You Never Know

by niteowluk99

Copyright© 2012 by niteowluk99

Erotica Sex Story: A swinging husband and wife make arrangements to attend a soiree where it is promised a 20 mqan gang bang will take place and end up meeting an extraordinary couple for a one on one meeting later.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   True Story   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Swinging   Group Sex   .

Chapter 1

My wife Karen and I were going through a phase of swinging, when an incredible chance occurred which led to some great sexy fun. This is how it came about; my thirty six year old wife had booked an invite ticket to a swinger's soiree and only told me about it the evening before the event.

When I got home she was sat in her usual satin Basque and stockings flashing her 38B tits as she seemed to constantly shiver, her black hair contrasting deeply with the bright red Basque and her deep crimson lipstick. As she told me of the impending 20 man party she slowly opened her legs and flashed me her shaven soaking wet cunt.

Being dirty and sweaty from my security job, I rather disappointed her by totally ignoring her seductive actions and simply turned round and walked into the bathroom, she waited until she heard the shower running and then walked in on me and simply ignored the fact that she was wearing her Basque she stepped beneath the shower. Quickly she took the shower gel from me and began soaping my slightly overweight six foot tall body and soon had my seven and a half inch cock in her hands as she marvelled at its rapidly hardening appearance.

Soon she was on her knees and sucking my hard cock as if her life depended on it, between sucks she was telling me how she wanted to take several loads of other men's spunk all over her tits and if Geoff was there she definitely wanted to feel his cock pounding her tight anal ring. She even suggested that his girlfriend Carol was desperate to feel my own cock pounding her pussy and confided to Karen that she would walk naked across Tower Bridge if I told her to and promised to fuck her brains out once she had done it.

Karen never asked me what I would like to do but kept me interested by describing what she would like to see me do and the inevitable duly happened as suddenly the tingle in my balls announced my impending eruption which Karen took in her mouth and she delighted in showing me the mouthful of spunk before she swallowed it. Then she was up and gone promising me a nice meal would be ready by the time I had finished in the shower; and she cheekily added that if I was really quick I may just get to slide my cock into her tight anal ring tonight whilst she watched her favourite TV soap.

After a simple meal Karen settled down to watch her TV show whilst I went on the internet and checked out a new adult sex shop site; as usual I bought Karen some new lingerie and a few extra toys. At work Friday, it dragged no really dragged, each hour seemed like ten, I was finally relieved to see it was clocking off time and I hurried home to shower and change before heading off to this soiree. Karen greeted me as I came out of the shower wearing a see through fine lace top with no bra beneath it and a simple white skirt; she even flicked up the front hem to show she was wearing the finest lacy panties.

Within the next thirty minutes we were in the car heading to the select address of the soiree, the atmosphere inside the car was electric as Karen was a buzz thinking of all the extra cock she could potentially be getting tonight and I must confess I was curious as to the types of women who would be there, frequently they would be older types who whilst still extremely fuckable, they usually knew what they wanted and would not allow you to experiment too much; but sometimes they were younger women who were just discovering their sexual freedoms and therefore more liberated and open to more suggestions,

We eventually arrived at the address given to Karen and when we rang the doorbell a rather large elderly man answered the door and seeing Karen his eyes nearly popped out of his head, she showed him the invitation and he directed us around the side of the detached house and told us to head down the garden to the large building at the bottom.

I was impressed that the address for the party was quite an affluent location and the whole orgy was taking place at the bottom of a well-manicured garden in the stockbroker belt, away from prying eyes and possible discovery. If only some of these rich stuck up snobs realised what was happening not that many yards away from their own homes!

We eventually reached the large Swiss style garden chalet and entered, again I was surprised for I thought it would be cool inside and looking a little like a sauna (all wooden and bare) but it was stylishly decorated and the chalet was warm and inviting, there were already several couples lounging around butt naked engrossed in chat and the occasional foreplay.

