The Willing Victim

by niteowluk99

Copyright© 2012 by niteowluk99

Erotica Sex Story: Bisexual Penny discovers the pleasures of being bound to her lover and being helpless to anything that then happens.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   BiSexual   Fiction   .

Blonde Penny Black was bi sexual and had discovered this many years ago, turned on by a stiff cock but equally turned on by a juicy wet cunt to eat. Understanding this is essential to comprehend why the following tale come to be.

Penny latest hunk of a boyfriend was Rob Jackman, he was a Jock from the soccer team at school; also he was a dom male who loved making his bitches do as he said no matter what they actually thought about his demands.

Only last month, he demanded that Penny make love to three men and a dog. He arranged for a Labrador owner and two of his friends to accidentally on purpose meet up with Penny; she had been ordered to be friendly only to a group which consisted of three humans and a golden Labrador. Sure enough when they had met Penny had initially made a big fuss of the dog and flashed her panties at the three guys with the dog. John had reacted first and had slipped his hand up her skirt as she leaned forward stroking the dog's head; she turned her head and gave him a glare only to be told to remove her panties.

Shocked Penny told him to fuck off and suddenly the three guys had cornered her and told her in no uncertain terms that if she did not become much friendlier then Rob would certainly be warming her cute arse with his belt. Suddenly Penny's attitude changed and she slowly slipped her panties off, much to the amusement of the three men, the dog seemed to suddenly pay more attention too.

Quickly the group escorted her to a green keepers hut and pushed her inside; once inside while one man, Tom, fingered her already sopping cunt a second George held the dog on a short lead whilst John ordered her to remove the rest of her clothes, to cheers all around, Penny exposed her 36 C breasts and allowed her skirt to slip down her slender legs. As all three men began to explore her body, pinching a nipple here or twisting one there whilst testing the tightness of her anal ring or cunt; the dog began sniffing the air as if sensing where things were heading.

All the time the men were referring to her as a whore, or as a slut and were graphically telling her what they were going to do with her slutty body after she had shown her worth as the dog's bitch. Penny suddenly jumped as Rex's long rough tongue suddenly contacted with her cunt lips, in her mind Penny had suddenly died and gone to heaven as the roughness of the doggie tongue felt like rubbing a coarse file over her clit. She groaned aloud much to the delight of the audience and when John grabbed a fistful of her hair; penny was forced on to her knees.

Tom brought Rex around in front of Penny and she was shocked when George told her to fucking suck the dog's cock, temporarily repulsed by the idea, Penny began to beg to be allowed to leave, which caused even greater laughter within the group of men. Tom reached beneath Rex and began to rub on the furry sheath which contained the dog's cock, before long the shiny red pointed end of the dog's cock began to appear and seemed to go on appearing until nearly nine inches of the cock was displayed. Once more George demanded she suck the cock and she managed to cause herself more pain by trying to turn her head to answer George and she got her arse spanked once with the large hand of John.

Suddenly Rex's cock was touching her lips; Penny reluctantly opened her mouth and realised that tasting a cock whether a dog or a man was really not that different, a slightly more bitter taste but not too unpleasant. Soon she forgot her audience as her passions over took her only to suddenly find Rex dragged away by Tom. John then demanded that Penny beg to take the doggie cock up her cunt; Penny received another slap for hesitating. She was soon beneath Rex as he began thrusting his pointed cock kept hitting Penny's inner thigh when with a little help from Tom it suddenly hit home and caused a squeal to come from Penny. Now Rex went to work thrusting like an express train until suddenly his knot hit and locked inside Penny, now Rex stopped thrusting but his cock continued spurting its hot seed deep into her wanton cunt.

Penny felt every single spurt of Rex's spunk as it hit her cunt walls; she could not believe just how much Rex was pumping into her extended cunt, she swore she could see her womb swelling. Just as suddenly the swollen knot shrank and slipped from Penny's well fucked cunt resulting in a small cascade of spunk flooding out of her cunt. John made her put her face in the pool of spunk whilst George slipped out of his trousers and quickly slipped his rock hard six inch cock into the well lubricated cunt of Penny.

With cheers and grunts of fuck the dog loving bitch, George he too went as fast as he could and to be honest Penny did not really feel him inside her cunt for she was still stretched by the cock of the dog now laid in a corner licking his own cock. Soon George deposited his load to mix with Rex's canine spunk, Tom was next and although Penny's cunt was returning to normal she barely felt the thrusting of Tom's seven inch cock. As the onslaught of cock continued, Penny never seemed to reach the same peak she had when fucked by her canine lover although to the men she was just a cum bucket to be filled with spunk before they left.

