Working Girl

by Romy

Copyright© 2012 by Romy

Erotica Sex Story: The phone rings late at night and it's time to go to work!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   True Story   Slut Wife   Swinging   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Prostitution   .

It was just after midnight when I got the call. I was already in my pink sleep shirt and crawling into the bed with a sappy romance novel when the damned phone rang. This late at night it could only mean one thing. I answered the phone and it just took a few moments to confirm my suspicion

"So you need some company for a bit. Well, I suppose that can be arranged." It had been a quiet week and I was always eager for some fun. It wouldn't hurt to have some extra spending money as well.

"At the casino hotel. You and your friend. Really? You're into that sort of thing are you?" He assured me he was and was eager for me to join them. He sounded desperate so I decided to milk as much as I could from the situation.

"Okay, sounds like fun. Three hundred each for one hour." He balked at the price and tried to negotiate. I figured he was at a casino, blowing money on slots and cards, so I figured if he really wanted a good time, he'd find a way.

"Nope, nothing less. I could just go on to sleep and you two can enjoy each other's company tonight instead." Suddenly they had the money after all. "Okay, I'll be there in about an hour."

I hung up and slipped out of the sleeping shirt, tossing it on the bed. I called a taxi and hurried to the bathroom to primp before it arrived. A quick shave down there to get it all nice and smooth and a shit load of hairspray to fluff my shoulder length brown hair. A bit of makeup, just some blush and shadow over my green eyes and some heavy red lipstick for playing the part. I applied just a little spray of perfume between my small, perky tits.

I had an outfit ready for just such occasions and dressed quickly. A black lacy garter belt with dark stockings beneath a short black cotton skirt, cut business casual. I pulled on a business jacket and fastened the two buttons. The neckline plunged low, almost to my navel, and offered an expansive view of my bare breasts while just barely maintaining the minimum level of modesty. Strappy black leather heels completed the ensemble. I figured there really was no need for panties considering.

I had just hooked the faux pearl choker around my neck when the taxi arrived. I didn't want to wear anything expensive and have it ruined. I put in the matching earrings on the way to the taxi.

The driver had taken me around before and greeted me cheerfully. I told him where I was going and slipped into the back seat. He had the air conditioning up high and it was cold in the back. My nipples crunched and hardened, becoming sensitive even to the slick jacket fabric brushing over them. Every minute stray brush across my nipples sent little shivers of pleasure through me. I would be soaking wet by the time I go there. They should like that, probably thinking I was all excited for them.

It was just about a half hour drive, mostly down the interstate and through rural farmland, before we arrived at the casino. It was perched on the edge of the river, all lit up with neon lights. The parking lot was full and it looked crowded. The taxi dropped me off at the hotel entrance. I made the driver promise to return for me in about an hour.

Several men stared at me when I went in. I could feel their eyes upon me, mentally undressing and fucking me as I stood by the elevator. I glanced their way and flashed them a grin. One of them found the courage to break away from the herd and approach me. Thankfully the elevator door opened and I quickly hopped in and stabbed at the button for the sixth floor. The door closed just as he tried to jump in. I giggled to myself and wondered if they would wait around for me to leave. Maybe I could turn this into a really profitable night.

Their room was halfway down the hallway. I rapped on the door and a moment later it opened. A tall man with broad shoulders opened the door and asked me in. The suite had a sitting room with a small sofa against the wall and a coffee table. A hot tub was in the middle of the room, visible from the sitting room and the bedroom. That might be interesting. The bedroom was dominated by a king-sized bed.

I greeted Frank and Steve warmly, giving them little kisses on the cheek. I took the conversation into the bedroom and asked for the cash up front. Frank jerked out his wallet and quickly counted out six fifty dollar bills. Steve seemed less certain.

He ran his fingers through his dark hair and looked worried. He turned and paced by the bed, turning to stare at me a few times with bright green eyes. "I don't know, man. If my wife found out, she'd rip my balls off."

