The Contest

by Chroniqueur

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Romantic Sex Story: When my colleagues learned that I was still a virgin they started a contest to see who could take my virginity. The winner was to get a statue of Artemis, the ancient Greek virgin goddess of the hunt. The man who won the contest explained it to me before returning home to his wife.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   First   Workplace   .

When my colleagues learned that I was still a virgin they started a contest to see who could seduce me. They pooled their money and purchased a nude statuette of Artemis, the virgin goddess of the hunt in Greek mythology. My seducer was to be awarded the statuette as a trophy. The statuette was more explicit than the statues made during the golden age of Greece. The nipples protruded. The vulva had a slit in it. I did not learn about the contest until the man who won explained it to me before returning home to his wife.

Until then, I did not believe anyone thought I was sexy. As the youngest member of my computing firm, and the only woman, I thought of myself as everyone's kid sister. All of the men were middle aged. That would not have kept me from dating them, but they were also married. As far as I was concerned, that was just as well. I had grown tired of the sexual hot house atmosphere of a college campus, where everyone who dated me seemed to expect sex on a second or third date. I had really just about given up on men.

My colleagues liked to flirt with me, but I thought they were just being playful. They were never crude like men my age might have been. I responded cheerfully, but never indicated that I was available. After all, they had wives and children.

During the beginning of my second year with the firm, my boss, Bill, and I became involved in an important and stressful project. If we met the deadline, and if everything worked well, we would get another big order. If not, we would lose an important client. We made the deadline with minutes to spare.

To celebrate, my boss suggested having dinner at an elegant restaurant downtown. At my insistence, he included his wife. Everything went well. Bill's wife, Valerie, whom I had already met at company parties, was glad to see me again. I ordered a more expensive meal than I should have. Bill insisted on picking up the tab.

To reciprocate, I decided to invite Bill and his wife to my apartment for dinner. I bought steaks, fresh asparagus, wild rice, musk melons and two bottles of French wine. Two hours before I expected them, Valerie called. She told me that she was terribly sorry, she could not make it, but her husband would still arrive on time.

That was a real disappointment. At least Bill was coming. He arrived, apologizing on behalf of his wife. We had an excellent dinner. He complemented me in ways that would have been appropriate in the presence of his wife, and said, "I like to run a company where everyone enjoys coming to work every morning. I hope you feel that way."

"Oh yes," replied. "Everyone is so nice, and I am having such a good time."

"I'm glad," Bill said. "Everyone likes you. It would be a shame if you left. You brighten our offices by being there."

"That's the kind of thing every employee wants to hear," I said.

After dinner we danced to a slow dance tune. When the dance was over, Bill kissed me on the lips, as though it was the most natural thing to do, and we sat in our chairs again. That was unexpected, and flustering, but by no means unpleasant. I have to admit, that I even felt a slight moistening in my vagina. I had not been kissed for awhile.

We kept talking, as though nothing happened. Then we danced again. This time, Bill sat me on his lap, and kissed me once more. "I don't think we should be doing this," I protested.

"Why not?"

"What would your wife think if she knew?"

"Actually, Valerie thinks I should have put the moves on you earlier. It has been over a year since you began to work for us. My wife and I love each other. We keep no secrets. She enjoys hearing about my occasional adventures."

That really did come as a shock. I should have gotten off my boss's lap, and sent him home. Instead, I remained where I was. I did not think Bill was exceptionally good looking, but I liked him and respected his business success. We kept necking like two teenagers. Then he slowly unzipped my dress. I quickly zipped it back again.

We were playing a cat and mouse game. When Bill could tell that I was more aroused, he unzipped my dress, quickly this time, unfastened my bra, and pulled my dress down in front of me, removing my bra, and exposing my breasts. I could have prevented him. Instead, I covered my breasts with my hands.

"I shouldn't be letting you do this," I protested.

"Why not?"

"What about your wife?"

"Valerie will enjoy hearing about it."

"It still doesn't feel right."

"You are enjoying it, aren't you?"

"I wish I wasn't, but I am."

"I'm glad you're enjoying it," Bill said. "I certainly am." He pulled my hands down, and felt one of my nipples. "Your nipple is hard," he said. "That means that you are excited."

"Is that what it means?"

"Yes it certainly does."

"I've never slept with a man before."

"I know. Dr. Evans told me after examining you." Dr. Evans is the company doctor. "That makes you more of a prize. Please let me do this. I have wanted you for a long time."

"I don't want to get pregnant."

"I don't want you to either. That is why I brought some condoms."

"Did you really plan this?"

"I have wanted you ever since you walked into my office for the job interview. Valerie and I have often lain in bed talking about it, and how I should proceed. She could have come over tonight. She wanted us to be alone together."

"I have always wanted to wait until I get married," I said. I did not say that in the present tense, because I was by then quite excited. My mind said "No," but my vagina shouted, "Yes!" Bill's mind and his penis were agreeing with my vagina. While I was struggling with my conscience, he was playing with my breasts.

"Someday, possibly soon you will make an excellent wife for a fortunate man, but tonight I am going to take from you what you will not be able to give to your husband," Bill said. I continued to resist. "Who are you saving it for?"