We were told by the hostess to make ourselves at home and slip out of our clothes when we felt ready, we were handed a lockable bag to put our things into and shown where to store them till later. Karen and I made our way around the couples already there to see which of them we knew and having met a few that we were acquainted with we sat and chatted until I suggested we strip for action. It did not take Karen long to remove her three items of clothing and she urge me to hurry up so she could get back to a particularly fit looking guy she had been chatting too earlier. I pretended to take my time and she playfully slapped my arse just as the hostess came into the room. The five foot four blonde gently rubbed my arse coyly suggesting that was no way to treat such prime beef. I turned to say something but the words froze in my mouth for her large tits had such exquisite nipple decorations that they were forced proud of the rest of the tit flesh.

The decorations seemed to be about two inches in diameter at the base and appeared to be made of gold as the cone shape rose up about an inch and a half before being attached to a bar which pierced the nipple just below the base of the teat. Sandy looked where I was looking and smiled as she explained that her husband had been to Egypt and had brought back these slave nipple extenders from a bazaar in Cairo. She confessed that the first six m9onths of wearing them made her nipples ache and caused a great deal of pain but she was used to them now and was even thinking of having a larger set made; she laughed when she told us of the day her milkman saw her wearing them beneath her blouse, she swore that he nearly tripped over his own tongue.

With that the hostess Sandy reached over and felt Karen's nipples and purred as she said that her husband John would love to have these soft delicate nipples to play with and asked if Karen was into submission at the hands of a master, to which she replied the only master in her life was me. Suddenly Sandy stood stark still and purred that I could be her master anytime I felt the need and she would love to submit to my will.

We soon re-joined the other guests and Sandy always seemed to be close by me whenever I turned around, but I did enjoy watching her as she lay on her back on a low coffee table and had one guy I later found out was John her husband slamming his cock into her throat whilst another man called Peter was slamming his cock into her tight cunt and a black haired woman was playing with Sandy's nipples. The black haired woman was called Sammy but she was not with Peter no in fact she was here with her bi sexual girlfriend Jackie, who was even now busy slamming a large rubber cock into Sammy's cunt and trying her very best to persuade Peter to have it slid into his boy pussy.

We wandered out of the main room and found a bedroom with three couples all engaged in various acts of sex, and we were welcomed into the group; I saw Karen disappear beneath two males as a blonde woman with small tits, I found out she was called Janet was trying her best to get my thick cock into her mouth and doing her very best to take all my seven and a half inches down her throat.

Suddenly another half caste woman called Wanda began to feel my arse and was clearly trying to get her finger past my tight anal ring almost in time with the sucking action of Janet. Just then a man and woman entered the room and the man spoke out asking if there were two men here willing to demonstrate the art of DP to his wife. He explained that his wife's Caroline's fantasy was to take two strangers cocks up her cunt and arse while her husband watched. From somewhere beneath the pile of bodies to my side a voice I recognised as Karen's called out that Ray would volunteer willingly and also Graham agreed to help out, so reluctantly the two women stopped what they were doing and I lay on the bed and invited Caroline to climb on top of me and slide my cock up her cunt.

Graham then climbed between both our legs and began fingering Caroline's anal ring, stretching it in preparation for taking his cock. I was not complaining because I had her 38 DD tits pressed against my chest as she kissed me as if her life depended on it. She broke the kiss to whisper a big thank you to me and I whispered back that I could tell she was doing this for her husband's benefit.

She leaned close to my ear and asked me why I thought that and I explained that, if it had been her true fantasy she would have wanted to play with my cock before sliding into her cunt so she could visualise it being inside her but she just wanted it inside her quick and was in her actions whilst on top of me she was trying not to think about what Graham was doing to her rear end, where as if it was her fantasy she would have been deadly keen to see what he was doing.

She whispered for me not to let on that I knew the real reason and I smiled and said as I confirmed gentleman I would never put a lady in such distress, but we would need to talk later. She smiled and nodded before resuming passionately kissing me.

