Jenny's Atonement

by neff trebor

Copyright© 2012 by neff trebor

Fiction Sex Story: Jenny's husband has mis-managed his client's accounts. Jenny is subjected to sexual humiliation as she unwillingly accepts an investors proposal to make the money back

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Wimp Husband   Wife Watching   Humiliation   Group Sex   Black Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Size   Slow   Nudism   .

Jenny Munson was sad, depressed and full of anxiety. She was being driven to Sal Goldstein's house and didn't feel very good about it at all. She was being taken there by her husband, Joe as part of a deal; atonement for what he had done.

Jenny had met her husband in college. She had been a freshman on the diving team. He had been a senior majoring in finance. She had dated all the "bad boys" in high school; the senior quarterback when she was a freshman on the track and cross country team; the boy who drove a corvette and worked in the gas station who had plenty of money to blow on her; some of the local boys who were in college, etc.

She had been a very popular girl in high school; for a short time. Once they found out that she wouldn't put out, they wandered off to greener pastures. Once Jenny got to college, she decided to try a new tactic. She started dating the nerdy, non-athletic types. That is what she ended up with. Joe was extremely bright; a brilliant student. She had gotten pregnant soon after the cross country season ended; too much free time. She also decided to turn over a new leaf. She was tired of getting dumped. She had unwisely given in to keep this guy.

Jenny gave up a lot of things when they got married and moved into the married student's apartments, but they managed to get through until he graduated. She was able to keep her scholarship to the end of the year.

Joe had easily landed a job with one of the leading stock brokerages and they moved to New York. Jenny stayed home and raised their daughter, Stephanie. Stephanie was now fourteen and doing well in school. Like her mother, she had done well in track. She had lost out in her freshman year at the Internationals to Allison Cooper, the national record holder in the 1600 and 3200 meter events. Not bad for a freshman against a senior with a full scholarship offer to Oregon.

Joe had been doing well at the office he was in, until he went out on his own. He had amassed enough to make a business out of just managing his own accounts, but a number of others decided to jump ship, knowing he would have a more hands-on approach to their own accounts.

Joe was essentially a day-trader. He put the accounts of others in safer investments and dealt aggressively with his own money. This gave him a steady one percent on all of the accounts he was managing, plus he felt he could get about sixteen percent on his own accounts. Things were going well for a while. Finally, Joe decided to short about half of his stocks, betting that the European Situation would tank. When things went up, he had to cash in the rest of his accounts to make up the difference. When that wasn't enough, he took some shortcuts by using some of the money in his clients' accounts. He figured he could make it up the next day. Things went bad for several days, leaving some of his clients short about fifteen percent of their totals.

Because of his short position, he had to lay off his secretary and do the work himself. His secretary was pissed and notified one of his biggest clients, Sal Goldstein. Sal was furious. He called Joe and went over to their house. He threatened to call the SEC. Jenny was in the next room and couldn't help but hear their discussion. She walked into the room in disbelief after hearing what her husband had done.

"Please, Mr. Goldstein, can't you give Joe a little more time to make up the difference." Jenny asked apprehensively. Jenny was fuming at what she had just heard about her husband.

"Your husband is short about a million dollars on my account. I think he belongs in jail." Sail responded. He stood and started for the door. Joe and Jenny slumped down in their chairs, wondering how much jail time he would have to do.

Sal reached the door, opened it, hesitated and turned. "I'll tell you what. I'll make you a deal that might keep the two of you out of jail. I'll give you a chance to make it back. If you don't want to, I'll make a phone call right now."

"We'll do whatever it takes to make things right with you." Joe said without really thinking. Sal looked at Jenny. He walked over and stood right in front of her. "What about you, young lady? Are you part of the deal too? Are you going to do whatever it takes until the full amount is paid back?"

Jenny's gaze rose to meet his. She had a good idea where this conversation was headed. She looked over at her husband, searching his eyes for some kind of telepathic connection. Did he understand all the implied nuances of what this man was saying? Surely he was implying some kind of sexual bargain in this deal that involved her. Could her husband agree to this? What would happen to them after?

Jenny broke her gaze and looked down, unable to raise her fears into spoken words. She looked down and the tears dripped on her knees as she almost imperceptibly nodded her head in a slight movement to indicate her reluctant agreement. She did not look up to see what her husband's reaction was. Reluctantly, no sound from him indicated no objection. Jenny was stunned by his lack of objection.

"This Saturday, we are having a reception at my house. It starts at seven thirty. The two of you need to be there at least an hour early. If you are not there, I will call the officials on Monday and notify them of what you have done.

Jenny was silent as Joe drove up their drive.

