Alien Invasion, the Battle of the Sexes

by harry lime

Copyright© 2012 by harry lime

Science Fiction Sex Story: A strange new world but the single constant is the ever prevailing priority of sex. The need for sex was in every living entity and the variations startled her.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   Cream Pie   Voyeurism   Science fiction adult story, sci-fi adult story, science-fiction sex story, sci-fi sex story.

The sentient life form tried to get her bearings as she came to a screeching halt at the edge of the large pool of liquid mass. They had told her in indoctrination that the dominant Planet life forms referred to it as an Ocean. Apparently, most of the surface of this sub-category 3 World was covered by the liquid goo teeming with variant life forms dissimilar to the dominant land based one.

Ann2734 was a descendent of the original Ann of unknown species who had landed on her world some 54,000 years ago. Ann2734's world was never named by anyone and so remained a mystery to all. She was given background data that told her this Planet was called Earth and it was located about 133 parsecs from her own untitled world.

Her mission was twofold. First, she was to determine if this world's nuclear knowledge posed a threat to her home world vector. Second, she was to locate and eliminate Michael 3232 who had failed to report his status for several Earth year cycles. She was more than happy to rid the Universe of any errant "He's" roaming without supervision.

There was no love lost between the "He's" and "She's" of her home planet.

The elimination of the need to copulate had removed any motivation to reconcile their animosity.

The supreme council kept a fairly even balance in regeneration of both sexes for many thousands of years. They were raised separately and in their own segregated sectors all over the mother planet. She had seldom come in contact with "He's" and had extreme distaste for any spoor left by them in the common areas of access. Once, when she was still a little oozer, she had seen a "He" being torn into oblivion by a "She" patrol at a private bathing facility. Apparently, the "He" was still one of the breed that affected an attraction for her kindred "She's" and still had an instinct to copulate like base animals.

The terrible perversion was so disturbing that she woke up at night for a long time thinking of a "He" trying to have carnal knowledge of her central core.

Ann rolled out of the transport pod onto the soft grains of the "beach" They had selected this type of entry point to minimize any damage to her exterior surfaces. She knew there would be an initial problem because she had no coverings for her physical body. The requirement to clad her extremities was a priority because it was imperative to blend into the human kind landscape.

She knew she could not stay naked in the rays of the Sun for too long without damage to her skin cells. Ann moved along the edge of the beach looking for something to put on her body. She saw several oozers or children playing in bathing suits but no adults nearby.

Ann heard loud noises just over the next sand dune. She crawled up to the top and peeked through the reeds. There were a "He" and a "She" locked together in the copulation sequence. The dreaded "He" was mounted on top of the poor "She" with his tool of torture fully implanted in her secret core entrance. It was a hideous sight. Ann shuddered at the very thought. The sounds were coming mostly from the "She" and consisted of grunts, groans, moans, and a series of whimpers, that seemed more like a code than any language. The look on the young "She's" face was pitiful to Ann. Her instinct was to run forward and eliminate the "He" with certain dispatch. But her mission orders were to find clothing.

She slithered down the side of dune and scooped up the thin dress, undies, and flip flops lying cast aside in the couple's haste to merge together in such a shameless display of wanton and illegal (on her world) copulation. Ann considered eliminating the young "He" just for good measure, but decided to stay with her orders for the time being.

Ann lifted her nostrils into the air. The stench of "He" emissions was overpowering. She had to move away from the area before she lost her stomach contents in a most unpleasant manner. She dressed herself as she moved away from the beach. Soon Ann came to a hard surface strip of land that must be the transportation corridor for the Earthlings. She had been told that if she waited at the side of the road and put her arm out slightly, the humans would likely give her transport to a central area.

Several mobile pods passed without slowing and she began to doubt this instruction.

Then, a pod with a large open area in the back stopped in front of her and waited for her to come up to it. Her senses were on full alert. Looking through the open window, she saw a "He" with a red hairy beard and a silly cap on its head.

"Say Hey! Hello pretty little lady. Want to keep the Studman happy for a little free ride?"

Ann had not the slightest idea what this meant. It certainly did not sound like the English she had been carefully prepped to encounter.

"Yes, please, may I enter your pod, kind sir?"

Billy Junior scratched his head and figured he had one of those slow people on his hands.

"Ok, little darling, but don't touch nothing. The Studman likes it all nice and neat, you know?

Ann swung up and sat delicately on the edge of the front seat. The short dress was now up to her panty line and her goodies were very much on display much to the delight of Billy Junior.

He was almost drooling as he took in the soft silky skin and enticing camel-toe pushing out against the thin cotton panties.

She could smell the pure heat of male sexual desire permeating the air in the truck cab. The stench of his creamy cum was close to the surface. Ann realized she would have to satisfy his desire to continue to ride to the nearby town. She put down her repugnance and a reached over to his scarcely disguised member and freed it from the confines of his jeans. Ann stroked his rigid cock and bent over to take it into her wet and ready mouth. She had been given plenty of practice in this type of male-female interaction by her dedicated instructors at the infiltrator academy. She was able to take all of Billy Junior's six inch cock deep inside her mouth and milked it for its creamy load.

Soon buckets of sticky cum were spurting into her mouth. Ann swallowed it all as she was instructed and licked off the lingering drops from Billy Junior's shrinking cock.

"Hey girl! You got one mean vacuum cleaner mouth. That was A-Okay. I got to say it was prime dick sucking for sure. You want to be my girlfriend?"

Ann understood the last question and knew that would not fit into her plans.

"Thank you, Mister. But I got to get back to my daddy. He is awful mean and would beat me bad if he thought I was taking up with boys."

That was enough to dissuade Billy Junior. The last thing he wanted in his life was an irate Father with a shotgun.

Ann got out in front of the Cafe. The sign said-- WAITRESS NEEDED -- She saw this as an opportunity to blend in and earn some of the Earth monetary credits she needed to complete her assignment. The owner was a "She" and was impressed with Ann's ability to juggle several dishes with little effort. The job paid enough to give her the cash she needed to continue with the mission and her food and even a bed on the second floor was included.

It was indeed a sign that her luck was still with her.

The humiliation of what she had done with her mouth was heavy on her mind, but the success in making Billy Junior shoot out his load like that made her proud of herself. None of the instructors at the academy could shoot like that. They just had little dribbles coming out. She suspected it was probably because of centuries of non-reproductive activities in a decaying society.

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