Musica Gratis

by Gina B

Copyright© 2012 by Gina B

Horror Sex Story: This is a story from the dark side about meeting the wrong person and then trusting them because what's happening feels so good. The story is not pretty but it is hot and erotic in an off center way. This is my first story here and I hope you enjoy.

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Horror   Rough   Light Bond   Humiliation   Sadistic   Torture   Snuff   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   .

The man at the door was medium height but nicely muscled. His hair was dark and his eyes intense as he looked me over and smiled slightly. I opened the door thinking that this was going to be good. I'd just met him at a local bar and after conversation and four drinks had invited him over. It was lunchtime but I was only hungry for him. I hadn't fucked anyone for a long time and I had a need. It felt insatiable as he grabbed a tit while closing the door behind him then slowly pushed me back into the living room while grabbing hold of my other tit and squeezing both of them hard.

I felt out of breath and think I gasped when he pulled out a tit and started sucking on it. There was a slight push and I was on my back on the couch and then he was on top of me and sucking both tits now and I could feel his hard dick on my thigh. My legs opened involuntarily. I wanted this guy like now and I told him to put it in me. He didn't say a word while he undressed. He stared at me and when he was done he stroked his dick which was now hard and big, so big. I think I gasped again and watched as he quickly pulled my pants down and off and then he was on me again, strong thighs pushing my legs apart, and he was lining that big dick up and finally he was in, all the way in and I know for sure that I gasped because it was huge and so hard.

The man started moving in and out of my cunt, all the way out, all the way in, filling me. He had a tit in each hand and sucked them while his dick slammed into me over and over again. After a couple of minutes, the man picked up my ass and went crazy, fucking me fast and hard with a look on his face I couldn't quite fathom. He groaned in the quiet room and slammed in deep and I knew he was coming. It was a lot of cum because it seemed to go on and on. Finally he fucked in deep one last time and lay on top of me, idly sucking a tit.

We lay like that, completely quiet, until he got hard again and then without a wordhe started fucking me again, harder and deeper than before if that's possible. Then with one hand he reached for his phone and told someone to go and get Eddie and get their butts over to my place stat. He looked at me and nodded when he said it and I think I nodded back. The guy fucked and sucked me for fifteen minutes or so and I heard the front door open and saw three guys walk in and then they were staring down at us and high fiving the guy in me.

He picked up the pace, like rat a tat tat, like a machine gun, and he came again and he pulled out fast when he was done and I felt his cum running out of me and then there was a different dick in me fucking me deep and with enthusiasm. The two other guys undressed and my first guy said to flip me over and suddenly I was on my knees, ass up and then I felt a dick in my cunt and another in my ass while my first guy got under my tits and started sucking both and pumping them. I couldn't believe I had two dicks in me going at me like they were. I though maybe I should protest but it felt too good and it got better when I felt a third dick slide into my cunt.

All I could do was moan a little while they did me. There were no words for being fucked like that. The first guy was on the phone again and I knew there would be more guys and I thought I really should say no but my body was being rocked so hard with three dicks doing me so hard that I stayed quiet and just enjoyed the moment. Within a few minutes they started coming in my ass and cunt, one by one until I was full.

Five more guys arrived and I was on the floor ass down with a dick in my ass and two dicks in my cunt and another guy was fucking my mouth so deep I was choking. The first guy, I think, was jacking himself and squirted his cum all over my face and in my mouth and then I felt another dick in my mouth and guy after guy was coming inside me.

Hours have passed. I've been fucked on every surface in the room. There is cum all over my body and a ton of cum inside me, and still the guys keep going. Not one of them has even said hello to me and they refer to me at the slut. I think my first guy has done me five times, at least. These are young guys and can keep it up. For a while I did bjs on a line of guys and a line of guys in my cunt from behind. There must be at least thirty guys here now and I don't think it's that late so I'm just going to take dick until I pass out or something. A guy's telling me to open up and he's aiming his dick at my mouth. He's stopping and his dick is twitching and there it is but it's going all over my face and in my eyes now. His dick is in my mouth now and he wants me to clean it and it takes salty and good.

I'm on my knees on the floor, cum is running down my back, and there's a dick fucking my cunt deep. The guys decided it might be fun to tie my hands behind my back and they've pulled them really right so my tits are really sticking out and bouncing. It's almost impossible to balance myself though so now they're taking me to my bedroom and I'm on my knees and my hands are being tied to the bed. I feel pretty helpless but that only lasts for a minute because now I've got two dicks doing me and someone's sucking my tits which I like. I tell him to suck 'em hard and then another guy moves in and the two of them suck me good and bite my nipples until they hurt while I cry out and moan my pleasure.

It's pretty dark with just a low light on, just enough to see what they're doing to me. I'm sucking dick again and taking three dicks from the back. I can tell the guys are having a great time because they are laughing and grunting and groaning continuously as one by one they do me then come back and do it again. I idly wonder how many guys have fucked me while I listen to the front door opening and closing and know that some are leaving and some are just arriving, fresh dick, all for me. There's some noise from the kitchen, guys drinking beer and waiting to fuck me again.

Someone says to grab the slut's head and I feel two strong hands pull my head way back by the hair and then there's two dicks in my mouth, both squeezing in as far as they can get them and they tell me to suck them hard and when it's not hard enough my face is being slapped until I do better and I am swirling my tongue all around both dicks at the same time as another three dicks are in my ass and cunt rocking me hard. My tits are being bitten and squeezed so hard it hurts but when I try to cry out they're slapping my face and my ass and I feel cum landing on my back and finally one of the dicks in my mouth starts twitching and my mouth is flooded with his cum and after he pulls out the other guy holds my head tight and fucks me down my throat as far as he can and now I can't breathe but lucky for me he's ready and a stream of cum, all salty and sort of sweet pulses into my mouth and I swallow all of it so I can breathe.

I get a quick moment and look behind me and see there's a lot of guys in the bedroom, most drinking beer, and more in the hallway, and it kind of excites me that they all want to do me. I hear someone say open up, slut and when I turn my head there's another dick so I open up and he laughs and puts it in me and keeps laughing while he fucks my mouth. I'm thinking how I just moved in here a week ago and hope I'm not making too much noise even though I'm the only apartment up here because I'm basically a quiet person. The guy's coming in my mouth now while pulling my head into his groin while he keeps saying, fuck yeah.

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