"Then don't tell her," I replied. Wives can be such a pain in the ass sometimes.

He exhaled and stood there staring at me lustily. I knew it would just take a little nudge. I unbuttoned the jacket and let it fall to the floor. I stood there topless before him and ran my hands up my belly and over my perky tits, teasing the peach-colored nipples into long hard peaks.

"Come on, Steve. You really want to fuck me, don't you."

He groaned and reached for his wallet. Men are so easy. He handed me three one hundred dollar bills. I stashed the wad of cash into the pocket of my jacket and pulled out two little foil condom packages.

Frank grimaced. "Can't we pass on those?"

I stared at him like he was an alien. "You expect me to fuck the two of you without protection."

He shrugged his big shoulders. "I had hoped so."

"Another fifty each and I'll forgot about it this time."

Frank sighed in resignation and pulled another two fifties from his wallet. Nice of him to step up and pay the upcharge for his buddy.

Steve stepped up behind me and set his hands on my hips. He pulled me against his hard body and I felt his long, hard cock press against my ass. I liked that and ground my ass against his hips. I pulled his hands up over my tits as Frank stepped up to me. He pressed against me, pushing his erection against my belly.

They had me squeezed between them, grinding themselves on me. Steve was kissing my neck and shoulders while fondling my tits and Frank kissed me, parting my lips and driving his tongue deep down my throat. And I was actually getting paid for this as well.

I tugged off Frank's shirt. His chest was wide and muscled, a former athlete's body. I stroked the lines of his muscles and pinched his tiny brown nipples. Steve pinched both of mine, squeezing hard and stretching them to the edge of pleasure and pain. I gasped and Frank suddenly kissed me again.

Somehow I managed to turn around between them grinding on me. Frank's hands now fondled me while Steve took his turn kissing me. I managed to pull Steve's shirt off, exposing his hairy chest. Not as muscled as Frank's but the line of masculine hair trailing down to his pants was exciting.

Steve found the side zipper on my skirt and a moment later it was gone. Without that barrier between us I felt the front of Frank's pants pushing between my ass cheeks. Steve's hands descended and explored my wet pussy, his fingers toying with my aching clit. Frank kissed and sucked on my neck and shoulders and Steve kissed my face and mouth.

I thought I'd have anorgasm before I even had their pants off.

I dropped to my knees between the two friends. They hurriedly unfastened their pants and I suddenly had two hard cocks in my face. Steve's was the longer of the two, curving up high. Frank's was definitely the thicker of the two and stood almost straight out. They stepped up beside me and I was able to kiss the tips of both their cocks.

The two men groaned as I whipped my tongue back and forth between them, licking the tips of their cocks. Both men were already leaking precum. I wrapped my little hand around Frank's thick cock and stroked him and turned my attention to Steve.

He pressed his cock into my mouth and groaned loudly as he slid down into my throat. I bobbed up and down his cock, sucking him deeper and deeper until my face was pressed into his hairy pelvis and his cock was bent forcefully down my throat. I looked up into his eyes while I deep throated him and he smiled like a giddy school boy. I slowly pulled him out and gasped for breath.

I had just managed to get a breath when Frank pushed his thick cock at me. I wrapped Steve up in my little hand and stroked his spit covered cock. I sucked on Frank now, stretching my mouth around his thick cock.

Frank Grabbed me by the hair and began thrusting, face fucking me. I closed my eyes and concentrated on his member driving into my mouth. I sucked and licked as he drove in and out. I thought my jaws were going to lock up and I desperately needed air. I managed to pull off of him with a loud, wet, sucking pop.

I panted for air and looked up at the two smiling friends. They were smiling like they had won the lottery.

"Unfucking believable," Steve stated and pushed his cock across my lips.

"I told you it would be," Frank replied and pushed his cock against my lips as well.

Then I had both men stretching my lips as they pushed the tips of their cocks into my mouth. I fondled their balls while I sucked the both of them. I lashed my tongue across the heads of the cocks and tried to suck them both down. Together they were just too much for me.

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