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Erotica Sex Story: Words might be sharper than swords when problems in a marriage must be solved once for all. A slight softer story close to problems what may appear in many real life marriages.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Cheating   .

Many thanks to Jedbeaker for his comments and his editing of this story.

This story is slight softer than most of my other stories because even such things as described in this story might happen now and then in the real life.

It was seven o'clock on a Tuesday evening when I and my six year old daughter, Amanda returned home from her gymnastics class. My five year son, Melvin, with a cowboy hat on his head met us at the door and I asked him, "Hi cowboy, where is mom?"

"Mom is dressing very nicely to go away."

"Is your mom going out?" I asked.

Just that moment I got one of the most unexpected surprises in my life when my wife Charlotte came out from our bedroom. Melvin had told the truth, because saying that his mom was dressed nice was an understatement. She was gorgeous. Her hair was done in a nice way, her make up was perfect and an obviously new rather short black dress that I had never seen before magnified her sexy personal charm. Dark stockings and high heels made her nice legs look great.

My problem was that her reason for the nice outfit was not to make me happy. Instead, I knew for sure that my lovely wife had done her best to give me the worst humiliation she could find to do. And her reason for doing so was my own fault.

It had been obvious both to me and several of my friends, that a newly divorced, rather wealthy guy had been hot on her during a recent party. But she had, after letting him play for a while, politely told him that as long as her husband was a good man, she was his only. The seducer had replied loudly enough for several people to hear, "I respect that, but if he makes any mistakes please call me, and I'll be there."

Now I suspected that the time had come for him to collect a great trophy so I told her, "Darling, you really look great and I'm sure you'll be safe even if Edwin Graning happens to be the lucky guy. I doubt he'll be violent during the first date."

Edwin's trophy wife, a well known model, had left him with two black eyes.

Charlotte made a face and replied, "It's none of your damn business, and sitting up waiting for me to get back would be wasting your time."

"I got the message and can only say that I regret my shameful behavior like hell. But before you go I have to ask you a very important question on a different matter." I told her.

That was my first silly mistake.

My wife's intentions for going out and maybe get a revenge fuck were because my boss sent me to a seminar that was held in the most northern town in our Scandinavian country. That meant it was a mining town surrounded by vast wilderness. One of the reasons for holding the seminar there in June was the midnight sun was an extra attraction for the southern participants.

Though my wife and I had already been there in the north some years ago, I expected the trip and seminar to be of great importance for my job and well worth the long journey that went much better than expected.

After boarding the aircraft I found myself sitting next to a very handsome, easygoing woman who introduced herself as Annie Lindén and she was also on her way to the seminar. She was a real open-minded dream girl with a bright smile. She made me feel really good while we talked and joked during the flight.

Just before our flight's landing, she suggested that we should work together at the seminar and I accepted without the slightest hesitation. It might sound surprising, but the plain truth was that there weren't any thoughts about sex in my mind during the whole trip to the hotel.

As the seminar began at eight o'clock the next morning and there was no program for the evening before, we decided to have a dinner and then take a walk. We agreed to meet in her room at eight and when I went there ten minutes early, she was still only in bra and panties.

When I suggested that I come back later she said, "No, no reason to be shy. Come in and be my guest."

Then she looked me straight in my eyes and said, "I can't help it, I feel a little naughty after our pleasant flight. Have you ever had such a feeling or are you always a good boy?"

To my own surprise I replied, "It used to be the naughty boys who slept with the beautiful girls."

"Am I beautiful?" She asked.

I replied, "Very."

"Do you feel naughty?"

"Yes I do."

A second later we were involved in intensive kissing and her bra and panties were off a few seconds later. When all my clothes were off, in a surprisingly short time Annie rolled a condom on my now stone-hard penis and we skipped all foreplay and went straight to the action. She was surprisingly tight and well lubricated while our intensive sex act lasted. It was a different experience for me to be so strongly involved with a woman I hardly knew.

Afterwards Annie asked me, "Are you still a naughty boy or do you regret it?"

"Still naughty, yes indeed, no regrets but are you always supplied with condoms?" I asked.

"No, not at all. I found an automatic machine at the ladies room at the reception, just as I expected."

I later called Charlotte, but she still sounded chilly after our argument following the party we were at the Saturday before I went on this trip. I saw no reason to regret what Annie and I had done because of what my wife had done at our Motor Club's annual sponsor party. Charlotte got flattered by a newly divorced wealthy asshole by the name of Edwin Graning, who gave her way too much attention throughout the whole evening. Much of the time dancing and between dances, he supplied her with colorful fancy drinks and small talk at the bar. He must have been a very good escort because she didn't give a shit about me the whole evening. But several of my acquaintances noted what Charlotte did and teased me with, "Your wife seems to be very happy with poor single Edwin."

However, she came home with me and when we argued about her behavior she got angry and shouted, "Don't dare be an insane jealous jerk, Edwin is a nice and polite man and he didn't hit on me after I told him I was a faithful wife. He only wanted me to take a few hours of volunteer work at the Motor Club office. One further word and you are sleeping in the spare room."

At the seminar Annie and I had a pleasant dinner with good wine and even had a long walk in the surroundings of the hotel. Back there we agreed to share my bed for the night after I visited the automatic machine in the men's room for a pack of condoms.

The night was great even though Annie neither liked sucking my cock having her pussy licked. To my great pleasure I succeeded in keeping my tool hard a second time, though we did it in a funny position and joked about it.

We worked well together during the seminar and sneaked away for a quickie during lunchtime. The seminar lasted until seven o'clock in the evening so we only had time for a quickie before the dinner at eight thirty.

