by Desert Demon

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Erotica Sex Story: A fantasy about a girl I saw in a Mexican restaurant. This is how I wish it had played out. I don't know her name, so Julie sounded good enough to me.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   .

There I was, sitting down to a nice Mexican dinner with some friends at a local restaurant. I couldn't help but notice a group of likely high school girls sitting about 4 tables away. Four of them were entirely forgettable, but the fifth one was not. She had long brown hair, tossed up in a casual poney tail, and a nerdish nose. Her body rocked! She was wrapped tight in a yellow tank top, containing her modest breasts, and low rider jeans, showing off her tight belly and slim legs. There didn't look to be an ounce of fat on her, and I'd have guessed her weight at no more than a hundred pounds. I couldn't take my eyes off of her.

As I ate my dinner, I observed her. She appeared to be the ancillary member of the group. When guys who she apparently knew stopped by their table, she didn't seem to be the object of their attention. She sat quietly off to the side, with her feet kicked up in the empty chair across from her. This laid back attitude made her seem even sexier. I was frantically trying to formulate a plan.

Our respective waiters brought our checks at almost the same time. I almost thought that we would pass each other on the way out when I saw the group divvying up cash. We were paying with a credit card, which meant we would have to wait for the receipt. My hopes were dashed as the girls gathered there things and began the process of leaving. Now that she was standing, I got to admire her amazing figure in a new light. I was beginning to get hard under the table as my companions droned on about some shit I wasn't listening to.

My eyes were glued to her jeans clad ass as the group headed toward the door, pausing shortly in order for one of them to flirt with a member of the wait staff. That was when opportunity knocked. She peeled away from the pack and headed to the long hallway leading to the rest rooms. I waited about three minutes, so not to be obvious, and excused myself from the table.

I ducked into the hallway and waited at the nearest end. A pay phone helped me look somewhat nonchalant. I had to wait there a minute or two, before the women's room door opened. As soon as I saw it open I started moving, in order to build the illusion that I had just been passing by, not lurking outside the door. She almost ran into me as she came into the hall, her eyes and attention on her cell phone.

I just simply said, "hey, can I tell you something?"

With a start, she swirled around, trying to figure out who was talking to her. As soon as she realized it was some guy she didn't know, I could see her defenses shoot up. With an annoyed whine she asked "What?" She gave out an exasperated gasp, as if for some reason she wasn't totally excited about hearing what this guy twice her age had to say.

"Well, I couldn't help but watch you sitting with your friends, and I noticed something, that I think is unique about you." I said.

Her eyes rolled and she took a step toward the exit.

"It seems like you're never the center of attention..."

She kept moving.

" ... no one can see who you really are..."

She paused.

" ... there's so much about you, deep down inside, that no one, even the people you casually call 'friends', have ever taken the time to learn about."

She turned around, her face wore an odd expression. She was moving between total shock and skepticism. "What?" she stammered.

"I bet you have dreams, ambitions, desires, likes, interests that you can't share with them." I motioned in the general direction of her friends. "Sometimes it's like they just don't give a shit, or maybe its things you are too embarrassed to share with the others," again motioning towards the front of the restaurant. "It could even be things you aren't ready to acknowledge yourself, but they are there, bubbling below the surface, letting you know that you are someone special, someone with a purpose."

She was in a daze now. It was like I had pulled something out of her mind that she thought no one else knew. I was sure I had her.

"Your friends are waiting." I said, as I saw her friends standing at the door impatiently. "Tomorrow, 3 O'clock, meet me at the day use recreation area on the lake. The one off of Gold Circle. I'd like to learn more about you, and see if the other intuitions I have are right."

I didn't even wait for a response, I just simply turned and stepped into the men's room. I had barely gotten my button fly undone when my buddies walked into the restroom. I was sure they had seen what went on in the hallway. Apparently they had not.

