Flirtations on Game Night

by LiteroCat

Copyright┬ę 2012 by LiteroCat

Erotica Sex Story: Very flirty couple comes over for GAMES and immediately exceed flirting. Wives expose themselves to all.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Wife Watching   Swinging   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .


"You sure you want to go braless with that shirt? It's so big and loose, if you leave just two buttons open you'll be flashing tits and nipples at us tonight with the slightest bend. Just saying, but of course, it's all your choice my love. WE'll enjoy the show either way." The silent response was deadly! We had a long-standing agreement that we could play intimately with others, but only with the knowledge, and consent, of the other. Sometimes she pressed that limit and forced me to read between the lines since she could not admit she liked exposing herself. Sex with others wouldn't hurt us, but cheating by lying would.

Last time, we played a board game at their home and Kala teased us all in her very short, tan skirt and very long, shapely legs. Every time she had to move a piece or throw a die, she slowly shifted her legs and flashed her bright yellow panties at me and Sue while Kevin grinned in horny pride. Her big, lively tits shifted inside her yellow bandeau top and fought to escape. Sue's tiny tits flushed with jealousy. The clincher was watching Kevin subtly rub his visibly swollen cock while trying to peek up Sue's short skirt. She teased too, but by then it was already late enough that we left them both horny and yearning for more. Tonight is only our third get together, but we plan to return the favors early and hope to do much more than flirt.

Kevin and Kala arrived early for our planned UNO game. They greeted us loudly and warmly, more than just congenially. Brazenly showing how horny he already was, while still at the door Kevin gave Sue a lingering, damp mouth kiss and a daring pat on her ass. As I moved them aside, I said "Well, Kala, looks like he's setting the bar pretty high already. If you're unable to harness him, I guess we'll have to do our best to keep up!" I wrapped an arm around her shoulders and a hand firmly on her ass then dipped her into a long, wet kiss with light tongue. Kevin's pulsing dick seemed enthusiastic watching how I handled his wife. Sue just looked surprised. Since she was planning to take the lead and race past flirting tonight, that too gave me license to do the same.

After finally closing the front door, I took a moment to conspicuously scrutinize and complement Kala's outfit and sexy figure. She'd chosen a yellow, pleated skirt as short as the other one, and a tiny, snug, light blue bandeau top that let the shadows of her auras show through. Especially considering my choice of the low coffee table instead of the dining table, there was no doubt I'd be seeing her panties very soon. Now I wanted proof that her dark red hair was natural!

Kevin had a red Polo shirt and the shortest cargo pants I'd ever seen. "You like? I picked the wide legs and still had to cut thru the side pockets just to satisfy my horny Kala. She wanted easy access for her and ummm, her friends." He winked conspiratorially at Sue. Yes, these two had seriously come to PLAY. I had normal, but wide legged, already tenting, navy blue shorts on and a matching mesh tank. Besides the oversized, revealing blouse, Sue also chose a very short, pleated, brown, thin skirt that would swish teasingly as she walked.

We all grabbed a beer and, after some teasing small talk that avoided the obvious, dealt the UNO cards. Kevin naturally sat across from Sue and I was across from Kala for the best seats. We were so obviously peeking, there was no need to pretend otherwise. I quickly confirmed that Kala liked to match her panties to her top when she let her skirt ride up and her legs fall apart briefly during her first pickup. Her gorgeous, firm, tanned thighs held my eyes captive and I had to be nudged to take my turn. I sighed deeply and threw down a card. Sue was just as reckless as Kala, so though I didn't know the color of her panties, assuming she wore some, I was sure Kevin did. His eyes were locked on the skin revealed by Sue's climbing hemline.

To add to all the steamy flaunting, I suggested that the winner had to give a solid wet kiss to the loser of their choice. All quickly agreed. Kevin and I were both sporting sizeable bulges. Mine was trapped, but his was trying to escape his loose shorts. Sue chided, "Kevin, looks like you're going commando. Are you?" Very daring question for so early!

"Wouldn't YOU like to know? Are you?" She echoed his response then smirked. Kevin suggested, "I wonder if there's a strip version of UNO. Maybe we should make those blank cards into strippers?" In the few seconds of dead silence, I replied that I'd consider it later, but I had the feeling we wouldn't need them! Shortly, Kala called UNO, I chose to REVERSE her to give her an easy win and she went out with her knees spread. Sue kept score. So as she counted, she allowed her knees to fall open also.

Quick to claim her winnings, Kala sat on my lap and stuck her tongue in my mouth. She made sure to wiggle her ass on my crotch for a long moment then slowly stood. As I shifted my shorts to adjust my stiffness, Sue offered more beer and exposed her groin again when she got up to get them. Kevin whispered something to Kala and she looked at me with sparkling eyes, nodded and smiled.

Returning in just a minute with a tray and four beers, I noticed that the third button of Sue's blouse was now open. She bent over, straight legged, and slowly put down two beers before our guests while giving them a long peek down her shirt and me a clear look up her tiny skirt. Her tight bikini covered little more than a thong and clung closely to her thickened, obviously moist and split labia. She stayed bent and fixed on Kevin's eyes as they locked on one completely visible tit. He shifted a bit to try to see both tits, but failed.

Sue walked around the low table to me and, slightly flushed, bent over the same, slow, straight legged way as she placed our beers on the coasters. As I watched her big shirt fall away from her chest and one tiny, pretty tit with a tall, hard, rosy nipple swing loosely inside it, I briefly wondered if the lusty nipple was already hard when Kevin got to enjoy it. I was also aware that her skirt was nearly up to her waist and she was aiming her shapely ass and bared cheeks at Kevin. She winked at me and swished her hips a bit as she tinkered with our beer placement. Kala leaned over to get a clearer look at her wet pussy, barely covered by a few damp threads, and elbowed Kevin, "See, I told you she had panties on. Tiny as they are!"

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