"That fortunate man you talked about."

"Where is he?"

That was a better question than I wanted to admit. Who was I saving it for? Where was he? Why did he not call all those times I stared at my silent telephone? What was he doing all those nights when I ate dinner alone? Where was he on those weekends when my girl friends had male companionship, but I did not? He was just out enjoying himself without knowing or caring that I even existed. Did he even exist himself? "Let's do it," I said.

Bill quickly took off the rest of my clothes, and removed his. Then he picked me up to carry me into my bed room. "Let me down," I said. "I feel silly." When we got into my bed room I lay a towel on top of the bed to absorb my blood. Bill did not have one of those "monster members" a girl friend warned me about. Nevertheless, I admitted, "I'm scared."

"Don't worry. It will be over quickly."

He was right. He huffed and puffed for a few minutes, having the time of his life, before having his orgasm. I sure did not have one. At least it did not hurt very much.

There was not much blood. Bill smiled from ear to ear, proud that he had just deflowered a hot young chick who was younger than his daughter. Then he went to sleep. "Is that all there is?" I wondered.

The next morning, he told me about the contest. At that point I did not even care. Because of my inability to attract someone decent I did not like myself very much. I decided that I would rather be a piece of tail than a woman men did not look at.

The next day at work, I could tell that by the afternoon everyone knew that I was not a virgin anymore. The flirting became more overt. They were no longer furtive when undressing me with their eyes. Bill asked the men to go to a bar with him after work. I was not invited to come along, but I knew what they would be talking about.

The next day the statuette appeared on Bill's desk. I felt embarrassed looking at it. Everyone knew what it meant.

I also felt guilty about Bill's wife. I could not believe that she wanted this to happen. She had been good to me. I felt that I had betrayed her. A week and a half after winning the contest Bill invited me to have dinner with him and his wife. Of course I accepted, but I felt embarrassed, wondering if she suspected.

Bill lives in an elegant home, as befits the owner of a small, but successful company. His wife greeted me at the door, put her arms around me, and kissed me on the lips. "I am so glad you could come. You really look beautiful." When I was inside, she said, "Bill told me he had a wonderful time with you two weeks ago. He really needs that. He works so hard at the office."

"I'm glad he enjoyed it."

I thought I had just been invited to dinner, but when I was asked to spend the night, I could not think of any obvious reason to refuse. Valerie gave me a towel, wash cloth, and an unused tooth brush, and said, "You kids have fun tonight. I'll be sleeping in the guest room."

The next morning, Valerie startled me by opening the door to their bed room, and asking, "How soon do you two want to have breakfast?"

I impulsively pulled up a blanket to cover my nakedness. "Not for another half hour Honey," Bill said, affectionately giving my bare behind a pat. "We're going to take a shower together first." When Valerie asked to be able to wash my clothes, I gave them to her, still covering myself with the blanket. I marveled at the irony of sleeping naked with a man, while being too modest to be seen that way by his wife.

Nevertheless, I was naked when we ate breakfast, because my clothes were being dried. Valerie seemed to enjoy looking at me almost as much as her husband did. I tried to behave as though sharing a meal with a husband and wife while stark naked after making love to the husband was the most ordinary thing I could possibly do. Valerie could have given me something to wear. I should have asked.

After breakfast we went downtown, visited a museum, and had lunch at an atmospheric restaurant. When we were driving back to their home, Valerie asked me to spend another night with them so we could participate in a threesome.

While Valerie and Bill were making love, Valerie held my hand and kissed it. When it was my turn, she held her husband, kissed his cheek, whispered encouragement to him, and ran her tongue around the folds of his ear. When Bill was finished with me, Valerie kissed me, fondled my breasts, and licked her husband's semen out of my vagina. Although I have never felt any desire for a woman I let her.

Three months later I was scheduled to participate in my first business trip. I would go with Steve. The day before we were to leave, Bill called me into his office, closed the door, and said, "I know this is your first business trip, but don't be nervous. I'm sure that you'll do just fine. I think you should also know that Steve's wife has lost most of her sex drive since she passed through menopause. I hope you will consider that, and be kind to him."

Because of a nasty scare following my weekend with Bill and his wife I was taking birth control pills. Steve and I rented two hotel rooms for appearances' sake, but we only used one of them. I imagined the hotel maid knew what was happening, and hoped that she would not tell anyone. Steve's penis was quite a bit larger than Bill's, so I was glad that he had not won the contest. I was still fairly tight, but it did not hurt.

The second day after I returned to our offices, Bill called me into his office, closed the door, and said, I just got some feedback. Your presentation went very well. Everyone was impressed with you."

"I am so glad," I said, with genuine relief.

"I also got feedback from Steve. He said you were simply wonderful. You certainly are doing your part in making my company an enjoyable place to work."

"Thank you."

The next one was Vince. He was the least attractive of my colleagues. Some women would have said he was homely. Nevertheless, he made me feel beautiful with compliments that appeared to be sincere. When I was cooking dinner for him in my apartment, I had to stop what I was doing from time to time to walk over and kiss him after he said something to me that was almost too beautiful for words.

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