Sal's house was magnificent. It sat on the north west quadrant of the intersection on about twenty acres of wooded land. It seemed to be about three stories high if you count the basement. It was almost square; with limestone panels facing most of the walls. The long circular drive extended off of the road to the north in a quarter circle onto the road on the west. It went under one corner of the house, where the corner stepped back somewhat at each floor so that there was a large overhang from the floors above that formed a covered canopy. The columns from the upper floors extended all the way to the ground, accenting the height of the building. The part of the front that had been cut away was sheathed in glass, giving a great view both in and out of the house.

The rooms within the house formed a three story atrium with a pitched glass skylight at the top. The floor of the atrium was paved with honed limestone panels. Within the center of the atrium was a magnificent water feature. The center of the water feature had a twelve foot square stone slab sitting on a bed of six or eight inch round river rock. Behind the large flat slab was another rectangular boulder that sat a good sixteen inches above it. It ran along most of one side of the bigger lower stone slab. Next to the bigger, higher slab stood another limestone "pilar." It rose about eight feet above the others and was about two feet in width.

Each of the stone pieces had been cored so that water rose up through them and spread out and spilled out over the sides and into the small round river rock into a return sump. The water volume was only enough to be seen and keep the stones wet. There was a sound of running water as it circulated down through the river rock and into the reservoir beneath.

It didn't take much sound from the water to sound like a raging river as it echoed off of the limestone pavers and limestone veneer interior and limestone columns. Each of the stone pieces had a number of large steel eyelets embedded in various points. These steel eyelets could be used to secure restrains.

Sal's butler opened the door to greet them and escorted them to where Sal was standing. "Good evening Mr. and Mrs. Munson. It is so nice to see you on time. Please come with me and I will get you ready to receive our guests." Sal said as he reached a hand around Jenny and escorted her over to one of the side rooms off of the atrium.

There was a large oak dining table, big enough to seat about twenty people. On the table were several large expensive looking cardboard boxes from Guinevere's. Sal pulled back one chair and seated Joe. Sal took a chair on the other side, across from her husband, and left Jenny standing at the end of the table.

"This is your uniform for tonight. You will be my hostess and greet everybody as they come it. With butterflies in her belly, and hands shaking slightly, Jenny started to open the boxes.

One box had some dark grey sued high heeled boots that zipped up the side. The next box had some grey silk hose that would reach up to her crotch. The next box had a grey silk dress. It was very long. The last box had a very lacy black bolero "jacket..." It had long sleeves and no buttons.

"This is what I expect you to wear tonight. You can try them on now and make sure everything fits. We don't have very much time, so you need to hurry."

Jenny was shocked at the order. She picked up the sacks with the boxes and started to turn, looking for a room to change in. "Do it here and do it now!" Sal said with a slight sneer.

Jenny was shocked. "You can't be serious. Can you grant me no modesty?" She begged. Jenny was close to tears. Sal did not reply. He just stared at her. Then he looked over at her husband. Joe looked from Sal back to Jenny. His eyes telegraphed to her that they had no options, other than complying or get arrested.

Jenny was wearing long high heeled shoes with open toes; long black silk pants; a purple sleeveless blouse; a long pearl necklace that was looped over her neck twice and hung down to her belly button. Her long reddish brown hair had been painstakingly curled and bounced and swirled with every movement of her head. Her large silver hooped earrings sparkled and framed her soft red lips magnificently.

Jenny looked over at her husband for some sign of resistance. She kept eye contact with her husband as she reached for the top button of her blouse. "How could you do this to me?" her glare back at her husband seemed to be saying as she freed the first button.

With no sign of sympathy or support from either of the men, she pushed the next button through the eyelet. When she had unbuttoned the entire blouse to her waist, she tugged it out of her waist band. Jenny's braw was made of the same transparent nylon that most hose is made of. Jenny hesitated. If she took off the blouse, they would clearly see her breasts.

Jenny changed her mind and opened her belt buckle, and unsnapped the top brass button. The sound of the zipper on her fly seemed magnified as it echoed off of the limestone interior, announcing to anybody in the building that Jenny was about to be naked.

When Jenny was finished with the zipper, the top fell open. She placed her thumbs on each side of her and with barely a touch, the fabric dropped and puddle around her feet. Jenny's black lace panties were still covered by the long shirt tails of her blouse. The back panel covered her butt and the front came close to her belly button, but the sides seemed missing, except for the small piece of elastic joining the front to the back.

Jenny was hoping to slip the new dress on and take of the blouse once she had the dress on.

