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True Sex Story: Ever gotten laid by a referral? I have. Actual true story. I swear to god! OK, don't believe me, but I promise it is.

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I had never gotten laid on a referral before. I had been fucking Shelley for a few weeks when she made up with her husband. I'm not exactly sure what was going on. He was living a few hours north, she was living here with her mom. He and his sister came down to visit; they got really high and apparently had some awesome make up sex.

So what were they to do with 19 year old Rachael? Shelley called me up, told me her predicament, and told me to come pick Rachael up and show her a good time. I spoke with Rachael for a minute on the phone to find out what I was getting myself into. She made some vague statement about just wanting to hang out with a guy who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to take it. She mentioned she didn't want to sit around playing games all night and would like a man who would cut to the chase. I took that as a HUGE blinking green light.

So I drive the half hour to meet up with them. We had a little time to chat on the way back to my place. I found out she had recently gotten out of the Army. Seeing as there was a war on, I was surprised they actually let people out of the military. I figured that if they got their hands on you now, it would be hard to break free. She was an ordinary girl. There was nothing flashy about her, but she definitely wasn't bad to look at. She was about 5'5" with long curly dirty blond hair. She was wearing jeans and a flannel shirt over an olive green tank top. Maybe it was Government issue, I didn't ask. She was also wearing one of those yellow plastic cylinder canisters on a rope necklace. I think they are for candy or something. It seems like I remember them from when I was little. She was telling me all about it as we walked into my apartment, but I honestly wasn't listening. I was ready to fuck.

We walked into my living room. As she looked around, taking in her surroundings, I just flat out asked her if she wanted to go to the bedroom. Since I had nonchalant motioned in the direction with my hand as I asked, she didn't answer, but just headed into the room. I followed and once we were in the room, I began unbuttoning my shirt. We both stood in the crowded walkway between the bed and the dresser as we removed our own clothes. We each were eying each other as more and more was revealed.

During our car ride, I had joked about her having to wear camouflaged underwear. It was only a joke, but as it turns out she had a camouflage thong. I'm pretty sure the Army doesn't give those out. It was just her way of displaying her pride in her service, and look / feel sexy at the same time. I thought it was funny as hell. They weren't the cut I like though. The band around the hips and across the back was too think. It was probably 2 inches at least. I don't care for the thin "floss", but I do like the waist band to be pretty narrow.

Once we were naked, I gently guided her down onto the bed. I stood there checking her out as she laid back. I always enjoy the feeling of my balls dangling freely with my dick sticking straight out in front of me. Seeing that she was staring at it only made it harder.

I almost got a bit of stage fright when I remembered that she was here because Shelley had "referred" me. I started wondering if she had talked me up to Rachael, building up some level of expectation that I wasn't aware of. Maybe she hadn't told Rachael that she had fucked me three times last week. Often times slutty chicks don't want other women to know they are sluts. Go figure! So she may have just told her I was a friend. It could have been that I was a lousy fuck, and after a few weeks she decided the best way to get rid of me was to toss me some one else's pussy. If that was the case, she must not have cared much for Rachael.

At any rate, I was standing in my bedroom, feeling the hair of my balls tickle the inside of my thighs, my dick bobbing up and down as I moved, staring down at a nineteen year old stretching her naked legs out on my bed. I almost chuckled to myself as I thought about the situation I was in. I made the easy decision to not give a fuck why Shelley had set this up and put my dick in this chick as soon as possible.

I laid down next to her and started exploring her body. I kissed her as I ran my right hand down to her left breast. She had awesome tits. They were really firm. I almost thought they were fake, but couldn't find any evidence of implants. They were also not large enough to be fake. If a chick is going to get implants, she's probably going to go for a boost in size. Rachael's weren't small by any means, but not large enough to have been paid for. I just had to remember that I was in bed with a nineteen year old. She just had nice tits.

Her nipples jutted out about a centimeter. I almost got lost in her tits. I cupped my hands over then, ran my thumb over the nipples, letting it bounce back to attention. I rolled her onto her back so I could get both hands on them. I bent my head down and took a nipple into my mouth. I gave it a gently suck before letting it go. As it recoiled she let out a little gasp, letting me know I was on the right track.

As I had my fun with her tits I was straddling her right leg. I could feel her warm pussy on my knee. My balls were hanging down on her thigh. The smooth skin of a woman's leg is an amazing feeling. I could feel the hair on my balls tickling her and me at the same time. All the while, the head of my cock was resting on the right side of her belly.

As I teased her nipples and toyed with her breasts, I could feel the moisture from her pussy wetting my leg, just above my right knee. As she became more and more turned on, she bagan to press her pussy into my leg. A rhythmic movement began to build as she rocked herself back and forth. My dick began to leak precum onto her belly. I leaned back, sitting upright looking down at her. The head of my cock was glistening with moisture as it slid around on her belly, lubricated by its own juices.

I gave her a smile as I slid down, kissing her belly, running my tongue into her belly button, then kissing down to her abdomen. He pussy was very inviting. She had a sparse covering of light brown hair. Not thick, but not shaved. She apparently kept it well groomed. I don't know if the Army regulates pubes, but the thought was now crossing my mind. It didn't take much to refocus myself as I let my tongue lightly travel the length of her slit. She tasted nice. It wasn't a strong flavor, just enough to let you know it was a pussy, but one that had been taken care of.

I ran my tongue up and down, spreading her lips a little further apart with each pass. My hands were on her hips and the sides of her ass as my ears were gripped firmly by her thighs. I finally went for the clit, sliding my soaking wet tongue above its hood. She moaned and grabbed my hair with her hands as I teased more and more of her pussy open.

Looking up I could see her incredibly firm tits standing straight up even though she was on her back. I could her eyes were closed as she enjoyed my efforts. A grin ran across my face as I realized that a little over an hour ago I was introduced to this chick. I had gone from introductions, so having my lips wrapped around her clit. Damn was this chick a slut! My dick got even harder as I thought about it.

I stayed at her pussy awhile, sucking her hooded clit into my lips, sucking until I thought she was going to rip my hair out, then sliding my tongue down her slit. I would dip it into her opening, gather more fluid to help lubricate her hooded jewel. I gripped her as firmly in my hands, took her clit into my lips, letting the tip of my lips press firmly into her pubic area. I began to suck for all I was worth, letting her juices and my saliva bath her clit, keeping it safely lubed. I could feel her tiny clit, slide back and forth beneath its hood as it slide in and out of my lips. I felt like I was giving a microscopic blow job.

She gripped my hair harder, her knees pressed into my ears. My chin was absolutely soaked as it pressed into her pussy. She began to moan louder, thrashing her head back and forth. I grabbed her clit tightly with my lips, pressing firmly on the base around it as she shuddered beneath me.

When she released my hair, I released her clit. I kissed around her pussy and her inner thighs and belly for a few minutes as she laid there with a little smile on her face. He pussy was absolutely soaked. It looked so perverted, engorged with blood, her lips swollen and open. I stared at it for a while, trying to get the film in my photographic memory to get the right exposure.

I slid up on here, placing a hand on either side of her head. My pillow mad an impromptu rag as I wiped her juices off of my face and chin. I kissed her lightly on the lips as my dick slid around just above her pussy. It slid easily through her hair. I always enjoy teasing chicks with my cock at their opening. Running the head of my cock all around and up and down until they can't stand it. It turns me on.

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