Thanksgiving Study Session

by NymphWriter

Copyright© 2012 by NymphWriter

Fantasy Sex Story: A young college student finds herself trapped in the school's library and encounters something else seeking knowledge.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   Space   Light Bond   Transformation   .

The week of Thanksgiving is often a stressful time for most college students. Often the library is filled with anxious students writing multiple page term papers or studying for pending finals. Such was the case for Nikki Randall. The five foot three inch, blue-eyed blond had seven major papers due the week after Thanksgiving that she needed to finish and found the library to be more quiet and calm then at home, even though she lived alone. She found at home she'd be tempted to clean the house, wash the dishes, do the laundry, or anything else to keep her away from her laptop. Here, it was just hundreds of other college students frantically trying to finish papers on their laptops.

On Wednesday, her class let out early and she found her favorite cubicle on the fourth floor, hidden behind a stack of books. She set herself up with her laptop, her headphones plugged into her iPod, and papers scattered as she wrote up her reports and essays. At 8:30 p.m., she wandered downstairs and bought herself a candy bar and a soda. She ate the candy bar on the elevator and drank the soda as she typed. About 10:45 p.m., she fell asleep over her laptop keyboard.

Sometime after midnight, a small spacecraft landed on the roof of the library. The tentacle creature slithered out and through the roof access stairs, entered the library. It wanderered the fifth floor, scanning the books for understanding of this world, when it picked up the presence of a life form on the floor below.

Nikki woke up around 1:00 AM and realized she was locked in the library. On her laptop screen were pictures of cartoon characters having sex with different creatures or characters. Nikki smiled as she thought of the friends who had shared their pictures with her and how she enjoyed making them her screen saver. She shut her laptop down and closed it. She wandered in the dark to the bathroom feeling her way there. While in the bathroom, she made a horrible realization; not only was she locked in the library, but the library was closed until Saturday morning. She decided she would pack up and wander around to see if she could find a way out without setting off the fire or burglar alarm.

As she walked up to her laptop to pack it up, she found it open and her screen saver running. She stared at it for a moment wondering if she had closed it. The images were scenes of young girls being attacked and violated by bizarre alien creatures with tentacles. The pictures aroused Nikki as they flashed before her. She knew they weren't real but still, her mind wandered to what it would be like to make love to an alien creature with tentacles or genitalia different to the men she knew, then shook her head thinking how silly she was being.

She reached over to shut her laptop down, when she heard a sound from behind her. She slowly turned around hoping it was just a mouse, or perhaps a rat. In the dark, all she could see was shadows of the bookcases. She walked around and realized even if someone was in there with her, she couldn't see them even if she wanted to. She walked back to her laptop thinking how foolish she was. As she reached her laptop, a tentacle wrapped around her waist and picked her up into the air. She screamed as she was raised and other tentacles began tearing off her clothes.

Nikki struggled and fought to no avail as her clothes were shredded off her body leaving her suspended in the air naked. Tentacles begin touching her body. Her wrists and ankles were bound by the tentacles and her legs were spread. Tentacles began fondling her breasts and teasing her nipples while others massaged her clit and teased her anus. As much as she tried to resist, her body began to betray her as she grew more and more aroused. Still unable to see her attacker and struggling against the assault she screamed again. She felt herself being lowered and thought maybe this was it, she was going to die. The problem was, she was being lowered onto two phallus looking tentacles. "NOOOOO!!!" she screamed.

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