Christmas in July Story

by harry lime

Copyright© 2012 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Bell was an elf girl. She wanted to see the real world. It was time to leave the North Pole and experience life in the raw. If only some handsome male would relieve her of her burdensome cherry.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Squirting   Water Sports   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

It may seem strange to have a name of "Bell" but I have never been called anything else. I never really thought it odd to not have a last name because everyone where I lived used only people's first names and last names were totally unnecessary. I guess if I had a last name it would be Elfgirl because I come from a long line of female elves that install, fix and maintain all the Christmas bells at the North Pole.

I was a bit sad this year because I had made the decision to break away from my happy home and leave the nest for an adventure in the outside world. We were not allowed to have television, movies, or any of that sort of nonsense in the workshops because it slowed down our production. The Kringles were very strict with their workers and maintained a set of rules and regulations which I viewed as overly restrictive. I mean, everybody know elves like to have a giggle most of the time.

Well, in all honesty, I would have to admit the real reason I left my cozy little safe cottage and happy existence was because there was an unbelievable shortage of male elves at the Pole.

Here I was almost 25 Christmas's old and still a technical virgin. It was becoming very difficult to continue giggling when one's female equipment is not being put to proper use. I had a bit of a fling with a reindeer handler's helper called Hugo for almost 2 full years. Unfortunately, that ended in a nasty scene when I caught him doing some very funny business with Mrs. Kringle behind the barn.

Hugo had never gotten to home plate with me because I always had this silly notion that I would see the world and really do something that would make me very famous and very rich. Sure, he squirted his elf juices on almost every little hidden corner of my petite curvy body and I loved the sticky feel on my fingers. I had even become very accomplished at tending to his needs with my nicely lubricated lips whenever he asked me "get on your knees".

But he had never pushed his thing up inside me where it really counts for the deflowering process.

The trip down to the "lower 48" was tiring but a lot of fun. I met this long distance truck driver who really appreciated my constant attention to his often rock hard cock. I only insisted that we not engage in the milking exercises, whilst he was driving, because I did not want to become just another "Jane Doe" killed in an unfortunate highway collision.

I parted company with "Bubba" just outside of Saint Louis, Missouri mostly due to his insistence that I "bend over and take it up the ass". In the first place, I just could not imagine his huge cock squeezing into my tiny little brown eye, but, more importantly, I was just plain insulted he didn't want to launch his long thick cock into the hole that really counted. If only he had done that first, we would still be driving on our merry way and I would no longer be a pitiful virgin.

I was one of the lucky elf girls who had normal human ears and other than my unusual lack of height and a propensity to break out in a giggle at odd moments or skip instead of walk, one would never suspect I was anything other than a young attractive female with shocking green eyes and long flowing black hair.

A bus driver at a truck stop took pity on me.

I was sitting drinking the water and some of the free crackers on the table for the soup, when he sat down opposite me and asked me my name. After my episode with the horny truck driver, I was a bit cautious about talking to strangers. He did seem kindly however, so I told him,

"My name is Bell Elfgurl. Is there any chance of getting a ride on the bus? I am without money but I will be willing to make it worth your while."

He laughed and gave his order to the waitress who was hovering nearby and who was giving me a very chilling look that said, "I got your number, little lady!"

When he told me to order something on his bill, I almost jumped up and kissed him even though he looked decidedly plain and ordinary. I ordered a "Western Omelet" just because I liked the name. It sounded so rugged and all rural-like and I kind of like that feeling.

The omelet was absolutely delicious.

I figured he would want me to do something for him right then and there, but he told me he had to "stay on schedule" and load the passengers. He let me board the bus in front of him and gave me a feel all over my taut and petitely-shaped buttocks. I leaned back into it because it kind of felt real good.

"You can sit right there in the rumble seat right behind me. I keep that seat open to give me a buffer from the passengers. Try not to talk to me when I am driving because I don't like to be distracted. My name is Harvey and I've been driving this route for almost 20 years.

Most of the passengers were asleep 10 minutes after we got on the road but being an elf and all, I seldom needed sleep except for a few hours here and there. I stumbled my way down the aisle to the bathroom in the back and was surprised to see 2 black soldiers on the back seat making a sandwich of a chubby white girl with her dress pushed up around her hips. She had such a wide grin on her face that I figured it was entirely consensual. I kind of envied her the fact she was getting her female equipment exercised with such a degree of enthusiasm.

When I whispered the fact into Harvey's ear, he just chuckled and told me,

"Just human nature, kid, these young people are going to hump at any opportunity. It doesn't mean anything unless they bother the other passengers."

I had to agree with him and decided my new favorite seat on a bus was going to be in the last row and hope for the best.

When Harvey shook my shoulder, I saw that all the passengers had already gotten off the bus and realized I must have fallen asleep after all. So much for elf-lore. I followed him to the dispatch window and he got his ticket punched. It sounded very official, but the clerk seemed totally disinterested and annoyed that we had disturbed his reading of a very erotic magazine.

I followed Harvey down into the "subway" thing which was a fancy name for a regular old train that ran under the ground. It was kind of crowded with lots of people and I tried to snuggle up inside Harvey's arms so I was safe from the male hands which seemed to be everywhere.

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