"You don't get to keep the panties and bra Mrs. Munson." Sal's voice echoed off of the walls like an announcer at an empty swimming pool. Jenny seemed to stagger at the comment. "What to do next?" Jenny wondered in despair.

With arms feeling like they were covered in lead, Jenny reached up and grabbed the sides of her blouse. She arched her head back as she slid one side and then the other of her blouse over her shoulders. She brought her blouse back around in front of her trying desperately to hide herself.

"Drop the fucking blouse, Miss Jenny!" the anonymous voice echoed off of the walls. It was barely more than a whisper from a few feet away, but the sound seemed so evil and loud. Jenny dropped the garment on the table in front of her. As quick as the fabric hit the table, her arms sprang back to cross herself and hide her large pink nipples exploding through the tissue thin fabric.

"Next!" the voice echoed across the room. "What to do ... what to do... ?" Jenny agonized. Given the predicament she was in, she hesitatingly reached up behind herself for the clasp. As she lowered her head to reach it, her hair seemed to spill over her shoulders for some unexpected cover as her bra exploded open. She was able to grab the front cups under cover of her hair and hold them there.

"Next!!" came the thundering voice. Jenny fought to resist handing over the bra to Sal's extended hand. She covered her breasts as she handed him the bra.

"Joe, tell her to put her fucking hands down!" Joe looked up at Sal, then over at his wife. He didn't say anything, but they had been married enough for her to read his eye contack. It took all of her might to drop her hands to her sides. Sal stood, and walked around her. He brushed her hair back over her shoulders.

Jenny's long stemmed pink nipples were longer than anything Sal had ever seen. They looked like fresh erasers from a number two pencil, only much longer, sticking out of her small pink areoles. Her breasts were medium melon sized with no sag or tan. Sal was speechless. He reached out with one forefinger and caressed the end of one and felt it grow erect at the touch. Jenny was not aroused, but her fear and terror made her body react in almost the same way.

Sal stood in front of her, making eye contact. He could see that she was in total humiliation and fear about whatever he had in store for her. He looked down her body to her panties. He glared at them and back up at her. Without being told, Jenny knew what the next progression had to be. She just had to get on with it. The sooner she stripped, the sooner she could get the other clothes on.

Jenny couldn't bear to look over at her husband or her antagonize as she slipped her thumbs into the side bands and slid them down past her hips. The dropped and puddle around her feet. She lifted one foot and stepped out. She kicked the panties aside with the other.

"Can I please get dressed now?" she sobbed.

Sal turned. He picked up the stockings and handed them to her as he went back to his chair and sat to watch the show.

Jenny's nipples jiggled as she raised one foot to unbuckle her open toed high heel shoe. She took one of the long silk stockings and slid it on while standing on the other high heel shoe. She reached for the new suede high heeled boot and slipped it on. She repeated the process with the other shoes and stockings.

Jenny now stood with her new grey silk stockings pulled up almost to her crotch. The decorative elastic lace held them snugly in place with no sag. Her new high heeled sued boots came almost to her knees. She had to bend a little to zip them. She was unable to do them without the pink inner tissue of her labia from being exposed as she raised her leg.

Finally Jenny stood there, teetering slightly on the six inch high boots. The heels were longer than she was used to, and they forced her butt up in the air, her stomach out a little and the long pink nipples almost straight up in the air. Her pubic hair had been trimmed into a "landing strip" configuration. Her soft reddish brown pubic hair was shaved to the width of her labia and completely missing from the top of her slit down. It was darker in the middle and much lighter at the edges. Jenny stood there, humiliated at her display, waiting for the next command.

Sal looked down at the box with the dress. Jenny didn't need much encouragement to rip it out of the box. She slipped it over her head and let it slide down her body. Something wasn't right.

Once Jenny slipped her arms through the holes and the hem hit the floor, she thought at first that she had it on backwards; but no ... it fit right ... it just didn't feel right. The back of the dress completely covered her back. The bodice of the dress was actually constructed to take the place of a bra. But the front was cut square and very low. The fabric came around the back of her neck and down the outside of her breasts and back across so that her nipples were uncovered.

The front was buttoned all the way from between her breasts down to mid thigh. There were no buttons from just below her fingertips to the hem. The dress had a train that dragged slightly on the ground behind her. It had the little "handles" like on a wedding dress, for the one wearing it to grab the loop and keep the back from dragging.

Sal got the last garment out of the last box. He helped Jenny put on the bolero style top. It had long sleeves and the sides of the front barely touched. The material was a very decorative black lace. If you knew what you were looking for, you had no trouble seeing the long stem pink nipples jiggling under the top when she walked. The design of the dress worked like a push-up bra, except it did not hide her nipples.