After dinner, it was a coach tour in the town that took us to an outdoor party at the top of the hill to see the midnight sun. Both Annie and I were rather tipsy when we got back to the hotel sometime around two in the morning, so we slept in my bed until making real tender love in the morning. After a breakfast with much small talk with our new friends, it was time to check out and begin our journey home.

Annie and I did not have seats next to each other during the flight back to the capital where we parted with a kiss and agreed that our naughty days had been a good time, but were a one-time experience.

Charlotte had surprised me by saying that she looked forward to see me again when I called her from the hotel after breakfast that morning. After arriving at the airport I had to spend a couple of hours on an express train before arriving at home. I called Charlotte, who said she missed me like hell.

Now it was time to be conscience-stricken about my doings at the far north, but I had excuses that limited the worst remorse. I didn't intend to use what Charlotte had done at the Motor Club party as an excuse for my wrongdoings. Nothing had really happened there so that damn party wasn't worth any further thoughts. But there were far worst skeletons from the past to call upon.

Coming home to my expecting family had me feeling happy and all the hard feelings between Charlotte and me were forgotten. I even gave Charlotte a "yes" to that volunteering secretarial job a couple hours a week at the Motor Club that Edwin Graning had offered her during the party.

Due to some remorse about my cheating, I never asked Charlotte when she met Graning at the club and what he did there. It was okay when she told me that when sober at the Club he behaved as a gentleman if they sometimes met at the club's office. One evening she told me about her lunch talking about some Motor Club matters with Edwin Graning. It had been very pleasant and totally without any dirty suggestions from him.

My family and I had a good summer until the shit hit the fan in the second week in August when I got a call at my job from an unknown man. He introduced himself as Kenny and said, "You don't know me, but you know my fiancée Annie, because you have fucked her, you damn married asshole."

"Sorry my friend you're hiking out in the blue and must have gotten a wrong number. You better keep searching for the right guy." I replied with some surprise.

He didn't give up; "Take it easy Casanova, I've got all evidence that I need if you prefer to have some serious problems in your marriage. Annie has confessed everything that you two did at that damn seminar. But I can be a fair guy and forget everything if you are clever enough to co-operate in this matter. The price for my silence is only 3000 Euro to my account within three days. Isn't that a very kind offer?"

"Piss off and rot in hell," was all I could say in that moment of great surprise. What the hell was this? Was it some kind of a silly joke created by Annie or had she really turned into a greedy blackmailer?

Before he hung up, the blackmailer said "The choice is yours, have a nice time."

I tried to find Annie at her job but was told that she would be on vacation for one further week and she had not left any contact information or phone numbers. Kenny or whoever he really was, had not been joking with me. When Charlotte came home from her job that evening she was as angry as a teased wasp and shouted, "You damn cheating bastard, how in the hell could you do that to me?"

I pretended to be stupid and asked, "Did what to you?"

This was obviously not the best tactic because she shouted, "You stupid bastard, you cheated on me at your damn seminar and be sure there will be consequences. From now on, you are sleeping in the spare bedroom and tomorrow evening it will be my turn to play games."

While usually an attack is the best defense, I decided to hope she would be calmed down by the next evening before I started arguing with her about the future of our marriage.

As I told you earlier, coming home with my daughter Amanda the next evening we were met by a very sexily dressed Charlotte on her way out for a date. If I wanted try to stop it and hopefully save our marriage, there had to be a game with high stakes from me.

I told her, "I got the message and can only say that I regret my shameful mistake like hell. But before you go, I have to ask you an important question on a different matter."

We went to the front door where I turned close to her, held up a paper and said in a low voice, "I know for sure that I'm not the only cheater in this marriage; I've tested our children's DNA. Melvin is mine but would you be kind enough to tell me who is Amanda's father?"

My question took her by surprise and she stammered, "It, It must, must be you, only you. I have never cheated so it can't be anybody else."

"What about Martin Westberg, during your hen party night only a few days before our wedding, and God only knows if there might be others? If I sue that Martin for child support and he tries to deny it, you will have to testify in the court about all your lovers," I whispered to her.

Now she was ashen gray in her face and sobbed, "You can' do that, no, no, you can't do that. We must talk about everything."

"Yes, we must talk, but first you have to cancel your date with Edwin or whoever is coming here to pick you up for tonight." I whispered.

She replied with a sob, "I've called a taxi and don't have a date with Edwin or anybody else. I was going to have an evening out with some girls from work to make you jealous. I'm not in the mood for any flirting or for doing anything stupid while drinking. I intended to sleep alone in Melissa's spare room. But of course, I'll stay at home if you want me to do that."

"That sounds fair to me. Let's calm down for a couple of days and have a sincere talk about the future of our family on Friday evening when the kids are in bed after the family fun," I suggested.

She accepted and went straight to our bedroom to take off her new dress and had no objections when I told her to move back there from the spare room. Any kind of sex was out of question, but Charlotte and me did our best to act as normal as possible in the presence of our children.

Friday evening we had one of the very funniest family fun evenings in a long time. Both Charlotte and I had done our best to give our children a good time because we didn't know what kind of a family we would have at the same time next week.

Then when the kids were in their beds, Charlotte fixed some cheese and crackers while I opened a bottle of good wine. She was very nicely dressed with her hair styled nicely for an evening at home. It was like she was showing me what I had and would lose if I dumped her. I'm sure both of us felt it was a very important evening for the future of our whole family.

I took a good look at her thinking, how in the hell could I be stupid enough to cheat on that lovely wife, then I asked, "Is it okay that I begin by telling about my wrongdoing at the seminar before it is your turn to tell me about what you did to me? After that I think it will be high time for our final suggestions and decisions about the future of our family."

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