Tom seemed to go on forever although his actions to Penny's mind were just mixing the spunk already inside her cunt; the room began to smell like a poorly kept brothel and even the dog began to show little interest as he now lay down to sleep. Suddenly Tom Grunted he was cumming and delighted in calling Penny his cum bitch; no sooner had Tom pulled out then John was between her tired legs.

Pulling her legs up off the floor John pushed them towards her head and Penny very much like a rag doll just went with it. She feared he was going to stick his nine inch cock into her arse but sighed a silent gasp of relief when she felt the head nudge her well used cunt hole. John slowly sawed his cock in and out of her cunt looking to see some reaction on Penny's face but it just was not there. Feeling pretty pissed, John now began to slam his cock full length into her defenceless cunt and realising that he was looking for a reaction, Penny began to fake the onset of an orgasm.

John smiled as he made sure the other two men were watching; Then he too unloaded his spunk deep in the mixture inside her cunt and when he eventually pulled out, he grabbed her hair and made her lick his cock clean; not as you would assume suck it clean but to lick it like a lollipop. He smirked to the others that this whore was licking each of their spunks from his cock and that included the dog.

George pointed out the pool of sticky white stuff now amassing on the stone floor and pretty soon her face was pushed into it as she was ordered to lick up every single drop of it. Just as Penny was completing her disgusting task Rex appeared rejuvenated and his tongue worked its magical effect on her swollen spread cunt lips. She was not faking this orgasm caused by the rough side of Rex's tongue as it seemed to draw the very deepest of her mixture of animal, human spunks and her now well active cunt juices.

Minus her clothes Penny was tossed out into the night air and told to fuck off home; on her way home she had to hide several times in peoples bushes as other people walked by. Scared and exhausted but if truth be known fully sexually excited by the ordeal, she arrived home and knocked on her own front door. Rob quickly let her in but before she was allowed to go clean-up she had to describe what she had been through in great detail.

Expecting at least a little praise for her efforts, Penny was not amused to be told to go shower her whore's body and report to him in the front room. Fifteen minutes later Penny walked into the front room wearing a towel and a dressing gown, to find Rob looking at some pictures on his laptop. Rob called penny over and allowed her to see the pictures he was looking at; they were all of people that Penny worked with in her capacity as a state registered nurse. Suddenly Rob told her to pick one to bring home to seduce.

Penny already had desires to make it with two of the people she worked with and quickly thought which one would be bi sexual like herself. After a few minutes Penny announced that she would choose Cathy a blonde like herself who had flaunted her body in front of Penny in the nurses changing room at work.

Rob instructed her that she had only three days till Friday to arrange for Cathy to be here and to begin seducing her. Rob casually turned to Penny and demanded to know why in his presence, was she still wearing clothes. Penny instantly apologised and removed her dressing gown and towel before anything else was said she assumed the required position, her hands clasped behind her head and her feet spread eighteen inches apart with her toes pointing outwards and her gaze aimed at the floor.

Rob then stood up and came around behind her and brought his hand up between her legs from behind; Feeling her cunt with the flat of his hand he asked her how many cocks she had taken up her cunt and she replied honestly that she had taken four, she then described the four cocks leaving the doggie cock till last because when she described that one she just knew her cunt juices would begin bubbling away again. She was right as Rob noticed how her cunt trembled when she described the pointed veiny nine inch cock of the dog and how it felt as it hit the fleshy part around her cunt before finally spearing home. As rob listened he very slowly moved his hand back and forth until the exact point when she mention the doggie cock spearing into her cunt and then quick as a flash he jabbed his index finger into her tight anal ring.

For the next forty minutes and six orgasms; Rob finger fucked Penny's arse until the shiny tell-tale traces of her cunt juice running down her legs was well passed her knees. Then he pulled his finger from her and demanded she suck it clean. Then Penny was sent to bed alone and warned against playing with herself; in her bedroom she found pictures pinned to the wall of women in various positions taking dog cocks in various holes of their bodies.

Soon Friday rolled round and Penny arrived home with her work colleague Cathy. Letting herself in she invited Cathy to relax in the living room whilst she made them both a drink; in the kitchen as she went to prepare the drinks she found a note from Rob, it read:

Dear Horny fuckslut,

You will tonight seduce Cathy into stripping off in the master bedroom and will as part of your play tie her hands together above her head securing them to the head board and her feet will be splayed apart and secured to the corners of the bed base. Then you will make sure that you yourself are naked and stand beside Cathy as you call my number and invite me to come and fuck the pair of whores waiting for me.

Failure to carry out my demands will result in to being punished for seven complete days. Your safe password is tonight denied you so you cannot skip away from this task.

Master Rob.

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