Mishka and His Special Girlfriend

by harry lime

Copyright© 2012 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Mishka is kind of shy and he is so happy to have his new girlfriend show him how to receive the benefits of her 24/7 loving techniques. She is a real DOLL.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   .

Another Saturday night and poor Mishka sat quietly in front of his Television watching the mindless reality show about unreal people. He was particularly interested in watching the college girl with the full breasts that always seemed on the verge of bursting out of her skin-tight top. Then, the customary break for commercials. He knew this show usually had long infomercial messages, so he headed to the refrigerator to ice up his diet cola.

Over his shoulder, Mishka heard a sultry voice asking a provocative question. It seemed to him that the question meant for the masses was directly aimed at him. It was right on the mark in so many ways.

"Are you tired of searching for Ms. Right? We have the ideal solution for you. Our special girl will be shipped to you postage free for only $199.00. Select her hair, eye and skin tone at no extra charge. Guaranteed to provide years of complete sexual satisfaction or your money cheerfully refunded."

He was drawn back to the TV for the commercial like a moth to the flame. The beautiful young girl with the sultry voice had a life-sized female doll on the table in front of her. The doll was on her back and was dressed in what appeared to be a schoolgirl uniform of the type favoured by Japanese school systems.

"Let's have a peek under her skirt, guys."

Mishka saw pink panties covering the doll's private parts. They were somewhat transparent and he could see the vagina with its black bush halo and a definite camel toe with puffy labia.

"Now for you guys so inclined, let's get a look at what this little lady is hiding on the other side."

She flipped the busty schoolgirl over making sure her ass was prominently pushed up in doggy position. The TV saleswoman pushed aside the frilly panties and showed right onscreen the anatomical correctness of the life-sized female doll. She even pushed her finger inside the tight little opening between the perfectly shaped ass cheeks.

"Look, guys, she is just waiting to be poked back here!"

Mishka was surprised at the crudity of the sales pitch. Then again, it was 2AM in the morning and it was cable. He watched in astonishment as the girl demonstrated the efficiency of the battery-operated lips and mouth opening. She used a long, black dildo of immense proportions to show the depth and flexibility of the soft suctioning lips and the circular movements of the spongy red tongue.

"When you put your meat in this baby, it is an express ride to a mind-blowing ejaculation that will have your prostate quivering for hours."

Then the girl put the still dressed doll over her knee and administered a stern spanking with a very heavy hand.

"If she is naughty, you can discipline her as hard as you want. She will never complain and always come back for more."

The girl went on to tout the many accessories including special costumes like Nurse uniforms, Maid outfits, and even a cheerleader costume. The book of instructions gave hints on surface cleansing and hair maintenance both for the head and between her legs.

Mishka was sold.

He waited patiently for his delivery to come in a plain, brown box. Finally, the day arrived and Mishka opened the box with an air of expectation. He was not disappointed in the least. The feminine doll was soft and yielding to the touch. Her hair was truly a delight to run his fingers through. Quickly, he inserted the batteries for the mouth operation and felt his cock spring erect at the sight of the pulsating open mouth.

Mishka lubricated the oral opening with gobs of the special lubricant. He also lathered it generously on his excited cock. As soon as he touched his cock to the pursed lips, they opened wide and gobbled him up with a beautiful, sucking sound that sent a shiver up his back. The tongue was licking him with a frenzied action that he had never experienced before. Within minutes, He was locked in a convulsing orgasm as his load of creamy cum splashed into the new doll's face.

"Oh, thank you, my little schoolgirl. I am going to call you Misty. You gave me a great blowjob, Misty. I am going to pay you back by giving you a nice little bath and dressing you in some very nice nightwear. You will love the crotchless panties."

For the next few weeks, Mishka and Misty became very well acquainted with each other. He grew to know her every little opening and used them all day and night. It would be safe to say that Mishka became obsessed with Misty and he daydreamed about her waiting for him at home. His co-workers became aware of his new relationship with a young girl called Misty. He informed his colleagues that she had moved in with him and they were now significant others.

Dolly was a cute petite Asian girl who was intrigued by Mishka's new relationship. She had always secretly imagined the two of them in a sexual relationship His face was in her thoughts whenever she rubbed her orgasm out alone in her dark little apartment.

Today, Dolly was eating lunch with Mishka in the cafeteria. He was telling her just how Misty enjoyed anal sex each and every night. Dolly was envious of Mishka and Misty together having such fun and games each evening. She wanted badly to see what made Mishka's cock so attractive to a young girl.

"Mishka, you are so into your Misty. Is there any chance I can meet her and see how she is able to wind you around her little finger?"

Mishka thought about it for a few moments. It was entirely possible that Dolly would not appreciate his feelings for Misty. She might think him perverted and kinky to love his pretty little special girl. Well, it was time for Misty to make some new friends. He was beginning to fear she was getting lonely without another girl to talk to. No, maybe it was time to introduce her to his friend, Dolly. Dolly always talked to him as a friend and never made fun of him when he stuttered or did something clumsy.

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