The Sweetest Revenge

by Stephen J. Salinger

Copyright© 2012 by Stephen J. Salinger

Flash Sex Story: A transwoman plots revenge on the lawman who wronged her.

Caution: This Flash Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Shemale   Cheating   Oral Sex   .

"Oh Sawyer..." I said sweetly, dragging myself along the wall of Ashton Sawyer's apartment.

I still clutched the silver revolver I used to cap that traitorous, rapist, half-a-bitch, Kendra.

After she'd forced that baby dick of hers up my ass, fucked me, and bust her nut, she tried to finish me. When she eased her dick out, I popped up and broke her jaw. Then she pulled the heat. BANG! Bitch didn't know what she was doing. I knocked her down, snatched the burner, and educated her. BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! This last one is for that pussy, Ashton.

Kendra was my best friend. Never thought she'd become Ashton's lackey. Stupid fucking bitch! I slammed my gunless fist near the threshold before staggering into Ashton's kitchen. I was just as stupid for not realizing it sooner. Not that the pussy wasn't home from patrolling the streets, that Kendra was all on his dick.

She wanted a man to see her as a woman. Not some fag on hormones with fake tits. I wanted that too. Enough to give Ash half the bread we earned sucking cock. Really, I wanted to finish my transformation, and he protected us.

I would've rather been caged or dead than to toss him another dime. Streets was rough and piggies was rougher, but all Ash did was take. Yesterday, I decided our partnership must end. Stupid thing was I told Kendra what I'd planned. Needed another now.

I hobbled to the plastic chair at the cluttered kitchen table and slumped into it. If Ashton returned, I could drop him quick. The front door was parallel to the kitchen.

The electronic clock atop the fridge read: 10:28PM. I pointed the revolver toward the door. Four minutes passed, I lowered the gun and stood. Ashton had a wife and daughter. Didn't want to waste this bullet on either.

I stormed into the den and switched on the end table's lamp near the sofa.

"Messages..." I started the answering machine. One of the messages was from the babysitter watching Ash's kid. They went out to eat. The last was from wifey. She was planning an anniversary surprise at Hickenbottom Hotel. That got me thinking. First, I needed suitable clothes, and searched until I found Ash's bedroom.

I donned a black button-up tee and loose black slacks. Then splashed on some of Ashton's Old Spice. Sawyer's woman was blind. She wouldn't notice. Except maybe my dick was bigger than hubby's.

I showered before leaving. Cut my hair so when wifey was gripping it, hollering for dick, she wouldn't get wise. I trimmed around my ears, combing what remained topside.

Told the lobby's clerk I was wifey's babysitter. No validation. Just leaned, flashed the cleavage, whispered sweet nothings.

I unlocked her suite then entered, creeping. Inside was illuminated via candles and Jodeci played. Lauren stood beside the mattress, holding a flaming match, smiling. She wore pink lingerie with gartered stockings.

Lauren sniffed, doused the match, then sauntered. She laid an arm across my shoulder, caressing my cheek. "Baby, too much," she giggled, running her hand toward my chest.

I snatched it, easing her middle inside my mouth, sucking it like a cock.

Lauren giggled again. "Frisky..." She wrapped her available arm around me, massaging my lower back. She gasped and jerked both hands away. Rolling her milky irises, she pointed near the nightstand. "Remove your gun."

I trotted then set the revolver down. Lauren kissed my neck's nape, hugging my midsection.

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