Twins - Tegan and Megan

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2012 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Follows on the adventures that a 18 yr old guy has with Ann (the mother) and Megan (the daughter). Grant meets Tegan (the twin of Megan) and they have a sex-filled session in her home. Megan and Tegan have a twins connection - fucking one affects the other.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Cheating   Size   .

I've just spent the night with Ann - a very sexy married mother in her early forties. I was a virgin until yesterday - until Ann greeted me at the door naked. She led me to her bedroom where I enjoyed my very first fuck - a fuck that blew my mind and one that caused Ann to pass out. Whilst Ann was out to it, her 24 yr old daughter Megan took over and furthered my sex education for the next couple of hours.

Ann did wake up not long after Megan and I started to fuck - she left us alone, but not before making me a promise of "Tonight you're mine". Well, last night I turned the tables - Ann was mine for the taking, and I did take her - putting into practice much of what Megan had taught me that afternoon.

It was day 2 of the survey. I'd left a sleeping Ann at dawn and headed back to my hotel room to change and start a new day.

I had a new area to survey with approximately 30 surveys to complete. The morning went well with lots of interest in the survey, and lots of interesting people responding. I had one more house to survey in this street before I would break for lunch. It was a lowset house with a front door sheltered from the street.

I knocked on the door and waited. "Just a moment" was the call from behind the door. I waited for about a minute before the door opened and a young brunette woman stuck her head around the edge of the door. I started my standard introduction "Hi, I'm Grant and I'm conducting a survey..." before she interrupted me.

"C'mon inside and you can tell me more" she said as she opened the door a little more. I walked inside a couple of feet before I heard the door close behind me. I turned ... and to my astonishment I was looking at a petite beautiful young woman - a naked one at that!

"Oh god ... again!" was my instant thought.

Standing just 3 feet from me was a very sexy and beautiful petite young woman. As I said, she was brunette with shoulder length wavy hair. Her large grapefruit sized tits sat proudly on her chest with hard dark red nipples. Her tummy was flat and south of that was a pussy mound with a thin strip of hair pointing the way to a well-defined set of pussy lips. Slim thighs led to very shapely legs with a petite set of feet in high-heeled strappy slip-ons. She stood there with her hands on her hips watching me.

My cock rapidly hardened in my shorts as I looked her up and down, from her smiling face to her painted toe nails.

She walked closer to me until her tits pressed into my chest, albeit through my shirt.

"Hi, I'm Tegan" she said as she grabbed my cock through my shorts. Her hand clasped my cock and rubbed and pulled on it. She looked up at me (I'm a bit taller than her) before using her other hand to draw my face to hers. We locked lips together as the situation turned rapidly steamy. The kiss continued for some minutes with lots of tongue being exchanged between us. My hand went to her ass and pulled her closer, trapping my cock and her hand between us.

"Come with me" she said when we finally broke apart. She led me down a hallway to a bedroom at the back of the house. The room was light and breezy and had a huge bed at its centre. The curtains were open and a gentle breeze was flowing through the room. A sliding door to the back yard was slightly open.

She led me into to the room, stopping near the end of the bed. Falling to her knees in front of me, she grabbed the waistband of my shorts and started to pull them down. They caught momentarily on my engorged cock before the shorts and underwear fell to the floor around my ankles. She lifted my foot to slip off my sandal and remove my shorts completely - first one leg then the other. I helped by pulling my shirt off and throwing it to the floor.

Tegan stayed on her knees in front of me. She grabbed my cock again, this time around the base and directed it downwards towards her mouth. She rubbed it across her lips and over her cheeks before sliding my cockhead between her lips and into her mouth. Oh my god, her mouth was so hot as it closed around my cock. She held it tight between her lips before she started to gently suck its head. I felt her tongue come into play as she swirled it around and around my cockhead before thrusting its tip into my cock's piss channel.

Her hand clasped and milked my big balls as she started to feed my big fat long cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. When fully erect my cock was 11 inches long, and she had fed about half of it into her mouth before it touched on the entrance to her throat. She paused a moment before she pushed down further and my cock slid into her throat and another 3 inches disappeared. She gagged a moment before withdrawing it a little.

She looked up at me, winked and then pushed back down on my cock with it sliding back into her throat once again. This time it went further and deeper until her lips were around the base of my cock shaft. She held it there a moment as I felt her throat milking my cock before she withdrew it again back to her mouth.

"Oh my fucking god Tegan ... if you do that again I won't be able to hold my cum back" I warned her.

She looked up at me, nodded and winked before pushing my cock deep back into her throat. I had warned her ... my cock exploded, pumping strong squirts of my hot cum deep inside her throat. She took the first couple of squirts into the throat before she eased back to take the rest in her mouth. She swallowed as best she could as my cock continued to pump cream into her mouth.

Finally, my cock stopped squirting. She licked it clean before releasing it from her mouth but continuing to hold it as she directed me to lay back on the bed. Tegan followed me to the bed and laid beside me with her ample tits pressing into my side asshe played with my cock for a moment before speaking.

"You know you made my life hell yesterday?" she asked me.

I looked at her puzzled before she continued "You fucked my twin sister Megan yesterday ... and I felt absolutely everything that you did to her. We have a connection, but yesterday was the first time that we'd connected whilst the other was having sex".

I wouldn't pick them for twins. They weren't identical. Tegan had the much bigger set of tits, but otherwise the bodies were similar with the major exception of hair colour.

Tegan continued "Now, I felt your tongue yesterday. How about I get to experience it first-hand?"

She laid back on the bed and I wiggled down between her thighs as she opened her legs to expose her very wet looking pussy to my gaze. I slid my face closer. I could smell her arousal now, and I could see the little droplets of moisture everywhere between her pussy lips.

I slipped my hands under her hips and lifted them a little before sliding my tongue between her pussy lips. The instant taste rush was amazing as I feasted upon her tangy juices for the first time. She was much tangier than her sister. I parted her lips with my tongue and sluished it back and forth, feeling her pussy hole as I passed over it repeatedly. I resisted thrusting my tongue deep inside her ... that could wait a few moments longer.

Tegan pushed her hips at me as she attempted to embed my tongue in her pussy hole.

"Oh fuck ... you are such a fucking tease" she gasped.

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