Cathy had enjoyed the physical endowments of the five or six classmates with whom she had shared a backseat or a blanket while in high school, (none of whom had anything remotely resembling a full, adult sized cock) and because her loving husband was also not gifted by God to be heavily endowed, Cathy's cunt had never experienced anything much longer than about six inches and much thicker than a plump sized hot dog. By virtue of her small size, she had not even been able to deliver her child naturally. She was certainly not prepared or expecting to feel her body expand as Bob pushed his cock into her.

"Oh my God, you are a giant!" she cried out. "You won't fit!" But Bob kept right on pushing it until he felt the head of his cock touch the bottom of her cunt. He had moved very slowly, simply because she was so very tight, and when he felt himself bottom out, he also knew that he still had plenty that was not in her.

"You are so tight, Cathy. You feel incredible." She was still having difficulty with his size. Her breathing was erratic, as if she was swallowing, trying to make some adjustment to this thing that had pushed into her. Bob began his thrusts, very slowly and nearly the full length, riding a little higher than normal to assure that his cock remained in contact with her clit during his thrusts. Bob soon discovered that Cathy's clit was _the_ activation button; the more contact with it that he made, the more aggressive she became. After a minute, her hips began to roll with his every thrust into her, and then buck back as he withdrew, but not long after that, she began to make two motions for each one of his. Her hips would roll up to meet his initial thrust, then quickly withdraw backward to almost make him begin again, then quickly thrust forward with great contact against his cock and then draw back once more, to extend his thrust. That double thrust movement excited him more, and he could feel his load beginning to pool somewhere deep in his balls. They could both feel his cock swell as an announcement of his pending ejaculation and at the very first blast of cum into her cunt, her body collapsed in orgasmic relief, clamping tightly on his cock and creating even more friction as he made his final thrusts. It was only when he collapsed down onto her body and they rolled to their sides that he realized that she had been making a low growling sound as they had fucked. He had never experienced that before either.

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