She suddenly arched her back and almost screamed as Graham got his cock into her back passage and together we began to give her the ride of her life, she began begging us both to fill her two holes with our cocks and more importantly our loads as we fucked her between us. Suddenly Graham lunged forward and held his cock deep inside her and I swear I could feel every spurt of his cock which then triggered my own ejaculation in time with Caroline's orgasm. No sooner had Graham pulled out of her then she was trying to get away but I held on to her and asked what the rush was and she whispered that Henry would be waiting in the bathroom to eat the contents of her cunt and arse and he would be angry if kept waiting.

I looked to where Henry had been standing and sure enough he was nowhere to be seen so I looked her in the eyes and told her that we would both go to find him, she begged me not to because he would be angry and I told her to let me deal with that. We entered the bathroom and sure enough there was Henry laid in the bath waiting. I told him I had sussed his little game and I knew he was a cum eating cuckold and that I had a little proposition for him. I would swap contact details with him and once a month my wife and I would visit them. Both he and Caroline would then become my little sex toys for the night and I would use them to pleasure myself and my wife and in the end he would have two cunts or arses to eat spunk from.

Caroline begged him to agree and I think he would have agreed anyway for he did not take long to say yes. So I ordered Caroline to climb onto the rim of the bath and to crouch down before telling her to squeeze the fucking cum out of her cunt and into the cuckolds mouth and then looking Henry straight in the face I told him that he was going to suck clean my cock to seal the deal but only after he had swallowed a good deal of my spunk from his whore of a wife's cunt.

As Henry waited to taste the first traces of my spunk from his wife's cunt he was stroking his cock and he was quite taken aback when I slapped his hand that wrapped around his penis. Instead I told a firm hold of his cock in my right hand and his balls in my left hand and began wanking him. As soon as I felt his first twitch of his cock I suddenly gripped his balls tight and stopped stroking his cock, his face almost turned blue from the frustration and the pain but as soon as he calmed down I released his balls and began stroking his cock again. Seven times I squeezed tight on his balls and each time I stopped stroking his cock until the eighth time I did not crush his balls and increased my action on his cock until a large arcing spurt of his cum jetted from the single eye of his cock and hit him clean on the forehead, the subsequent spurts not being as powerful landed lower and lower down his chest, but each strand of his spunk was scooped up by his wife and fed into his mouth until he had cleaned himself up completely.

The with a handshake we parted company and circulated around the room but I did notice that he never let me get out of his sight and before leaving to come home he had given me his home number and his home address and told me he had pencilled in a Friday night in three weeks later for the time for our first couple to couple session.

Chapter 2

So it was three weeks later, that Karen and I made our way to the home of Caroline and Henry as arranged at the soirée all the time ago. This time Karen had put on the black leather Basque, now the usual thing about this Basque was that the cups which held her breasts were held in place by press studs; a black wraparound skirt and black fishnet stockings, the whole ensemble was finished off with bright red four inch heels fuck me shoes, and almost matching bright red flame panties. I figured it was a good job we were driving and not find by public transport or she would probably have been arrested as a prostitute.

I was casually dressed in slacks and a shirt, but then again I knew what I was going for! On the journey very little was said between Karen and I but I figured that she was contemplating what was going to happen at this private get-together.

Very soon we turned into the street whose name I have been given, and soon found a parking space not far from the house number given at the same time, Karen was glad about that for it meant that she did not have to walk too far down the exclusive thoroughfare. Without hesitation I rang the doorbell and waited patiently for someone to answer, I had just about given up and was about to return to my car when the door opened and Caroline stood there rather shocked to see me standing there. Taking charge of the situation I moved past her and told her to bring Karen along with her; I then got Caroline to show me the way into the living room. There on the sofa sat Henry and nervously smiled as I, getting up to meet me the offered his hand; ignoring his hand I simply ordered him to undress and knowing better than to argue he quickly divested himself of his clothing.

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