Coed Shower

by Trace Ekies

Copyright© 2012 by Trace Ekies

Erotica Sex Story: [8th in the 'Kara' series] Kara is on a resort island with her sometime boyfriend Dylan and his friend Ethan. Kara tries to keep Ethan from feeling like a fifth wheel.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Petting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .

Dylan met Kara at the gate. (It was before 9/11 and non-passengers were still allowed into the security area.) Kara wrapped her arms around him and planted a wet, sexy kiss on his lips. She whispered in his ear, "I want you so bad, I don't know if I can wait 'til we get to the island."

"What got you so horny?"

"I was flirting with a coupla guys on the plane and got worked up thinking about you," Kara whispered in his ear. ['Turbulence']

Dylan didn't really believe she had been thinking about him. He was pretty sure though that she would tell him about it when she was ready. As they walked toward the airport entrance, Dylan turned to her, kissed her on the forehead and mouthed, "I love you." Then he whispered in her ear, "And I want you too!"

Kara pushed her face into his and said, "How about in the parking garage before we leave, can we, can we?"

"That would be great but Ethan's with me and he's waiting at the curb with the car."

"Ethan, who's Ethan?"

"You remember, my old Army buddy that got here at the end of the first weekend we spent together."

"Oh yeah, the one from Chicago?"

"That's the one. He got here yesterday. I got him fixed up with Ashley. She's meeting us tonight."

"If he's driving maybe we could ride in the back, please, please," she begged.

They went through the revolving door and Dylan opened the back-door of the car. He threw her carry-on across the seat and pushed Kara in behind it. As she slid in she said, "Hi Ethan. Not trying to be unsociable but we're going to ride in the back if you don't mind."

"No complaints from me; I'm just a guest here. Hi, Kara," Ethan said as Dylan climbed in.

"Just keep looking straight ahead," Dylan said as they pulled away from the curb.

Dylan grabbed hold of Kara, put his lips against hers and pushed his tongue into her mouth. He furiously undid the remaining buttons on her blouse and pinched her nipples. Kara was only partway across the car, between the two front seats. She peeked at the mirror and saw Ethan's eyes staring back hungrily as Dylan mauled her bare breasts. It made her even more excited to know that Ethan was watching. She winked at him as if to say, "I like it too."

With one hand Dylan reached under her skirt and tried to get her panties off. Kara reached down with both hands, lifted her skirt, pulled her panties off, wadded them into a ball and threw them into the front seat. "Pay attention to your driving," she laughingly said to Ethan. Then she turned back to Dylan, undid his belt, pulled his zipper down and yanked his shorts to his knees. She straddled him and groaned, "Ohhh God," as Dylan's cock went into her slippery chasm.

Ethan tried to watch through the rear-view mirror but they were in the right-hand corner now and there wasn't much he could see. He could hear though and knew they were hard at it. He pulled his zipper down and freed his cock. He wrapped Kara's damp panties around it and jerked off while listening to the sounds coming from the back-seat.

Kara and Dylan were so keyed up it wasn't long before both screamed in ecstasy. While Dylan pumped his jism into Kara, Ethan had his own climax and came all over Kara's panties. While the two in the back adjusted their clothes Ethan opened the front passenger window and threw Kara's cum-soaked undergarment into the ditch.

It was late Saturday night, over 24 hours since Kara arrived on the island. She and Dylan were in the boat's aft state-room. They had just come from an island night club and were pretty buzzed. Once on the boat they removed each other's clothes and laid on top of the bed covers gently teasing each other. Neither had said much since they got there.

"You're certainly being quiet," said Dylan. "Whatcha thinkin' about?"

"I was thinking about Ethan and how crude it was for Ashley to ditch him like she did."

On Friday night, shortly after Kara's arrival, the three of them had met up with Ashley. Kara and Ashley had been roommates in their sophomore year of college and Ashley had introduced Kara to Dylan several months before.

Although she knew Kara and Dylan well, it was her first time to meet Dylan's friend Ethan. Nevertheless the two seemed to hit it off pretty good and she stayed on the boat with him that night.

In the morning Ashley joined Kara on deck for an early cup of coffee. She gushed to Kara over how much fun she'd had. She talked about how wonderful Ethan was, wavy hair, movie star face, broad shoulders, washboard stomach, great buns, fantastic in bed and on and on.

Then she dropped the bomb. Ashley said she was in love with some local surfer and was going to spend the rest of the weekend with him. Ashley was gone before Ethan got out of bed.

"I feel sorry for Ethan," Kara said.

"And I do too," said Dylan, "but there's nothing we can do."

As Dylan rubbed and kissed her breasts, Kara thought about that afternoon on the boat. She, Dylan and Ethan had gone sailing.

Kara had laid face down on the deck of the boat and undone the straps of her top. She was soaking up the sun and thinking how shitty it was for Ashley to disappear like she had and leave Ethan alone. She needed to turn over and sun the other side.

Kara had thought about leaving her top off, but with the guys in the cockpit only a few feet away, especially with Ethan being alone, it hadn't seemed quite appropriate. But when she reached behind her to snap the top together, Dylan had hollered that she should leave it off.

Kara had wanted to leave it off and if it was okay with Dylan, she was going to do it. She hesitated momentarily for effect, then rolled over and closed her eyes as if embarrassed.

It should have bothered her, but didn't. Kara had, after all, made love to Dylan while Ethan was driving. Ethan had probably seen more of her then, than he would now. Out in the open though, with the sun shining and two guys staring at her bare tits – that was definitely exciting.

But then when she had eventually opened her eyes and sat up, she also saw that Ethan had a serious erection. Knowing that someone wanted her that bad caused her nipples to harden and her pussy to get damp. It had been an incredible turn-on to have Ethan staring at her nearly naked body.

As Dylan sucked on Kara's nipples she felt them harden. Was it from Dylan's attention or thinking about Ethan staring at them? Kara liked the thought of Ethan watching. She imagined he was standing beside the bed as Dylan slid between her legs.

Between her thoughts and the reality, Kara was dripping with desire and Dylan slid easily into her. They gripped each other tightly as passion overtook them. The sex wasn't rough or animalistic like it had been in the car; it was gentle and caring as if they had been together for years. It was all about each other and Ethan was quickly forgotten.

Kara was the first to awaken on Sunday morning. She and Dylan had fallen asleep shortly after making love the night before and they were both without clothes. Kara got up and wrapped a beach towel around her, tying it on the left side, under her arm and below her hip. Even though she was bare underneath, the towel was substantial enough to modestly cover her. She went to the galley to fix breakfast.

Kara made coffee and toasted bagels before waking Dylan and Ethan. Bleary eyed and still half-asleep, the men struggled into their long baggy swim trunks before stumbling into the galley. They joined Kara in the eating nook near the center of the boat.

Although feeling in need of a shower, Kara thought it was kinda sexy to be eating breakfast with two guys while wearing nothing but a towel. Unfortunately, at least in her mind, Kara was the only one who knew how little she was wearing. The guys were too wasted to notice there was no bikini string around her neck.

It had rained during the night and the boat was damp, however the morning sun was bright and while they were eating it heated up fast. Whether from love-making or the muggy weather, by the time they finished breakfast all wanted to clean up.

The boat did have two showers, but as with most boats of that size, the showers weren't comfortable and no-one used them unless absolutely necessary. Fortunately, being at dock-side, they could use the marina's showers, an option they all considered preferable.

Dylan, Ethan and Kara went topside and jumped across to the dock. They had picked up soap and bath towels but remained dressed as they had been at breakfast. Kara was still wearing a beach towel and so far was the only one who knew she was naked under it.

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