Jenny was humiliated at the thought that she would be greeting Sal's guests at the door in this outfit. Any turn of her torso, any extension of her arms for any activity would open the top so that somebody standing to her immediate side would see those beautiful nipples peeking over the top of her dress. Crossing her arms only seemed to accentuate the movement and opening of the top.

Sal reached over to her dress. He undid one of the buttons at the bottom of the line below her waist. "Do you give good blowjobs, Jenny?" Sal's voice asked in an almost whisper. It may have been almost a whisper, but the question hit her like a sledge hammer. It might me one thing to have her husband apply slight pressure to the back of her head in the dark. This was an act never spoken about and certainly never done in the light.

To have this question raised out loud, in front of her husband caused her ears to turn crimson and her heart to slam into her throat. She couldn't think of anything more humiliating than to actually have this act being discussed with a stranger; a man at that!

"Jenny looked over at her husband, who averted her gaze. Jenny looked down and covered her eyes as more tears seemed to be flowing. Jenny's heart seemed to be thundering. Could anybody hear?

With her hair covering her face, Jenny shook her head ever so imperceptibly. Did it mean "No!" Did it mean she just wouldn't answer?

"P ... p ... p ... please Mr. Goldstein. Please don't make me do something like that..."

Sal reached over and unbuttoned another button which was now about even with her crotch. "Jenny, I thought you were going to cooperate. Have you forgotten? Do you want to just go home?"

Jenny thought about the predicament they were in. She had no idea that "anything" might include a blowjob. She tried to gather herself. She tried to calm herself enough to answer, but she just couldn't bring her words out into the open and somehow acknowledge this act.

"You're just going to have to give me some time to get used to the idea." She sobbed as she looked once more at her husband with her "see what you got me into?" expression of despair.

"Jenny, if you are going to give a blowjob, I want to see it. It is the most erotic think I can think of. You have beautiful hair, but if it covers your face, I can't see those luscious lips wrapped around a big cock. I can't see a big long one distorting your cheeks. I can't see you gag when it is rammed down your throat.

I want you to braid your hair into a French braid to keep it out of your face."

Jenny was devastated. She was devastated with the thought that she had to do this evil thing. She was humiliated that she would be signaling to her husband by braiding her hair that she was going to participate in this humiliation.

Sal stood and pulled out the chair for her. Jenny sat down in the chair and brushed her hair back over her shoulders and the back of the chair. She leaned her had back and started braiding; grasping hair at the top of her head and incorporating more into the braid as she wove it back and down her head.

When she arched her head back over the chair to start the braid, her bolero jacked opened. Her beautiful long stemmed pink nipples pointed out at a ninety degree to each other and otherwise pointed straight up in the air. When she reached the end, Sal handed her a rubber band which she used to tie off the end.

He brought over a type of comb to use that would keep her hair up in a bun. As she was finishing the bun, they could hear a series of cars come up the drive. The door bell chimed. Jenny's eyes had been shut as she braided her hair, trying to hide her humiliation of her situation, and struggled with the light when she went over to answer the door.

Joe had managed to get an account of one of the Kansas City Chiefs. Once he had one, more players asked for his advice. As the players were traded through the years, he began to get more and more football players' accounts from different teams. The first man through the door was one of the defensive backs. He was not that big, but still close to six feet tall and close to 200 pounds. They seemed to be gathering and coming in according to ascending height and weight. About the sixth man through the door was Randy Rison, a tight end that was about six feet six inches tall, and about 280 pounds. He looked like Genick Congo. He was dark ebony with not an ounce of fat. He was big, but you could hardly hear him when he walked. This was probably the most evil looking man Jenny had ever seen.

As the men came in, Jenny was required to introduce herself and give them a brief tour of the lower floor. The job seemed innocent enough, but Jenny had not counted on the way the dress would behave when she moved. Whenever she held out her hand to greet somebody, it parted her bolero jacket. When she escorted the men around, the dress was now unbuttoned from the hem, almost to her crotch. The weight of the dress dragging along the stone paving caused it to part almost all the way up. Although the person she was talking to was too close to see up her dress, the others were able to see from a distance, and could tell where the top of her stockings were, and had a pretty good idea she had no panties. As long as she was standing, not much showed.

Finally, when Sal was sure everybody was there, he turned the music a little louder. Jenny had been carrying around a small tray of finger food. With both hands lifted and extended to support the tray, she was unable to keep the sides of her bolero closed ... She was easily open for everybody to see.

Jenny tried not to walk any more than possible, because with her dress being unbuttoned so far up, the weight of it caused it to part almost to her crotch. Her lovely long and tanned legs were displayed magnificently, but she could tell by the breeze, that her vulva was often exposed. She had her hands full with the tray, and could not keep it pulled together.

