The Team - Sara and Tara

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2012 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: The redheaded twins from his wife's volleyball team turn up in Grant's bed in the morning after he's had a fuck marathon with Peta his step-daughter. Sara and Tara show him why 69 is their favourite number. They lure him to the bed where he is gifted with two virginities.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Cheating   First   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   Size   .

Hi, I'm Grant and I'm 35 yrs of age and I'm married to Kim who is 33 yrs old. Kim coaches an under 18 girls volleyball team and I volunteer my services as the team physiotherapist. I rub down all those aching limbs and apply strapping where necessary. The team plays on a Saturday afternoon and Kim invites the team back to our place afterwards for a swim/spa session and a BBQ dinner.

The team consists of:

Cory - 17 yrs old. 5ft 5 ins tall. Blonde hair to her shoulders. 36 C-cup tits. Fully shaved pussy. Sexually active.

Sara - (identical twin of Tara) - 17 yrs old. 5ft 7 ins tall. Short red hair. 36 B-cup tits. Landing strip over pussy. Virgin.

Tara - (identical twin of Sara) - 17 yrs old. 5ft 7 ins tall. Short red hair. 36 B-cup tits. Fully shaved pussy. Virgin.

Ming - 16 yrs old. 5ft 3 ins tall. Oriental. Black hair to mid-back. 34 A-cup tits. Trimmed full bush. Virgin.

Kelly - 16 yrs old. 5ft 7 ins tall. Sandy blonde hair to her shoulders. 38 D-cup tits. Fully shaved pussy. Pierced clit. Not a virgin, but not sexually active.

Mo - 17 yrs old. 5ft 10 ins tall. Black African. Jet black smooth hair and skin. 36 D-cup tits. Fully shaved pussy.Not a virgin, but not sexually active.

Peta - 17 yrs old. (my step-daughter). 5ft 2ins tall. Short dyed blond hair with pink strips. 36 D-cup tits. Heart shaped blonde dyed pussy hair. Sexually active.

Sam - 16 yrs old. 5ft 8 ins tall. Short blonde hair. 34 B-cup tits. Fully shaved pussy. Virgin.

How do I know such personal details?

You see, I have a heap of minature cameras hidden in the pool change room and in my step-daughter's bedroom. The girls talk about their sex lives (or lack thereof) when changing or showering. The recordings give me plenty of entertainment during the week. Kim, my wife, just doesn't like sex any more - she'd rather eat, sleep and breathe her volleyball team.

I can disappear unnoticed for hours into my hidden viewing bunker - its attached to the pool house and hidden behind a false wall.

The stories that I'm about to relate started to happen about 2 months ago.


Peta and I had fucked long and hard during the night and early morning. We finally awoke about 11 AM to survey in the daylight the absolute mess that we'd made of the bed. The bedding was half off the bed and the sheets had massive wet spots where our combined cum juices had leaked.

I headed to the master bathroom whilst Peta headed to hers. We'd decided on separate showers lest we start fucking again - and we both needed some recovery time. Just as I headed to the bathroom, Peta grabbed the sheets off the bed to throw in the washing machine in the laundry.

I absolutely enjoyed the feeling of my warm shower - and I took the time to replay some of last night's events in my mind. As I washed my cock, I started to stroke it and surprise surprise my cock started to harden once again. Oh my god, I thought that I was done for the day! It didn't take long before I was quite hard again and thinking of seeking out Peta again for another quick fuck. I turned off the shower and dried off before walking naked back into the bedroom.

I came to a sudden stop - on the bed were Sara and Tara, the redheaded twins from my wife's team. What they were doing stunned me - they were naked and indulging in a hot sexy 69. Young wet pussies were being licked and tongue-fucked, and it was happening right there before me. They were on their sides with their faces in each other's pussy.

The twins were identical with one important exception - Sara had some pussy hair and Tara had none, otherwise you couldn't tell them apart. My cock went from nearly hard to rock hard in the blink of an eye as I walked to the edge of the bed to get a closer look at the tongue action of Sara on Tara.

Both girls had pierced tongues and Sara was using her tongue piercing to tease Tara's clit. The effect was electric with Tara's body twitching and giving the early signs of an impending cum. With Sara occupied on Tara's clit, I slid a finger into Tara's pussy - it was tight and wet and very hot. I knew both girls were virgins from the videos that I'd watched and listened to. I was therefore surprised not to find a hymen barring my entrance to the depths of her very tight pussy.

I stroked my finger in and out of her clenching pussy as her sister licked her clit - the dual assault plummeted Tara towards a massive cum with my finger squeezed very hard - with my finger and hand becoming very wet with her juices in the process. I slipped my very wet finger from her pussy and pushed it into Sara's mouth for her to lick clean.

Sara's hand grabbed my engorged cock and pulled me even closer - she led my cock to her mouth and between her soft lips until my cock was in her mouth. Her pierced tongue rubbed the underside of my cock as her lips closed around the shaft as she started to suck. My hand went to the back of her head to try to control her sucking somewhat.

In this position I could see Tara's face now, she had stopped licking her sister's pussy for the moment and seemed to be just recovering from her recent massive cum. Sara sucked me for a minute or so - for a virgin she had a great cock-sucking technique. She stopped sucking and my cock popped free of her mouth, however she continued to hold my cock and stroke its shaft.

Sara pulled me a little closer and rubbed my cockhead along Tara's very wet pussy lips before she placed it at the entrance to Tara's pussy.

"Fuck her!" was the simple command by Sara.

I obeyed without question as I slid more and more of my long and fat cock into the depths of Tara's pussy. Progress was very slow because I wanted to savour the feeling (and she was very tight too). I kept on pushing forward until my cock was fully embedded in her pussy. Sara had been watching from very close quarters - almost mesmerised by the slow entry.

I paused a moment before I started a slow and steady in and out - fucking her tight little pussy. Sara watched a moment before she went back to licking her sister's clit.

"Oh ... oh ... oh..." Tara moaned continually during the dual assault on her pussy.

I could feel her pussy squeezing me tighter and tighter as another massive cum neared - my cock thrusts were reduced to minimal movement by her tightening. Sara's hand came up under my balls and squeezed them gently at first, then with increasing pressure as she attempted to milk my balls of their cum.

"Oh fuck!" I shouted as my cock exploded in the depth's of Tara's no-longer virgin pussy. She screamed as a massive cum racked her body with my cum squirting deep inside her to join hers. I could feel Sara's tongue everywhere now - she was lapping up our juices as they escaped from our joined bodies.

The clenching and unclenching of her pussy finally expelled my cock, to be closely followed by a torrent of our mixed juices.

I fell to my knees and thrust my tongue into her pussy to lap up the delicious creampie leaking from her pussy. Sara was there helping me and we traded cum-laden kisses as we tended to Tara's well-fucked pussy.

Finally Tara's pussy stopped leaking profusely - just little trickles now and again.

Then Sara spoke again "Fuck me now!".

Tara finally spoke up after being largely silent (except for moans, groans and the occasional scream) for the last half hour. "Sara ... you will have to wait while I get him ready for you ... you know in my very special way". She winked at her sister.

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