I was at the park early. I actually had been by that morning to scope it out. It had been a few years since I had been there, and wanted to make sure it would suffice. It was an area on the lake, with about 10 widely dispersed picnic tables. The road was absolutely horrible. Because of this, no one ever used this park. There were no less than 3 larger, well kept parks within a few miles, so this one was deserted as usual. I picked out a nice picnic table by the water and left to go get something to eat.

I got back to the park about half past two. I kicked back and watched the water. I was there long enough for things to get quiet. A pair of squirrels caught my eye. They ran up and down a tree, doing the spiral as they climbed. I kept perfectly still, and they came within 10 feet of me. I allowed the peaceful feeling wash over me. There is something about having something that is so afraid of people, get that close to you. It made me feel as if I were one with nature, and trusted by the small animal.

Suddenly the squirrels both froze. Then they both bolted off into the woods as the sound of a car broke me from my trance. I was delightfully surprised to see that she had made it. I had half suspected that she would not.

She was a high school chick after all, so she wouldn't be expected to be dependable. There was also the chance that her better judgment, as to meeting a strange older guy out in the woods, would prevail. She may have also mentioned it to her friends, who would have certainly tried to talk her out of it. I couldn't have blamed her, but I was counting on her curiosity getting the best of her. Hopefully I had made a powerful impression on her.

She parked behind me, and seemed to take an inordinate amount of time getting out of the car. She was probably having a mental argument, as to whether she could go through with this. I smiled at her, and that apparently made the difference. She turned off her car and stepped out onto the trail.

I was checking her out as she walked over to the picnic table. She was wearing a fluffy white skirt that hung just below her knees, and a black t-shirt. The black patent leather boots made the ensemble. She looked kick ass and sexy at the same time. Her medium brown hair was now down, and hung to the middle of her back.

I said, "Glad you could make it" and motioned for her to join me at the table.

She sat down, and I could tell she was nervous. She kept her eyes down on her purse as she mumbled, "well ... I guess ... for a minute or two ... so weird ... can't stay long ... guess you were right." With this she looked up at me.

"I was right?" I said, asking for clarification.

"Yeah, you seemed to know exactly what I was thinking last night ... I mean, I feel like I have a need to express myself in some way, but I can't get it out," She offered.

I took it and ran with it. "I know exactly what you mean. Some people can write songs, or paint or sculpt. They are able to show the world emotion, to put that part of them self out there. Its frustrating when you can't figure out how to express yourself, to set that part of yourself free."

I took her hand from across the table and gazed into her eyes. "The thing is, you have to figure out what that is in side of you yourself."

She said, "Yeah, and its so hard with my friends. I try to tell them stuff sometimes and they either laugh, or make jokes about me, its so hard..." I thought she was going to cry.

I began to massage her hand and asked, "ya know how sometimes you can sit by yourself and be totally free to think about anything you want.?"


"Do you ever find yourself in a place where you can think about anything at all, and feel totally free, like no one will judge you. You can thnk about stuff your friends would laugh at, or your mom would be embarrassed about, or your dad would be furious about."

I noticed her blush at that last one. A small smile came across her face. She kept her eyes down on her purse as she very meekly said, "yeah."

I moved over to her side of the table with out letting go of her hand. I straddled the concrete picnic table bench at her side so that I could wisper directly into her ear. "You know the things you think about, that you can never tell anyone. The kind of thing that is so deep and personal, inside you. Those delicious thoughts you have that you are forced to keep to yourself."

I noticed her catch her breath, then her hand gripped mine tightly. I continued, "What do you imagine it would be like, if you could have that freedom to think and dream, these thoughts, and shaer them with some one?. You could feel totally safe with this person, absolutely sure that you'd never be judge. You would in fact be celebrated. Any ideas you have, no matter how out there, would be cherished like the most valuable treasure that lies deep inside you."

Her head slowly turned. I almost withdrew my own, since I my lips were only inches from her ears, but thought better of it. As her face came into view, I swore I could see tears in her eyes. Her face turned upward, and she kissed me.

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