Many of the men knew each other, and were trying to catch up about things they had been doing, but occasionally one of the men would take Jenny's tray, put it down, and ask her to dance. With one arm extended to the side and the other over the man's back, the bolero was open enough to display her wonderful nipples. Once that started, everybody wanted a dance.

During a break in the dancing, Jenny was passing out Hors D' Oeuvres, when she heard Sal's voice on some loud speaker. "Gentlemen, please gather around the water feature in the center of the Atrium. Jenny, could you meet us there please?" Jenny's blood chilled. What was going to happen now?

When she arrived at the fountain, Sal was standing there and the men had gathered around. He held out his hand and guided her to step up on the first limestone "step." The water seemed to have been turned off for the night, and the stones were all dry. Jenny stood and nervously faced the crowd.

"Gentlemen we are here for an auction. Jenny's husband owes me some money. His beautiful wife, Mrs. Munson has agreed to help him raise the money to pay me back. We will start by auctioning of her beautiful bolero jacket. Is anybody interested?" Sal asked as he looked out into the crowd of men. The men cheered and waved their arms like they had just made the winning free throw in the NBA Finals.

"Jenny, I think it is hot here. Why don't you take that jacket off?" he said. "No, I'm fine Mr. Goldstein." Jenny replied nervously.

"Take of the fucking top!" he whispered. Jenny shuddered and gulped. Everybody was looking. Slowly, she handed the tray to Sal. She looked over at her husband, and then dropped her head as she shrugged the jacket off of one shoulder. The audience hooted and clapped. She brought it around in front of her as she slid it off of the remaining shoulder. Sal held out his hand to accept the bolero.

Jenny stood there with her hands in front of her face. Her breasts were somewhat covered, but her pink nipples still peeked around her arms. "Put down your fucking hands!" Sal whispered as he glared at her.

Jenny's cheeks turned red as she looked over at her husband for his reaction. Her grey silk dress and surrounding tanned and toned skin highlighted and framed her alabaster white breasts, which further accented her long-stemmed beautiful pink nipples. The dresses built in quarter-cup bra helped thrust her breasts up spectacularly. The men cheered and clapped even more.

Sal auctioned off the dress for several thousand dollars. He pulled out his cell phone and started a list on his memo.

Sal got up on the stone with her and asked: "Who will be the first to give me a thousand dollars for the next dance with her?" Almost everybody raised their hand.

The music was turned up again and somebody helped her down off of the stone monument and was granted the first dance. Jenny didn't know if she was more humiliated to be standing high up where everybody could see her baring her breasts or to be down with the men and dancing topless with somebody.

Jenny's ears were a bright beet-red as she danced in front of the other men to a slow dance. If that wasn't bad enough, he turned her around and brought her tight against him when they got near her husband. He still had his left hand extended out and had a hold of her left, but now had his right hand over her breast as they both danced past her husband. Joe was fuming but there wasn't much he could do about it. He could see the small trail of tears running down her face that showed the forced smile on her face was not genuine.

Jenny was trying to force herself to get used to the groping. Now everybody had taken the cue and was dancing with her turned around and their hands on her breasts. She was trying to accept this humiliation as much as she could, when the next man decided to take it a little farther.

Dancing with her back to her partner was difficult because of the long train of her dress dragging on the ground. She was forced to use one of the "handles," or straps to hold it off the ground like a wedding dress. Instead of letting her hold it, her partner insisted on holding the train for her. He now had the train looped around his wrist and both hands cupped around her breasts with her nipples sticking out. He began rolling the nipples between his thumb and forefingers in front of her husband. She tried to cover his hands with hers, but he told her to put her hands down. Then he guided her hands down the front of his pants.

Jenny was now even further humiliated to be dancing facing her husband with her hands behind her and down his pants, with his hands lifting her breasts and rolling her nipples. The act of her dancing with her arms behind her made her breasts lift and arch her nipples further.

Pretty soon, Jenny could feel his left hand shifting ... lower ... and lower. She felt it reach down and unbutton the remaining buttons below her waist. She felt the cold airconditioning on her vulva. She heard the men sucking in their breaths. She felt the large man's huge blistered fingers searching through her dress for the opening. Probing ... searching ... like an ancient crustacean combing the bottom of the ocean floor for food.

Finally it seemed to find what it was looking for. Jenny could not dance. She froze to the spot in agony and humiliation. The finger slid up and down her slit, looking for the deep opening that it knew was there somewhere. He found it! His finger started to disappear into her.

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